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Fargo Transportation Schedule

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Junior / Cadet

Asics Vaughn National Championship

Fargo, ND    July 19-26, 2014



Fargo 2014 Transportation Information


Depart from the ISWA Office, which is located on the southeast side of Indianapolis –

Athletes will depart from Indianapolis in shifts. We will make a pick-up stop at the K-Mart Plaza in Merrillville, (located on US 30 W approx 1 mile off I 65) approx. 1.75 to 2 hrs after leaving Indianapolis. We will make the stop in Merrillville on the return trip for those who boarded there.


July 17th - Thursday– Cadet/Junior Men wrestling Greco and all Women will depart from Indianapolis (ISWA Office) at 7:00 pm (Indy time). Pick-up in Merrillville at approximately 9:00 pm (Indy Time)/8:00 pm Merrillville time.(K-Mart Plaza – US 30 W off

I 65)


July 18th - Friday- Arrive in Fargo at approximately 9:00 am (local time) – Obtain ID’s and check into the dorms.


July 19th - Saturday – Cadet/Jr. Men’s Freestyle only wrestlers depart from Indy at 7:00pm. Depart from Merrillville around 9:00pm Indy time, 8:00pm Merrillville time.


July 20th - Sunday – Cadet/Jr. FS only arrive in Fargo at approximately 9:00 am.


July 25th - Friday – Cadets and all Women wrestlers depart from Fargo at approx. 7:00 pm (After Cadet Freestyle Finals)


July 26th - Saturday - Cadet and Women wrestlers arrive back to Merrillville & Indianapolis. (Between 11:00 am & 1:00 pm)


July 26th – Saturday – Junior wrestlers depart from Fargo at approx. 12:00pm

(After Junior Freestyle Finals)


July 27th – Sunday – Junior wrestlers arrive back to Merrillville & Indianapolis

(Between 8:00 am & 10:00 am)


The bus will make a stop several hours before arriving in Indiana so that the wrestlers may contact their parents and arrange to be picked up. All wrestlers are expected to ride the bus to and from Fargo. If you have a scheduling conflict, you must discuss the conflict with the Team Leader by Tuesday, July 10, 2014, to verify alternative means of transportation. A written and signed Release Form, from parent or guardian, must be in the hands of the team leader before departing from Fargo.


It is imperative that you be at the designated meeting spot EARLY!


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