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Enjoy the Journey

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  If this is your first time or in my case the last time.  Make sure you enjoy the ride.

What a absolute privilege it has been to go on this journey with my son.

There has been some incredible highs and some bitter disappointment.  But

the journey has been awesome!

   I can remember when his first goal was to get threw an open tournament without getting pinned.

His second match was against the ISWA champion.  A girl named Kayla Miracle.  Needless to say.

He lost.  His second goal was to win half his matches.  After that they just kept getting a little harder

and a little harder.  It was a long journey to get to this point and It could not have had more fun.

   In the end,  there is only one guy who gets his hand raised.  But if you

made it this far you are a Champion in my book. 

Good luck to everyone this weekend.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

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good luck to jack this weekend....hard to believe these boys are seniors already.....seems like just yesterday when tony and jack were battling it out as middle schoolers in Indy and now their high school careers are wrapping up......

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This is the first and final year of state finals for my son. It's definitely bitter sweet. I'm sure I'll make my way to quite a few wrestling tournaments next year, but it won't be the same with my favorite wrestler gone. The list of of senior wrestlers that I've enjoyed following is long. Some are done and some are still in it and wish each of them the best of luck this weekend!!!

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