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Peru Regional Predictions?!

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106- Alan Mock-11(nm)

113-Chase Wilson-10(mac)

120-Kegan Kern-10(per)

126-Tanner Shipley-9(hun)

132-Evan Loe-10(per)

138-Kyle Jolas-10(hun)

145-Levi McKee-11(nm)

152-Hunter Wells-12(nf)

160-Jesse Goodnight-12(kok)

170-Nick Cress-10(per)

182-Fletcher Miller-10(kok)

195-Bo Butler-12(kok)

220-Cameron Colby-12(kok)

285-Andrew Mason-12(hun)

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I won't predict much...but there were be some earth shaking matches in the 195 pound and up weight classes.


Some very good heavy weight classes this week in Peru with the Kokomo bunch, HN (Mason), Mac (Ulerick) and a few others.  Ross and Hoover had an outstanding championship match at Peru last week at 195.


Loe and Kern for Peru I like...but I am from Peru    They both are wrestling very well right now.

Cress for Peru wrestled well last week and snatched a championship with about 2 seconds to go over Southwood. 


Jolas HN      Goodnight KOK  won't get touched


Some good wrestling starting at 8:30 AM

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