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2015 ISWA Elementary Dual Team Tournament

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Awesome day of wrestling. Congratulations to all the teams participating.  This tournament has grown to another level for Indiana Youth wrestling.  Below are the results:


1st Place - Avon
2nd Place - Duneland
3rd Place - Brownsburg
4th Place - Perry Meridian
5th Place - Center Grove
6th Place - Franklin Central 
7th Place - So. Adams Gold
8th Place - Franklin Comm
9th Place - Westfield
10th Place - Terre Haute South
11th Place - Team Green
12th Place - Warren
13th Place - Mishawaka
14th Place - Penn
15th Place - Greenwood
16th Place - New Pal
17th Place - Jet 
18th Place - Delta
19th Place - Columbus East
20th Place - Indy West

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Dolby dude is right. A great day of wrestling. Think about this: morning of weigh-ins, 10 full mats, 20 solid teams, 405 wrestlers, 1020 bouts, most kids got 5 or 6 matches, and we got out of there around 5ish!!!! Team action all day, keeps all of us VERY interested. I am so proud to be a part of the ISWA.


Big shout out to the folks and Franklin Community High School. They have a ton of helpers that make this event great. Most of the help are teenagers. These kids sacrifice their weekend to help our kids for a couple pieces of pizza and a few sodas. The Franklin kids are super polite and very knowledgeable about our sport. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!


Also, thank you to other ISWA clubs that held other events yesterday. Many kids live in communities that did not bring a team to the duals. This allowed them to get good mat time also.


I hope that everyone made it home safely. Look forward to next year!

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I have to say the tournament ran without a hitch.. great competition and my kids got better because. That's what it is all bout.. Kudos to the ISWA squad and Franklin folks making it a seemless day of great wrestling.. Can't wait for next yr.



Perry Meridian

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