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Crown point vs merrillville

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When is the dual?

106 merrillville

113 merrillville

120 CP

126 merrillville(Akers vs Johnson swing match) 

132 cp(maybe fuqua) or Donaldson

138 merrillville Donaldson v covaciu I wouldn't be surprised if Donaldson pulls it out

145 merrillville

152 CP

160 cp

170 merrillville

182 merrillville by fall

195 Cp by fall

220 Cp by fall

285 merrillville by fall

8 weights for merrillville with 38 and 26 being a swing weights. if Fuqua is in the line up it could get cp the Win


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So, it looks like both schools will be closed through Tuesday. Assuming that they aren't allowed to practice, will they get an extra pond for each day they could not practice? So 106 would in fact become 110 after adding in the weight allowance and the pound per day for no practice/school?

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