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  • Dec 11 Indianapolis Cathedral vs Fishers

      Traicoff Memorial (Click for event information)
      Date: 12/11/2022
      Indianapolis Cathedral 67
      Fishers 9


      120: Gavin Bragg (INCA) over Chayce Yant (Fish) (Fall 0:55) 126: Aden Reyes (INCA) over Griffin Ingalls (Fish) (Dec 7-2) 132: Owen Reyes (INCA) over Quenton Riley (Fish) (MD 17-6) 138: Max McGinley (INCA) over Anthony Riley (Fish) (Fall 1:49) 145: Dillon Graham (INCA) over Teyon Leonard (Fish) (Fall 2:38) 152: Jackson Edwards (INCA) over Stephen Breck (Fish) (Fall 1:40) 160: Xavier Smith (Fish) over Gabe Bragg (INCA) (Dec 6-4) 170: Kyle Harden (INCA) over Zachary Pence (Fish) (Fall 1:46) 182: Chris Quarles (Fish) over Sterling Smith (INCA) (Fall 1:14) 195: Oscar Kirch (INCA) over Kyle Gunawan (Fish) (Fall 3:35) 220: Jackson Weingart (INCA) over Jacob Carroll (Fish) (Fall 1:56) 285: Hosia Smith (INCA) over Walid Oumammar (Fish) (Fall 1:02) 106: John Bissmeyer (INCA) over Will Hauskoci (Fish) (Fall 1:33) 113: Nathan Reyes (INCA) over Garret Thompson (Fish) (Fall 0:27)

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