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  I was told about this 120 lbs by another CP fan.  Believe me, Vlink knows and

  follows the rules as much as any coach in the state of Indiana.


(5) Wrestlers should not wrestle below their established 1½% weekly weight loss figure at any time as

determined by the IHSAA weight loss plan created for each wrestler whose data has been entered by the

school official responsible for such submission. Schools may calculate a daily weight loss figure by taking

the 1½% figure and dividing that number by seven and subtracting that total on a daily basis.


120 down to 108 is 10% weight loss in a week...

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Believe me, Vlink knows and follows the rules as much as any coach in the state of Indiana.


If he knew the rules, he would have another team state championship under his belt due to not trying to bump his 2x state champion up two weight classes at team state..

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It's only against the rules if he actually weighed in at 120 then 1 week later he weighed in at 106 , who cares what he weighed during the week , every team has a kid on it that gains many pounds after weigh ins and cuts it off before the next weigh in , u wanna see who really cuts weight just wait till club wrestling starts and see what weights kids are at .. I've seen 103 pounders back in the day wrestling 125/130 during club season ... That's how u tell who is cheating the 1.5%

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  Region Royalty:    Roach not being able to wrestle at 160 didn't make any

                                difference because the kid that wrestled in Roach's weight class

                                won.  The thing that cost us that dual was an official

                                that was intimidated by the Mater Dei fans and called

                                Jake Fuqua for stalling with 2 seconds to go in his match

                                when in actuality it was the Mater Dei kid who      was stalling just

                                rocking back and forth with Fuqua's arm extended over his head.

                                At worst, a stalemate should have been called.

                                If you want to match wits with Vlink ontherules, I will try to

                                arrange it.

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  As I stated earlier, it made no difference.  Our 145lber won anyway and

  whoever wrestled 160 was going to lose.  The call at 135lb cost us the dual and

  probably the state championship.  By the way NJoe, how many state championships doyou have?.

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  Y2:  I can't find my results for the match against Mater Dei.  I know we

        won 145 by Blueand Schurg beat Weinzaphel at 152, so we had to put

        in a jv at 160.  I also believe Schurg won have gotten pinnedby Sims at

        160 and I have gone over it time after time and it made no difference that Roach

        didn't get to wrestle.  The difference came at 135 on the Fuqua match.  I had the

        and studied them many timesbut can't find them now.  I'm not sure what the

        score was at 145, but I don't think Roach would have even majored Weinzaphel,

        so again I say it made no difference,.

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