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I do not believe that this match will be anything like it was last time.  Portage looked like they were gassed and looked really worn down at the end of the day at Traicoff.  Munster looked in shape and like they wanted to win. 

I can see a few point win for either team.  It's all about which team can win the toss up matches and not letting the studs get too many bonus points.

I see 119, 140, 145, 189 (though I think Josh Wright will get him), and HWT. 

I pick Portage by 3

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I know Munster will win we are busting our asses at practice and realy want this win our line up is stronger than it was at Traicoff too


hmm... Munster will win because they are busting their asses at practice and 'realy' want this win and their 'line up' is stronger than it was at the Traicoff?


I believe that Portage works hard, really* wants to win this one as well, and will also come out with a stronger lineup* with Acuna back in action..


It may be best to let your wrestling do the talking and leave posting on this forum to the less ignorant.

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I hope Munster win, we could get a couple of previews of Semi state. If CP vs Munster were to both win.

103 Marciano vs Fuqua

112 Medina vs Saroff

215 Kral vs Seaman

just to name a few


Very good point!!


Munster by 12

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