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Pendleton Regional

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106- Boston (LN), Barrantes (Nob), Carson (NC), Devine (Cath)

113- Newkirk (LC), Harvey (Cath), Anderson (TC), Branson (Alex)

120- Todd (PH), Sparks (LN), Smiley (Cath), Storey (Nob)

126- Boston (LN), O'Neil (TC), Kyle (Alex), Foley (PH)

132- Blanton (Alex), Wilkins (Man), Larson (Cath), Henry (LN)

138- Venezia (Cath), Blanton (Alex). Swingle (LC), Duerson (LN)

145- Corsaro (Cath), Blanton (Alex), Nardi (La), Avery (BR)

152- Gillum (Cath), Clinkscales (NC), Weimer (Chat), Lebarr (LC)

160- Harvey (Cath), Nicholson (PH), Back (Fr), Schrader (Chat)

170- Willis (Cath), Hensley (Nob), Jackson (LC), Crawford (Fr)

182- Robinson (LC), Chism (And), Hein (Tip), White (Cath)

195- Hamilton (LC), Stillwell (PH), Maluvac (Elw), Campbell (Cath)

220- Kinney (Cath), Douglass (NC), Bond (Nob), Babb (PH)

285- Bernard (Cath), Beasley (Fr), Warner (Tip), Lockhart (LN)

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