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Community Service opportunities freckle Jeffersonville

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Community service opportunities freckle Jeffersonville




JEFFERSONVILLE ? On Middle Road they were fixing an animal shelter. On Tenth Street they were picking up trash. And in Warder Park they were honoring those bastions of the helping hand, the Boy Scouts.


We're not sure whether it was the sunshine, the warm breeze or just a leftover sugar buzz from last week's marshmallow peeps, but Hoosiers were feeling helpful on Saturday.






Dozens of Jeffersonville High School students ? including the wrestling team, the art club and the technology club ? were among those helping make renovations at the Humane Association along Middle Road. All totaled, about 60 volunteers including several adults were working at the site, said Dawn Struck, an art teacher who got the effort off the ground.


Three of the main rooms inside the building were being painted, remodeled and in some places refurnished. A mural was being painted outside on a nearby fence. And landscaping was being added to the front of the building.


Wrestler Nick Kyro and his dad, Coach Mark Kyro, were working with a few other students, building a wooden shelf for the shelter's cat room.


?Anytime you can help out it's a good thing,? the elder Coach Kyro said.


?It's also fun to do,? Nick added.


Fellow wrestler Jordan Hammel said he decided to get involved because it was a way to support the community, noting that it returns the favor during the season.


?We're really thrilled,? said Phyllis Hilton, a shelter official and Jeffersonville resident. ?It makes you feel hopeful about the younger generation.?


The association has been around since 1957, though it only eight years ago moved into the building. A lot of the chores ? from grass cutting to building fences ? have been perform by volunteers.


At any given time it has about 12 dogs, she said. During the summer, when a lot of kittens are born, it houses up to 60 cats.



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