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Good matches/meets this weekend?

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There are goping to be a ton of great matches this weekend at Cathedral, Not sure but I believe the teams are


Anderson Highland


East Central


Warren Central


There are alot of kids here that are in the rankings, so it should be quite a day, with some fantastic matches.



9) Brian Harvey 9 Indianapolis Cathedral



1) Camden Eppert 12 Anderson Highland



3) Brandon Wright 11 Indianapolis Cathedral



4) Dominic Corsaro 12 Indianapolis Cathedral

5) Nick Odom 12 Warren Central




3) Alex Surma 11 Munster

4) Calvin Sullivan 12 Indianapolis Cathedral





1) Tony McGinley 12 Indianapolis Cathedral




2) Sammy Bennet 12 Anderson Highland

3) Gavin McGinley 12 Indianapolis Cathedral

5) Aaron Estrada 12 Munster





8- Dalton Jones 12 Avon




4) Andrew Leach 12 Avon



7) Michael Johnson-Jones 11 Warren Central

10) Andy Dalton 12 East Central




3) Gabriel Berry 11 Warren Central  

11) Jake Buchanan 11 Indianapolis Cathedral


These are according to the rankings froom this page. Not IHSWCA rankings. I hope I did not over look someone if I did, I am sorry, it is just a error in my reading ability, not a personal slight.







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They are a very tough team, they work very hard all season long, and it shows. From top to bottom, if you wrestle a kid from Cathedral, they are going to give you a work out. So yes, there are that many good kids wrestling at Cathedral.

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Not a chance that Sullivan is at 140. Gavin isn't wrestling. Buchanan won't by to 215 most likely. Tomorrow will be a patchwork Irish squad. If Eppert goes 125 which I am sure he will to face Wright, you have that match. Then I imagine Sammy Bennett will get possibly Tony McGinley or Calvin Sullivan (if Cal even wrestles tomorrow). Old Frosh Tyler Willis might be at 152, he will give Bennett all he can handle down there if Willis weighs in at 152. That is about all I can guesstimate from the Cathedral - AH match. 

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Cathedral was pretty lopsided in most victories outside of Avon. Coach McGinley wrestled a number of JV guys in that match and i think Avon scored 20+ on the Irish.


If you are wondering about Munster, Estrada didn't wrestle. I guess he tweaked a knee in his last match and was taking the weekend off in preparation for the Traicoff. Surma beat N. Hupp (Cathedral) 6-0. Controlling.


Wright took Eppert down in the first period with a snap/spin combo. Eppert escaped 2-1. Second period Wright reversed Eppert and took him to his back. In most people's opinion, there were two back points that were missed in that exchange for Wright. Eppert escaped. 4-2 Wright. Eppert chooses down and Wright rides him for 1:25. Eppert escapes. 4-3 flurry at the end to no avail. Final.


Johnny Grey got 3 near fall points two times on Nick Odom and was fairly dominate in his win over the Warren star. Other than that, the freshmen for Cathedral Tyler Willis and Brian Harvey had nice debut.


I thought the next best team there was either Warren Central or Avon. Anderson Highland didn't seem to have anything outside of Bennett and Eppert. I think Cathedral beat Warren 50-16 and Cathedral forfeited the final match. All I got....





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