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Prime Time Camp update and current roster - as of 6/8/09

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UPDATED - 6-8-09 - 8:13pm


We now have 112 wrestlers signed up for camp.  There are still spots available for anyone still wanting to sign up.


******If you would still like for your son to participate in this camp, please do not mail in his application after Saturday, June 6.  Please call me at the number below to make arrangements for the paperwork. ******


For more information on the camp and an application, you can go to www.primetimewrestlingcamp.com.


For specific questions about the camp, please call Coach McCormick at 765-282-9136.


* campers received since 5/26   indicated with (*)


Wrestlers who are signed up so far:


Nathan Adams     Indianapolis     8th     152

Tyler Antal     Greenwood     7th     70

Brandon Arena     Lowell     7th     82     *

Logan Barnard     Middletown     9th     119

Andrew Bassett     Carmel     8th     100

Michael Bates     South Bend     8th     152

DeShawn Bayless     Peru     6th     75

Dalton Baysinger     Frankton     9th     130     *

James Beck     Mishawaka     8th     70     *

Cody Bellis     Portland     9th     165

Corey Bellis     Portland     9th     112

Bailey Blackburn     Stilesville     8th     112

Tyler Brand     New Castle     9th     140

Joshua Brandt     Logansport     8th     85

Jason Bravard     Elwood     5th     100

Brad Broyles     New Castle     8th     80     *

Bodhi Bry     Richmond     7th     160

Eric Campbell     Centerville     9th     125

Chandler Carroll     Yorktown     8th     92

Ben Cauffman     Mishawaka     7th     70

Jose Champagne     Griffith     7th     95     *

Austin Clark     Gaston     7th     93

Levi Cooley     New Castle     8th     125     *

Thomas Copeland     Greenwood     6th     98

Nick Cress     Peru     8th     140

Zane Crosby     Cloverdale     7th     95

Colton Cummings    Lowell    6th    65    *

Chase Deal     Mishawaka     7th     105

Johnathan Eickleberry     Greenwood     7th     93     *

Samuel Fair     Indianapolis     4th     50     *

Sam Ferdig     South Bend     9th     98

Jesse Finnerty     Dunkirk     8th     110

Casey Fox     Cartersburg     8th     125

Kyle Garringer     Ridgeville     9th     175

Connor Gaskill     Pendleton     6th     80

Jacob Geiger     Churubusco     7th     135     *

Adrian Graham     Middletown     9th     125

Noah Greer     Peru     7th     100

Taylor Grim     Cromwell     7th     90

Alexander Guerrero     Portage     7th     ??

Austin Hahn     Greenwood     7th     105

Cody Handley     Williamsburg     9th     115

Andrew Hayes     Carmel     7th     70

CJ Hawkey     Noblesville     6th     88

Drew Hildebrandt     Granger     6th     60

Michael Holmes     New Castle     ??     ??     *

Drew Hughes     Lowell     7th     75

Kenny Hughes     Lowell     8th     110

Elliott Jimenez     Albion     7th     145

Brad Johns     Elwood     9th     155

Nathan Kell     Morristown     8th     120     *

Kegan Kern     Peru     8th     95

Kenneth King     Columbus     8th     209  

Cody Klettheimer     Yorktown     3rd     75

Joe Lambert     Greenwood     7th     105

Brad Laughlin     Yorktown     5th     72

Cole Leininger     Atlanta     8th     130

Johnny Loos     Brookville     6th     70

Lukas Long     Howe     8th     70     *

Robert Long, Jr.     Howe     8th     169     *

Jacob Lumpkin     Sulphur Springs     9th     180     *

Garrett Marsh     New Castle     6th     85  

Jacob Marshall     McCordsville     7th     80

Austin Mayhood     Indianapolis     9th     104  

Cael McCormick     Yorktown     6th     75

Logan McCormick     Elwood     5th     60

Barry McGinley     Indianapolis     9th     91

Brandan McGrath     Stroh     8th     117     *

Levi McKee     Macy     9th     125

Paul Mikesell     Macy     9th     112

William Mikesell     Macy     7th     78

Alan Mock     Peru     9th     95

Ryan Morrow     Yorktown     7th     80

Roy Myrick     Frankton     7th     140  

Cory O'Neal     Lexington     9th     90

Neill Norris     Peru     ??     ??     *

Harley Parke     Anderson     3rd     63

Brandon Poore     Portland     9th     120

Hunter Randolph     Muncie     9th     97

Peyton Reese     Franklin     8th     85  

Trevor Reese     Franklin     5th     75

Romeo Riley     Kalamazoo, MI     7th     75

Andrew Roadruck     Lowell     9th     112     *

Mitch Roadruck     Lowell     9th     115     *

Levi Rose     New Castle     8th     125     *

Ryan Schrock     Logansport     7th     98

Aaron Sikorski     Markleville     6th     70     *

Braxton Simpson     Peru     9th     103  

Jake Sinkovics     Mishawaka     8th     72

Luke Sinkovics     Mishawaka     6th     82

Austin Slates     Osceola     6th     67

Ethan Smiley     Beech Grove     4th     75

Evan Smiley     Beech Grove     7th     125    

Damon Smith     Middletown     9th     165

Nathan Smith     Union City     8th     187

Nolan Snyder     New Castle     9th     110

Garrett Sparks     Peru     8th     95     *

Cody Steele     Connersville     8th     98

Cody Stewart     Muncie     7th     70

Joshua Stewart     Ft. Wayne     6th     95

Alec Taylor     Muncie     9th     150

Keaton Taylor     Ligonier     7th     105

Ben Thompson     New Castle     9th     135

Michael Tobolski     South Bend     9th     126     *

Jake Tucker     Lowell     7th     79

Burk Van Horn     Franklin     5th     95

Zach Vetor     Middletown     9th     125

James Wales     Yorktown     6th     105

John Wales     Yorktown     9th     152

Kyle Webster     Shirley     9th     127

Brandon Wormcastle     Churubusco     9th     135     *

Brian Yahne     Ft. Wayne     8th     161

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This is a great tune up camp for Schoolboy Duals. Already some of the top kids on the team are signed up (Jake Sincovics, Chandler Carroll, Kenny Hughes, Evan Smiley, and Kyle Garringer). Is there a better way to get prepared then by working out with some of the best?

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Parents, coaches and middle school wrestlers - if you are looking for one of the best camp experiences for your middle school wrestler, Prime Time Wrestling Camp is the one.  Looking at the list, this is going to be another great camp experience.  From our own experience, these opportunities are the absolute best way for your young wrestlers to get to that next level.


The Prime Time Camp is one of the best run learning experiences your young wrestlers could hope for.  In addition to the training, technique and drilling your wrestler will be learning, he will also be meeting and making friends at all levels that will continue to help him at all levels of wrestling in the future as they have done for my son.  Steven's summer schedule gets a little crazy every year as most of yours do, but this is the one week that he asked us to block out to make sure he could help out at.


Last year Steven was coming off of his second knee surgery and feeling a little down about his future in this sport.  He had previously committed to work the Prime Time Camp, but after surgery did not feel as if he would be the best influence or coach since he was not able to get on the mat with the kids.  He tried to tell Coach Dulaney that he may not be able to help out.........of course Coach Dulaney would not have any of it and convinced Steven to come, that he would still put him to work and be able to use him.  You see, I think Coach Dulaney knew that this was exactly what Steven really needed.  The end result was a Senior in High School who came home rejuvenated and excited about wrestling because of the kids he had been around all week.  The opportunity to go back to your roots and see where you started and how exciting it is to each of these kids made my son's experience as a counselor and coach one that he will never forget.


This is just one example of the type of experience your wrestler may have.  This is the reason Steven has been looking forward to helping out with Prime Time Camp this year......to be inspired by your kids!  If you were thinking about it, but weren't quite sure what camp to send your son to....the Prime Time Camp is the right one!


Positively promote the sport!

Steve Sandefer

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If you have the opportunity to go to this camp, I strongly encourage you to attend.  The personal attention that each and every wrestler gets from the time they walk through the front door to the time that they leave the camp is phenomenal.  The ratio of campers to counselors is unmatched by any camp in the country.  If you are looking for a camp to help your child transition to the next level, this camp would be it.  Coach Dulaney, Coach McCormick, and Coach Peckingpaugh put on in my opinion, one of the best middle school camps in the country.  Do what you can to get there!


Joe Willmann

Lowell High School

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Prime Time roster surpasses the 100 mark. 


Anyone still interested in attending should contact Coach McCormick to make arrangements for sending application.  Do not mail application past Saturday, June 6, as I may not get it before camp begins.  After June 6, I will operate via e-mail to sign campers up.  Please call me at 765-282-9136.


Thank you,

Coach McCormick

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With the addition of the new campers, we too have added to our camp staff. Andrew Hiestand >:( (6th in the state at 125lbs) and Brock Bevans  :-* (tough 103 lber) have committed to the camp. The Prime Time Camp offers a 1:6 ratio (1 camp staff member to every 6 campers). This is a ratio offered by no other camp in the nation. It is this level of committment to offering a positive and productive camp experience that Prime Time prides itself on. Don't miss out on a great experience!

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Does anyone know the correct time for the pick-up on Sunday? We were told at registration that the final practice session was from 2:30-4:oopm Sunday and we were welcome to come and watch. The acceptance letter says pick-up time from 12:00-1:00pm please be prompt. We don't want to miss the session but don't want to be there too early.



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Final practice begins at 2:30pm and will last about an hour and a half.  Parents are encouraged to come and watch their sons practice during this session.  Wrestlers will drill a variety of the techniques shown at camp.  Practice will end with a brief live wrestling session.  Parents should pick up their kids by 4:30pm.


Coach McCormick

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