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Butt Drag

Reaction to Joe Gilbert Hired at Calumet College

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Late to the party but I have to say, I like this move for a lot of reasons.


A.  GILBERT - always enjoyed watching him wrestle.  For the younger guys, Gilbert was a 4x in Illinois.

A bit 'out there', but this guy brought it.  He never backed down from the Brands, getting jobbed on pinning

Tom at least once or twice, once in the 1990 Big 10 finals -


B.  The HIRE - Was hoping to see what Leroy did there long term, but alas he looked at other opportunities.

I think this could be a great hire in that Gilbert has good ties to reach over the state line and bring

in some quality Illinois guys, while establishing a base in Indiana as well.  He brings an exciting style (reminds

me a Leroy a bit), and has done well at his other stops in building high school programs.


c.  The JOB - surprised this job does not get a bit more consideration.  I think this job could be a great opportunity for many reasons.  Was hoping some of the instate assistants would have looked at this one for many reasons:


1.  Scholarship - Having a program that provides some financial support is huge.  Having those means to attract

    guys not chased by DI programs is idea.  Compared with JUCO or other Divisions and the financial and academic

    head cases you have to deal with, this is vastly underrated.


2.  Location - tucked near Chicago, but far enough from the Big Ten Schools, this position offers up far greater

      potential for program and coach exposure than most areas, even more than many DI programs.  NW Indiana and NE Illinois

    is pretty good wrestling territory.  tough to beat the potential if harvested right.


3.  Academic Sell - St. Joes has some decent credentials, and any kid could get additional supplemental classes

    with Purdue Cal, IUN, and some of the Chicago schools nearby.  Still a challenge, but doable.


4.  New Facility - Calumet has committed in starting this program and building the facility - it's a great start.


5.  Money - will not the highest paying gig, but the right coach could easily build a supplemental base with

      additional wrestling academy programs.  The coach has the facility at his finger tips, and could easily make

      a dent or compliment the local wrestling instruction scene (CIA, Overtime, etc.). 

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hopefully gilbert stays a little longer than vega did.  this program has the potential to take off as mentioned.  however, if they don't stay consistent the kids won't be there.  also administrators are always ready to ax olympic sports that don't produce or become a problem.

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I remember watching Joey approx. 20 years ago wrestling Purdue in W. Lafayette and immediately becoming a fan because he had a tattoo of Wolverine from the X-Men on his upper arm.  He was fun to watch!

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I would agree that there's no campus life in the traditional sense, but they are receiving a free or reduced education to wrestle.  There is no money in wrestling post college, unless you are one of the rare few, so getting to continue to wrestle while getting an education IS the selling point of CCSJ.

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