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Hamilton Heights Sectional

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106- Barrantes (Nob), Shaffer (TC), Long (Ti), Allen (Fr), Robinson (PH), Upperman (La)

113- Branson (Alex), Anderson (TC), Smith (Nob), Fetters (And), Simon (Fr), Cole (El)

120- Todd (PH), Storey (Nob), Fix (Fr), Williams (And), Semon (Alex), Hawes (El)

126- O'Neal (TC), Kyle (Alex), Foley (PH), Wilding (Nob), Pierce (Fr), Maxey (La)

132- Blanton (Alex), Crouch (Fr), Ray (PH), Kitko (Nob), Thomas (And), Captain (Ti)

138-Blanton (Alex), McCool (PH), Marcuson (Nob), Pickett (La), Smith (Ti), Leveque (Fr)

145- Blanton (Alex), Nardi (La), McCool (PH), Wormuth (Nob), Pyke (TC), Mireles (El)

152- Stokes (And), Specht (Nob), Alberts (La), Sloderbeck (HH), Gooding (PH), Rivas (Guer)

160- Nicholson (PH), Back (Fr), Jones (Nob), Mireles (El), Jones (La), Flanders (HH)

170- Hensley (Nob), Crawford (Fr), Cockrum (TC), Wilson (And), Sloderbeck (HH), Boyll (PH)

182- Chism (And), Hein (Ti), Smith (Nob), Horn (TC), Spruell (La), Miller (Fr)

195- Stilwell (PH), Elliot (Nob), Maluvac (El), Isaacs (HH), Cunningham (Fr), Kayzer (And)

220-Bond (Nob), Babb (PH), Warner (And), Stanley (TC), Pierce (Fr), Bowen (La)

285-Beasley (Fr), Warner (Ti), Porter (HH), Vondersaar (Guer), Prol (PH), Faulkenberg (Alex)


Team Standings


1-Noblesville 217 pts

2- Pendleton 186 pts

3- Frankton

4- Alexandria

5- Anderson

6- Tri-Central

7- Lapel

8- Tipton

9- Hamilton Heights

10- Elwood

11- Guerin Catholic

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