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Teams entered into the elementary Heartland Duals

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Arkansas 1, AR

Greater Heights Missouri, MO


IKWF Silver, IL

Indiana 1, IN

Indiana 2, IN

Indiana 3, IN

Iowa 1, IA

Iowa 2, IA

Iowa 3, IA

Kansas Captain America, KS

Kansas Ironman, KS

Kansas Spiderman, KS

Kansas Superman, KS

Kentucky 1, KY

Kentucky 2, KY

Mile High Colorado Blue, CO

Mile High Colorado Orange, CO

Minnesota 1, MN

Minnesota 2, MN

Minnesota 3, MN

Missouri United, MO

Nebraska 1, NE

Nebraska 2, NE

Nebraska 3, NE

Nebraska 4, NE

North Dakota Blizzards, ND

North Dakota Twisters, ND

Ohio 2, OH

Ohio Grapplers, OH

Pennsylvania, PA

South Dakota 1, SD

South Dakota 2, SD

Texas 1, TX

Texas 2, TX

USA Quest, NE

USA Vision, NE


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