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MD vs. Jeff @ team regional

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152 - Browner (jeff) versus Folts (Md) - folts wins by 2nd period fall

160 - Thompson (Jeff) lost by fall in 2:30 to Parkinson (md)

170 - Marlin (Jeff) win 3-1 over Schneider (MD)

182 - Spangler (Jeff), lost by fall to Brandenstein (MD)

195 - Curtley (Jeff) lost by fall in Triplle Overtime to Mauer (#2 ranked kid in state) (MD)

220 - Brown (Jeff) lost 10-1 to Collins (MD)

285 - Jolley Little (Jeff) lost by fall to Wright (MD)

106 - Jones (Jeff) lost by fall to Seng (MD)

113 - Weekly (Jeff) lost by fall to Johnson (MD)

120 - Shepherd (Jeff) win by fall to Goebel (MD)

126 - Schremp (Jeff) lost 6-1 to Pierre(MD)

132 - DeLeon (Jeff) lost by fall in 2nd period to Schroeder (MD)

138 - Lowe (Jeff) lost by fall to Lannert (MD)

145- Fridley (Jeff) lost by fall to Bassemeir (MD)

67-9 Mater Dei wins


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