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hendricks county (Seeds at the end)

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Here you go!


103 - Judy over Pintor

112 - Hall over Mocherman

119 - Fuller over Meyer

125 - Oaks over Roberts

130 - Bealmear over Acosta

135 - Rossbach over Hechinger

140 - Smith over Gentry

145 - Richards over Parrish

152 - Kolb over Alfs

160 - Jones over Kahl

171 - Helmick over Brandt

189 - Leach over Hill

215 - Howland over Laughlin

285 - Richie over Mason


Team - Brownsburg, Avon, Tri-West, Cascade, Plainfield, Danville


Not sure what the seeding criteria was but 140 is lopsided. Worden and Maxwell got the worst draws of the tournament.


Good Luck to everyone. Can't wait until tomorrow.

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Judy,Hall,Guernsey,Oakes,Arnes,RASSBACH,SPELL IT RIGHT,Smith,Parrish,Alfs,Jones,Brandt,Leach,Howland,Richey 9 out 14 and Richards Avon(sick) Bealmear Tri West(inj) did not wrestle. Avon takes team.

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