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Penn Tournament has been CANCELLED

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The Penn Tournament scheduled for this Saturday April 14th has been canceled due to low pre-registration. Coach Harper has scheduled a practice called "Mat Time" which anyone with a USA card may register on line at pennwrestling.org 


This practice is open to any age group wrestler who would like to get some live wrestling in during a practice session. We plans to let wrestlers get as many exhibition matches as possible in all three styles between the hours of 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Coach Harper is asking anyone interested to register on line and check in 1 hour before practice starts at 9:00.




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This from Coach Harper:


The Penn Triple Threat Tournament 

Best wrestling in the State 

Modified Tournament No Weighs

Penn High School at 8am ready to wrestle Door E or D 

Fee Is $15 Sign up at the door 

MAT TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Live matches with referees and awards to be given out at noon."


The tournament has NOT been cancelled, simply modified. The tournament will still be three periods, with all three styles used.

Any wrestler who WRESTLES (not necessarily wins) at least five matches will get awards. The top 50 wrestlers who win the most matches will receive a special award. The idea is participation and mat time. The matches will be officiated, scored, and will have pairing, etc just like any other tournament.


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I would like to take the time commend Coach Harper and his program staff for a very successful tournament despite the talk of it being canceled.


Someone mentioned on another thread: Is summer wrestlling dead?  Well in my opinion, opportunities to develope wrestling in the northern part of the state just took a giant leap forward with an interesting concept that Coach Harper has introduced.  Coaches'  "Mat Time Practice" puts an emphasis on getting as many matches as possible in a three hour period in "triple threat matches" (1st per.=Freestyle, 2nd per.=Greco, & 3rd per.=Folkstyle if necesssary).


Of the close to 80 wrestlers participating, I think the minimum number of matches wrestled by one wrestler was 7 matches and the maximum number was well around 20. This sure beats sitting in a gym for 10 hours and wrestling 2/3 times during this time of the season. Other benefits for the participants were: 1.) some old and young wrestlers actually officiating matches in a practice invironment, 2.)wrestlers were coaching other wrestlers=wrestlers learning the techniques better by teaching, 3.) deemphasized winning and just getting a great 3 hour workout in, 4.) Wrestlers were having FUN! and lastly the wrestlers walked away with a great feeling that they had a great 3hr. workout and out of there before 12:30!


Congratulation to Coach Harper, pairing people, officials, parents and particiapants! Maybe a few more of these "Triple Threat Tournements" can revive freestyle and greco in our state!


Older than Dirt.

Coach Wilk



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