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Fantasy UFC league

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Sign up here: http://forum.theopenmat.com/index.php/topic,27918.0.html


- Most UFC cards are 12-13 fights, 24-26 fighters. 



- Thinking 6 teams made up of 4 fighters per card

- most cards ALL fighters will be on a team.  Yes, you will have people who you don't nesc. want.

- every fight week we will draft on message board

- first event draft would be based on drawing names and a serpentine draft (1-6; 6-1 etc. etc.)

- Points:

0.5 pts for split decision loss (get points even if guy loses but has competitive fight)

1 point win

1.5 pts. unanimous decision win

3 pts for KO, TKO, or submission win

So, you would build your team through a draft based on the above scoring system.  The #1 pick may not nesc. be the best fighter on the card, but who you think may have the biggest mismatch

- next event draft would be in reverse order of points (worst to first) and not a serpentine draft.  worst point total will get first pick in every round.



We can set a season based on any time frame we like.  Draft could be an issue, getting it done in a timely manner for each week.  - Would like to include Belator and other organizations as well but not sure it will have enough fights of somewhat known fighters to work.  Hell there are undercard UFC guys I know jack about anymore


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