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86 Indiana Wrestlers going to OTC this weekend Good Luck

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Sal Gomez IN Bantam

Sergio Lemley IN Bantam

Zach Masterson IN Bantam

Cael Miracle IN Bantam

Jacob Roemer IN Bantam

Dom Tribbie IN Bantam

Brennan Barlow IN Cadet

Austin Bethel IN Cadet

Jose      Champagne IN Cadet

Keith Davison IN Cadet

Cameron Diep IN Cadet

Ged Hoot IN Cadet

Bryce Johnson IN Cadet

Taylor Kirkhoff IN Cadet

Derek Noon IN Cadet

Garrett Pepple IN Cadet

Austin Ramsey IN Cadet

Rickie Rodriguez IN Cadet

Codey Ross IN Cadet

Ben Stewart IN Cadet

Nolan Talbott IN Cadet

Aaron Ayala IN Elite

Charlie Baker IN Elite

Matt Beard IN Elite

Tom Gettinger IN Elite

Kuliit Gonzales IN Elite

Evan Loe IN Elite

Austin McCloskey IN Elite

Mason Meling IN Elite

L.J. Moser IN Elite

Ruben  Rodriguez, Jr. IN Elite

Lindsey Prozanski IN Girl's High School Division

Derek Blubaugh IN Junior

Stevie Browning IN Junior

Trey Buehler IN Junior

Lucas Davison IN Junior

Eli Dickens IN Junior

Ethan Duke IN Junior

Eli Duke IN Junior

Asa Garcia IN Junior

Nathaniel Robinson IN Junior

Reese Rodriguez IN Junior

Graham Rooks IN Junior

Cayden Rooks IN Junior

Jake        Schoenegge IN Junior

Ethan Sego IN Junior

Trevor Snipes IN Junior

Lukasz Walendzak IN Junior

Kade Zadylak IN Junior

Josiah Byrd IN Midget

Aiden Farmer IN Midget

Logan Johnson IN Midget

Tucker Kirkhoff IN Midget

Jacob Lee IN Midget

Breydon Littell IN Midget

Jake Loos IN Midget

Trey McKinley IN Midget

Hope Miracle IN Midget

Jaden Reynolds IN Midget

Owen Sego IN Midget

Tyler Turley IN Midget

Hayden Watson IN Midget

Christian White IN Midget

Brannigan Barlow IN Open (Post High School)

Reece Freeman IN Open (Post High School)

Kevin Schmidt IN Open (Post High School)

Terry Terrell IN Open (Post High School)

Alston Bane IN Schoolboy

Jake Cavins IN Schoolboy

Andrew Davison IN Schoolboy

Keaton Deckard IN Schoolboy

Gage DeLong IN Schoolboy

Samuel Fair IN Schoolboy

Jacob Farmer IN Schoolboy

Hunter Jones IN Schoolboy

Paul Konrath IN Schoolboy

Brayton Lee IN Schoolboy

Diego Lemley IN Schoolboy

Hunter Leskowyak IN Schoolboy

Johnny Loos IN Schoolboy

Jimmy Marshall IN Schoolboy

Shawn Roemer IN Schoolboy

Austin Roemer IN Schoolboy

Jared      Timberman IN Schoolboy

Jack Tolin IN Schoolboy

Alec White IN Schoolboy


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