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I'll let everyone know what's going on.  In October our youngest son was having severe headaches we took him to the ER. where he began having seizures.  There was no explanation of this except for his BP was 195/140 which is totally not normal for a 13 year old.  He spent 14 days in ICU at Riley. We left Riley under the care of many specialists including Adrenial, Neurologists, and Cardiologists and Endocronoligists.  It has been a very trying year for our family and we have come to realize that there are things more important than wrestling.  Brenden chose to stay home last night and be with his brother which ment alot to his little brother.  Since all this has happened he has and will no longer be able to wrestle, play baseball in fact until we know what's going on and find the root of the problem for seizures, extreme migranes, and extreme hypertension he will not be able to participate in anything like a normal 13 year old.  I give my son Brenden alot of compassion now because in the last 3 years its been him that's taught me what  having heart and compassion for what means the most to you is what life is about and life is about God, Family, Wrestling.  I would like to let you know it took 6 nurses to hold down his brother today when he came out of the anthesia (nice)!  Thank you for the prayers, and hope to see all of you "Under the lights" with God's help.

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