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  • Cadet Greco-Roman Results

    By Y2CJ41
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    Cadet-91 - Dylan Petro's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Matt Smull (California) over Dylan Petro (Indiana) Fall 5-3,1:58

    Match #2 Corey Perkins-Willett (Illinois) over Dylan Petro (Indiana) Dec 3-0,4-0


    Cadet-112 - Kyle Jolas's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Cayman Nielson (Arizona) over Kyle Jolas (Indiana) Fall 3-4,0:48

    Match #2 Shiquan Hall (Florida) over Kyle Jolas (Indiana) TF 5-0,7-0


    Cadet-119 - Mathew Mastison's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Dallas Brown (Georgia) over Mathew Mastison (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0

    Match #2 Kurtis Loftis (Idaho) over Mathew Mastison (Indiana) Fall 1:42


    Cadet-119 - Marshall Holwager's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Marshall Holwager (Indiana) over Michael Pongracz (New Jersey) Dec 6-2,0-1,2-1

    Match #2 Joey Moita (California) over Marshall Holwager (Indiana) Dec 4-0,7-0

    Match #3 AJ Rees (Colorado) over Marshall Holwager (Indiana) Dec 2-0,4-1


    Cadet-119 - Keenan Ward's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Josh Breece (Oklahoma) over Keenan Ward (Indiana) Dec 8-3,4-3

    Match #2 Nick Pesko (New York) over Keenan Ward (Indiana) Dec 6-0,3-7,1-0


    Cadet-125 - Aaron Madison's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Daniel Sanchez (Maryland) over Aaron Madison (Indiana) Fall 3-0,0:44

    Match #2 Zorg Loustalet (Oregon) over Aaron Madison (Indiana) Fall 1:34


    Cadet-130 - Nathan Epler's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Colt Cotten (Pennsylvania) over Nathan Epler (Indiana) TF 6-0,7-0

    Match #2 Aerie Disher (Colorado) over Nathan Epler (Indiana) Dec 6-0,0-5,3-0


    Cadet-145 - Zach Adams's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Kenard Washington (Illinois) over Zach Adams (Indiana) Dec 7-0,0-6,4-4

    Match #2 Zach Adams (Indiana) over Bryce Fish (North Dakota) Fall 0-1,1:27

    Match #3 Travis Curley (Michigan) over Zach Adams (Indiana) TF 6-0,6-0


    Cadet-152 - Matt Irick's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Matt Irick (Indiana) over Miguel Ruiz (California) Dec 2-0,3-0

    Match #2 Eric Morris (Pennsylvania) over Matt Irick (Indiana) Dec 1-0,1-0

    Match #3 Austin Dewey (Idaho) over Matt Irick (Indiana) TF 5-0,6-0


    Cadet-171 - Tony Jehn's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Matt Reed (Kansas) over Tony Jehn (Indiana) Fall 1:28

    Match #2 Tony Jehn (Indiana) over FC Korsgaard (Virginia) Fall 0:50

    Match #3 Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) over Tony Jehn (Indiana) Dec 6-0,5-0


    Cadet-171 - Evan Collins's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Evan Collins (Indiana) over Matthew Moore (Georgia) FF

    Match #2 Evan Collins (Indiana) over Matthew Hunter (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,3-0

    Match #3 Kyle Foy (Utah) over Evan Collins (Indiana) Dec 7-0,4-0

    Match #4 Johathon Inman (Missouri) over Evan Collins (Indiana) Fall 0:42


    Cadet-189 - Mitch Sliga's place is 1st.

    Match #1 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Chandler Klein (Missouri) Fall 1:09

    Match #2 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over McZiggy Richards (New York) Fall 1:06

    Match #3 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Jimmy Prince (Illinois) Fall 8-1,1:28

    Match #4 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Andrew Lutterloh (Virginia) Dec 3-0,6-0

    Match #5 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Cam Cyphert (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,4-0

    Match #6 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Mickey Pelfrey (Iowa) Dec 1-2,3-0,4-1

    Match #7 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) received a bye.

    Match #8 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Jimmy Prince (Illinois) Fall 8-1,1:28

    Match #9 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Mickey Pelfrey (Iowa) Dec 1-2,3-0,4-1

    Match #10 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Jesse Doyle (North Carolina) Dec 0-3,1-0,3-0

    Cadet-189 - Dalton Halbig's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Dalton Halbig (Indiana) over Shyler Johnson (Alaska) TF 7-0,9-2

    Match #2 Hunter Reinert (Colorado) over Dalton Halbig (Indiana) Fall 0:58

    Match #3 Dalton Halbig (Indiana) over Evan Stephens (Virginia) Fall 1:06

    Match #4 Kevin Marvel (Maryland) over Dalton Halbig (Indiana) Dec 4-2,3-2


    Cadet-285 - Jordan Naughton's place is unknown.

    Match #1 Jacob Scanlan (Iowa) over Jordan Naughton (Indiana) 0-1,1-0,DQ

    Match #2 Seth Anderson (North Dakota) over Jordan Naughton (Indiana) Dec 2-0,4-0

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