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All Decade Team 125lbs

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This is such a good one..You have a junior Humphrey, soph Escobedo, fresh Tsirtsis and a sen. Ramos...2 guys that are indiana royalty in Escobedo, and Humphrey..Tsirtsis name and the fact he did it as a freshman and that he just did it gets him a lot of votes. Ramos is a 2 timer, 5th as a soph. where he was caught on his back in the quarters, but couldn't pull out the win. The loss to Richardson from Perry was his only loss as a soph, and the last loss of his career. 6 of his 8 career losses were as a freshman all to Leroy Vega (sr.) His other loss was in the ticket round as a fresh. with a 4 pt lead and 20 ticks left got nailed in a headlock with back pts and reversed it at the buzzer but was waived off. He was as dominant as almost anyone for his 4 year career. Wow this is a great one..Reece a great college career, Angel of course the greatest Indiana wrestler collegiate career, and Ramos went to Purdue where injuries, and off the mat situations drove him away after his redshirt year. Tsirtsis will have a great college career...Just what a great weight class. Reece the technition, angel was just instant offense at that time, and Ramos was the strongest with devestating riding and scoring and overall toughness...I think by pedigree Humphrey and Escobedo are 1,2...but don't forget how great of a wrestler Alex Ramos was..any given day I would take him to beat the others.

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