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  • Nov 18 Madison vs Switzerland County

      Triple Dual at Switzerland County (Click for event information)
      Date: 11/18/2022
      Madison 42
      Switzerland County 37

      145 Ethan Jones (Switzerland County) over Brayden Richards (Madison Consolidated) (MD 15-4) 152 Zane Skinner (Madison Consolidated) over Ethan Weaver (Switzerland County) (Fall 0:26) 160 Taye Labolt (Madison Consolidated) over Keaton Mosley (Switzerland County) (Fall 2:21) 170  

      Dezmon Maloney (Madison Consolidated) over Darian Graham (Switzerland County) (Fall 1:44) 182
      Ayden Waggoner (Madison Consolidated) over Ezra Gray (Switzerland County) (Fall 0:39) 195 Taytem Anderson (Madison Consolidated) over Kolvin Beck (Switzerland County) (Fall 0:57) 220 Van Skinner (Madison Consolidated) over Unknown (For.) 285 Travon Resendiz (Madison Consolidated) over Unknown (For.) 106 Ethan Rose (Switzerland County) over Unknown (For.) 113 Nathan Bryant (Switzerland County) over Unknown (For.) 120 Peyton Richards (Switzerland County) over Eli Stewart (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 4:58) 126 Aiden Covington (Switzerland County) over Danny Mack (Madison Consolidated) (Dec 5-1) 132 Chazz Hartley (Switzerland County) over Kieran Lock (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 1:15) 138 Gabe Rose (Switzerland County) over Tazman Shipley (Madison Consolidated) (Fall 0:28)

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