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Brendan Campbell

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To Clarify, Brendan is at the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School (USNAPS). Navy Prep, like Army Prep (USMAPS) is akin to a post-High School program like Blair, Choate, Fork Union, Hargrave Military, and Wentworth Military Academy (My alma Mater, which is a JUCO, and also an Air Force Prep School).


Campell wrestled the opening weekend at the Clarion Open. He was 1-2 with a win by INJ DFLT (1:35 into the match) and 2 decision losses @ 133.


HE wrestled at the Ursinus Fall Brawl this past weekend, and was 2-2, winning his first two matches (WBF over the #2 seed, and MAJ over the #7 seed) to make the semis where he lost 4-0 to the 6 seed. he them MED FFT in the Consolation Semis.


Navy Prep is an NCWA program, and is the closest thing to a Redshirt that most athletes that move on to the Academies will get. Brendan will move on to Navy as a freshman next year.


Listed below is Navy Preps Season Schedule.


11/04/2012 Clarion Open Clarion, PA

11/10/2012 Fall Brawl Collegeville, PA

11/17/2012 East Stroudsburg Open East Stroudsburg, PA

12/07/2012 Westchester university Westchester, PA

12/15/2012 MAPS NAPS

01/05/2013 UMBC, Nassau, AIC NAPS

01/12/2013 Will Abele Tournament Collegeville, PA

01/20/2013 Shorty Hitchcock Open Millersville, PA

02/02/2013 STCC, MIT, UNH NAPS

02/09/2013 Groundhog Tournament Amherst, MA

02/16/2013 TBA NAPS

02/24/2013 MAPS Westpoint

03/02/2013 Conference Tournament Durham, NH

03/14/2013 NCWA National Tournament Allen, TX


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Brenden is at the Naval Academy prepatory school in Rhode Island. He haswrestled two open tourneys the first one he went 1-2 losing 6-4 to loch haven then beat an official kid from the USNA then lost 3-2 to a young man from Penn State.  Last week he wrestled in collegeville Pa made it to the semis and possibly broke his ankle so he's waiting on x-rays

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