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  2. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Top Sophomores Ranking

    Agree. David Guhl 12-1. Anchoring the Irish bigs.
  3. I am trying to add a dual result. Tecumseh wrestled Mt. Carmel ILL and the system will not take Mt. Carmel in the winning team box.

  4. infowrestling

    Jay County vs. Celina(OH)

    Jay County
  5. infowrestling

    Jay County vs. Parkway(OH)

    Jay County
  6. bsweet

    Manchester vs. Cass

  7. Sig40

    Top Freshmen Rankings

    Only one 106 out of this group... the "typical" freshman weight. Excited to see how this group does throughout the year.
  8. Raven27

    Alexandria vs. Mississinewa

  9. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Martinsville

  10. going4thegold142

    Leo vs. DeKalb

  11. jetwrestling

    Adams Central vs. New Haven

    Adams Central
  12. SWwrestling

    Southern Wells vs. Fort Wayne North Side

    Southern Wells
  13. Mattyb

    IndyStar Athlete of the Week.

    Voted a ton. People have to be using bots to vote. Conley had a lead last week and some swimmer from Concord got like 10,000 votes in one day. They Cheatin!!!!
  14. ATWOOD

    West Lafayette vs. Delphi

    West Lafayette
  15. Y2CJ41


    Logan Bailey
  16. Y2CJ41


    Elliott Rodgers
  17. mikemorgan

    IndyStar Athlete of the Week.

    Agreed Coach AJ. Cooper is absolutely deserving with the week he had this past week. I Thought the picture the star used was in poor taste though.
  18. eagledad

    Top Sophomores Ranking

    Four out the top ten were at 106 last year. Just because your small and able to do well as freshmen does not mean you are better then the bigger kids.
  19. swortman

    Seeger vs. Benton Central

  20. MattM

    *Updated* Flo National Rankings

    As I say every year, unfortunately the majority of our guys will drop in the ranking during the season due to not having many nationally ranked opponents or major tournaments to get attention. At best a few wrestlers may stay in their position based on a very solid showing during the off-season and pre-season events. Some teams attending out of state duals may help a couple wrestler find a ranked opponent, but the attention getter are usually the tournaments. As mentioned in a different post it’s veey difficult to find a high profile out of state tournament to enter since we would not be allowd to face any opponent who came from outside our travel radius.
  21. Mattyb

    *Updated* Flo National Rankings

    Walker back in too!!! Carson Brewer with 7 wins over 6 ranked kids in the last year and a half. Only unranked loss this past year was Friday night!!! I think that if he has a good showing at Brecksville in a couple weeks, he could get back in.... hopefully! Congrats to Asa. Hopefully all our guys can stay in there for the rest of the season!
  22. cyoguru

    Top Sophomores Ranking

    Tyler Conley Avon
  23. Perseverance

    *Updated* Flo National Rankings

    Asa Garcia back in the National Rankings at 132lbs. #15 Well deserved.
  24. If you are a wrestling fan, especially at the college level you need to have Mat Talk on your podcast list. Jason Bryant does an excellent job gathering information from all the college divisions of wrestling. Then throws in some good international and high school details when big events occur. He also routinely has a great interviews with a variety of people connected with the sport.
  25. Chad Ross


    Cole Ross
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