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  • Three Warriors Survive Day One of Junior Greco-Roman

    By Y2CJ41
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    While only three wrestlers survived the first day of Junior Greco-Roman action, there were many Indiana wrestlers that were wrestling deep into the night on Monday.  Kirk Johnson and Conner Lefever are both undefeated at 160lbs and 171lbs respectively, while Sean Mappes has one loss at 171lbs.  Johnson and Lefever are sitting nice in their pools, but will have to battle extremely tough opponents to place in the top four of their pool to assure All-American status.  Mappes will have his back against the wall and cannot afford a misstep or his tournament will be over.  Two-time state champ and returning runner-up Drake Stein had a rough outing and finished the day 2-2.  State champion Jared McKinley finished the day 3-2.


    Junior-105 - Deondre Wilson's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Deondre Wilson (Indiana) over Jonathon Johnson (South Carolina) Dec 3-1,0-8,6-0

    Match #2 Mark Raghunandan (New York) over Deondre Wilson (Indiana) Fall 5-3,0:58

    Match #3 Johnson Mai (California) over Deondre Wilson (Indiana) Dec 3-1,6-1


    Junior-119 - Anders Douglass's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Bryant Fukushima (Hawaii) over Anders Douglass (Indiana) TF 7-0,7-0

    Match #2 Roddeu Johnson (North Dakota) over Anders Douglass (Indiana) Fall 7-0,1:04


    Junior-130 - Jared McKinley's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Jared McKinley (Indiana) over Tyler Goodwin (Maryland) Dec 6-0,0-1,4-0

    Match #2 Jared McKinley (Indiana) over Roman Wundrow (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,6-1

    Match #3 Jared McKinley (Indiana) over Sal Annoreno (Illinois) Dec 3-3,1-0,4-1

    Match #4 Tomaz Gonzalez (Idaho) over Jared McKinley (Indiana) Dec 0-7,4-3,3-1

    Match #5 Austin Roper (Missouri) over Jared McKinley (Indiana) Dec 1-0,6-0


    Junior-135 - Travis Barroquillo's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Travis Barroquillo (Indiana) over Zach Carter (Ohio) Dec 7-0,3-2

    Match #2 Aaron Engle (Missouri) over Travis Barroquillo (Indiana) TF 6-0,5-0

    Match #3 Travis Barroquillo (Indiana) over Xavier Johnson (California) Dec 3-2,4-1

    Match #4 Brandon Rice (Illinois) over Travis Barroquillo (Indiana) Dec 7-0,2-0


    Junior-135 - Tyler Trulock's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Tyler Trulock (Indiana) over Alex Preas (Ohio) Fall 0:15

    Match #2 Grant LaMont (Utah) over Tyler Trulock (Indiana) Dec 6-0,5-3

    Match #3 Stephen Jackson (Delaware) over Tyler Trulock (Indiana) Dec 2-0,3-0


    Junior-145 - Paul Matthews's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Paul Matthews (Indiana) over Steven Baker (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,0-1,2-1

    Match #2 Pang Lee (California) over Paul Matthews (Indiana) Dec 5-1,4-1

    Match #3 Paul Matthews (Indiana) received a bye.

    Match #4 AJ Zemke (Wisconsin) over Paul Matthews (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0


    Junior-160 - Reece Lefever's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Reece Lefever (Indiana) over Brett Brigman (Maryland) Dec 2-0,1-0

    Match #2 Reece Lefever (Indiana) over Mikal Sanchez (Idaho) Fall 0:43

    Match #3 Geordan Speiller (Florida) over Reece Lefever (Indiana) TF 5-0,10-0

    Match #4 Michael Nord (North Dakota) over Reece Lefever (Indiana) Dec 2-0,1-1


    Junior-160 - Kirk Johnson's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Kirk Johnson (Indiana) over Andy Walton (North Dakota) Dec 1-0,6-0

    Match #2 Kirk Johnson (Indiana) over Dirk Ponchak (Ohio) Dec 2-0,6-3

    Match #3 Kirk Johnson (Indiana) over Dane Nielson (Utah) Dec 1-0,4-0

    Match #4 Kirk Johnson (Indiana) over Cody Pych (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0

    Match #5 Kirk Johnson (Indiana) over Tyler Patrick (Maryland) Dec 7-0,4-0


    Junior-171 - Drake Stein's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Drake Stein (Indiana) over Lucs Huyber (Washington) Dec 0-3,4-1,7-0

    Match #2 Lee Davis (Georgia) over Drake Stein (Indiana) Dec 4-0,0-6,3-0

    Match #3 Drake Stein (Indiana) over Jalen Weaver (Utah) Fall 1:08

    Match #4 Matt Reed (Kansas) over Drake Stein (Indiana) TF 7-1,9-1


    Junior-171 - Sean Mappes's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Sean Mappes (Indiana) over Dillon Reid (California) Dec 1-0,3-0

    Match #2 Sean Mappes (Indiana) over Ryan Therrien (Massachusetts) Dec 2-0,7-0

    Match #3 Sean Mappes (Indiana) over Tanner Tinsley (Virginia) Dec 1-0,6-0

    Match #4 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Sean Mappes (Indiana) Dec 1-0,2-0


    Junior-171 - Connor Lefever's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Connor Lefever (Indiana) over Taylor Hardin (Louisiana) TF 6-0,6-0

    Match #2 Connor Lefever (Indiana) over Garrett DeMers (Idaho) Fall 3-3,0:31

    Match #3 Connor Lefever (Indiana) over Dylon Braun (Kansas) Dec 1-0,6-0

    Match #4 Connor Lefever (Indiana) over Zach Brown (Ohio) TF 6-0,7-0

    Match #5 Connor Lefever (Indiana) received a bye.


    Junior-189 - Dalton Halbig's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Casey Marnin (Iowa) over Dalton Halbig (Indiana) Fall 6-3,1:49

    Match #2 James Souza (Washington) over Dalton Halbig (Indiana) Dec 4-1,6-1


    Junior-285 - Justin Sampson's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Alec Postlewait (Washington) over Justin Sampson (Indiana) Fall 1:12

    Match #2 Taylor Kettler (Kansas) over Justin Sampson (Indiana) Dec 8-0,2-0


    Junior-285 - Donte Winfield's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Doug Vollaro (Florida) over Donte Winfield (Indiana) Dec 1-0,1-0

    Match #2 Reid Sealby (Illinois) over Donte Winfield (Indiana) Dec 1-1,2-0


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