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2011 Mat Burns Rep for a Sectional, Regional or Semi State

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If you would like to be a Representative for Mat Burns Wrestling News & Information at your local Sectional or Regional, let me know.  If your name is on the list, contact me as well.  If someone on the list has moved away(out of state or sectional range) let me know also.   A few of the Sectional Directors last year asked if I would make sure the Mat Burns Reps had an ID card other than their Drivers License.   I said SURE!!!  So , If you are able, e-mail me and I will be sure you have an ID card with an ID Number.  My e-mail: matburnswn@sbcglobal.net





1. East Chicago Central    Richard Jay - Schererville

2. Calumet:????..      Richard Jay - Schererville

3. Crown Point:???    Richard Jay - Schererville

4. LaPorte:????...        _________________________________

5. Mishawaka:???.      __________________________________

6. Plymouth:????          ________________________________

7. Twin Lakes:???.          _____________________________________

8. Lafayette Jefferson:.    Tom Miller (or his wife) ? Lafayette

9. Elkhart Memorial:?      Rod Lone - Northwood

10. Westview:???..          Jon Roush - Lakeland

11. Carroll (Fort Wayne):..      _____________________________________

12. New Haven:???          _____________________________________

13. Peru:...?....??          Cathy  Kirtlan - Northfield

14. Oak Hill:????.          _____________________________________

15. Jay County:???      Mary Friedt - Decatur

16. Delta:?????.            _____________________________________

17. Crawfordsville:?.       

18. Zionsville:???.          _____________________________________

19. Hamilton Heights:..    Cal Warner - Tipton

20. Lawrence Central:..    James Brown - Indianapolis

21. Decatur Central:?.          Zach Pierson -

22. Warren  Central:..          _____________________________________

23. Shenandoah.???.            _____________________________________

24. South  Dearborn:?          _____________________________________

25. Avon:?????..        _____________________________________

26. Mooresville:???          _____________________________________

27. Northview:???..        _____________________________________

28. Jennings County:?            Jim Littlejohn

29. Jeffersonville:??          _____________________________________

30. Southridge:???      Aaron Hannon - Paoli

31. Castle:?????            _____________________________________

32. Evansville Central:.    Danny Kares  - Evansville



ADVANCEMENT:  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place contestants in each weight class will advance to the reg


1.      Calumet: ......................      Richard Jay - Schererville

2.      LaPorte:........................    Julio  Cisneros - Andrean

3.      Rochester:......................  ________________________________

4.      Logansport:...................    _______________________________

5.      Goshen:.........................      Jon Roush

6.      Carroll (Fort Wayne):..... _______________________________

7.      Peru. . . . ......................      Cathy Kirtlan - Northfield

8.      Jay County:..................    Mary Friedt - Decatur

9.      North  Montgomery ......    J.D. Minch

10.      Pendleton Heights:.......    _______________________________

11.      Perry Meridian:...........    ._______________________________

12.      Richmond:..................    ._______________________________

13.      Mooresville:................    _______________________________

14.      Bloomington South:.....  _______________________________

15.      Jeffersonville: .............  Aaron Hannon - Paoli

16.      Castle:........................      Danny Kares - Evansville



ADVANCEMENT:  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place contestants in each weight class will advance to the semi-state.

1. Merrillville (at Merrillville H.S.):    Richard Jay - Schererville

2. Woodlan (at Allen County Coliseum):    Mary Friedt - Decatur

3. New Castle (at New Castle H.S.):  _______________________________

4. Evansville Reitz (at Roberts Stadium):    Danny Kares - Evansville



ADVANCEMENT: The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place contestants in each weight class will advance to the state finals.


Conseco Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis:  - Richard Jay





TEAM REGIONALS ? Site  Team Regionals - REP.

1. Portage:                          ____________________________


2. Jimtown:            Rod Lone - Northwood


3. Adams Central:      Mary  Friedt - Decatur


4. Logansport:                          ____________________________


5. Zionsville:                    ____________________________


6. Martinsville:                        ____________________________


7. Shelbyville:          ____________________________


8. Southridge:      ____________________________


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What does a Mat Burns Rep Do??   At the Sectional & Regional, we try to get a copy of the Final Brackets and Results.  The top 6 are on the IHSAA web site, but the other results are in the Bracket results.  The IndianaMat.com does a great job of getting the brackets ahead of time , but if there is a change they don't know about - like the morning of - that's one of your jobs.  Most of the Sectional Directors I have met have been good about getting a copy of the Final Bracket Results to out Rep when they ask for it  OR  the Rep can ask to have the final brackets e-mailed to me.  This has been no trouble in the past.  

   The biggest problem is when our Rep sticks their nose where it shouldn't be.  Oh, and don't go crazy over a good or bad call.  We are classified as "Media"  and they are NOT supposed to be as loud as all of the other FANS.  Sit back in the stands.  I have been politely informed of this to me even at the state meet, and I hardly ever get loud . . . any more.


Any further questions , let me know.   The Mat Burns web site is coming soon.


- Richard Jay, editor

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There have been a number of changes in sites for this year?s tournament series at the sectional and team regional levels. I know some of these sites may rotate back and forth with alternating hosts. My information was gleaned from cross-matching the Mat Burns list with that from the IHSAA website. Following are the changes that I noticed?



22. Shelbyville ? Warren Central

23. Tri ? Shenandoah

24. Franklin County ? South Dearborn


Team Regionals

4. Peru ? Logansport

5. North Montgomery ? Zionsville

6. Greencastle ? Martinsville

7. Seymour ? Shelbyville

8. Jasper - Southridge


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Fingers don't move as fast as they used to.  Thanks for noticing.  Still time to fill in a spot , if you're heading that way.  You get to watch some great wrestling at each level.  Have some fun!  Best place to be on the last Saturday in January.

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IF you're going to be there , how about asking the Tournament Director to send Mat Burns a copy of the FINAL results in the BRACKET form?  That way you don't have to do any real "work" and you can still watch all of the Great Wrestling Going On!!!!

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