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Wrestling Software?

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What software program do you guys like for keeping stats?  I spend WAY too much time working with paper.  I would like something that as I keep score it enters all data into the team AND indivicual records, including seed sheets for the end of the season meetings.

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Trackwrestling is the best. You can have a manager score the matches using an iPad or tablet and you will have your stats done. You can even do this if you don't have wifi and just upload the stats to the server with a few clicks afterward

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we use TEAMSNAP (teamsnap.com) program on our TEAM laptop.  We also use their APP on both iphone and ipad.
and we use it for the following:
See the people on your team and get their contact information

Email, post or text messages to all or part of your team

View the schedule of games and events, get directions
Mark which games and events you will attend



View both individual and team statistics


Keep track of required tasks or items



See what team fees are currently due, as well as who has and hasn't paid



See who's scheduled to bring refreshments, sign yourself up



Post photos, videos and files for the team

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