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Indiana Beach Wrestling Championships

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I just wanted to remind everyone that the first ever Indiana Beach Wrestling Championships will be taking place in Madison Indiana on July 4th weekend. 


Our intitial plan was to have this event down on the river during the Madison Regatta but due to bridge construction our site is not available and for this year we will be at the Boys and Girls Club sand pits.


Since this is our first year for the event we have decided to go with a six age group system.








And we will have two weights per age group Lightweight and Heavyweight.  We will begin weigh ins at 9:00 am and then we will divide the participants into their weights.


Beach Wrestling is a fun enviroment and we hope to bring that to Indiana.  Uniform will be swimming trunks and wrestling will take place inside a 20 ft diameter circle in the sand. and will be a double elimination bracketed tourney.  All wrestlers must have a current USA Wrestling card.  Entry fee is $20.


- 1 period, maximum of 3 minutes

- 2 points or Fall wins the match

- 1 point for Takedown or Push-out

- Can score Fall if opponent is thrown to both shoulders

- Ties: Last person that scores wins - if no score, one 1 min. sudden death period

    (if tied after sudden death period - referee's decision)

- No stoppages (except by referee or to get sand out of face)

- No timeouts, no injury time, no blood time…or wrestler will default match.

- Penalties: 1 warning (2nd offense - wrestler defaults the match)

          - No kicking, punching, or slapping

          - No butting heads, attacking the face, pulling hair, or throwing sand

          - No holds that lead to dislocation, head-only holds or holds/moves

            with the purpose to injure.

- (Flagrant penalties will result in elimination from tournament)

- Cover the body with a slippery substance (results in defaulting the match)

- Swearing, not shaking hands with opponent, arguing with or pushing referee,

              or any action that is deemed unacceptable or irresponsible, results in elimination from tournament.


Officiating, Rule Interpretation, and Scoring

- Rules Clinic prior to tournament (everyone should attend)

- Officials’ decisions cannot be questioned


If you plan on attending the first ever Indiana Beach Championships on Saturday July 6th in Madison at Lide White memorial Boys and Girls Club please email me at tysongskinner@gmail.com and give me a estimation of how many you will be bringing.  I will most likely be have a registration page set up on Track wrestling by first week of June

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I'm curious on how the contest went, and hope that Indiana will continue to host a Beach Wrestling State Championships on an annual basis. If so, let me know about it (robertteet@yahoo.com) and I'll make sure to post in on the SandWrestling .com website and facebook page.


The pinning rules look like the early version of the rules, nowadays a wrestler is pinned if they land on their back. The shoulders don't need to be down. "Slippery substance" wrestlers can be instructed to dry off, usually a result of sweating in the heat or applying sun blocker. Quick drying sun blockers are available.


Hope everyone had fun, and I know of some wrestlers from Michigan and Ohio that take beach wrestling seriously and might just come out to next year's event.

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