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Calumet's Traicoff duals

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ranked Wrestlers


#2 Boston Lawrence North

#8 Santo Marciano Munster

#10 Terrence Kenndy Floyd Central

#11 Josh Fuqua Crown point

#13 A.J Beldon Westfield

#16 Scott Fozo Mishawaka


#1o Mike Venzia Cathedral

#14 Aurelio Medina Munster


#7 Danny Rodriguez Highland

#14 Lymon Stoneburner Mishawaka


#3 Dustin Keif Franklin

#4 Layton Binion Mishawaka

#8 Brandon Coppinger Portage


#4 Brian Harvey Cathedral

#5 Cameron Halsted Crown Point


#4 Luis Acuna Portage

#6 Jake Fuqua Crown Point


#1 Jason Tsirtsis Crown Point

#4 Matt Rattary Lawrence North

#9 Gino Gillum Cathedral

#12 Adrain Brown Laf Jeff


#1 Eric Roach Crown Point

#10 Brady White westfield

#14 Cole Van Horn Franklin

#15 Vincent Corsaro Cathdral


#6 Josh Flamme Crown Point

#16 Austin Bowman Franklin


#2 Tyler Willis Cathedral


#13 Jeremy Heskett LAwrence North

#16 Eric Johnson Highland


#2 Keith Knura Franklin

#5 Tyler KRal Crown Point

#12 JAck Seaman Munster 


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After the ranked teams, Westfield, Munster, and Lowell have clearly performed the best early in the season of the rest of these teams.  Here's hoping whichever one is not seeded doesn't get randomly thrown in against the top couple seeds in the first round.  Westfield or Munster beating anybody but Mishawaka or CP would not be a shock at all.  And Lowell's right there too.

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It should be a great day of wrestling it always is. Can Mishawaka repeat or is Crown Point going to run away with it?


Not sure of the Cavemens lineup against South Bend Adams , but after that scare , the Cavemen could end up only being the 3rd or 4th best team at the tricoff .

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