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The Present and Future of IndianaMat

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The Present

First off, I want to say thanks for joining the community.  While I am the guru behind the development of the site, there are others that are helping to make this a great site.  Just a little background on why I started this.  Obviously, most of you know I posted once in a while on the old board and was having withdraw symptoms without having it for almost a week.  So with the encouragement of some less tech savvy people, I pulled the trigger and started this site Tuesday night.  I have always been kinda jealous of the Illinois site(http://www.illinoismatmen.com) and thought that it would be great to have one similar in Indiana.  I have also seen sites that promote wrestling in Ohio and Michigan.  I honestly want to rival them and help to give recognition to the many hard working and dedicated wrestlers in Indiana at all levels.


The Future

We will not be wasting any time delivering quality products to the Indiana wrestling community.  I plan on having at least one article up on Sunday or Monday and have quite a few ideas and starting the wheels turning on them.  If you have a suggestion, comment, complaint, feel free to contact me as we want to serve the community the best way possible.


Here are some of our ideas for articles and sections:

Dingo's Den- Yes Dingo and I have made up and he will be doing a weekly article, not exactly sure what it will be about at this present moment, but he is a great writer(even when putting me in my place) so it will always be a good read.

Toe to Joe- If you didn't know my real name isn't Y2CJ41, its Joe.  This will be a hot seat type 10 question interview with someone involved in wrestling, from coaches to refs to wrestlers or some old guy that has dementia. 

Under the Spotlight- This will be like a "getting to know" with people involved with wrestling.  These will be quirky questions such as your favorite food, music, etc.

Weekly Roundup- This will be of the week's big meets and match-ups and will include college results of teams and individuals from Indiana

Class All-State Selections- Similar to how cross country does it, we will announce All-State selections for 3-5 classes and top 4-8 at each weight class. 

Spotlight Match-up- This will be a preview of a big meet or match during the week with breakdowns and analysis of the match-ups and teams.


Of course there will be more, but we will work to make this a great website.  If you want to write, know someone to interview, or have some suggestions feel free to contact me.



Joe Caprino and the IndianaMat Team

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I would like to echo the thanks and appreciation to Joe. He does a ton for Indiana wrestling, and this is just another example.


Also, following up on his comments about articles and items of interest, we will be posting original material related to Indiana high school wrestling and collegiate wrestling. We are still tinkering with format, but we will do our best to create some good stuff. Once it's up to speed, we hope to have new articles each week.


We would like to have a Spotlight feature on an Indiana high school wrestler each week, ideally from different parts of the state each week. We will need help from all of you to have the best material possible.


We're looking forward to becoming THE site for Indiana wrestling because we all share a love for the sport and we all support our state's athletes.


Feel free to offer any suggestions or requests.


See you all at Dingo's Den.

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I would like to thank Joe, and everyone else who is making this board possible.  I would also like to say, for those of you who do not know Joe, that Joe created this board because of his love for Indiana wrestling.  That was, and is, his only motive.  Thanks Joe!


Please, have fun and enjoy the board everyone.  I know I will!

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  I would alsol like to extend my sincere thanks for starting IndianaMat.  The only reason I bought a computer was to follow Indiana High School wrestling throughout the state.  It sure was miserable spending the whole Thanksgiving weekend without getting any wrestling info.  Our school used to wrestle in a 2 day 11 team dual meet after Thanksgiving , which I sure miss and another thing that made the weekend miserable was the snow on the ground, whch made it difficult for us to golf.  Thanks again. 

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I have to add my thanks!!  In SuperSize!!


Even us wrestling moms were going through withdrawal BIG TIME!  I was having to do internet searches through every single community newspaper I could find online to get results over the last week or so.  It was pretty sad.

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Everything sounds great. Thanks to Y2 and everyone else involved in this big task. It is great that the Youth Board will be able to talk about the different tournaments that the up and coming stars of Indiana are competing in and not limited to a certain organization. There is a lot going on out there that is making these young hard working kid's awful good.


Thanks again and good luck to the future of Indiana Mat.

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