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      2021 State Finals Info Center

      Friday, Feb. 19, 2021
      Session 1 | First Round Weight Classes 106 - 145 | 11 am ET | $10 Tickets On Sale, Wed, 2/17, 10 am ET 
      Session 2 | First Round Weight Classes 152 - 285 | 7 pm ET | $10 Tickets On Sale, Wed, 2/17, 10 am ET 
      Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021
      Session 3 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET | $15 All Day Tickets on Sale, Fri, 2/19, 10 pm ET
      Session 4 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET 
      Doors will open to the general public:
      Friday, February 19, 2021 - 10:00 a.m. (Session I)
      Friday, February 19, 2021 – 6:00 p.m. (Session II)
      Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 8:30 a.m. (Session III)
      Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 4:00 p.m. (Session IV)
      State Finals Hashtag: #INWRState21
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      IHSAA on Twiiter
      IndianaMat on Twitter
      IndianaMat with semi-state and state rankings
      IndianaMat with state rankings ONLY
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT (1 hour). The show will be hosted by Greg Rakestraw and Mike Goebel.
      East Chicago Semi-State Results
      Jasper Semi-State Results
      New Castle Semi-State Results
      New Haven(Fort Wayne) Semi-State Results
      Pick'em Contests
      Standings after semi-state
      State Finals Pick'em Top 8 
      Gorilla Radio
      Gorilla Radio 108 talking about weights 106, 285, 113, 170, 138, 145, and 182
      Gorilla Radio 109 talking about weights 120, 195, 152, 160, 126, 220, and 132
      High School Wrestling Weekly
      Friday Night IndianaMat/WZBD Preview Show
      *Coming soon*
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      History of the State Tournament
      State Finals by the Numbers
      State Finals #WAYL2
      Team Race Breakdown
      State Finals Media Guide
      Who do you want in your corner?
      Other Information
      Site: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis
      Attendance: Limited spectators in accordance with local health guidelines.
      Tickets: A limited number of tickets will go on sale to the general public at Ticketmaster.com using the schedule below. All tickets are reserved seating (no general admission) and arranged to be socially distanced.
      Television: Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Fox Sports Indiana.  
      Livestream: Friday's first round and Saturday's quarterfinals, semifinals and consolation matches may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee at TrackWrestling.com. For Saturday night's championship round, viewers outside of the Fox Sports Indiana coverage area, a live stream will be available at IHSAAtv.org. For those within the FSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis following the conclusion of the telecast.

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      2022 State Finals Info Center

      Friday, Feb. 18, 2022
      Session 1 | First Round Weight Classes 152 - 285 | 11 am ET (Gates open at 10am)
      Session 2 | First Round Weight Classes 106 - 145 | 7 pm ET (Gates open at 6pm)
      Saturday, Feb. , 2022
      Session 3 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET (Gates open at 8:30am)
      Session 4 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET (Gates open at 4pm)
      Other Pertinent Schedule Times
      Parade of Champions
      Friday, Feb. 18, 2022
      Session 1 | 10:35am
      Session 2 | 6:35pm 
      Friday, Feb. 18, 2022
      Session 1 | 10:00am
      Session 2 | 6:00pm
      Saturday, Feb. , 2022
      Session 3 | 8:00am
      Friday Tickets | $10 per person (good all day) | On sale beginning Wed, Feb. 16 at 10 am ET / 9 am CT | Ticketmaster.com 
      Saturday Tickets | $15 per person (good all day) | On sale beginning Fri, Feb. 18 at 10 pm ET / 9 pm CT | Ticketmaster.com 
      State Finals Hashtag: #INWRState22
      Social Media
      IHSAA on Twiiter
      IndianaMat on Twitter
      IndianaMat Brackets with State and Semi-State Rankings
      IndianaMat Brackets with State Rankings
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT (1 hour). 
      East Chicago Semi-State Results
      Evansville Semi-State Results
      New Castle Semi-State Results
      New Haven(Fort Wayne) Semi-State Results
      Pick'em Contests
      State Finals Pick'ems
      Current Pick'em Standings
      Gorilla Radio
      Episode 129 talking about 106lbs-145lbs
      Episode 130 talking about 152lbs-285lbs
      High School Wrestling Weekly
      Friday Night IndianaMat/WZBD Preview Show
      *Coming soon*
      Featured Articles
      2022 By the Numbers(rankings breakdown)
      WAYL2(Who are your losses to?)
      State Finals Media Guide
      Who do you want in your corner?
      Other Information
      Site:  Gainbridge Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis 
      **New** Admission: Reserved seating only (no general admission). All tickets are digital only through your mobile phone and may be purchased via Ticketmaster.com (service fees apply). All purchased tickets will be sent as mobile tickets to the purchaser's smart phone and that verification should be shown at the admission gate.
      Television: Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Bally Sports Indiana.
      Livestream: Friday's first round and Saturday's quarterfinals, semifinals and consolation matches may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee of $15 via IHSAAtv.org. For Saturday night's championship round, viewers outside of the Bally Sports Indiana (BSI) coverage area, a live stream will be available at IHSAAtv.org. For those within the BSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis following the conclusion of the telecast. If you have a FloPro+ plan, you may also view the livestream at FloWrestling.com. 
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      2019 State Finals Information Center

      State Finals Hashtag: #INWRState19
      Social Media
      IHSAA on Twiiter
      IndianaMat on Twitter
      Finals Broadcast TV Listing
      Click here for a list of providers
      IndianaMat with rankings
      Pick'em Contests
      Standings after semi-state
      State Finals Pick'em Top 8
      Mat Burns Pick the Champions
      Gorilla Radio
      Episode 67 talking about 106-145
      Episode 68 talking about 152-285
      Featured Articles
      State Finals by the Numbers
      State Finals #WAYL2
      IHSAA State Finals Preview
      2019 State Finals Media Guide
      Top 5 Storylines
      History of the State Tournament
      General Information
      Site: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis | Website
      Security: All people as well as their bags, purses, and coolers (athletes only) entering Bankers Life Fieldhouse will be subject to a security inspection. A full list of prohibited items can be found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide. Additionally, misconduct, mistreatment of Fieldhouse staff, or other prohibited behavior will be addressed promptly and violators are subject to ejection from the premises or arrest. The code of conduct is found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide.
      Admission: $8 per session or $20 both days. Children 24 months old and younger admitted free of charge. 
      Television: Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Fox Sports Indiana. Hosted by Mark Jaynes (play-by-play), Mike Goebel (analyst), Blake Maurer (analyst) and Greg Rakestraw (mat interviews).
      Webstream: Friday's first round and Saturday's quarterfinals, semifinals and consolation matches may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee at TrackWrestling.com. For Saturday night's championship round, viewers outside of the Fox Sports Indiana coverage area, a live stream will be available at IHSAAtv.org. For those within the FSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis following the conclusion of the telecast.
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org beginning at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT on Sunday, February 10, 2019. Greg Rakestraw and Hall of Fame coach Mike Goebel will serve as hosts.
      Friday, Feb. 15, 2019
      Parade of Champions 5:45 pm ET
      First Round | 6 pm ET (Gates open at 4:30 pm ET)
      Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019
      Quarterfinals | 9:30 am ET with semifinals to follow (Gates open at 8 am ET)
      Consolations | 5 pm ET (Gates open at 4 pm ET)
      Finals | 7:30 pm ET

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      2020 State Finals Information Center

      Friday, Feb. 21, 2020
      Session 1 | First Round | 6 pm ET (Gates open at 4:30 pm ET)
      Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020
      Session 2 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET (Gates open at 8 am ET)
      Session 3 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET (Gates open at 4 pm ET)
      State Finals Hashtag: #INWRState20
      Social Media
      IHSAA on Twiiter
      IndianaMat on Twitter
      Finals Broadcast TV Listing
      Click here for a list of providers
      IndianaMat with rankings
      East Chicago Semi-State
      Evansville Semi-State
      New Castle Semi-State
      New Haven(Fort Wayne) Semi-State
      Pick'em Contests
      Standings after semi-state
      State Finals Pick'em Top 8
      Mat Burns Pick the Champions
      Gorilla Radio
      Episode 86 talking about 106lbs-145lbs
      Episode 87 talking about 152lbs-285lbsHIgh School Wrestling Weekly
      Friday Night IndianaMat/WZBD Preview Show
      Click here for information
      Featured Articles
      State Finals by the Numbers
      State Finals #WAYL2
      IHSAA State Finals Preview2020 State Finals Media Guide
      Top 5 Storylines
      Who do you want in your corner on Friday night?
      Who do you want in your corner on Saturday morning?
      Who do you want in your corner in the semi-finals?
      History of the State Tournament
      General Information
      Dates: Feb. 21-22, 2020.
      Site: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis | Website
      Security: All people as well as their bags, purses, and coolers (athletes only) entering Bankers Life Fieldhouse will be subject to a security inspection. A full list of prohibited items can be found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide. Additionally, misconduct, mistreatment of Fieldhouse staff, or other prohibited behavior will be addressed promptly and violators are subject to ejection from the premises or arrest. The code of conduct is found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide.
      Admission: $10 per session or $20 both days. Children 24 months old and younger admitted free of charge. Order All Session Tickets 
      Television: Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Fox Sports Indiana.
      Webstream: Friday's first round and Saturday's quarterfinals, semifinals and consolation matches may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee at TrackWrestling.com. For Saturday night's championship round, viewers outside of the Fox Sports Indiana coverage area, a live stream will be available at IHSAAtv.org. For those within the FSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis following the conclusion of the telecast.
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT (1 hour). The show will be hosted by Greg Rakestraw and Mike Goebel.
      Approved Broadcasts 
      Order All Session Tickets 
      Friday, Feb. 21, 2020
      Session 1 | First Round | 6 pm ET (Gates open at 4:30 pm ET) | Order Session 1 Tickets 
      Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020
      Session 2 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET (Gates open at 8 am ET) | Order Session 2 Tickets 
      Session 3 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET (Gates open at 4 pm ET) | Order Session 3 Tickets 

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      2015 Fort Wayne Semi-State Preview

      About every four years lucky ladies from around the state get to spend their Valentine’s Day nestled up in a warm gym watching some great wrestling. Gentlemen, be sure to get your cards and flowers early so you beat the lunch time rush to the nearest Wal Mart for a card and flowers. While, coaches and fans will be exchanging cards and flowers with their significant others off the mat, on the mat it is a different story. We will have numerous slobber knockers and knock’em down, drag’em out matches going on from start to finish.
      The team race is Yorktown’s to lose, but they will be pushed by three NHC teams in Carroll, East Noble, and Bellmont. They also cannot overlook a team like Elkhart Memorial who has some tough wrestlers and favorable draws. Yorktown could punch anywhere from 5-10 tickets to state. East Noble could pose the biggest challenge as they have four wrestlers who could bring back championships. Carroll has a shot if they win some early matches with the Yorkies. Bellmont, they might not use magic, but bring ten to Fort Wayne that are ready to scrap.
      Note, due to a certain team having quite a few representatives I am going to forgo any predictions on who will advance.
      No seniors qualified at this weight and this can be one of the most up for grabs weights on Saturday. The top quarter-bracket is the one with the most intrigue. You have regional champ JC Herring with only two losses, a freshman with on 3 losses in Austin Moore, and Wayne’s Geoffrey Davis who is having a very good season. Each of these wrestlers provide interesting match-ups and will make this quarter-bracket fun to watch.
      Going down the line, the second quarter-bracket has the favorite Christian Hunt from Yorktown. He cannot overlook his ticket round match with either Christian Mejia or Joe Just.
      On the top of the bottom bracket you will see one of the marquee ticket round matches of the day. In a battle of superb freshmen you’ll have Tanner DeMien of NorthWood battling super Starfire freshman Wyatt Miller. Both only have two losses on the season and are favorites to finish on the podium at Banker’s Life.
      On the bottom bracket you have Carroll regional champion Ben Streeter who looks primed to punch his ticket to state. He will have to battle a tough Owen Eveler of Northridge right off the bat. Payton Lechner of Western or Adams Central’s Nick Liter will battle it out in the first round.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Austin Moore- Central Noble vs. Geoffrey Davis- Wayne
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Tanner Demien- Northwood vs. Wyatt Miller- Northridge
      JC Herring- Marion vs. Moore/Davis winner
      Defending semistate champion Garrett Pepple leads the way here at 113lbs. While he is the favorite, he cannot overlook Blake Glogouski who gave him a great 4-2 match at regional. Glogouski has a tough draw from start to finish as he will battle a very game Mason Mendez in the first round. The winner of that match gets one loss Jack Franklin of Homestead.
      In the top bracket you have Flying Jet Anthony Mosser who is peaking at the right time after capturing sectional and regional championships. He will have a tough ticket round foe in Oak Hill’s Travis Davenport.
      In the second quarter-bracket you have the aforementioned Pepple who could meet up with NHC foe Joel Byman for the third time or Western’s Tyler Lechner.
      Jabin Wright has also been peaking at the right time as he captured the Peru regional championship last week. He will get the winner of Josh Stephenson of Yorktown and Kyle Mockensturm of Prairie Heights in the ticket round.
      In the last quarter-bracket you have the previously mentioned trio of Franklin, Mendez, and Glogouski. Franklin’s only loss on the year is to Mendez at the conference tournament and Glogouski’s only loss is to Pepple last week.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Mason Mendez- Bellmont vs. Blake Glogouski- Fairfield
      Josh Stephenson- Yorktown vs. Kyle Mockensturm- Prairie Heights
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Anthony Mosser- Adams Central vs. Travis Davenport- Oak Hill
      Jack Franklin- Homestead vs. Mendez/Glogouski winner
      Hey guess what? We don’t have a rematch of the 3rd place match in the ticket round at 120lbs this year! Past that, this weight should be fun to watch. All of the top competitors at this weight are fast paced and put points on the board. This weight is highlighted by #2 ranked Sawyer Miller, along with state placer Hunter Langeloh, and state qualifiers Jon Becker and Edward Loraine.
      At the top you have state qualifier Loraine, who will have to go through a tough Brock House of Delta and Goshen regional champion Marcus Mejia of Elkhart Memorial. Mejia has had a great season and his potential match with Loraine could be a doozy.
      In the second quarter-bracket you have a first round match-up between NHC foes Ben Cauffman of Carroll and Jon Becker of Bellmont. These two did not meet this year, so the jury is out on who will come out on top. The winner of that match will most likely get Peru regional champion Chad Elmore of Taylor.
      On the top of the bottom bracket last year’s 106lbs 7th place finisher Hunter Langeloh comes in with only four losses and the heavy favorite. Don’t count out Yorkie freshman Colt Rutter as his 11 losses can be deceiving. Also in that quarter-bracket is NHC rival Kyle Davis of Dekalb who seems to be hitting stride at the right time.
      Sawyer Miller highlights the last quarter-bracket with his unblemished record. He needs to stay the course as the last time a senior from South Adams came to the coliseum undefeated he left before lunch. He will have senior Kyle Rothgeb of Heritage first round and a potential meeting with Laker Cole Long in the ticket round.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Ben Cauffman- Carroll vs. Jon Becker- Bellmont
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Marcus Meija- Elkhart Memorial vs. Eddie Loraine- Leo
      The big storyline at this weight is the possibility of four wrestlers from the same conference all punching their tickets to state. The Northeast Hoosier Conference(RIP) has five very fine competitors at this weight in regional champions Owen Doster of New Haven, Daniel Gunsett of Bellmont, and Nate Weimer of East Noble. Lastly Carroll’s Kobe Raypole is in the last bracket and if he navigates his first two opponents could break through to state.
      At the top of the bracket Doster will have a wrestling battle with upstart Jimmie JD Greathouse. Doster has had a superb season after being put out of the tournament due to an injury last year. Greathouse is a darkhorse that placed 5th at the Al Smith and snuck into the last rankings update.
      In the second quarter-bracket you have Gunsett on top with a tough first round opponent in Woodlan’s Nik Hoot. Hoot is an inspirational wrestler that should get a standing ovation whether he wins or loses. The winner of Hoot and Gunsett will get the winner of Devin Maggard of Marion and Logan Maynard of Goshen.
      On the bottom half you have probably the most competitive quarter bracket with Oak Hill’s Zach Gunter coming in as the top seed. The 2 vs. 3 match will be a good one with Raypole battling a tough Remington Hiestand in the first round. The Hiestand vs. Raypole winner is considered a slight favorite by many to punch their ticket to state.
      Lastly, the bottom bracket will probably feature a battle of NHC foes. Nate Weimer is looking wrestle at Banker’s Life for the second straight year, while nemesis Drake Rhoades is looking to derail those plans. Rhoades may have 13 losses, but he has the potential to beat anyone on any given day.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Kobe Raypole- Carroll vs. Remington Hiestand- Yorktown
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Owen Doster- New Haven vs. JD Greathouse- Jimtown
      Drake Rhodes- Homestead vs. Nate Weimer- East Noble
      One unique thing about this weight class is you have had pretty much two tough guys at each regional. This makes for solid separation of this weight and no cringe worthy draws. Two-time state placer Connor Knapp is the head of the class, but will be pushed by Sage Coy in the semi-finals. On the bottom half, Kyle Egolf and Caleb Maddox are favorites, but need to wrestle well to punch their tickets.
      The top bracket has the heavy favorite Knapp. Last year’s run to the semi-state championship included wins over three wrestlers that were semi-finalists…this year’s road is a little less bumpy. He will likely face Bulldog Ryan Shaffer in the ticket round.
      Sage Coy is making the most of his first state series after some bad luck the previous two years. He will have to battle one of two freshmen, Carroll’s Joel Arney or Eastbrook’s Christian Bratcher in the ticket round. Coy is a physical wrestler that has a wide array of attack from throws to shots to defense.
      Going down the line, you get one of the more intriguing first round matches between relatively unknown Jamal Scott and well known Jacob Stephenson. The winner will get a tough Kyle Egolf in the ticket round. This is probably the toughest to predict quarter-bracket at 132lbs.
      Lastly you have the senior who has paid his dues in Caleb Maddox and the fantastic freshman Fernando Luevano of West Noble. Along with the contrasting experience, Maddox is a tall and lanky lad, while Luevano is short and stocky. Look for this to be a very good match in the ticket round.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Jacob Stephenson- Yorktown vs. Jamal Scott- Elkhart Central
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Fernando Luevano- West Noble vs. Caleb Maddox- Western
      Kyle Egolf- Columbia City vs. Scott/Stephenson winner
      This weight is highlighted by two returning state qualifiers in mighty Squire Clayton Moore and the tough Tiger Brad Laughlin. Along with those two you have an undefeated Isaac Eicher and a state ranked Jay Franko also in the mix. This weight class will be one of the better ones to watch from the semi-finals on.
      Early on you will see returning state qualifier Moore battle one of two tough juniors in the ticket round. Nathaniel Smith of Columbia City has the tools to give the top wrestlers a great match. He will have to get past Exuse(pronounced Zues) Brown of Muncie Central in the first round.
      The jumpin' Jimmie Jay Franko looks to be the favorite in his quarter-bracket. However, the senior will have to fend off either Busco Bad Boy Chase Downing or the pink haired Robert Ford of Monroe Central. Both Ford and Downing come in with very few losses and have the potential to give Franko a run for his money.
      Probably the most solid quarter-final lock would be Yorktown's Brad Laughlin. He is having a stellar sophomore campaign and will likely face Fremont junior Hunter Leskowyak in the ticket round.
      The last quarter-bracket will see an undefeated Isaac Eicher of Leo as the early favorite. His biggest competition could be from Goshen's battle tested Joel Byler. Shane Curtis of Oak Hill cannot be overlooked as he has had a solid senior season.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Exuse Brown- Muncie Central vs. Nathaniel Smith- Columbia City
      Robert Ford- Monroe Central vs. Chase Downing- Churubusco
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Clayton Moore- Manchester vs. Brown/Smith winner
      With the way this weight was spread out in the semi-state, we knew there would be some good early matches. The Goshen regional boasts four solid grapplers that cannot be overlooked. Throw in two-time placer Cael McCormick and two-time ticket rounder Tanner Shipley, some good wrestlers will be buying a ticket at Banker’s Life next week.
      In the top quarter-bracket you have two coaches sons battling in out in Cael McCormick and Logan Williams. McCormick has two state medals, but this could be his toughest ticket round match. Williams is a good wrestler that is very fundamentally sound. Look for a very good match here.
      The second quarter-bracket is a toss-up with Prairie Heights standout Doug Levitz as the early favorite. He will need to go through two-loss Brody Hardcastle of Oak Hill to punch his first ticket to state.
      The third quarter-bracket is going to be fun to watch. Tanner Shipley has been in the ticket round twice and comes in as the regional champ. He will have a very tough Nathan Housholder in the first round, with the winner facing Hunter Bates who is having an outstanding season. Bates defeated Shipley in a close match early in the season and Shipley defeated Housholder earlier in the season also.
      The last quarter-bracket has returning state qualifier Tony Vaughn that is most people’s favorite to qualify. However, he cannot overlook either of his opponents. Kyle Leland has been wrestling very well as of late and he could push Vaughn in the first round. Joe Becker of Bellmont…well he’s from Bellmont, never count out a Brave in the ticket round.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Tanner Shipley- Huntington North vs. Nathan Housholder- East Noble
      Tony Vaughn- Elkhart Memorial vs. Kyle Leland- Homestead
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Cael McCormick- Yorktown vs. Logan Williams- DeKalb
      Shipley/Housholder winner vs. Hunter Bates- Adams Central
      As we move up in weight the competition will get stiffer. At 152lbs you have #3 ranked Josh Garman leading the way with an unblemished 40-0 record. He will come in as the favorite, but will need to navigate some tough wrestlers like Peru’s Peyton Sturgrill and red hot Jimmie Marquis Schieber to bring the semi-state championship back to Huntertown.
      At the top you have Garman as the favorite in his quarter bracket. He could meet up with Garrett Griffen of Northwood whom he pinned in the finals of the Wild Bill Invite. Griffin will have to get past three-loss sophomore Quentin Moore in the first round, while Garman has Tyler Leonard of Jay County.
      The second quarter bracket has a good mixture of youth and experience. Dru Berkebile of Yorktown comes in with only five losses and is ONLY a freshman. He will face the winner of two three loss seniors that will battle it out in the first round. Taylor Grim of West Noble will face fellow senior Breighton Mullinix of Oak Hill who dropped to 152 late in the season.
      On the bottom half, you have Marquis Schieber who has been on fire as of late. He won a very good sectional and regional after having a disappointing regular season. He will face the winner of small school studs Tate Burns of Eastside and TC Perry of Southern Wells.
      The last quarter bracket is going to be another one that is an absolute toss-up. First round you have a rematch of the 3rd place match at the Al Smith when regional champion Peyton Sturgill battles Ronnie Longbreak. The other early match will have NHC rivals on the mat when Cross Dietrich takes on Tony Busse. Busse won a 9-6 match at the conference tournament just a few weeks ago. On top of all of that, Sturgill defeated Busse 1-0 at the Al Smith.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Quentin Moore- Manchester vs. Garrett Griffin- Northwood
      Taylor Grim- West Noble vs. Breighton Mullinix- Oak Hill
      Peyton Sturgill- Peru vs. Ronnie Longbreake- Elkhart Memorial
      Tony Busse- Bellmont vs. Thaddeus-Cross Dietrich- Columbia City
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Grim/Mullinix winner vs. Dru Berkebile- Yorktown
      Sturgill/Longbrake winner vs. Busse/Dietrich winner
      With the potential of two state ranked wrestlers meeting in the ticket round many people are thanking the bracket gods for separating the top wrestlers here. Jake Weimer, Jacob Grey, and #800lbGorilla Bryce Baumgartner all come in with high expectations and high state rankings.
      On the top you have Weimer as the favorite. He was a state qualifier as a sophomore, but was upended last year in the ticket round. The added size has made him an even more dangerous wrestler. He will have the winner of Logan Snyder and DeShawn Barbary in the ticket round.
      Weimer could meet up with undefeated Jacob Grey if everything goes as “planned.” Gray had a mild upset over Baumgartner at regional in a very close match. His potential ticket round match will feature either Eastside’s Gage Delong or Eastbrook’s Chris Wickline.
      Nick Potter drew the tough task of being a regional champion and running into a returning state qualifier. Potter and Baumgartner are very familiar with eachother as Baumgartner owns two wins over him this year.
      The last quarter bracket will once again provide a great storyline. Will the upstart freshmen come out on top or will the senior play spoiler? In the first round you have Luke Liter of Adams Central battling Prairie Heights’ Jed Levitz in a rematch from the 1A state finals. Liter won by pin, but don’t count out the Panther freshman. Lurking after that will be super Tiger freshman Jordan Rader. Peru wrestles a competitive schedule so his five losses are legit.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Luke Liter- Adams Central vs. Jed Levitz- Prairie Heights
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Liter/Levitz winner vs. Jordan Rader- Peru
      The main story-line here is the unknowns vs. the knowns. State 3rd place finisher Dillion Jackson leads the way, along with two-time state streeter Kaine Luginbill. Past those two though it is going to be interesting to watch.
      At the top you have Jackson leading the way. He should be unchallenged to clinch his second trip to Banker’s Life.
      Going down you have one of the unknowns in Concordia’s undefeated Zach Davis. He will have to get through five loss Colton Guy in the first round. Past that it will be a battle of two wrestlers with 10+ losses.
      On the bottom bracket you have Luginbill as the favorite, but he will have to fend off two loss Luke Elliott in the ticket round. As with any match, Luginbill will make it interesting whether he wins or loses.
      The last bracket will provide the most uncertainty. Regional champion Nick Ritchie comes in the slight favorite, but will be tested in the ticket round. That match will feature the winner of Brett Baker of Bellmont and Turtletown’s own Caleb Partin. The Baker name is synonymous with wrestling in Decatur so never look past him.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Brett Baker- Bellmont vs. Caleb Partin- Churubusco
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Nick Ritchie- Elkhart Memorial vs. Baker/Partin winner
      Returning state 3rd place finisher Corey Hinkle made a late drop to this weight after wrestling 195lbs most of the season. Look for him to be the favorite, but past him it will be anyone’s guess as to who will punch their tickets to Banker’s Life.
      At the top you have upstart Wyatt Clem of Homestead who comes in as the regional champion. He will have to fend off not only Jay County’s Andy Kohler, but also his coach’s impeccable beard.
      Next you will have regional champion David Eli coming in as the favorite. He will be pushed early by Snider’s Russell Davies. After that he could face off with Daleville’s Corbin Maddox.
      The bottom bracket will feature an interesting match between two teams vying for the semi-state title. Yorktown’s Hunter Hiestand will most likely battle Carroll’s Kayne Duncan in a great ticket round match.
      Lastly, you have Mr. Hinkle who comes in with a zero in the loss column. He will however, be pushed in the ticket round by West Noble’s Oscar Reyes. Reyes got a late start to the season, but that could be in his advantage.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      David Eli- Elkhart Memorial vs. Russell Davies- Snider
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Wyatt Clem- Homestead vs. Andy Kohler- Jay County
      Hunter Hiestand- Yorktown vs. Kayne Duncan- Carroll
      Corey Hinkle- Western vs. Oscar Reyes- West Noble
      This is another weight class where the bracket gods separated the better wrestlers. The three returning state qualifiers all were separated from each other and that could make for an interesting day at the coliseum.
      At the top you have returning state qualifier Tristin Anglin coming in as a four seed. He will have a tough match with Michael Leonard of Northwood who is no slouch. The winner of that match will get a tough Eagle junior in Scottie Evans. This top bracket is very hard to predict how it will come out.
      Next we have the great unknown in Carroll’s Eric Dunten. He comes in without a blemish on his record in his first year on the varsity squad. He has three wins over both Anglin and Davis along with a win over #11 Sam Hipple. He will have a familiar foe in Bellmont’s Carter Friedt in the ticket round.
      On the bottom half you will have returning state qualifier Bo Davis looking to make it to state once again. He will have to battle the winner of Mykal Taylor of Muncie Central and Lane Eckrote of North Miami.
      Lastly, you have the heavy favorite Myron Howard of Yorktown. Howard was a 4th place finisher last year at 182lbs and is looking to add another medal this year.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Michael Leonard- Northwood vs. Tristin Anglin- Columbia City
      Lane Eckrote- North Miami vs. Mykal Taylor- Muncie Central
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Scottie Evans- Delta vs. Leonard/Anglin winner
      Bo Davis- Garrett vs. Eckrote/Taylor winner
      For being an upper weight, this one provides a great mixture of youth and experience. Leading the way is last year’s 6th place finisher and 2nd ranked Eliseo Guerra of Elkhart Central. He has had a tough sectional and regional, which in turn will make his path to clinching another state berth “easier.” Each of the quarter-brackets will provide some intriguing match-ups.
      At the top the mighty Railroader Blake Davis comes in as the regional champion. However, he will have to battle mighty Redskin Derek Paz for a state berth. Paz defeated Davis at the Al Smith 5-1, so this could be a very interesting match to watch.
      In the next quarter-bracket, super Sophomore Evan Ellis looks to be the favorite. He will have a tough Goshen regional foe in Elkhart Memorial’s Kaleb Summers in the ticket round. Both are tough wrestlers and it is hard to give a confident nod to either grappler.
      Guerra is the highlight of his quarter bracket. He could be pushed by Woodlan’s Edwin Barberena in the ticket round.
      Lastly, the final quarter-bracket is probably the most mysterious with no clear cut favorites. Winchester’s Dustyn Hangen comes in with only one loss and on paper looks to be the favorite. He will have to battle the early round winner of Huntington North’s Lane Emery and Peru’s Erik Hobbs.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Layne Emery- Huntington North vs. Erik Hobbs- Peru
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Blake Davis- Garrett vs. Derek Paz- Goshen
      Evan Ellis- Eastern- Greentown vs. Kaleb Summers- Elkhart Memorial
      Dustyn Hangen- Winchester vs. Emery/Hobbs winner
      This weight is the definition of toss-up. Whoever comes into the coliseum wrestling well could be the champion or qualify for state. In looking at each quarter bracket, there is one where there is a favorite. The other three it will be easier to pick a champion from flipping a coin than analyzing wins and losses.
      Matt Swartz of Snider looks to be the easiest pick to make it to the semi-finals, however he cannot overlook his first match with Mason Morningstar. He will face the winner of Jimmie sophomore Nick Mammolenti and Marion’s De’Andre Hodge.
      The second quarter bracket is about as crazy as it can me. Returning state qualifier Owen Perkins is the “headliner” of the group, however he cannot overlook anyone. Last year he defeated Dax Hiestand in the first round of semi-state, so he has an edge there. Brock Bergman of Lakeland is a big guy and will pose trouble for Perkins in the first round. Hiestand also cannot overlook the young buck from Carroll first round.
      The third quarter-bracket comes with as much uncertainty as Indiana weather. Issac Barrios of Elkhart Central is solid, but drew a red hot Evan Beech of North Miami. In a battle of quick and athletic big guys, Daemon Williams of Bishop Luers will battle Kiaser Phillips of Monroe Central. Again, all these match-ups are toss-ups as any of these four guys can punch their ticket to Banker’s Life.
      Lastly, the bottom quarter-bracket has just as many storylines. At team state Braxton Amos of Prairie Heights defeated Isiah Bollenbacher 2-0, however each needs to get past their first opponents. Amos will have Dante Graham of Western who has given guys like Perkins tough matches. Bollenbacher will have a game Drew Cummings of Columbia City who has some good wins this year.
      Throw the rankings and past results out the window for this weight class as the only thing that will matter is who comes to wrestle on Saturday.
      Early Slobber Knockers
      Brock Bergman- Lakeland vs. Owen Perkins- Oak Hill
      Evan Beech- North Miami vs. Issac Barrios- Elkhart Central
      Daemen Williams- Bishop Luers vs. Kiaser Phillips- Monroe Central
      Isiah Bollenbacher- Adams Central vs. Drew Cummings- Columbia City
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Dax Hiestand- Yorktown vs. Bergman/Owens winner
      Beech/Barrios winner vs. Williams/Phillips winner
      Braxton Amos- Prairie Heights vs.Bollenbacher/Cummings winner


      2015 New Castle Semi-State Preview

      New Castle: The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat
      A long, grinding season has transpired, leading a horde of battle-tested young men into the historic New Castle Chrysler Fieldhouse for what promises to be a very exciting (and stressful) day of competition. Not joining us are some of last year's non-graduated standouts, like Jake Ruberg (#5 pre-season) of Lawrenceburg (injury), Bryant White (#10 pre-season) of Anderson (concentration on football?), Chatard's (pre-season #5) Noah Schrader (top-50 in the country in rugby), Trevor Lonneman (ticket-rounder last year) of Milan (injury) and Matthew Penola (#10 pre-season) of Zionsville (injury)...Not to mention pre-season top-20's Chapman Luster of Franklin Central and Nick Brickens of New Palestine and ticket rounder Garrett Wilson of Perry Meridian. I mention these competitors just to illustrate how difficult it is to make it to the semistate level, much less the ticket round and beyond. Impressively, at least one New Castle competitor is ranked in the top-5 in every weight class. As usual, some weight classes are stronger than others, and some are dominated by standouts operating on a higher level than their opponents. Falling into this latter category are studs like Chad Red, Jr of New Palestine, the two-time reigning state champ, Blake Rypel, last year's runner-up denied a title by an eyelash, returning state champ Tommy Cash of Lawrence North and four-year standout Brandon James of Perry Meridian. Not surprisingly, three of these four forces of nature carry some seriously impressive national rankings. As usual, some truly excellent wrestlers will get clipped by the numbers game, leaving likely State place-winners at home for the State Finals. The team race should come down to Perry Meridian (13 entrants!!), Lawrence North (12), Warren Central (11), Cathedral, Hamilton Southeastern and possibly even New Palestine.
      Five ranked wrestlers grace the field at 106, led by state #2 Klayton Anderson, a tough move-in from Missouri. Anderson's lone loss this year is up a weight class and he was in firm control during the first two rounds of the postseason. He is very long and is nasty on top. He wrestles with maturity and good mat-sense, although occasionally he can get a little high when riding. While he should be tested here (like a possible ticket match with PM's Sunny Nier), he appears to be at the head of the class. Who will join him is far less clear, as there are a handful of really tough opening round and ticket round matches that go in different directions. Cainan Schaefer has to get by a very dangerous Josh Vaughn to set up a ticket match with the surging Alexander Strueder. Cameron Diep avenged his lone loss of the season with a regional title, getting by Keyuan Murphy. Diep looks pretty well positioned to advance to Bankers Life, and he has a shot to do it as a #1 or #2 seed. If seeds hold, #7 David Bryant and #18 Keyuan Murphy should do battle for a coveted golden ticket. That could be one of the matches of the day.
      Last year's champ: Breyden Bailey, Cathedral
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #2 Klayton Anderson, Hamilton Southeastern
      #4 Cameron Diep, New Palestine
      #7 David Bryant, Hamilton Heights
      #17 Cainan Schaefer, South Dearborn
      #18 Keyuan Murphy, Warren Central
      Feature matchups:
      #7 Bryant vs. #18 Murphy (Ticket round) – Two beastly juniors could meet up in a show-stopper. Bryant has a sterling W/L record and Murphy has wrestled the nightmarish schedule. Looking for an advantage? If it's not Murphy's tougher schedule, it might be Bryant's experience, as he wrestled in the ticket round last season for Pendleton Heights. Another possible edge? Bryant competed up at 113 quite a bit this season and is a healthy sized 106.
      #17 Schaefer vs. Alexander Strueder, Fishers (Ticket round) – Like Bryant, Schaefer also has ticket round experience, as he lost by decision in his first attempt last year. Strueder isn't ranked and doesn't have a record that jumps out at you, but he passed the eye test at sectionals and regionals, and should be able to give Schaefer a difficult time of it.
      #2 Anderson vs. Sunny Nier, Perry Meridian (Ticket round) – Anderson is a big favorite on paper, but Perry wrestlers know a thing or two about 'upsets' this time of year. It doesn't hurt that Diep is 31-4 against pretty rugged competition.
      #2 Anderson vs. #4 Diep (Finals) – If these two favorites meet, it should make for a very interesting match. Both of these youngsters have state championship aspirations, and they should find quite a challenge in each other.
      1st round picks:
      Schaefer over Vaughn
      Strueder over Young
      Diep over Markley
      Grino over Hobson
      Bryant over Mennen
      Murphy over Mantor
      Anderson over Spinale
      Nier over Deloney
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Anderson, Diep, Murphy, Schaefer
      The Alpha Dog:
      Klayton Anderson
      Five more state-ranked wrestlers will lace 'em up at 113. Three top-7 wrestlers are favorites here to reach the semistate final four. #5 White, #6 Turner and #7 Holmes are all returning state place-winners, and it would be a massive upset if one of those three didn't walk away with the semistate title. If anyone has the ammo to pull it off, it's likely Beech Grove's Ethan Smiley, who has shown that he can hang with the big boys at this weight. Of the Big 3 at this weight, regional champ Holmes might have the roughest path to the semis, as he has #14 Owens lurking in the ticket round. This should be a very competitive class both at New Castle and at State.
      Last year's champ: Cornelius Elliott, II, Perry Meridian
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Alec White, New Palestine
      #6 Skylour Turner, Cathedral
      #7 Austin Holmes, Hamilton Southeastern
      #10 Ethan Smiley, Beech Grove
      #14 Erik Owens, Warren Central
      Feature matchups:
      #10 Smiley vs. Trevor Ragle, New Castle (Ticket round) – Assuming these two can avoid first round upsets, we should have a battle of two super-frosh competing for the all-important state berth. Smiley is ranked, but Ragle comes in as regional champ and Coach Peckinpaugh has produced more than his fair share of state qualifiers. Will the home-mat advantage tilt the edge in Ragle's favor?
      #7 Holmes vs. #14 Owens (Ticket round) – Holmes was my pick to win the semistate last year and he fell short in the finals, but he made up for it with a strong run at State. Owens presents a formidable challenge, as he's wrestled a 'who's who' at 113 and won't be intimidated by Holmes.
      #5 White vs. #6 Turner (Semifinal round) – Yikes! I'm sure these two were hoping to avoid each other until the finals, but here we are. Both have wrestled elite level schedules, and yet they have only 5 losses combined. This is close to a pick 'em, with White a very slight favorite.
      #5 White/#6 Turner vs. #7 Holmes/#10 Smiley (Finals) – Clearly there is a lot of variability here, but let's go by rankings and seeds and say Holmes vs. White. Holmes owns a narrow win over his Dragon rival earlier this year, and this one could go down in OT. On nothing but a hunch, I'm taking Holmes.
      1st round picks:
      White over Unseld
      Ellis over Black
      Turner over Servies
      Jerde over Walton
      Ragle over Hutson
      Smiley over Lowe
      Holmes over Weber
      Owens over Barrantes
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Holmes, White, Turner, Smiley
      The Alpha Dog:
      Austin Holmes
      Despite having only 4 ranked wrestlers participating, partially due to the unfortunate absence of sectional champ Eugene Starks of New Palestine, this is no weak group at New Castle. Defending semistate champ Breyden Bailey leads a top-heavy field at 120. Bailey has managed to navigate the entire season unscathed, which is pretty remarkable considering Cathedral's schedule. However, the two closest matches for Bailey all season, including one that required OT, were against returning semistate champ Cornelious Elliott. Look for another donnybrook between these two in the finals, as any other outcome would be a monumental upset. Who will join them is a pretty wide-open topic, but Caleb Bocock looks nicely situated to return to Bankers Life, and Alston Jenkinson is a slight favorite to round out the quartet. Highly ranked (and deservedly so) Zach McCoy drew a very unfavorable path to the state Finals, as he must find a way to figure out the riddle that is Bailey in order to wrestle another weekend.
      Last year's champ: Chad Red, Jr., New Palestine
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Breyden Bailey, Cathedral
      #3 Cornelious Elliott, II, Perry Meridian
      #12 Zach McCoy, North Montgomery
      #13 Caleb Bocock, Lebanon
      Feature matchups:
      #1 Bailey vs. #12 McCoy (Ticket round) – I don't think either wrestler is wild about this matchup. While Bailey has seamlessly transitioned to 120 from 106, McCoy has had a great season as well, and presents some physical obstacles for his foes with his long frame and tough defense on his feet. While Bailey is the obvious favorite as the state's current #1, McCoy is a senior and will fight tooth and nail to pull the upset.
      Jack Eiteljorge, Carmel vs. Dameion Rutledge, Southport (Opening round) – While Eiteljorge's record doesn't stand out, a closer look at his results shows that he has gone toe-to-toe with his elite foes all season, and owns a win over McCoy, among others. Rutledge is a tough senior, coming off of an impressive run at regionals, but I wouldn't be astounded if Eiteljorge pulled a couple of upsets on Saturday. The Pendoski-led freshman is a solid darkhorse pick to work his way to Bankers Life.
      #3 Elliott vs. Isaac Castro, Lawrence North (Ticket round) – Assuming the seeds hold, Elliott has a legitimate hurdle in Castro waiting for him in the ticket round. While they've met already this season, with Elliott winning by fall, Castro has faced some tough competition all year and will be a tough out for the Perry senior.
      #1 Bailey vs. #3 Elliott (Finals) – If this match takes place, which it should, it should be one of the top 2 or 3 matches of the entire day. While Bailey has come out on top in their prior meetings this season, Elliott has a lengthy resume of big-time wins in pressure situations. When two wrestlers are so closely matched, it's very tough for the same wrestler to win over and over again. That said, I'll go with Bailey in an exciting squeaker, possibly OT.
      1st round picks:
      Bailey over Browning
      McCoy over Culp
      Jenkinson over Fetters
      Eiteljorge over Rutledge
      Bocock over McMillian
      Surguy over Manns
      Elliott over Crum
      Castro over Plunkett
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Bailey, Elliott, Bocock, Jenkinson
      The Alpha Dog:
      Breyden Bailey
      Like last year, there are 7 ranked wrestlers at this weight class in New Castle, even with #13 Dalton Hair of Franklin Central getting knocked out at regionals. While this is an extraordinarily deep and tough bracket, the #1 126er in the country rules this roost, to the chagrin of the others in the class. Chad Red is well on his way to cementing his status as one of Indiana's best of alltime, and he should be able to control the action again on Saturday. The real suspense is figuring out who will join him on the podium. Almost every match in every round features a pair of dangerous wrestlers, and the bracket could play out in many different ways. In short, your guess is as good as mine, past Red, that is.
      Last year's champ: Jack Chastain, Hamilton Southeastern
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Chad Red, Jr., New Palestine (Nationally, #1 in the USA @126 The Open Mat, #2 AWN, #3 Intermat)
      #6 Ngun Uk, Perry Meridian
      #7 Zach Melloh, Cathedral
      #9 Joel McGhee, Warren Central
      #14 Boone Welliever, Southmont
      #15 Taylor Wright, Greenfield-Central
      #17 Skyler Collins, Frankfort
      Feature matchups:
      #14 Welliever vs. #9 McGhee (Opening round) – Ouch! Whoever comes out of the top foursome in this bracket, which includes the tough Southmont soph and the dangerous Warrior junior, will have earned his spot, to say the least. While I don't believe these 2 have met this year, Welliever edged Wright, who edged McGhee....which means almost nothing. Grab yer popcorn.
      #14 Welliever/#9 McGhee vs. Kylan Seats, North Central (Ticket round) – It just doesn't get any easier for the winner of Welliever and McGhee, as the likely ticket round opponent will be the surging senior Seats. Seats' record isn't flashy, but his postseason performance thus far is very impressive, and it's a pick 'em among these three. Take your favorite here and hold on to your seat.
      Johnny Loos, Franklin County vs. Dakota Cole, Elwood (Opening round) – While these two don't get the state-wide accolades of some of the others in this group, each of these two competitors were ticket rounders last year. Cole impressively upset a regional champ en route to his ticket match, and Loos has one lone loss all season. The winner of this melee will likely be facing Uk to try to earn a state berth.
      #15 Wright vs. #17 Collins (Opening round) – Another vicious opening round slobber-knocker here, as ranked opponents Wright and Collins meet up for the privilege of facing Melloh in the ticket round. Both have faced tough competition, with Wright possessing perhaps a couple more quality wins than Collins, but it's close...too close to call. This bracket is ludicrous.
      #7 Melloh vs. #17 Collins/#15 Wright (Ticket round) – No rest for the weary, as the survivor of the Wright/Collins battle will have to get by the nasty Irish freshman Melloh. While Melloh is the likely favorite, both Collins and Wright have significant experience advantages over the freshman. Will the experience factor matter at all, or does Cathedral's rough schedule even the odds? Tune in.
      1st round picks:
      McGhee over Welliever
      Seats over Bundy
      Red over Pruitt
      O'Neal over Phillips
      Loos over Cole
      Uk over Steele
      Melloh over Handley
      Wright over Collins
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Red, Uk, Melloh, McGhee
      The Alpha Dog:
      Chad Red, Jr.
      A number of tough wrestlers populate this bracket, and, truthfully, up to a half-dozen wrestlers have a legitimate shot at catching fire and winning the weight. Obviously, this makes prognosticating very difficult, as there are very few obvious favorites in any round at this weight. Jack Chastain, a semistate champ a year ago, will have to get by the highest ranked wrestler in the bunch, Matt McKinney, just to punch his ticket. Fargo All-American Evan Eldred, who was 'gifted' Brandon James in his ticket match last year, has to get by a 2 loss Perry Meridian senior stud, Jordan Napier, again, just to punch his ticket. Top seed Nick Smith must get by seventh ranked Nick Ellis just to make it to the ticket round. This weight is among the most confounding and unpredictable, but no matter what, when the smoke clears, there will be four tough wrestlers advancing on to Bankers Life.
      Last year's champ: Deondre Wilson, Warren Central
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Matthew McKinney, Warren Central
      #5 Jack Chastain, Hamilton Southeastern
      #6 Evan Eldred, Westfield
      #7 Nick Ellis, Roncalli
      #9 Jordan Napier, Perry Meridian
      #18 Jordan Vaughn, Franklin Central
      Feature matchups:
      #7 Ellis vs. Nick Smith, Lawrence North (Opening round) – Ellis has had a strong year, but he stumbled a bit in his regional, whereas Smith has had a slightly uneven season, missing time with injury and taking a little while to get into full beast mode. Smith made up for lost time by winning his regional, and comes into this bout with a lot of confidence. Smith was a ticket rounder last year, while Ellis dropped his opening semistate match to Chastain. This is one of many, many matches at New Castle that could go either way.
      #18 Vaughn vs. David Kitko, Noblesville (Opening round) – Vaughn managed a 3rd place showing in a strong regional, while Kitko finished 2nd in a slightly weaker regional. Between the two, they have only 6 losses all year, and while Kitko has missed some time on the mat this year, he appears to be rounding into shape at the right time. Vaughn will be favored, but Kitko could surprise. Both are returning semistate qualifiers.
      #9 Napier vs. #6 Eldred (Ticket round) – This is great for the fans at New Castle, but a bummer for the semistate in the overall, Bankers Life-scheme of things. These are truly excellent wrestlers who each deserve a crack at the State field. Unfortunately, it's Thunderdome time--two men enter, one man leaves. In recent years, Perry wrestlers have been awfully tough to beat in these 50/50 matchups at semistate, but Coach O'Neill's biggest gun is hungry to return to Bankers Life after missing out last year. This match's outcome could be a big factor in the overall seeding for the entire weight class entering the State meet.
      #4 McKinney vs. #5 Chastain (Ticket round) – Fate is certainly fickle, as McKinney looked to be on the verge of a regional title. Within the span of a couple of seconds, the Central Indiana wrestling world was turned upside down by an unfortunate spladle, and we are both blessed and cursed with this unreal ticket round match. Chastain is a returning semistate champ and state placer, and very nearly knocked off super-stud Zach Davis at state. McKinney has been snake-bitten a little bit in his first three years, but has all the tools to make a deep run at state, if he can get by Chastain. Both are battle-tested, both are very talented and possess strong defensive abilities. This is as good or better than most of the potential finals matchups we will see at New Castle...but what a bummer for the loser.
      1st round picks:
      Smith over Ellis
      Buck over Estes
      Napier over Lazzara
      Eldred over Pace
      Chastain over Lane
      McKinney over Stewart
      Bowers over Douglass
      Vaughn over Kitko
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Chastain, Eldred, Smith, Vaughn
      The Alpha Dog:
      Jack Chastain
      While six ranked wrestlers are among the field on Saturday at 138, the spotlight will be on #1 Brandon James and defending semistate and state champion, #2 Tommy Cash. I don't know if there are any other potential #1 vs. #2 matchups at any of the other semistates, but this one is about as good as Indiana high school wrestling gets. In fact, there's a very good shot that we will see the match one more time, under the lights at Bankers Life. James, an Old Dominion recruit, is highly decorated nationally, while Cash has been clutch as clutch can be in-state. A little overshadowed by the massive specter of these two senior standouts is undefeated senior Keegan Stansberry. He has looked as strong as you would expect from someone who is 34-0 while wrestling the difficult Royals' schedule. Joining these three impressive seniors could be Nathan Boggs, who will have to get by either Connor Moore or Zach Simpson to advance and join the illustrious New Castle 138 State Club.
      Last year's champ: Tommy Cash, Lawrence North
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Brandon James, Perry Meridian (Nationally, #9 @138 Intermat, #9 AWN, #11 TOM)
      #2 Tommy Cash, Lawrence North
      #6 Keegan Stansberry, Hamilton Southeastern
      #8 Adam Timberman, New Palestine
      #15 Nathan Boggs, South Dearborn
      Feature matchups:
      #15 Boggs vs. Zach Simpson, Triton Central/Connor Moore, Southmont (Ticket round) – Boggs must first get by a 34-12 Tyler Hoel of Elwood. I'm sure Boggs hasn't forgotten that he was upset by an Elwood wrestler, Dakota Cole, in the opening round last year as a top seed. Assuming he does get by Hoel, he will have a tough ticket match with either the senior Simpson or the junior Moore. Boggs is a slight favorite over either of them, but this quartet could provide one of those 'surprise' state qualifiers.
      #2 Cash vs. #9 Timberman (Ticket round) – Is it just me, or do the New Castle seeding gods seem especially vicious this year? While every year provides some exciting but painful ticket matches, this is one of what seems like an inordinate number of high-profile, borderline wasteful ticket round matches at New Castle. I know it's a random draw, but it seems like a lot of the very best kids in the semistate are doomed to be spectators at Bankers Life. Ok, I'm done ranting, but I think Cash has a little too much for the very tough Timberman. I will be shocked if anything prevents a Cash/James showdown in the finals.
      #2 Cash vs. #1 James (Finals) – Fargo All-American and three-time state placer James is looking for gold this year, and it's hard to see anyone at 138 who can stop him....besides Tommy Cash. While James soundly beat Cash earlier this year, there's no doubt that Cash will be ready for the Perry standout in the finals. While each wants to win this weekend, they know that the biggest match is lurking a week later, and it's very possible it will be one of the most anticipated of all the state finals' matches. I give James a slight advantage, but I can see Cash closing the margin significantly.
      1st round picks:
      Boggs over Hoel
      Moore over Simpson
      Cash over Hawk
      Timberman over Smith
      James over Kern
      Smith over Marsh
      Stansberry over Waugh
      White over Negangard
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      James, Cash, Stansberry, Boggs
      The Alpha Dog:
      Brandon James
      Two former state qualifiers, Smiley and Pruitt, lead a solid and deep group at 145. Like 132, there are a number of possible champions, including Pruitt, Smiley, Warren and Bane. Pruitt had a superior performance at last year's semistate: fall, fall, fall, loss to Cash by 1 point. It's that bit of history, plus his impressive regional title, that puts him at the top of the class for me. However, the freshman Warren seems to be peaking, Smiley has wrestled everyone and their mother for 4 years, and Bane and Oyler are wild-cards of a sort in this field. I'm often wrong, but I'll be surprised if the champ doesn't come out of the Perry Meridian regional.
      Last year's champ: Cody LeCount, Perry Meridian
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Evan Smiley, Beech Grove
      #6 Trent Pruitt, Warren Central
      #8 Noah Warren, Perry Meridian
      #12 Adam Oyler, Lawrenceburg
      #17 Mason Gaines, Fishers
      #18 Alston Bane, Richmond
      Feature matchups:
      #6 Pruitt vs. Clayton Cowan, Hamilton Heights/Matt Kern, Zionsville (Ticket round) – While I expect Kern to be the matchup in this scenario, he's had a bit of an up and down senior year. When he's on, he's dangerous, and Pruitt would be well served not to overlook him in a potential ticket match.
      #18 Bane vs. Stephen Kitko, Noblesville (Ticket round) – Kitko has to get by 28-6 Collin Strange, but if he pulls that off, he is a very tough out for the sophomore Bane. Kitko has been in this position before. In fact, last year, he was a ticket rounder. He will be desperate to cap his career with a state berth, so this match could provide an upset if Kitko is on his A game.
      #17 Gaines vs. #8 Warren (Ticket round) – Yet another nasty ticket match, this time featuring a seasoned senior and a hungry freshman. Warren has more big wins this year, but Gaines has looked pretty dominant thus far in the postseason.
      Derrick Motley, North Central vs. Wayne Highfield, Southmont (Opening round) – Motley appears to have hit the gas in the postseason, while Highfield was not at his best at regionals. Highfield has been in a lot of big matches during his four years, and is more than capable of pulling the 'upset' over Motley.
      #4 Smiley vs. #12 Oyler (Opening round) – Smiley is a tough nut to crack, and isn't easy pickings for anyone at this weight. Oyler would've really benefitted from winning his regional, as, even if he can somehow get by Smiley, he still has Motley or Highfield waiting in the ticket round. Senior vs. senior, #12 vs. #4. I like Smiley by a close margin.
      #6 Pruitt vs. #18 Bane (Semifinal round) – Assuming seeds hold, which admittedly is pretty risky, these two studs will meet to decide one finalist. Each youngster enters semistate with just 2 losses and at least 35 wins. Pruitt looked very comfortable here last year, while Bane came up just short of a scarce freshman state qualification in a middle weight. I think Pruitt's experience and superior schedule pays off against the coach's son Bane.
      #4 Smiley vs. #8 Warren (Semifinal round) – Warren must get by the tough senior Gaines, and Smiley has two really tough obstacles to overcome to make this matchup a reality. Warren really seemed to handle Smiley last weekend, and the senior must bounce back with verve to pay Warren back.
      #6 Pruitt/#18 Bane vs. #4 Smiley/#8 Warren – Yes, I know this weight class is getting ridiculous, with basically every other match a 'feature matchup'. However, a neutral observer would be forced to admit that this is an intriguing set of competitors and potential matchups. Personally, I think it will be Pruitt vs. Warren for the coveted #1 seed heading into Bankers Life. I think Pruitt finally gets his semistate crown, although it's not tough to envision the super-frosh making a statement and heading to state on a roll.
      1st round picks:
      Pruitt over Burelison
      Kern over Cowan
      Bane over Stocker
      Kitko over Strange
      Gaines over Shade
      Warren over Lane
      Motley over Highfield
      Smiley over Oyler
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Pruitt, Warren, Smiley, Bane
      The Alpha Dog:
      Trent Pruitt
      Just like last year, this is one of the most wide-open weight classes at New Castle. While there are five ranked wrestlers here (#17 Travis Gibson of Greenfield-Central was upset at regionals), there doesn't seem to be a clear-cut favorite, although in another weird New Castle twist, the two highest rated wrestlers would meet in the semis and not the finals. While the winner of Johnson/VanCamp would appear to be a substantial favorite in the finals, the other two qualification spots are pretty wide-open.
      Last year's champ: Chance Brown, Southmont
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Brett Johnson, Perry Meridian
      #6 Kellen VanCamp, Lebanon
      #14 Derek Noon, Noblesville
      #19 Dominic Herrick, Warren Central
      #20 Tanner Webster, North Montgomery
      Feature matchups:
      #5 Johnson vs. Isaiah Michaels, Centerville (Ticket round) – Obviously, Johnson is the favorite, with his single loss, state qualification experience and overall Perry Meridian pedigree, but Michaels is a very impressive 38-2. It would be understandable for Johnson to be looking ahead to a matchup with #6 VanCamp, but that could be dangerous against the Centerville junior.
      #19 Herrick vs. #20 Webster (Opening round) – Deja vu, all over again. These two met last season in the opening round, with Webster the 2 seed and Herrick the 3 seed. Herrick came out on top by decision, but fell just short in his subsequent ticket match. It was close last year, and I expect it to be close again this year. The winner isn't through the woods, though, as one-loss Derek Noon awaits in the ticket round.
      Tarpeh Walker, Pike vs. Corbin Gregg, Hamilton Southeastern (Opening round) – This isn't a match that jumps off the page, like some of the other matches featuring two opponents with gaudy W/L records. However, Walker was very competitive in the first two rounds of the postseason against some pretty tough customers, and Gregg is sneaky-good. The winner of this one could certainly pull a ticket round 'upset'.
      #14 Noon vs. #19 Herrick/#20 Webster (Ticket round) – Two of these three ranked studs are going home, but in Noon's case, it's his last go-round. Will that senior desperation propel him to the breakthrough ticket win he's been working for?
      Charlie Hill, Lawrenceburg vs. Walker/Gregg (Ticket round) – These 3 are pretty evenly matched, but Hill is a slight favorite with his past postseason success and his regional championship.
      #5 Johnson vs. #6 VanCamp (Semifinal round) – This is clearly the biggest match of the entire bracket, and it's unfortunate that it should take place in the semis. Let's look at the numerous similarities: both have one loss, both are ranked in the top-6, both have been to Bankers Life, both have wrestled a tough schedule. As I see it, the one difference is Johnson has a few more high quality wins. The winner of this match should be the top seed heading into the State meet.
      1st round picks:
      VanCamp over Johnson
      Carrender over Espedilla
      Johnson over Frazee
      Michaels over Bagwell
      Noon over Doherty
      Herrick over Webster
      Hill over Steele
      Gregg over Walker
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Johnson, Noon, VanCamp, Hill
      The Alpha Dog:
      Brett Johnson
      Another weight class, another 5 ranked competitors. While there are a number of toss-up matches in other weight classes, there is a real sense of the unknown at this weight class, outside of the rock-steady Colton Gonzalez. 3 of the ranked wrestlers in this group lost their regionals to unranked opponents, with Briggeman and Archer finishing 3rd, and Young finishing a disappointing 4th. However, year in and out, we see wrestlers 'soil the proverbial bed' at regionals, and come back with a vengeance at semistate. While Gonzalez is as close to a lock as there is at this weight, the other 3 spots are very much up for grabs.
      Last year's champ: Vinny Corsaro, Cathedral
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Colton Gonzalez, Connersville
      #8 Ethan Briggeman, Ritter
      #14 Jesse Archer, North Montgomery
      #16 Travis Gooding, Pendleton Heights
      #19 DeRon Young, Franklin Central
      Feature matchups:
      #16 Gooding vs. #19 Young (Opening round) – The result of this match may depend on whether we see the sectional version of Young or the regional version of Young. That's not a knock on Gooding, who has impressed all season, and especially at regionals. This is a pick 'em.
      #16 Gooding/#19 Young vs. #14 Archer/Jarrod Waterman, Eastern Hancock (Ticket round) – These 4 comprise a very tough, very competitive quadrant of the bracket. All but Waterman are seniors, all have at least 33 wins and no more than 5 losses. It's a question of who wants it the most and who is 'working their stuff' at the highest level on Saturday.
      Dezmen Goddard, Warren Central/Mason Jones, Lawrence Central vs. Brandon Manning, South Dearborn/Nick Fox, Carmel (Ticket round) – This is another tough, very evenly matched foursome. Goddard is the hottest of the four, coming in with a hard-earned regional title, but each of the other three has the ability to win two matches on Saturday. Fox and Manning should be a dogfight, as Manning was ranked in the preseason and Fox is better than his record indicates.
      Evan Stambaugh, Lebanon/Billy Decker, New Castle vs. Isaac Ray, Hamilton Heights/Garrett Milner, Perry Meridian (Ticket round) – There simply are no 'easy outs' in this bracket, as evidenced by this additional brutal group of four. Stambaugh looked great en route to his regional title, but he's been up and down at times this season. Milner beat the ranked Young at regionals, and finished above the ranked Briggeman. Decker comes from strong wrestling bloodlines and will have the home crowd in his favor. Isaac Ray has the best record of the four.
      #4 Gonzalez vs. #8 Briggeman (Ticket round) – The unfortunate reality here is that a very highly ranked senior will go home. Briggeman has had a great career, but has been shut out of Bankers Life. Gonzalez, impressively a semistate runner-up and state placer last season at 170, might be too much for the Ritter standout to break that trend.
      1st round picks:
      Gooding over Young
      Archer over Waterman
      Goddard over Jones
      Fox over Manning
      Stambaugh over Decker
      Milner over Ray
      Gonzalez over Banks
      Briggeman over Turner
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Gonzalez, Goddard, Archer, Milner
      The Alpha Dog:
      Colton Gonzalez
      Ben Harvey and Cameron Jones appear to be the two to beat at 170. Three additional ranked wrestlers will attempt to do just that, including regional champs Cameron Nuckols and Zach Worm. While Harvey and Jones have state title pedigrees, it remains to be seen what the rest of the field is really capable of.
      Last year's champ: Jeffery Scott, Clinton Central
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #2 Ben Harvey, Cathedral
      #6 Cameron Jones, Lawrence North
      #8 Cameron Nuckols, Greenfield-Central
      #18 Alex Ragains, Frankfort
      #19 Spencer Irick, Hamilton Southeastern
      Feature matchups:
      #8 Nuckols vs. #18 Ragains (Opening round) – Nuckols made the move down from 182 last season, which ended at semistate, and it seems to have paid off handsomely for him. The 8th-ranked senior has a tough opener against a fellow ranked 170 in Ragains. Nuckols is the favorite, but he'd better not overlook the Hot Dog junior, who has wins this season over Worm, Irick and Wray, among other notables.
      #8 Nuckols/#18 Ragains vs. #6 Jones (Ticket round) – For whatever reason, this type of rough ticket match is the norm this year at New Castle. Assuming seeds play out, Nuckols and Jones will go toe-to-toe for the elusive Golden Ticket. For a meaningless bit of 'comparison', Jones beat Dillon Jackson and Jackson edged Nuckols earlier this year. This is essentially a pick 'em, and an unfortunate end to the season for two of these three.
      #19 Irick vs. Anthony Bear, Triton Central (Ticket round) – Though not currently ranked, Bear has spent time on that list, and is a returning semistate qualifier. Irick has been a bit up and down, but has also been competing against some pretty tough competition the last few weeks. If Irick is on, he should win. If not, Bear may 'maul' him. Deep analysis, I know.
      #2 Harvey vs. #6 Jones (Final round) – These two are thinking big picture--namely, seeding at Bankers Life the following weekend. Harvey is as consistent and well-rounded as they come. Only an upset loss on Friday night last year kept him from being on the brink of becoming a four-time state placer. Jones, on the other hand, has more peaks and valleys than Harvey. He is exceedingly dangerous, as Dillon Jackson can attest. He also lost a 2-1 match to top-ranked Dylan Lydy. Harvey has to be the favorite, but Jones is lurking and capable.
      1st round picks:
      Nuckols over Ragains
      Jones over Grubb
      Worm over Marion
      Simmons over Bowling
      Orcutt over Hertenstein
      Irick over Bear
      Harvey over Roach
      Wray over Wilson
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Harvey, Jones, Irick, Worm
      The Alpha Dog:
      Ben Harvey
      This, to me, is one of the most intriguing weight classes at New Castle. There are 3 undefeated wrestlers here (all regional champs, obviously), and the other regional champ is returning state placer Jonathan Morales. At the very least, 2 'O's' must go, and it could be 3 if Morales, Stewart or Manns catches fire. By another metric, this semistate features the #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8 wrestlers in the state. In case you're counting, that's 5 of the top-8. There are four spots open. Sigh, there are no easy roads to Bankers Life.
      Last year's champ: Blake Rypel, Cathedral
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Conner James, Roncalli
      #5 Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg
      #6 Jonathan Morales, Western Boone
      #7 Robert Manns, Crawfordsville
      #8 Spencer McCool, Pendleton Heights
      #12 Ben Stewart, Cathedral
      Feature matchups:
      #8 McCool vs. #7 Manns (Opening round) – Last year at New Castle, McCool dropped a one point ticket round match and Manns a two point ticket round match. This year, only one will even get the opportunity to get to the ticket round, as they meet in another agonizing early round New Castle matchup. It's unfortunate that they're both seniors, but it is what it is, and I'm sure they will both come out guns blazing. The winner has a nice shot to advance to state.
      #4 James vs. Griffin Steffy, Lebanon/Ricky Samuels, Lawrence North (Ticket round) – James was my top pick at New Castle's 152 last year and was upended in the ticket round in a big upset. I'm sure he's agonized over that loss all year, and will be trying to take care of business this year. He's been pretty dominant this season, even more so than last year, en route to a spotless 41-0 record. Moving up 30 pounds should allow him to be a little less impacted by weight cutting, which should improve his gastank compared with last season. Steffy is no pushover; despite a fair number of losses, he's a goer and a battler and is fully capable of giving James his first loss if he's not on his toes. The exact same is true of Samuels.
      #5 Parris vs. #12 Stewart/Tanner Smith, South Vermillion (Ticket round) – Parris has been a revelation this year as a freshman, not only going undefeated thus far, but winning with bonus points and falls. The scary thing for the rest of the semistate is that he's only going to get better. He will have a large task waiting for him in the ticket round in the form of the Irish's Stewart, a ticket rounder last year or Smith, a semistate qualifier last season. Stewart especially will give a heat check for Parris. If he can win impressively over Stewart, he might take the title on Saturday.
      #6 Morales/#8 McCool-#7 Manns vs. #4 James/#5 Parris-#12 Stewart (Finals) – This unique weight class, with literally half of the best 12 in the state, should provide some high quality matches in the semis and finals. It's really impossible to predict who comes out between McCool/Morales/Manns/Parris/James/Stewart, and all I've done is taken a wild stab at it.
      1st round picks:
      Morales over Trammell
      Knox-Abbott over Orschell
      McCool over Manns
      Hoots over Clark
      James over Bugni
      Steffy over Samuels
      Parris over Kaiser
      Stewart over Smith
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      James, McCool, Morales, Parris
      The Alpha Dog:
      Conner James
      Junior Blake Rypel has been so successful thus far in his career, it seems like he's been around for 4 or 5 years. Unfortunately for his opponents, he has one more year to go after this one. A strong favorite to win it all at 195, Rypel should be in control at semistate. Rypel is very slick for a person his size, and he's been pinning his foes at a high rate this year. The race for 2nd is led by returning state qualifier Tristen Tonte, and the battles for spots 3 and 4 should be vicious and unpredictable.
      Last year's champ: Brian Wagner, New Palestine
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Blake Rypel, Cathedral (Nationally #10 @ 195 Intermat, #11 AWN)
      #4 Tristen Tonte, Perry Meridian
      #6 Jake Cavins, Milan
      #10 Scott Fuller, Zionsville
      #11 Sam Hipple, Carmel
      #13 Justin Stone, Lawrence Central
      Feature matchups:
      #11 Hipple vs. #6 Cavins (Ticket round) – Both big men were semistate qualifiers a year ago, but fell just short of nabbing a ticket. Hipple, Ed Pendoski's big gun, is rock-solid with positioning and defense and will not beat himself. He has a solid gastank and has faced a tougher level of competition this year than Cavins. That said, Cavins is the higher ranked wrestler and is, therefore, technically favored. Cavins must first deal with returning semistate qualifier Josh Torres of Franklin Central.
      Will Amberger, Batesville vs. #10 Fuller (Ticket round) – Amberger was a semistate qualifier last year, losing to Tonte in his opening match. Fuller is another in a very long line of studly Zionsville upperweights. Fuller looked better at sectional than he did at regional, but he may be due for a bounce-back effort against Amberger.
      #4 Tonte vs. #13 Stone/Nick Schaeffer, Westfield (Ticket round) – Tonte was impressive as a freshman, making it all the way to Bankers Life. He's clearly taken a step forward this season, as evidenced by his near-spotless 37-1 record. Schaeffer has been a little bit up and down, but clearly has it within him to spring an upset over Stone, a returning semistate qualifier. Tonte should have enough for either eventuality.
      1st round picks:
      Rypel over Slavens
      Burton over Guintini
      Hipple over Mayfield
      Cavins over Torres
      Amberger over Smith
      Fuller over Haire
      Tonte over Mosley
      Stone over Schaeffer
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Rypel, Tonte, Hipple, Fuller
      The Alpha Dog:
      Blake Rypel
      Five of the top-20 are represented by this year's New Castle field at 220 (could've been six if not for the late-season injury to #11 Matthew Penola), led by #3 Courvoisie Morrow, who has wrestled a murderer's row at 220. There's some real parity after Morrow and Erik Hart, led by Grable, Cooper, Stephens and Guhl. As in past seasons, this is not among the very strongest weight classes at New Castle, although it is still plenty formidable.
      Last year's champ: Dylan Faulkenburg, Ritter
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #3 Courvoisie Morrow, Warren Central
      #13 Erik Hart, Lebanon
      #15 Ryan Guhl, Cathedral
      #17 Noah Grable, New Palestine
      #19 Jacob Cooper, Triton Central
      Feature matchups:
      #19 Cooper vs. Josh Stephens, Pendleton Heights (Opening round) – This is a really tough match to handicap, as they have roughly similar records against roughly similar competition. Cooper came into New Castle last year as a 4 seed and upset a top seed, ultimately dropping a very close ticket match. The winner gets an even bigger test in the one-loss Hart.
      #15 Guhl vs. Blake Schjoll, Perry Meridian (Opening round) – It's a little unusual to see a Perry wrestler with a 25-4 record and still unranked, but Schjoll was 4th best in his regional, whereas Guhl was regional champ. While Guhl is favored, Perry's staff is likely devising a plan to neutralize the Irish wrestler as we speak.
      #13 Hart vs. #19 Cooper/Stephens (Ticket round) – Hart has been nearly flawless all season, save for one match against the now-injured Penola. While Hart will be favored against either senior wrestler, he will certainly have his work cut out for him.
      #13 Hart vs. #3 Morrow (Finals) – Morrow has faced elite level competition all season long, and has managed to come out on top in all but two matches. Hart has a golden record, but he can't say he's faced the same sort of challenges. Hart will find out where he stands in the overall state picture after this match, if it takes place.
      1st round picks:
      Hart over Clouse
      Cooper over Stephens
      Miller over Reynolds
      Grable over Ogorek
      Guhl over Schjoll
      Martin over Dishman
      Morrow over Lucas
      Ford over Neff
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Morrow, Hart, Guhl, Grable
      The Alpha Dog:
      Courvoisie Morrow
      Returning state qualifier Nate Trawick is a solid favorite over the other 4 ranked wrestlers and the rest of the field at 285. The Richmond football standout has had a pretty dominating season thus far, dropping only one match and avenging that loss. He should win this weight, although he will be tested in the ticket round by IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open champion Chris Ridle of Perry Meridian. Jasion Brogan looks like a solid bet for 2nd, and the 3rd and 4th slots are pretty wide open.
      Last year's champ: Wesley Bernard, Cathedral
      Ranked wrestlers:
      #3 Nate Trawick, Richmond
      #8 Jasion Brogan, Warren Central
      #11 Anthony Jackson, Pike
      #14 Michael Smith, Lebanon
      #19 Chris Ridle, Perry Meridian
      Feature matchups:
      #8 Brogan vs. Clark Minges, Union County/Zach Saylor, Anderson (Ticket round) – While Brogan has had the superior regular season, Minges was one win away from state last year as a freshman. He upset a favored, higher seeded opponent from Indianapolis. Hmm...Probably not this year. If it's Saylor, also a semistate qualifier last year as a sophomore, the chances are a little more remote of pulling the upset.
      #19 Ridle vs. #3 Trawick (Ticket round) – This is a very intriguing ticket bout, but Trawick is just so physically dominant. He'll have to make a big mistake that Ridle capitalizes on in order to drop this one.
      #11 Jackson vs. #14 Smith (Opening round) – Smith has had a fine season, but seems to have a matchup problem with Hobick. Jackson has also had a fine season, but has had the misfortune of facing Stormin' Norman Oglesby more than once. Smith is a very nimble heavy, and if he can avoid being put on his back, he could pull this one out with a superior gastank.
      1st round picks:
      Hobick over Ewers
      Phifer over Smith
      Brogan over Bean
      Minges over Saylor
      Trawick over Kessler
      Ridle over Williams
      Samuels over Selm
      Smith over Jackson
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Trawick, Brogan, Hobick, Smith
      The Alpha Dog:
      Nate Trawick

      8343 28

      2015 Evansville Semi-State Preview

      Welcome to TripleB’s annual Evansville Semi-State Wrestling Preview Spectacular!!
      Before we get into the good stuff, let’s cover what’s important:
      TripleB presents the first ever Evansville Semi State Meet and Greet at The Gerst Haus, Friday night in Evansville at 8pm Evansville time. We’ll have 2 special guest as noted author and Evansville wrestling historian Hook and Half also known as John Johnson and incoming IHSWCA president Tskin himself, Tyson Skinner will be on hand to socialize with the Indiana wrestling community. This coincides with the Franklin Street Mardi Gras Pub Crawl. So come out and have a good time w/ The IndianaMat family!
      This introduction and welcome to Evansville is brought to you by "literary titan and celebrated author Hook and Half”:
      10,000 years after Paleo-Indians initially settled the "River City", wrestling fans will descend upon the Ford Center for what promises to be an outstanding day of semi state action.
      When the Delaware Indians formally relinquished the Evansville area to General William Henry Harrison in 1805, they surely did not understand the value of the grappling space of which there were ceding!
      Our 16th President grew up about 35 miles east of Evansville in Spencer County. One can ride a bicycle from his boyhood log cabin to Heritage Hills High School. Lincoln, who is honored in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, was said to have lost only one match in nearly 300 bouts. The presence of the Great Emancipator will felt this Saturday.
      Wow, thanks hook and half! How can I be expected to follow that?? We’ll preview all 14 weights. Each weight will feature:
      The Charles Barkley “Turrible” Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round!
      The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Best first round matches!
      The Built Ford Tough Locks - The Pickers of the Round Table has been assembled. There were very few, but any weight class where the pick for champion was unanimous, makes it a Ford Tough Lock. Ford Tough Locks were hard to come by this year as only 4 were given out.
      Ford Fab 4 - After picks were gathered, points distributed, and the dust settled, we’ll have the Ford Fab 4.
      Also at the end we’ll feature Hooks Picks as Mr. Johnson brings you a travel guide for things to do and places to eat in Evansville, along with some insider knowledge into the Ford Center.
      Without further ado...UNLEASH THE PREVIEW!!
      106: It’s appropriate that we start with this weight class, as it could be labeled “The Future Stars” of Evansville Semi-State. But for these guys their time is Now. 14 of the 16 wrestlers are freshmen and all 10 SS ranked wrestlers are here.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - No real matches jump off here, all the kids are solid. Trips will go with SS ranked #7 Tony Mosconi of Indian Creek vs. SS 8th ranked Dalton Craig of Jennings County. Mosconi has put together a solid Freshman season for the Braves. Craig’s 8 losses are a bit deceiving, he’s dropped multiple matches to conference Rival Graham Rooks. expect the winner here to push Levi Miller of North Posey in the the ticket round.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #1 Noah Hunt vs. #2 Mason Miranda...Whaaaaat?!? Triple B likes Miranda to win the match and the weight class Saturday! But the Pickers of the Round Table disagree.
      Ford Fab 4 - The first committee vote featured 3 different favorites, but Frosh phenom Graham Rooks was the clear leader.
      1st - Graham Rooks Columbus East, 2nd - Noah Hunt Bloomington South, 3rd - Tyler Mills Brownsburg, 4th - Levi Miller North Posey
      113: The biggest questions at 113 - “Is he healthy enough?” “Is he gonna pull a Danny Williams?” Of course “he” is #1 ranked Paul Konrath and Konrath dominates this 113 discussion. After defaulting out at Regionals, questions have been flying. The P.O.T.R.T. say...he’s defaulting out to fourth. This weight is loaded with ticket round matches full of state worthy guys including state qualifiers Jacob Skaggs and Noah Franklin meeting up, as will former state qualifiers Kyle Luigs of Evansville Mater Dei and Hunter Fox of Cascade, and the high light might be Konrath and #4 Nick Weaver of Brownsburg.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Don’t be late Saturday! Freshman Phenom Tristan Sellmer has knocked off state qualifier Noah Franklin the last 2 weekends and his reward is….returning State Runner-Up Paul Konrath. Speaking of this Konrath kid…
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - #1 Paul Konrath and #4 Nick Weaver headline a spectacular ticket round session here at 113. Weaver might punch his ticket in any other quarterfinal, but this obstacle might be too big for the Bulldog.
      Ford Fab 4 - The only thing of note here is that Konrath’s injury leaves the Pickers unsettled and because of that he is the first of five returning Semi-State champs to not get enough votes to be a Ford Tough Lock.
      1st - Kyle Luigs Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Logan Dilbeck Gibson Southern, 3rd Jacob Skaggs Avon, 4th Paul Konrath Mt. Vernon
      120: This weight class features dual winner for Curtain Jerker and Turrible Draw, 2 state qualifiers locking up first round does not make Sir Charles happy! Also of note, 120 features the second weight class where a returning semi state champ is not a Lock!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker/Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Ben Davis Junior James Pritchett was a surprise state qualifier a year ago for the Giants. This year he will have his work cut out for him as he will have returning 5th place finisher Tyler Ferguson of Evansville Reitz. Zoinks….that’s a bad draw!
      Ford Fab 4: I had to double check the registry….Brock Hudkins is not a FTL?!?!? Unrest in the South after Will Egli’s big win over Ferguson last week has cause some to convert!
      1st - Brock Hudkins Danville, 2nd - Tyler Ferguson Reitz, 3rd - Will Egli Evansville Mater Dei, 4th Isaac Gomez Plainfield
      126: 2 returning state qualifiers Elliott Molloy and Alex Johnson will hook up in one semi, while the other side will look to benefit from having those 2 on the other side. 126 will also feature the first tie as the Round Table couldn’t come to an agreement over Braedon Clopton of Castle and David Lewis of Terre Haute South.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Trevor Reese of Franklin might have something to say about the Clopton/Lewis match as he looks to crash that party when him and Clopton go at it in the first round. Consider Reese a dark horse here and could punch his ticket also.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Chayce Young of Madison and Brody Boles of Mooresville are both returning Semi State Qualifiers. It looked like Boles was possibly gonna punch his ticket a year ago before getting caught on his back late in his first round match and dropping a tough 8-6 decision to eventual SQ Austin Bethel. Young jumped out to an early 5-0 lead over Molloy in the ticket round before Molloy turned on his takedown machine and went to work. 2 questionable calls late in the match (I’m biased) cost Young his chance as he dropped a 10-8 OT decision. Now both seniors should put on the fireworks in their ticket round match...Charles can only shake his head….
      Ford Fab 4: This was close on who wins Molloy/Johnson, but Molloy just pulled it out at the Table. Which could set up a nice revenge match in the finals w/ Young.
      1st - Elliott Molloy Danville, 2nd Chayce Young Madison, 3rd Alex Johnson Evansville Mater Dei, 4th Winner of Clopton/Lewis.
      132: Many people would expect this to be our first Ford Tough Lock….but stop the presses...Not So! You’ll have to skip ahead one weight class to see a Lee has our first FTL. The Hobbit from the North beLEEves in a Lee, but not the Wildcat. No he think’s Brayton Lee will shake Evansville to the core on Saturday.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Keep an eye on Tristin Dowell and Josh Elpers. Dowell has been a popular name on Indianamat this year, did New Albany just get the internet installed? Elpers has 13 losses, but wrestles in a tough area and could be ready to pull off a #4 over #1 come Saturday. Also Jaylen Lee vs. Cale McCoy. McCoy is a pick to get be Ford Fab 4 but Lee only has 3 losses and Ben Davis does not wrestle slouches. Could Jaylen Lee be this year’s James Pritchett?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #2 Brayton Lee vs. #4 Austin Bethel, Freshman vs. State Qualifier. #1 Nick Lee vs. #5 Mitch Anderson. Bad draw’s abound here, all 4 of these guys are worthy of being SQ’s.
      Ford Fab 4 - Once again the biggest shock is the Nick Lee is not a Ford Tough Lock, but we’ll see what happens come Saturday. Lee vs. Lee!!
      1st - Nick Lee Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Brayton Lee Brownsburg, 3rd - Griffin Schermer Bloomington South, 4th - Cale McCoy Northview
      138: It took 6 weight classes, but 138 gives us our first Ford Tough Lock - Evansville Mater Dei Freshman Joe Lee. There are some nice first round matches but overall it looks like the Castle Regional will reign supreme as projected top 3 all come from The Castle
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - 2 matches both highlight the opening ceremonies at 138. Returning state qualifier Quinn Harris and Castle junior Austin Ramsey will both be looking to get to Bankers but first thing’s first… Also Franklin’s Shane Wilkerson and Gibson Southern’s Kyle Todrank will go at it. Wilkerson has been wrestling good as of late but is it enough to upend Todrank who is wanting a third match at Joe Lee
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - No complaints here, all looks good!
      Ford Tough Lock - Our first one, Joe Lee Evansville Mater Dei. Todrank has kept it close, but expect the same result this weekend.
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st Joe Lee Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Kyle Todrank Gibson Southern, 3rd - Austin Ramsey Castle, 4th - Nick Weddle Ben Davis
      145: This weight features our second Ford Tough Lock, and he’s also a Wildcat, Blake Jourdan joins teammate Joe Lee as being a Ford Tough Lock. The Pickers also project 2 upsets, in terms of SS rankings, at this weight as Ethan Herrin (#5) is favored over Thomas Dull (#2) and Brennan Barlow (#8) is favored over returning state qualifier Bryant Haynes (#4)
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Potential #4 over #1 Madison’s Trenton Dempler and Mooresville’s Christian Warren look to go. Expect this match to be all go and Dempler’s matches never seem to be boring.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Herrin and Dull features a match where 2 kids that have been at the top all year is going home. Herrin’s come from behind win last week at regionals and Barlow finally catching Dull both show how close this match was from not happening, anything falls different and we are looking at different match ups here.
      Ford Tough Lock - Blake Jourdan, Evansville Mater Dei
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Blake Jourdan Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Patrick Schnell - Castle, Ethan Herrin Jennings County, Brennan Barlow Bloomington South
      152: 3 weight classes in a row with a Ford Tough Lock. This one is also from Evansville but not from Mater Dei! Central’s Isaiah Kemper looks to bring the Bears another Semi-State Champ. The Mooresville Regional will have some chances to take some cracks at Kemper as 1 loss junior Elijah Dunn and 4 loss junior Cayden Whitaker look to punch their tickets
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Nothing really jumps off the page. Look for some seniors to give favorites tough first round matches. Heritage Hills’ Cordell Miller will battle Whitaker and Brownsburg senior Brandon Gay, who is relatively new to 152, might frustrate Kemper.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - #5 Tre Lynch finds himself in a tough spot after dropping some tough losses at Sectionals and Regionals, he now finds himself against #2 ranked Dunn in the ticket round. Does the Bulldog senior have what it takes?
      Ford Tough Lock - Isaiah Kemper Evansville Central
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Isaiah Kemper Evansville Central, 2nd - Cayden Whitaker Martinsville, 3rd Elijah Dunn Indian Creek, 4th - Jacob Farmer Castle
      160: 160 features returning Semi-State Champ Gabe Koontz, but is he a lock, not according to the Round Table. Brendon Helm has an off season win over Koontz and some think he will win again come Saturday. Trips went against the grain and took Turner Lockyear in the upset, but he was voted down at the Table!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #8 Nick Buedel of Evansville Mater Dei is described as a high intense wrestler and his first round opponent, Wes Ferguson of Jennings County has worked his way into the Panthers line up and has a stellar 21-2 record. Neither senior wants their season to end in the first round!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #3 Tristan McDaniel vs #5 Ethan Runyan - Runyan is battle tested as he’s had a tough path through the state tourney, will the battle tested Runyan be able to knock off the Tecumseh senior? #2 Brendon Helm vs. #4 Turner Lockyear - these guys have a total of 5 losses between them. Both started the season at 170 and dropped to 160 midway through. Both are seniors...Who wins?!?!?!?
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Gabe Koontz Edgewood, 2nd - Tristan McDaniel Tecumseh, 3rd - Brendon Helm Avon, 4th - Kody Caudle Danville
      170: A returning state champ, and not the favorite, Franklins Jacob Stevenson has ran into rough competition w/ a bullseye. He took a loss last weekend to Ben Davis’ Dylan Lydy. Stevenson also got a late start and could still be feeling the effects of a football injury. With all of those factors the Pickers had to go with Lydy here.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #3 Nathan Walton vs. #4 Noah Huelsing, Cra-Cra…. The freshman from Brownsburg has been in behind Lydy and Stevenson...now that pays off with #4 Huelsing in a great opening round match. This will definitely be better than Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28 (worst curtain jerker ever).
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - See above, the winner probably punches their ticket, but it’s a shame one of these guys are going home early.
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Dylan Lydy Ben Davis, 2nd - Jacob Stevenson Franklin Community, 3rd Nathan Walton Brownsburg, 4th - Blake Jeffress Castle
      182: Undefeated Super Sophomore Kyle Shaffer from South Putnam seemed like sure lock, but not this year. However it does seem like we’ll see another round of Shaffer vs. Elmore. Can the senior from Avon finally knock off Shaffer? Super sleeper, 2 loss frosh Ryan Hammond from Whiteland got some love from the Pickers, not enough to get into the Fab 4 but enough to take notice.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - 8th ranked Peyton Shepherd of Jennings County vs. the aforementioned Hammond. The winner will look to spoil Hunter Dalton’s ticket round.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #2 Evan Elmore vs. #3 Sam Bassemeier. Why wasn’t Shaffer a lock you ask? Some believe that Bassemeier will crash the North’s party and skate out of the Ford Center as Semi State Champ. Bassemeier’s one loss was a 5-2 decision to Elmore at the Mater Dei Classic. Turrible says Charles….just Turrible
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Kyle Shaffer South Putnam, 2nd - Evan Elmore Avon, 3rd - Matt Hayes Providence, 4th - Hunter Dalton Bloomington North
      195: Randy Scott...need we say more? Well yes we do b/c Scott was not another victim of one of the pickers thinking he’s ripe for the upset this weekend. Scott had a big ticket round last year knocking off Dakota Thacker and rode that win to Semi-State runner up and 3rd place finish at state. Will Scott be the victim this year as he’ll likely face #2 Adam Lytle from Tecumseh in the ticket round.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - None of these first round matches really made Barry give himself a pat on the back. He wound up going w/ #7 Chase Thompson of Jeffersonville vs. #4 Garrison Lee of Monrovia. Sometimes styles clash, can Thompson keep the Red Devils state streak going?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #1 vs. #2, #3 vs. #4….all in the ticket round. What’s up with that??? Jasper’s #3 Ian Songer vs. #4 Lee...The Table likes the upset here. #1 Scott vs. #2 Lytle Scott got the votes and was unanimous here. Sir Charles said that this weight was worse bad, just bad. He asked about going best of 7??
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Randy Scott Mooresville, 2nd - Chase Anslinger Evansville Mater Dei, 3rd - Garrison Lee Monrovia, 4th - Quade Greiwe Columbus East
      220: 220 was a mess at The Table. Pickers chose everybody, I think DJ Radnovich even got a vote. 8 different wrestlers got votes, the most by any weight class by far. At one point there were 2 ties, we had look for hanging chads and almost drew straws. The consensus was the winner of Gunnar Lason and Corey Klem is the favorite to win state.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #9 Brady Shepherd vs. #7 Kurtis Wilderman Evansville Mater Dei. 2 young, athletic big boys are gonna get after it. I don’t think this match will go 6 minutes. The winner here hopes to knock off the senior state qualifier from Ben Davis, Kasha Wilder.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Another #1 vs. #2 here as Gibson Southern’s Corey Klem was upended last weekend by La’Terrance Kyles, setting up this ticket round battle. The P.O.T.R.T. went with Larson here in a close one, however both guys were picked to win in all ballots. Another close one on the ballots was Kyles vs. #4 Martinsville Sophomore Clayton Scroggs. Trips likes Scroggs, but votes were close as Kyles ending getting the nod.
      Ford Fab 4 - Due to the rare nature of Larson and Klem splitting votes, Larson ended up tying with Kasha Wilder. BBB gives Larson the nod and breaks the tie.
      1st - Gunnar Larson Avon, 2nd - Kasha Wilder Ben Davis, 3rd - La’Terrance Kyles Evansville Harrison, 4th - winner of Tristin Choate and Dakota Short
      285: The last of the weights features the last lock of the preview, Stormin’ Norman Ogelsby will look the gridiron in the fall with the Cincinatti Bearcats but hopes to finish up his season with a 3rd Semi-State title and push for a state title. This only the only weight that featured 4 locked picks as everybody agreed on the Ford Fab 4 here, but there were some disagreements on order.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #3 Bryce Biddle, Plainfield vs. 3 loss senior Colten Dossett of Tecumseh. Tough first round match, with the winner jumping right into a Turrible Draw match. #6 Adrian Butler Evansville Mater Dei vs. #8 Brett Henson Avon is another great first round match. Avon and EMD always bring their best stuff to the Ford Center, this one should be no different.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Biddle vs. #2 Nathan Hayes Greensburg. Hayes hasn’t had the best of tournament runs and if the Pirate wants to finish his career in the Bank, he’ll need to knock off a game Biddle.
      Ford Tough Lock - 3x Semi State champs are rare, and even rarer at HWT, but Norman Ogelsby should do just that Saturday in Evansville
      Ford Fab 4 - 1st - Norman Ogelsby Ben Davis, 2nd - Quinn York Franklin Community, 3rd - Adrian Butler Evansville Mater Dei, 4th - Bryce Biddle Plainfield
      We’ll end this article with Hook’s Picks:
      · Dinner- Turoni's has two Evansville locations and a microbrewery. Their pizza is special. DiLegge's is a locally-owned Italian restaurant whose food is out of this world. Visit theHilltop Inn, recently voted the Manliest Bar in America. The adventurous should order a brain sandwich. Non-adventurers will be safe and happy with a bowl of Burgoo (trust me). Mrs. Hook loves their chicken livers. I am a Stromboli fiend, accordingly, I have eaten them everywhere. Nobody beats Pizza King for Stroms. Nobody. The Gerst Haus serves authentic German cuisine and has over 30 varieties of beer on tap. Get ready for a carbohydrate and protein load up!
      · Franklin Street has a vibrant night life featuring restaurants, bars, taverns and a night club. Park your car, as the city offers shuttle service for the Mardi Gras pub crawl taking place this weekend.
      · Get your ticket early. There is only one door to enter the Ford Center and it is going to be cold and windy on Saturday morning.
      · Bring money. The Ford Center is one of Indiana's premier venues; it comes at a price. They get NBA-style prices for the concessions. Methinks that the good people of Castle should take over food duties...
      · Bring a hoodie. An ice rink is beneath the mats. The place is fa-rosty.
      · 70 years ago, 130,000 Americans hit Normandy's beaches, liberated Europe and altered the course of western civilization. Many of our boys caught a ride to the shoreline on the LST, built right here in Evans-Vegas. The LST 325 is downtown and available for tours. You will not regret it.
      · John Reitz was a 19th-century lumber baron along the magnitude of a Bill Gates or Donald Trump. His son is the namesake of FJ Reitz High School and Reitz Memorial High School. The Reitz home is open for tours. The Mrs. and the kids will enjoy this.
      · The Children's Museum of Evansville (CMOE) is within walking distance of the Ford Center and is a grand slam. When my three children--Hooksly, Hookticia and PowerHalf--were tikes, it was one of their favorite things to do.

      7370 17

      2015 Merrillville Semi-State Preview

      By Chad Hollenbaugh
      IndianaMat Senior Writer
      From Lake Station to Logansport, from Lowell to LaVille, the northwest quadrant of the state’s finest wrestlers will congregate in the gym at Merrillville High School to determine the fifty-six athletes that will qualify for the big show. The team race should be dominated by Penn, Portage and Merrillville. Crown Point could add some spice into the team race if they have an outstanding day.
      The bracket gods started off by playing a cruel joke on regional champ Kory Cavanaugh of Penn. The 15th ranked 106 pounder in the state got put in the same quarter bracket with #13 Collin Poynter of Portage and #11 Alex Bautista from Hanover Central. Poynter and Baustista meet right off the bat in the second match of the morning. The winner will likely have Cavanaugh in the the ticket round. Cavanaugh has a narrow win over Poynter but was handled by Bautista 10-1 earlier in the season. A brutal group of four no matter how you slice it.
      The second set of four is also tough as nails. One loss Jon Anderson has piled up forty-four wins and a regional championship for Lafayette Jeff. He will be severely tested in the second round where he will likely face fourteenth ranked Ian Dembowski of Valparaiso.
      The bottom half of the bracket will be low on ticket round drama but high on talent. Number one ranked Colton Cummings of Lowell and fifth ranked Tylor Triana of Hobart should cruise through the first two rounds and set up a semi final slugfest.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Alex Bautista – Hanover Central (26-5) vs. Colin Poynter – Portage (32-6).
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Jon Anderson – Lafayette Jeff (44-1) vs. Ian Dembowki – Valpo (39-6).
      FAB FOUR

      Cummings – Lowell
      Poynter – Portage
      Triana – Hobart
      Dembowski - Valpo

      The top half of the 113 bracket also appears to hold the greatest amount of early round drama while the bottom half seems to be more settled. Third ranked and undefeated Drew Hildebrandt from Penn should cruise to finals and be marginally tested in the semis by Rickie Rodriguez of Hammond Morton. The Kingman pinned the Governor earlier in the season. The top half features some interesting early round matches. Munster’s Cody Crary, Culver Academy’s Adam Davis and Lafayette Jeff’s Dustin Miller will battle it out in the top quarter while Crown Point’s John Moran and Merrillville’s Michael DeLaPena will likely reprise their Duneland Conference rivalry in the ticket round.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Cody Crary – Munster (38-7) vs. Adam Davis – Culver Academy (31-6). Two talented frosh meet for the right to battle Miller in the quarterfinals.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Austin Line – Valpo (32-8) vs. Rickie Rodriguez – Hammond Morton (31-2). Two seasoned veterans look for spot in state finals.
      FAB FOUR
      Hildebrandt – Penn
      DeLaPena – Merrillville
      Rodriguez – Morton
      Miller – Lafayette Jeff

      This 120 class might be one of the most evenly matched and exciting to watch this Saturday. Great storylines, state ranked wrestlers and tough match ups are littered throughout this bracket. Returning state champ Jeremiah Reitz of Griffith finished second at his regional in one of this year’s best rivalries with Hobart’s Brendan Black. Reitz is the definition of a death draw to regional champ Jack Tolin of Chesterton. Returning state placer Kyle Hatch of Warsaw will have his hands full with Portage’s conference champion Miguel Prado. Hobart’s Brendan Black and South Bend Clay’s Jake Hartman will probably face off in the ticket round. The final ticket punched in this bracket is a real toss up with Rensselaer Central’s one loss regional champ Brady White squaring off with the winner of Mishawaka’s Ryan Hardesty and Crown Point’s Austin Torres.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Ryan Hardesty – Mishawaka (29-7) vs. Austin Torres – Crown Point (25-7). Studs from two tradition rich programs should provide early fireworks.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Brendan Black – Hobart (26-3) vs. Jake Hartman – South Bend Clay (43-1). Hartman suffered his first lost of the season at regionals and will be extra focused in his last attempt to wrestle in Indy.
      FAB FOUR
      Reitz – Griffith
      Hartman – South Bend Clay
      Hatch – Warsaw
      Torres – Crown Point

      The sale of Pepto Bismol reached an all time high last Saturday as upsets were occurring all over the place. This put the 126 bracket at Merrillville in jumbled mess. It is quite possible that no regional champs will move onto Bankers Life next week. Wawasee’s Tristan Ponsler got toppled at regional and now has a likely ticket round match with the red hot Branden Truver. In the second quarter bracket, Plymouth’s Cody Allmon is in a great situation to earn his second trip to state. On the bottom half of the slate, Rochester’s John Hunting got the death card dealt to him when Truver upset second ranked Gaige Torres of Portage. Munster’s talented Jason Crary is the clear favorite in final set of four and has a major decision win over regional champ and likely ticket round foe Tristan Dembowski.
      FIRST ROUND FISTCUFFS – Zac Wells – LaPorte (23-9) vs. Tristan Ponsler – Wawasee (40-2). Ponsler looks to rebound and Wells is wrestling very well right now.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Cody Allmon – Plymouth (30-8) vs. John Ragan – Delphi (31-9). Allmon looks to topple a fairly unheralded regional champ in Ragan.
      FAB FOUR
      Torres – Portage
      Truver – Lake Central
      Crary – Munster
      Allmon – Plymouth

      The 132 weight class lacks wrestlers with many state-wide credentials and that makes it very difficult to handicap. Tippy Valley’s Devin Childers has state experience but must get through the top ranked kid in the bracket. Crown Point’s Zach Donaldson. Benton Central regional champ Blake Strawsma has a great chance to break through to the state level. Portage’s Tyler Joseph must deal with the funky Austen Laughlin early on Saturday and will likely run into Bremen’s Joey Bailey in the semi finals.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Tyler Joseph – Portage (25-6) vs. Austen Laughlin – South Bend Riley (42-6). The physical Joseph and the lanky Laughlin should present an interesting style match up.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Devin Childers – Tippy Valley (39-2) vs. Zach Donaldson – Crown Point (33-2). Two senior studs meet up in the ticket round.
      FAB FOUR
      Donaldson – Crown Point
      Joseph – Portage
      Strawsma – Benton Central
      Bailey - Bremen

      Merrillville’s Clarence Johnson looks to be the front runner at 138 largely on strength of his major decision win over Riley Akers in the Duneland conference championship. Akers is the likely survivor of the second quarter bracket. Penn’s cagey Cameron Beam is the Jason Tsirtsis of this bracket. Three straight close wins put the Kingman in great shape to advance to Indy. The last quarter bracket has possibly the most compelling potential ticket round match where Logan champ Cole Lukaszka should square off with Culver Community’s Triston Rodriguez.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Tarvis Evans – South Bend Adams (29-8) vs. Diego Lemley – Chesterton (30-8). The long and athletic Evans faces talented frosh Lemley in this battle of third(Lemley) and fifth(Evans) placers at the Al Smith.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Cole Lukaszka – Benton Central (39-1) vs. Triston Rodriguez – Culver Community (35-2).
      FAB FOUR
      Johnson – Merrillville
      Akers – Crown Point
      Lukaszka – Benton Central
      Beam - Penn

      After looking over this bracket, it appears that there are pretty strong favorites in each of the quarter brackets. The fact that the first and third ranked kids in the state are from the same regional means that someone got the death draw and Logansport senior Ryan Schrock drew the short straw and will likely face Steven “Bam” Lawrence in the ticket round. Lawrence will likely face South Bend Adams talented Tavonte Malone in the semis. The other side of the bracket is dominated by Merrillville junior and last years state runner up, Jacob Covaciu. Crown Point’s Daylan Schurg will probably face South Bend Riley’s Kassius Breathitt in an entertaining ticket round match.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Ryan Schrock – Logansport (37-3) vs. Dustin Hochstetler – Penn (25-13). Don’t let the thirteen losses by Hochstetler fool you, he will give regional champ Schrock all he wants.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Daylan Schurg – Crown Point (33-5) vs. Kassius Breathitt – South Bend Riley (40-9). The contrast in styles should make for an exciting match. If the match is boring look for Breathitt’s dad giving a loud play by play account of the action.
      FAB FOUR
      Covaciu – Merrillville
      Lawrence – Portage
      Schurg – Crown Point
      Malone – South Bend Adams

      One young man clearly stands above the rest of the field at 152. Mishawaka’s Tommy Forte should cruise to a semi state crown on Saturday. The University of Buffalo bound senior is looking healthy and ready to win a second state title. The rest of the field contains four serious contenders for the remaining three tickets to Indy. Mike Krzyston will like make his second trip to Indy for the 59ers. Lake Central’s Kodie Christenson has wins over higher ranked kids in this bracket and a relatively easy quarter bracket to navigate. That leaves one spot left and it will likely be battled for by Lafayette Harrison’s Connor Armuth and Penn’s Jarrod Swank. Swank is ranked forth and has a slim overtime win over the ninth ranked Armuth five weeks ago on his ledger. It is the only loss on an otherwise spotless record for Armuth.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Brendan Makowski – South Bend St. Joseph (20-14) vs. Oszkar Kasch – Crown Point (18-7).
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Jarod Swank – Penn (29-4) vs. Connor Armuth – Lafayette Harrison (50-1). The margin is razor thin for these two titans. This will be one of the very best ticket round battles.
      FAB FOUR
      Forte – Mishawaka
      Swank – Penn
      Christenson – Lake Central
      Krzyton – Andrean

      Scary. Anyone looking at the bottom half of the 160 bracket at Merrillville has to cringe at prospect of trying to survive and advance this group of eight. Five of the state’s top ten are in this bracket and four of them are located in the bottom half. In the top half of the bracket, Lowell’s Drew Hughes should make short work of his opponents on his way to his third semi state crown. The second set of four is wide open. Regional champ Parker Fritz of West Central must defeat dangerous foes if he wishes to return to the state finals. Now the bottom half has returning state runner up and third ranked Darden Schurg of Crown Point in a probable match up with Hobart hammer Scottie Sopko who is ranked fifth. The other quarter bracket is not much easier as seventh ranked Adam Dodson of John Glenn will go to war with ninth ranked Denzyl Prentice of Penn. Scary depth at this class.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Evan Larsen – Hanover Central (35-6) vs. Parker Fritz – West Central (32-3). Larsen is a pinner and Fritz is an outstanding athlete. Look for lots of points scored in this one.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Take your pick between the Schurg/Sopko or Prentice/Dodson matchups.
      FAB FOUR
      Hughes – Lowell
      Prentice – Penn
      Schurg – Crown Point
      Goering – South Bend Riley

      Three of the four quarter brackets look to have fairly strong frontrunners. Penn’s Joey Mammolenti is the top dog here. He is undefeated at this weight and has wins over many of the other contenders. Undefeated Hunter Mote will attempt to keep the streak of Delphi state qualifiers alive while Lowell’s third regional champ, Isaac James will look to qualify for the first time. Hammond Morton upstart Andrew Key won the Calumet regional but he will likely be tested by LaVille’s gritty Ben Norton.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Ben Norton – LaVille (29-5) vs. Nate Spangle – Triton (35-4). Two small school studs will face off for the right to get to the ticket round.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Isaac James – Lowell (31-4) vs. Ismael Cornejo – Portage (26-6). Expect a physical brawl in this matchup. This might be a preview of the championship next year.
      FAB FOUR
      Mammolenti – Penn
      Mote – Delphi
      James – Lowell
      Norton – LaVille

      Penn’s Chase Osborn has gone wire to wire so far as the state’s top ranked 182 wrestler. He has been tested a couple of time by fellow regional champs Andrew Davison of Chesterton and Jake Kleimola of Lake Central. A finals match between Osborn and Davison would be one of the highlights of day. The final spot in Indy will like come down to a ticket round match up between Winamac’s Gage Garpow and Portage’s Alex Guerrero. Garpow has a fine record but Guerrero wrestles one of the state’s toughest schedules.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Jeremy Splix – Plymouth (31-6) vs. Daniel Wright – Lafayette Harrison (48-3). Wright is a returning state qualifier who was upset in the regional finals. Splix is a fast improving junior for Bob Read’s Rockies.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Gage Garpow – Winamac (34-2) vs. Alex Guerrero – Portage (30-6). Will it be the Warrior or the Indian that comes out on top? Expect a tight low scoring six minuts.
      FAB FOUR
      Davison – Chesterton
      Osborn – Penn
      Kleimola – Lake Central
      Guerrero – Portage

      Upsets at regionals make the 195 class another one that is tough to predict. It also makes for many very interesting match ups in the first two rounds. The bracket gods continue to be nice Coach Vega and the Portage squad. Fourth place at regional has put senior Indian Matt Hedrick in a quarter bracket with a regional champ that he majored earlier in the year. Hedrick did injury default at regional so hopefully he gets healthy by Saturday. Calumet’s burly Nick Fowler has taken on all comers in the region and is still undefeated. One point separated Merrillville’s Jarius Perry and Mishawaka’s Tanner Bradley at the Al Smith so their ticket round battle is likely to be tight.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – John Bigbie – Lowell (31-7) vs. Matt Hedrick – Portage (23-6).
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Tanner Bradley – Mishawaka (23-3) vs. Jarius Perry – Merrillville (32-3). Bradley is wrestling with a lot of confidence after is first period pin of Wes Beck at regional.
      FAB FOUR
      Fowler – Calumet
      Perry – Merrillville
      Hedrick – Portage
      Kidwell – West Lafayette

      Gelen Robinson has graduated so this class is an open shot for new blood to rise to the top. The new king of hill will likely be either Penn’s Kobe Woods or Crown Point’s Morgan Kral. Woods has remain unscathed on the season and is the state’s top ranked grappler in this class. Kral is the fourth ranked wrestler and has a lone loss on his record. Duneland rivals Alex Kukurugya of Valpo and Brandon Majewski of Portage will be likely opponents in the top quarter bracket. Lafayette Harrison’s Seth Meyer looks to make his third trip to the big dance in the final quarter bracket.
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Jesus Lowe – Bishop Noll (35-4) vs. Andrew Brock – Warsaw (33-9). While either is unlikely to knock of Kral, this should be a nice battle.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Alex Kukurugya – Valpo (38-9) vs. Brandon Majewski – Portage (28-6). Can Kukurugya solve the Majewski puzzle?
      FAB FOUR
      Woods – Penn
      Kral – Crown Point
      Majewski – Portage
      Meyer – Lafayette Harrison

      Merrillville’s top ranked Shawn Streck is head and shoulders above the rest of the heavyweight crowd. Nothing less than a state title will satisfy Big Purple. I expect the rest of the bracket to hold chalk with regional champs winning and punching their ticket to state. Valpo’s Ian Suttles is a little undersized but is a superior athlete. Mammoth Cody Christman from Penn will finalize the strong Kingmen crowd at state. The final slot should be manned by Lafayette Harrison strongman
      FIRST ROUND FISTICUFFS – Andrew Hansen – John Glenn (28-6) vs. Brian Shaw – South Bend Riley (26-10). Riley wrestlers are always entertaining to watch and Shaw will work relentlessly to jack up big man Hansen and try to throw him.
      TOP TICKET ROUND TILT – Michael Kern – Lafayette Harrison (47-4) vs. Jordan Shafer – Rochester (36-5). Will the athletic Shafer be able to withstand the pressure of the burly Kern.
      FAB FOUR

      Streck – Merrillville
      Christman – Penn
      Suttles – Valpo
      Kern – Harrison

      Penn – 8
      Portage – 7
      Crown Point - 6
      Merrillville – 5
      Lowell – 3
      Lake Central - 3
      Benton Central – 2
      Lafayette Harrison - 2
      Valparaiso – 2
      Bremen - 1
      Calumet – 1
      Chesterton - 1
      Griffith – 1
      Warsaw – 1
      West Lafayette – 1
      Hammond Morton – 1
      South Bend Clay – 1
      Hobart – 1
      Lafayette Jeff – 1
      Munster – 1
      Plymouth – 1
      South Bend Adams – 1
      Andrean – 1
      Delphi – 1
      South Bend Riley – 1
      LaVille – 1
      Mishawaka - 1

      6183 8

      Fort Wayne Semi State Preview

      Fort Wayne is quickly becoming the wrestling hub in Indiana and the War Memorial Coliseum plays host to three of the big events. This weekend the friendly confines will hold the all-important semi-state wrestling tournament. With that comes 56 golden tickets to Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
      This year’s semi-state will provide a great day of wrestling with some very good entertainment from start to finish. At both ends, 106 and 285 you have weights that have many close competitors that will battle it out from the first whistle. Look for some hot and heavy action from all the weights as this might be the most unpredictable year in recent memory for this semi state.
      On the team side you have the regulars vying for the title with Yorktown looking like a slight favorite over regional foes Bellmont and Delta, along with Carroll and Elkhart Memorial in the mix. On paper Yorktown has the horses and enough ponies to out distance the field, however that is on paper. Never count out Bellmont in big matches, nor look past a solid Carroll squad. Elkhart Memorial and Delta have the potential for a couple champs and could get a few others through to score some points. Overall with about eight weights that are total toss-ups, the team race will also be fun to watch.
      As a friendly reminder all you men out there make sure you get your Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, and chocolate on Friday so you aren’t getting the “draw of death” from your lady on Sunday.
      As with last year, due to many wrestlers from Carroll at the event I will refrain from mostly biased picks on the weight classes.
      Don’t sleep in on Saturday, get to the Coliseum early because if you don’t you’ll miss some of the best wrestling of the day. Returning State Streeter…Ben Streeter was a semi state finalist last year, but he’ll be pushed early on by a couple freshmen in Hunter Watts and Kade Zadylak. Brayden Curtis of Yorktown has come on strong this year. Curtis will have to manage a solid quarter bracket to punch his first ticket to state. The mighty little Panther Tanner DeMien is as tough as they come and was on the podium at state last year. The top of the bottom half has some interesting matches with JC Herring of Oak Hill sporting only one blemish on his record, but he can’t overlook the firepower of the Starfire Wyatt Miller, nor the Cougar little man Tanner Schoeff.
      Curtis- Jordan Slivka, Seth Horty, Christian Mejia(113)
      DeMien- Cayden Rooks, Christian Mejia(113)
      Zadylak- Brayden Curtis, Wyatt Miller
      Herring- Brycen Denny
      Streeter- Gavis Rose, Goeffrey Davis(113), KeeghanOverton
      Schoeff- Brayden Shearer, Kade Zadylak, Hunter Watts(2 times)
      Miller- Geoffrey Davis(113), Kade Zadylak, Brayden Curtis, Chris Schuller
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Tanner Schoeff- Central Noble vs. Wyatt Miller- South Adams
      Kade Zadylak- Norwell vs. Hunter Watts- Jimtown
      Ticket Round Tussles
      JC Herring- Oak Hill vs. Schoeff/Miller winner
      Ben Streeter- North Side vs. Zadylak/Watts winner
      Moving up to 113lbs we have another SAC favorite in the heralded General Geoffrey Davis. Last year he was the semi state champ and brought back a 4th place medal to the south side of Fort Wayne. The other big name to watch for is the Wildkat Jabin Wright. He was at state last year and comes in with expectations of going back this year. Others to watch are #9 Josh Stephenson and #20 Christian Mejia who both come in as regional champions. Some guys to watch that had a blemish last week include Zach Johnson, Trevor Boyce, and Hunter Whitman.
      Mejia- Colin Poynter, Jake Schoennegge, Austin Slates
      Johnson- Geoffrey Davis(2 times), Owen Krider, Donavon Johnson
      Wright- Jordan Slivka, Donavon Johnson(2 times), Jack Franklin(126), Blake Glogouski(120)
      Davis- Skylour Turner, Jordan Slivka
      Stephenson- Alec White, Nick Weaver, Matt Gimson, Noah Hunt
      Summers- Jabin Wright(3 times), Geoffrey Davis, Alex DeLuna
      Whitman- Austin Slates(2 times), Christian Mejia(3 times)
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Andrew Wertman- Garrett vs. Nick Liter- Adams Central
      Garrett Summers- Marion vs. Trevor Boyce- Dekalb
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Geoffrey Davis- Wayne vs. Trevor Boyce- Dekalb
      Josh Stephenson- Yorktown vs. Hunter Whitman- Jimtown
      This weight will feature three wrestlers with state medals along with another one that has state experience. Unfortunately the bracket gods did not separate them all and one will be sent to the showers early. Both Christian Hunt and Blake Glogouski finished 5th last year in the state finals at 106lbs and 120lbs respectively. Hunter Langeloh has had a great senior campaign after placing as a sophomore and qualifying for state last season. Flying Jet Anthony Mosser caught fire last year and made his way to Banker’s Life at 113lbs, but this year he’ll have to punch his ticket by going through Glogouski. This weight should be one of the more open weights with lots of great matches from start to finish.
      Langeloh- Michael Higley(Michigan)
      Moore- Blake Glogouski(2 times)
      Hunt- Breyden Bailey, Blake Mulkey, Marcus Mejia(126)
      Glogouski- Hunter Langeloh
      Mendez- Christian Hunt, Graham Rooks, Noah Hunt, David Clayton, Kyle Davis, Dylan Culp
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Anthony Mosser- Adams Central vs. Joel Byman- Carroll
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Austin Moore- Central Noble vs. Hunter Langeloh- Columbia City
      Blake Glogouski- Fairfield vs. Mosser/Byman winner
      Jon Becker of Bellmont is the only wrestler in this weight with state experience, however it was in 2014. Past him you have a lot of guys with good records and solid resumes, which will make for a very eventful weight to watch. At the top you have a very solid senior in Oak Hill’s Travis Davenport. He has been to semi-state what it seems like about 14 times, this year could be his year to punch his ticket to state. Marcus Mejia is a tough wrestler from Elkhart that was painstakingly close to punching his ticket last year. At the bottom you’ll have the favorite in Homestead’s Jack Franklin, but he can’t overlook a pair of seniors that will want one more week of wrestling in Brock House and Chad Elmore.
      Mejia-Brock Hudkins, Blake Glogouski(120)
      Davenport- Chris Loy, Jayce Meyer
      Franklin- Breyden Bailey, Isaac Gomez, Blake Glogouski(120)
      Becker- Michael DeLaPena, Ryan Hardesty,
      Standridge- Jack Franklin, Ryan Bigelow, Ryan Hardesty, Michael DeLaPena, Dawson Combest, Drake Rhodes
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Brock House- Delta vs. Chad Elmore- Taylor
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Travis Davenport- Oak Hill vs. Zane Standridge- Carroll
      Jack Franklin- Homestead vs. House/Elmore winner
      This weight has been one that people have been talking about all season long. This was probably the first weight most fans clicked on when the brackets came out to see the draws. Starting off you had four returning state qualifiers and another that has been knocking on the door. Unfortunately one of the state qualifiers Kobe Raypole has pulled out of the weight, but that still leaves a lot of great matches on Saturday. The top bracket could be interesting to say the least, Drake Rhodes has been on fire this year until he was upended the past two weeks by Owen Doster. Rhodes will be pushed by Delta’s Noah Richardson and Northwestern’s Hunter Kellogg who is having a very good post season run. Fernando Luevano returns to this weight after qualifying last year for the Chargers. He has yet to be defeated and is one that is very exciting to watch. Returning state qualifiers Daniel Gunsett and Owen Doster are both the favorites in their quarter brackets. Gunsett could face one of two wrestlers with only 6 losses in Kaleb Mooney and Drew Clark. Doster will have the winner of Devin Maggard and Dillon Yoder, both who have good wins on their resume.
      Rhodes- Doster(2 times)
      Doster- Drake Rhodes, Zach Melloh, Chris Donovan(Ohio)
      Gunsett- Owen Doster(2 times), Brendan Black
      Maggard- Drew Clark, Dallas Dudelston, ???
      Kellog- Hunter Haynes, Caleb Archibald, ???, ???
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Chase Hissong- Leo vs. Dallas Dudelston- Jay County
      Drew Clark- Northfield vs. Kaleb Mooney- Central Noble
      Devin Maggard- Marion vs. Dillon Yoder- Fairfield
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Daniel Gunsett- Bellmont vs. Clark/Mooney winner
      Owen Doster- New Haven vs. Yoder/Maggard winner
      Last year at 132lbs it was the Sage Coy show, this year seems to be more of the same up at 138lbs. Coy finished a fantastic junior campaign with a 3rd place medal and is eyeing the top step of the podium this year. Others to watch include Riley Rasler who has had a very good year for the Panthers and comes in with only one loss. Joel Arney has come on strong for the Super Chargers the past few weeks after taking some lumps during the regular season. He will have the winner of a tough match between Blade Corpe and Colt Rutter. In the bottom bracket you will have four seniors duking it out for their state ticket. This one is a pick’em and your guess is as good as mine on who advances.
      Rasler- Kris Rumph, Jason Crary, Drake Rhodes
      Hall- Joel Arney, TT Allen, Brad Smith
      Woenker- Joel Arney, Devin Maggard(132), Austin Ochoa, ???
      Corpe- Dillon Humbert, Jason Crary, Trace Manspeaker, Kyle Hatch, Nathan Housholder
      Arney- Anthony Williams, Kris Rumph, Sage Coy, Cale McCory, Evan Eldred, Nick Ellis, Kody Wagner
      Rutter- Sage Coy(2 times), Brooks Wathen, Austin Ramsey, Riley Rasler, James Pritchett, Jaycob Bechtol(Michigan)
      Brown- Sage Coy(3 times), Colt Rutter(2 times), ???
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Colt Rutter- Yorktown vs. Blade Corpe- Elkhart Memorial
      Nathan Housholder- East Noble vs. Exuse Brown- Muncie Central
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Riley Rasler- Prairie Heights vs. Skyler Hall- Wabash
      Joel Arney- Carroll vs. Corpe/Rutter winner
      TT Allen- Kokomo vs. Brown/Householder winner
      I’m wiping the drool off my screen just looking at this bracket. First you start with two state placers in Isaac Eicher and Brad Laughlin at this weight. Let’s throw in another state placer in Nathan Weimer for some added spice. What? You say you want MORE spice…well here goes, let’s add a little Kerrn, Kenny Kernn that is! This weight is going to be F-U-N to watch. Even the ticket round matches will be interesting with Eicher having a tough Christian Bratcher or NE8 rival Grant Gutierrez. Kerrn will have a very game Corbin Hetzner of Eastern. Ohhh Laughlin will have Weimer in the ticket round most likely. The bottom quarter bracket lacks the drama, but will be one to watch as there is no clear cut favorite.
      Laughlin- Cayden Whitaker(160)
      Bratcher- TC Perry, Szhantrayle Roberson
      Kerrn- Denzyl Prentice, Triston Rodriguez(2 times)
      Capps- Corbin Hetzner, Isaac Eicher, Alberto Solis, Tucker Coffman, Nate Weimer
      Weimer - Jamal Scott, Isaac Eicher, Jack Eiteljorge(2 times), Patrick Waugh, ???
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Vince Prescott- Winchester vs. Corbin Hetzner- Eastern
      Jamal Scott- Elkhart Central vs. Ethan Hicks- Carroll
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Brad Laughlin- Yorktown vs. Nathan Weimer- East Noble
      Szhantrayl Roberson- Kokomo vs. Scott/Hicks winner
      Isaac Eicher- Leo vs. Christian Bratcher- Eastbrook
      Three returning state qualifiers highlight this weight at Fort Wayne. The head of the class is probably Cael McCormick of Yorktown who has two state medals, but he cannot look past Doug Levitz or Peyton Sturgill on his way to another semi-state title. Levitz will have the toughest route to qualify for state as he will need to avenge a mid-season loss to Hunter Bates. Sturgill will be pushed by a tough Nick Miller of Snider. In the middle you have a very interesting bracket with Cross Dietrich who has two losses to out of state competition as the regional champ. He will have the winner of Brody Hardcastle and Tyler Leonard to punch his ticket.
      Dietrich- Kohle Clellan(Ohio), Quintin Smith(Michigan)
      Levitz- Steven Lawrence, Hunter Bates, Brad Laughlin(160)
      Sturgill- Tavris Evans, Denzyl Prentice, Micah Calhoun, Kassius Breathitt
      Bates- Cael McCormick(2 times), Tyler Leonhard, Ethan Stock, Trent Pruitt
      Miller- Elijah Dunn, TC Perry(160), Cross Dietrich, ???, ???
      Griffin- Doug Levitz, Micah Calhoun, Nick Miller
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Tyler Leonard- Jay County vs. Brody Harcastle- Oak Hill
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Doug Levitz- Prairie Heights vs. Hunter Bates- Adams Central
      Nick Miller- Snider vs. Peyton Sturgill- Peru
      Cael McCormick- Yorktown vs. Garrett Griffin- Northwood
      Cross Dietrich- Columbia City vs. Leonard/Hardcastle winner
      This weight is one that will probably have much less drama than most. The favorite is state qualifier Josh Garman of Carroll. After him it looks as if anyone can beat anyone at this weight. One loss Blaney Harrison is the wildcard as he has come on strong this year. Don’t overlook Tony Busse of Bellmont either, he has been battle tested throughout the season. One of the most intriguing matches in the ticket round will be Nick Potter against Jed Levitz. Potter won round one, but this round has much more at stake.
      Garman- Jacob Gray(170)
      Harrison- Will Bratcher
      Levitz- Jordan Rader(2 times), Nick Potter, Cael McCormick(152), Gage Delong
      Perry- Tony Busse, Brad Laughlin(145), Hunter Bates, Cody Widner, Doug Levitz
      Busse- Jordan Rader, Tavonte Malone, TC Perry, Blake Dager, Noah Warren
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Ronnie Longbrake- Elkhart Memorial vs. TC Perry- Southern Wells
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Blaney Harrison- Oak Hill vs. Longbrake/Perry winner
      Jed Levitz- Prairie Heights vs. Nick Potter- New Haven
      As we get to the upper weights the action will heat up with a lot of intriguing matches. You’ll likely see round two of Baumgartner and Gray as long as they navigate the semi state minefield. There are some very good wrestlers including one loss Quentin Moore, returning state qualifier Zach Davis amongst others that they will need to beat in order to meet again. Seven wrestlers sport five or less losses with most of them at the hands of another semi state competitor. Nick Ritchie could be a surprise wrestler as his only losses were at the Al Smith.
      Baumgartner- Drew Hughes
      Moore- Amere Dozier
      Gray- Bryce Baumgartner
      Ritchie- Coy Park, Eli Pokorney
      Burns- Caleb Partin, Zach Davis, Robbie Bowers(Ohio)
      Davis- Caleb Partin, Noah Cressell, ???
      Partin- Tate Burns(2), Tykease Baker, Hunter Mote, Zach Davis
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Noah Cressell- Wabash vs. Brady Johnson- Prairie Heights
      Tykease Baker- Elkhart Central vs. DaShaun Barbary- Kokomo
      Caleb Partin- Churubusco vs. Jacob Gray- Delta
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Zach Davis- Concordia vs. Cressell/Johnson winner
      Quentin Moore- Manchester vs. Partin/Gray winner
      Nick Ritchie- Elkhart Memorial vs. Tate Burns- Eastside
      Before sectional this weight was looking to be really nasty. Even with a couple guys moving up this weight still is going to be one to watch. The bracket gods separated the better guys with no killer ticket round matches. Probably the most intriguing early match will be a rematch of last year’s ticket round between Andy Kohler and Wyatt Clem. Kohler was a state qualifier at this weight last year, while #800lbGorilla David Eli placed 7th. Look for some great matches in the semi-finals and finals at this weight.
      Kohler- Caleb Hankenson
      Blakeley- David Eli(2 times), Isaac James
      Eli- Cam Jones(2 times), Alejandro Castro
      Hankenson- Andy Kohler, Rhett Mappes, David Eli, Joey Blakely
      Ault- Stephen Nix(2 times), Caleb Blevins, Stephen Possell, Sam Moon
      Clem- Andy Kohler, CJ Damler, Hunter Dalton, DaShaun Barbary, Joey Blakely, Stephen Nix
      Graber- Jeremy Splix(2 times), David Eli, Joey Blakely, Wyatt Clem, ???
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Stephen Nix- Bishop Dwenger vs. Conner Graber- Northridge
      Heath Ault- Northrop vs. Joey Blakeley- Prairie Heights
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Caleb Hankenson- Bellmont vs. Nix/Graber winner
      Andy Kohler- Jay County vs. Wyatt Clem- Homestead
      Aaron Sedwick- Maconaquah vs. Ault/Blakeley winner
      Both Corbin Maddox and Luke Elliott wrestled most of the season at 182lbs and made a late jump to this weight even though they both only had one loss during the regular season. Those two added quite a bit of spice to an already wide open weight. Delta’s Scottie Evans is the only returning state qualifier at this weight and will need to navigate a solid quarter-bracket to punch another ticket to Banker’s Life. At the top you’ll have the last(thankfully for most in this area) of the Davis brothers from Garrett against Austin Evans of Lakeland. The two NECC rivals are 1-1 against eachother with Evans getting the win just three weeks ago. Going down the bracket Corbin Maddox has come on strong, but he’ll be pushed by two Al Smith placers in Nate Williams and runner-up Erik Hobbs. Jarod Hayes won regional last week…his reward is a potential pre-Valentine date with state qualifier Scottie Evans. In the bottom bracket you have one loss Elliott with a couple up and comes Isaiah Baumgartner and Tyson Whitner.
      Elliott- Corbin Maddox
      Maddox- Andy Kohler(182)
      Davis- Erik Hobbs, Michael Leonard, Nick Fox, Austin Evans,
      Austin Evans- Jennigns Nickolson, Anthony Neal(Michigan), Beck Davis, Jarod Hayes
      Baumgartner- Scottie Evans, Andy Kohler, ???
      Hobbs- Luke Elliott, Scottie Evans, Cole Slavens, Chris Kidwell, Jake Kleimola
      Eckrote 5- Michael Leonard, Erik Hobbs, Luke Elliott, ???, ???
      Scottie Evans 5- Corbin Maddox(2 times), Landon Burton, David Delph, ???
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      Lane Eckrote- North Miami vs. Austin Evans- Lakeland
      Nate Williams- Elkhart Memorial vs. Erik Hobbs- Peru
      Tyson Whitner- North Side vs. Isaiah Baumgartner- South Adams
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Beck Davis- Garrett vs. Eckrote/Evans winner
      Corbin Maddox- Daleville vs. Williams/Hobbs winner
      Jarod Hayes- Jimtown vs. Scottie Evans- Delta
      Luke Elliott- Eastbrook vs. Whitner/Baumgartner winner
      All season long this weight has seemed to have three competitors that are ahead of the field. With that said it leaves open a 4th spot that is ripe for the taking. Returning semi state runner-up Evan Ellis comes in undefeated, while Blake Davis is the only other wrestler with state experience in the field. Goshen RedHAWK Derek Paz is as tough as they come and will look to punch his first ticket to state. The bottom of the top bracket will be the interesting one with three wrestlers who can all get to state in Joey Pier, Max Clark, and JT Kilgore. Davis and Ellis should navigate their brackets to setup a semi-finals match.
      Paz- Kobe Woods, Trent Bixler, Evan Ellis
      Isaacson- Jacob McClaine, Blake Davis, JT Kilgore
      Asher- JT Kilgore, PJ Ernst, John Isaacson, Blake Davis
      Davis- Braxton Amos(285), Derek Paz, Sam Hipple, Tyler McKeever
      Kilgore- Blake Davis(3 times), Tyler McKeever, PJ Ernst
      Clark- Trevor Brown, Nick Fox, Tyler Moser, Evan Ellis, ???
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      JT Kilgore- Churubusco vs. Max Clark- Northwestern
      Evan Ellis- Eastern vs. Noah Asher- Concordia
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Derek Paz- Goshen vs. John Isaacson- Leo
      Joey Pier- Yorktown vs. Clark/Kilgore winner
      Much like 195, this weight is one that is a pick’em from start to finish. If you wrestle this weight 10 times you’ll get 10 different outcomes. As Coach P said on Tuesday, it will come down to who manages risks the best. Two surprise regional champs are at the top half in Bellmont’s Braiden Shaw and Dwenger’s Landon Campbell. Shaw will be pushed by Braxton Amos in the ticket round while Campbell will have a good one with the winner of Jose Montanez and DeAndre Hodge. In the bottom half Owen Perkins qualified for state in 2014 and will have to go through Carroll’s Jessie Lawson to get another ticket to state. Nick Mammolenti of Jimtown had a great regional and will have to get through a tough Ryan George in the quarters. In a weight usually dominated by seniors, we only have five in the field this year. This could be very interesting not only this year, but next!
      Perkins- Garrett Clark
      Hodge- Owen Perkins(2 times), Jordan Rogers, ???
      George- Jessie Lawson, Braiden Shaw(2 times), Ethan Heffernan
      Lawson- Robert Samuels(2 times), Nick Mammolenti, Sean Galligar, Landon Campbell
      Amos- Blake Davis(220), Givoni Murillo, Sean Galligar, Ethan Bunce, Nick Mammolenti, ???
      Mammolenti- Landon Campbell, Isaiah McWilliams, Givoni Murillo, Scott Fuller, William Vakalahi, Blake Davis(220), Braxton Amos
      Campbell- Jessie Lawson, Dakota Ault(2 times), Jordan Libby, Jacob Obst, Nick Conner,William Vakalahi
      Shaw- Jessie Lawson, Dylan Schumm, Nick Mammolenti, Sean Galligar, Dan Cutter, Chris Ridle
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      DeAndre Hodge- Marion vs. Jose Montanez- Goshen
      Ticket Round Tussles
      Braiden Shaw- Bellmont vs. Braxton Amos- Prairie Heights
      Landon Campbell- Bishop Dwenger vs. Montanez/Hodge winner
      Owen Perkins- Oak Hill vs. Jessie Lawson- Carroll
      Nick Mammolenti- Jimtown vs. Ryan George- Delta

      5969 29

      Evansville Semi-State Preview

      Welcome to TripleB’s annual Evansville Semi-State Wrestling Preview Spectacular!!
      Before we get into the good stuff, let’s cover what’s important:
      Ford Arena info, provided by Markio:
      Parking and general information about the arena can be found at www.thefordcenter.com
      Wrestlers can enter the arena at 7:30am for weigh ins. Wrestlers and coaches will enter at the interior ticket office lobby (to the far right of the main lobby doors) to check in and head back. You will pick up your credentials here.
      The only coolers allowed are for wrestlers and must enter at the check in table through the interior ticket lobby. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK for anyone else is allowed inside unfortunately. Not my rules, just standard building policy.
      Public doors open at 8:00am CST. Enter on Main Street through the main lobby. We will look to create a separate door/entrance for those that already have tickets.
      There is NO onsite parking. Please do not have any team vehicles attempt to park in the loading dock or attached outer lot. These are reserved spots.
      There is no public Wi-Fi.
      Tickets are $10 cash at the door. Premium loge seats are available for purchase now and on event day. They are $40 pre-event and $30 if you show up and want them day of. They include a $15 concessions voucher.There is an ATM in the lobby if you need to get some cash out.
      Please do not jump over the dasher walls to access the floor. They try to control access to the floor, so you need to enter from the lower level hallway under section 103. You wouldn't jump the wall at Banker's Life would you? lol
      The hospitality room for officials, etc. will be in the Corner Club. Enter from the main lobby and hang a right at lower level hallway.
      If you are going to set up a camera please do not have the cord running across the aisle. You will be made to unplug any cords running across an aisle.
      We will have full concessions available throughout the day. Coffee and hot chocolate are also available all day as well. (get the bbq pork nachos, huge and awesome)
      There is no smoking on or in the Ford Center property, this includes e-cigarettes.
      Brackets will be updated throughout the day and posted on several of the 170 or so TVs located all over the arena. The brackets end up kind of small, but hey, they are everywhere and pretty cool.
      Lastly,if you are a wrestler that loses please don't kick,throw,or punch Ford Center property. We had a kid break off a door handle last year.Sent the bill to the school.

      We’ll preview all 14 weights. Each weight will feature:
      The Charles Barkley “Turrible” Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round!
      The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Best first round matches!
      The Built Ford Tough Locks - Traditionally this is the most stingiest honor to earn. This year though we will name 7, yes half the weight classes, BFTL’s!
      Ford Fab 4 - After picks were gathered, points distributed, and the dust settled, we’ll have the Ford Fab 4.
      And new this year:
      The Cam Newton Dabs: Wrestlers who got points, but not enough to make the Fab 4, we’ll give them some Dab!
      Hooks Picks and All Semi-State Name Team - Hook and Half brings you a travel guide for things to do and places to eat in Evansville, along with his all name team!
      Without further ado...UNLEASH THE PREVIEW!!
      The land encompassing Evansville was formally relinquished by the Delaware Indians in 1805 to General William Henry Harrison, then the governor of the Indiana Territory. On Saturday should anyone surrender a late takedown, escape or back points, they will find themselves relinquishing a spot on the podium. Faltering in the first couple of rounds will likely mean a one-way ticket to palookaville - Hook and Half
      106: Last year I dubbed 106 the future stars, this year why not go with #StudShow. 4 of the top 10 ranked wrestlers in the state, including the #1 and #2 ranked guys. Wow, the south got some love in the state rankings!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - No first round matches really jump off the page. I’ll single in on Hunter Rice of Evansville Memorial and Victor Antunez of Jennings County. Both guys have double digit losses and this scrappy match should be fun to watch.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #1 vs. # 8 in the state….in THE TICKET ROUND!! Cayden Rooks, one part of the 4 horsemen of the Olympians takes on Asa Garcia of Avon. Garcia got no love from the pickers, can he #GrindItOut and #ProveUsWrong?
      The Dab - Paul Pinkham, Bloomington South. Frosh Senstation Devon Casebolt got the nod to get through. But Pinkham will be looking to get revenge from an early season loss!
      Ford Fab 4 - The Pickers didn’t like the #1 ranked Rooks (well this picker did), Returning State-Runner Up Ty Mills gets the nod.
      #1 Ty Mills, Brownsburg #2 Cayden Rooks, Columbus East #3 Clay Egli, Evansville Mater Dei #4 Devon Casebolt, Castle
      113: All 8 Semi State wrestlers here, including a whopping 6 state ranked kids makes 113 a great weight class on Saturday. Last year Nick Weaver was left as a bridesmaid in a rough ticket round draw with Paul (The Magician) Konrath. This year he hopes to join his running mate Ty Mills, and few more Bulldogs, at the top of podium.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - I got nothing, again. All 8 guys all in different first round matches, it will run status quo.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw -While no repeats of last year, the ticket round should be good. Semi-State 2 vs 7, 1 vs 5, 8 vs 3, and 4 vs 6 will make it a great round.
      The Dab - At one point Columbus East Frosh Jake Schoenegge seemed like a lock to join his Olympian teammates. Then nemesis Dalton Craig rolled into town. Now the Schonegge will have to get through a ticket round match w/ Weaver to get to the Bank. Speaking of Craig, Horty and Craig was almost too close to call. Horty got the nod, but don’t be surprised to see Craig, a ticket round shocker a year ago, punch that ticket. Bloomington South Junior Luke Stull got some love also, but a ticket round match date w/ Marscapone could be too much for the Panther junior.
      Ford Fab 4 - Look for Weaver to get a stiff match from Indian Creek Freshman Alex Mosconi, but experience will drive Weaver to the tile.
      #1 Nick Weaver Brownsburg, #2 Alex Mosconi, Indian Creek #3 Baxter Annakin, Castle #4 Seth Horty, Evansville Memorial
      120: Graham Rooks is pretty good, currently ranked 3rd in the state, took 3rd a year ago, returning Semi State champ, and not the favorite the win Saturday, wait….WHAT??!?!?! Kyle Luigs looks to bring the Wildcats their first of a few SS champs here.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Finally something we can sink our teeth into. Grab your coffee, grab me a coffee, head to section 113 and let’s go! Zak Siddiqui has been in and out of the rankings all year, Castle super frosh Neal Bealmear has been another solid young super Knight for Bob Harmon. This match should deliver! Levi Miller is a returning state qualifier, he’s had a rough adjustment at 120 and he’ll have tough Martinsville junior Keaton Fisher. Congrats to the winner, they get Graham Rooks! I love guys with double digit losses hooking horns, usually they let it all go, so watch for Edgewood’s Daniel Bradburn and Columbus North’s Isaac Peetz.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - While not Turrible draws, nobody likes to see 2 SQ’s going at it in ticket round and more than likely we’ll see Miller vs. Rooks. Also Austin Cook of Northview was a ticket rounder a year ago dropping a match to Will (another magician) Egli. This year he gets Luigs in ticket round. Bealmear and Hunt should be another fun Ticket round match.
      The Dab - Nada, zero, zip, zilch. The pickers were unanimous in the Fab 4
      Ford Fab 4: I couldn’t calm the pickers, they demanded Luigi Luigs. It was tight, but he gets the nod.
      #1 Kyle Luigs, Evansville Mater Dei #2 Graham Rooks, Columbus East #3 Blake Mulkey, Brownsburg #4 Noah Hunt, Bloomington South
      126: Brock Hudkins becomes the first Built Ford Tough Lock. He’s a returning state champ and he headlines the deepest field in the Semi-State. 8, yes 8 state ranked wrestlers will go at it here. All 8 Semi-State ranked wrestlers are here and they aren’t the same as the 8 state ranked. Take out Hud the Stud and this weight will be fireworks!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - 4 first round matches that should be good, yes 4! Kicking things off are two state ranked wrestlers and a potential #4 over #1, #10 James Pritchett and #19 Dawson Combest. The pickers say the winner goes to the Bank. Next up Tony Mosconi and Nick South, Mosconi was upset by Panther Dalton Craig a year ago. This year he has Panther frosh Nick South. Does he get revenge to set up a match w/ Logan Dilbeck? Another potential #4 over #1 Mater Dei Junior Joe Happe has 11 losses, but a win over Regional champ and first round opponent Bloomington South Super Freshman Derek Blubaugh. Blubaugh has had a phenomenal second half of the season, does the Panther get revenge? The winner doesn’t get much time to celebrate as they have a date in the ticket round w/ the winner of the 2 state qualifiers, #17 Noah Franklin and #6 Isaac Gomez. Holy smokes what a bracket!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - First round matches Combest/Pritchett and Franklin/Gomez make Sir Charles head sweat, come on man, turrible, turrible, turrible.
      The Dab - Joe Happe and James Pritchett are both #4’s looking to pull upsets, some say they will be on the podium come Saturday!
      Built Ford Tough Lock - The first of 7, returning state champ Brock Hudkins
      Ford Fab 4: While Hud is head and shoulders above this group, not physically, but yeah you get it, Dilbeck and Gomez caused an uproar, Dilbeck barely gets the nod here.
      #1 Brock Hudkins, Danville #2 Logan Dilbeck, Gibson Southern #3 Isaac Gomez, Plainfield #4 Dawson Combest, Columbus East
      132: Lots of intriguing stories here. The Return of Nick Lee at Team-State sent shock waves through the state, then he disappeared off into the Western sunset, many assumed going the way of Egli and Konrath...Chatter then started again, he’s shooting for Red, he’s coming back for Red, the day of sectional seeding meetings many sat w/ nervous anticipation. Was it happening? Nothing like this has happened in Indiana. Angel and Hump was on a collision course but ended up at different weights. Dolly/Maurer had tons of hype and lived up to it, but Red and Lee, 2 Big Ten signees going at it! Also Elliott Molloy becomes the second returning semi state champ to not be a favorite. Then the bottom half of the bracket is bananas with 5 of the 8 guys receiving votes. Finally I’ll say don’t sleep on Molloy/Lee, it has potential to be good.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Castle’s SS #6 ranked Braedon Clopton and SS #5 ranked Avon’s Nathan Conley, both received votes to be on the podium. Conley was slightly favored here and actually is deadlocked w/ #4 Floyd Central’s Tristan Sellmer, this quarter bracket should be a blast. #17 Josh Elpers is the favorite in his quarter bracket, but a tough first round match w/ upset minded Bulldog Connor Allen will be a good match.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - The only real travesty is Molloy and Lee being on the same side of the bracket. This weight will be decided before face offs.
      The Dab - The quarter bracket w/ #4, #5, #6 ranked wrestlers will deliver, so let’s throw some dab at Clopton and Conley, either of those guys can be on the podium. Also some dab thrown to Connor Allen, some people (hint he’s short) thinks Allan can punch that ticket!
      Built Ford Tough Lock - Returning state champ Nick Lee, he looks to dominate a competitive field.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Nick Lee, Evansville Mater Dei #2 Tristan Sellmer Floyd Central #3 Elliott Molloy, Danville #4 Josh Elpers Evansville North
      138: Last year people were shocked when Nick Lee wasn’t a BFTL, some thought Brayton Lee could pull the upset. He was in fact upset in the ticket round. Well fast forward, Brayton Lee has been dominate enough to be a BFTL, but indeed some people think state ranked and returning state medalists Blake Jourdan can rain on Lee’s parade in the ticket round again. This will be match of the day. On the opposite side of the bracket Castle senior Austin Ramsey will look to slide into the finalist position and await the winner of Jourdan/Lee.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #17 (#7 in SS) ranked Blake Webb vs #5 in SS Trevor Reese, the pickers actually like unranked Reese to beat 2 state ranked grapplers and punch his ticket, but this is another quarter bracket where 3 kids got votes, wide open! Also Tristin Dowell vs. Blake Jourdan. Dowell just returned in time for state tourney is still knocking the rust off, he was a ticket rounder a year ago and dropped a close ticket round match. He can beat Jourdan is Jourdan is looking to Brayton Lee. Don’t be surprised to see Dowell spoil that match.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - 2 top 5 state ranked kids in the ticket round, really? reeeeeallly?? Turrible! Turrible! Turrible! This makes Sir Charles eat Rolaids like candy, not good at all!!!!
      The Dab - Jennings County Frosh Brooks Wathen got some love, but not enough to get a Ford Fab 4 pick. Blake Jourdan also got some love, but not enough grab a golden ticket either.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Brayton Lee, Brownsburg #2 Austin Ramsey, Castle #3 Cale McCoy, Northview #4 Trevor Reese, Franklin
      145: Joe Lee rounds out a group of stellar wrestlers. They almost sound like a law office: Hudkins, Lee, Lee, and Lee! If they are a law firm then Austin Bethel is that pain in backside defense attorney. Little Lee has shown a propensity to give up falls in big matches, Bethel got a huge win over a Lee a year ago and collected another huge win over a Lee at sectionals. Can Bethel slam this case shut?? The jury has spoken…..and no Joe Lee joins his brother in the Built Ford Tough Lock group. The pickers like the Castle 4 to roll here.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Stephen Gibson vs Nicholas Burke has #4 over a #1 written all over it, other than that not a lot going on in the first round.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Center Grove’s Logan Coyle is ranked #12 in the state and #4 in the Semi-State, but the depth of Castle could be too much. Austin Bethel is #10 in state and #2 in SS. This match features 2 state caliber juniors w/ one going home early. #19 ranked Tyler Crowl seemed poised to break through this year, but has #9 ranked Chase Wilson from Princeton in the ticket round, another state ranked stud going home early.
      Tbe Dab - No love here if you aren’t from the deep South!
      Ford Tough Lock - Joe Lee, Evansville Mater Dei
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Joe Lee, Evansville Mater Dei #2 Austin Bethel, Mt. Vernon #3 Chase Wilson, Princeton #4 Nicholas Burke
      152: Another weight, another returning SS champ not favored. Indian Creek’s Elijah Dunn stormed on the scene last year. He had an exciting match with Isaiah Kemper at Semi State and battled to 4th place finish at State. Andrew Herrin shocked the field and grabbed a Semi State title for the Panthers of Jennings County. This year these two grapplers appear to be on a collision course in the Semi finals. Can the 5th ranked Dunn get it done or will the 7th ranked Herrin grab his second semi-state crown? Mater Dei’s Mitch Lehman will look to spoil both their parties and grab a SS championship.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Regional champ Denver Aydelott will get some Dab but he’ll have to put away Mount Vernon’s Micah Keller first. SS ranked Connor Dean will find himself in a battle with Max Hauser of Floyd Central.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - The Round Mound of Takedowns seems happy with 152, no real complaints
      The Dab - Unranked Regional Champ Denver Aydelott would like to cap his senior season with a trip to the Bank, but the pickers favor Avon junior Jacob Clark.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Elijah Dunn, Indian Creek #2 Mitch Lehman, Evansville Mater Dei, #3 Andrew Herrin, Jennings County #4 Jacob Clark, Avon
      160: This weight class was almost a lock from #1 - #4, Cayden Whitaker seems to be the favorite w/ nemesis Burk Van Horn closely following. Castle junior Jacob Farmer also was unanimous, and Colton O’Neal was almost the unanimous choice for fourth but Arkee Glover from Brownsburg got some Dab to prevent that. I say don’t forget about Southridge senior Mitchell Mundy. He was hurt all year and came back just for the state tourney. He’s undefeated, can an undefeated senior be a sleeper? We shall see!!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - We’ll start at the top, Mundy vs. Glover could be a battle. 2 hungry seniors going at it! Next is Jeff Red Devil Donovan Smith, a surprise ticket rounder from a year ago and the quarter bracket favorite Colton O’Neal from Pike Central. Can Smith surprise again? Next up is the marquee matchup of the first round 160lb bracket returning state qualifier Gleason Mappes and Conor Hay of Bloomington South. This one could also be a doozy!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - 14th ranked Cole Chandler of Jennings County has had a great year, but he draws 7th ranked Burk Van Horn in the ticket round. Both guys are ranked top 4 in the Semi-State but only one can advance. Turrible draw for the Panther!
      The Dab - Arkee Glover of Brownsburg another cog in the wheel of the state champ Bulldogs might be the surprise of the bracket!
      Built Ford Tough Lock - Cayden Whitaker, Martinsville
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Cayden Whitaker, Martinsville #2 Burk Van Horn, Franklin #3 Jacob Farmer, Castle #4 Colton O’Neal, Pike Central
      170: Another Ford Tough Lock at 170 as Brownsburg’s Nathan Walton is a clear cut favorite here. Ticket round excitement here as 3 of the 4 matches have been highlighted as matches to watch. With 6 state ranked wrestlers and all 8 semi-state ranked wrestlers accounted for the battle for second could be intense!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #17 (#6 SS) ranked Evan Dowell from Castle will have his hands full right off the bat as he battles #7 SS ranked Jake Moore of Franklin. The other highlight curtain jerker is #16 ranked Jaylon Owens of Pike Central vs #5 SS ranked Ethan Runyan from Martinsville. The Artesian looks for another 4 over 1 upset here.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - While there are no Turrible draws, there will be some exciting ticket round matches: Jacob Hendrich vs. #10 Jonah Hays, #12 Kameron Fuller vs. #17 Evan Dowell, and the winner of Runyan/Owens vs. #9 Thomas Dull of Terre Haute North
      The Dab - Jonah Hays, Evan Dowell, and Ethan Runyan all got some love but not enough to get on the podium
      Built Ford Tough Lock - Nathan Walton, Brownsburg
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Nathan Walton, Brownsburg #2 Kameron Fuller, Jeffersonville #3 Thomas Dull Terre Haute North, #4 Jacob Hendrich Northview
      182: Brownsburg Senior CJ Damler looks to put a cap on the Bulldogs semi-state championship bid here. He’s another Built Ford Tough Lock and like other weights, after the Lock the weight class will be fun to watch. 4 state ranked and 7 semi-state ranked wrestlers will go to battle here for spots at the Bank. Bristen Dial of Brown County vs. Ike Murrell of Terre Haute North and #13 Hunter Dalton vs. # 11 Jaden Sonner should provide ticket round fun.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #7 ss ranked Carson Mohler and #8 ss ranked Marcus Duregger will battle it out to see who gets Damler in the ticket round.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #2 SS Jaden Sonner vs. #3 SS Hunter Dalton will be a ticket round match of two state ranked wrestlers battling for the golden ticket. Bristen Dial’s win over Sonner last week at regionals set this party up.
      The Dab - Jaden Sonner of New Albany and Ike Murrell of Terre Haute North both look to spoil some brackets and extend their seasons by one more week.
      Built Ford Tough Lock - CJ Damler, Brownsburg
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 CJ Damler, Brownsburg #2 Jeremy McKinley Tecumseh #3 Hunter Dalton, Bloomington North #4 Bristen Dial, Brown County
      195: Kurtis Wilderman of Evansville Mater Dei has had a tremendous year, he’s undefeated in the state. Some are saying state title for the Wildcat. But the pickers say hold up, he’s not a lock in weight class featuring 5 state ranked wrestlers and all 8 semi state ranked guys.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Nothing here makes Barry pat himself….wait...a 14 loss Bam Bam Newbolt might knock off heavily favored Ty Robinson of Edgewood and throw that quarter bracket into wildness!! Yes some pickers said so!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Jennings County Senior Christian Redmond rode the overtime train to victories last year over Isaac McCormick and Mater Dei’s Chase Anslinger all the way to the podium at Bankers Life. This year him and McCormick will hook up in the ticket round, both are state ranked. Turrible says Sir Charles, Turrible.
      The Dab - The aforementioned Redmond pulled more votes than other state qualifiers but not enough to make the Fab 4. Jeff’s Darion Newbolt also got some love, but not enough.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Kurtis Wilderman, Evansville Mater Dei #2 Isaac McCormick, Brownsburg #3 Garrison Lee, Monrovia #4 Ty Robinson Edgewood
      220: Usually the big guys get no love. But with 11 state ranked and 15 semi state ranked big dudes in the last 2 weights we hope everybody sticks around for some big guy love! Avon’s Gunnar Larson is the last of the Ford Tough Locks. The defending semi-state champ looks to repeat but will have a stiff challenge from Martinsville’s Clayton Scroggs.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Dakota Short vs. Dristin McCubbins features 2 seniors with stellar records. This whole quarter bracket will be amazing - #18 (#7ss) Chase Dixon will hook horns with #6 ss ranked Cory Heinrichs of Center Grove. #15 (#4ss) Tristin Choate goes to battle with #8 ss ranked Nathan Long.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Dristin McCubbins is ranked #6 in the state, but the pickers went with Michael Boots of Evansville Mater Dei. Were we suffering from pickers fatigue? #18 Chase Dixon vs. #15 Tristin Choate is another match where the pickers went with the underdog. Choate is a returning State Qualifier, evidently we had too much moonshine by 220.
      The Dab - As mentioned above McCubbins and Choate are both favorites on paper, but didn’t get enough votes to get to the Fab 4.
      Built Ford Tough Lock - Gunnar Larson, Avon
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Gunnar Larson, Avon #2 Clayton Scroggs, Martinsville #3 Chase Dixon, Bloomington South #4 Michael Boots, Evansville Mater Dei
      285: Don’t head to Stoll’s Country Inn just yet (but do go afterwards, awesome food!), the big guys are bringing the bang! 7 ranked studs (6 in the top 10) and all 8 ranked semi-state grapplers will be duking it out. This one caused the pickers the most headaches!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #7 (#6ss) Brett Henson and #7 ss ranked Austin Fleck will look to do battle. This is a rematch as Fleck upended Henson 3-2 in their first meeting. This match kicks off this exciting weight class!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #3 state ranked Wade Ripple and #5 state ranked Sean Galligar will go at it for a spot in the Fab 4. Also state ranked #4 Quinn York and state ranked #8 Brendan Sutton will do battle. They wrestled for a 3rd place last year, this year they will wrestle for a spot in the Fab 4!
      The Dab - While this weight class is loaded, the pickers were almost unanimous in the Fab 4 (not so much in the order though), the only heavy getting dab is EMD’s Austin Fleck. The unranked Wildcat will look to push through a heavily ranked field.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      #1 Quinn York, Franklin #2 Sean Galligar, Columbus East #3 Corey Klem, Gibson Southern, #4 Brett Henson, Avon
      I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Hook’s picks and Hook’s all semi-state name team:
      All Name Team:
      Baxter "Embrace the Dark Side" Annakin
      Hunter "Tote That" Baehl
      Dylan "Raising" Cain
      Carson "Black &" Deckard
      Conor "Washer &" Dwyer
      Asa "La Machina" Garcia
      Grant Goforth "& Prosper"
      Max "Brick" Hauser
      Cody "Nikon" Kammerer
      Tony "Willie" Mosconi
      Mitchell "Saturday Sunday" Mundy
      Ike "The Mushroom" Murrell
      Jeb "Hanky" Pankow
      Camden "Wild Irish" Rose
      Burk "Gabriel's" Van Horn
      We’ll end this article with Hook’s Picks:
      -Do not come early, or stay late, to view the Evansville Icemen, the soon-to-be-departed minor league hockey team. The Icemen had tremendous local support before owner Ron Geary produced three seasons of losing, bad hockey. The coffers have dried up and he is moving them to Owensboro. Boo!
      -Dinner- Turoni's has two Evansville locations and a microbrewery. Their pizza is special. DiLegge's is a locally-owned Italian restaurant whose food is out of this world. Visit theHilltop Inn, recently voted theManliest Bar in America. The adventurous should order a brain sandwich. Non-adventurers will be safe and happy with a bowl of Burgoo (trust me). Mrs. Hook loves their chicken livers. I am a Stromboli fiend, accordingly, I have eaten them everywhere. Nobody beats Pizza King for Stroms. Nobody. The Gerst Haus serves authentic German cuisine and has over 30 varieties of beer on tap. Get ready for a carbohydrate and protein load up!
      · Franklin Street has a vibrant night life featuring restaurants, bars, taverns and a night club. Park your car, as the city offers shuttle service for the Mardi Gras pub crawl taking place this weekend.
      · Get your ticket early. There is only one door to enter the Ford Center and it is going to be cold and windy on Saturday morning.
      · Bring money. The Ford Center is one of Indiana's premier venues; it comes at a price. They get NBA-style prices for the concessions. Methinks that the good people of Castle should take over food duties...
      · Bring a hoodie. An ice rink is beneath the mats. The place is fa-rosty.
      · 70 years ago, 130,000 Americans hit Normandy's beaches, liberated Europe and altered the course of western civilization. Many of our boys caught a ride to the shoreline on the LST, built right here in Evans-Vegas. The LST 325 is downtown and available for tours. You will not regret it.
      · John Reitz was a 19th-century lumber baron along the magnitude of a Bill Gates or Donald Trump. His son is the namesake of FJ Reitz High School and Reitz Memorial High School. The Reitz home is open for tours. The Mrs. and the kids will enjoy this.
      · The Children's Museum of Evansville (CMOE) is within walking distance of the Ford Center and is a grand slam. When my three children--Hooksly, Hookticia and PowerHalf--were tikes, it was one of their favorite things to do.
      Thanks everybody! Travel safe and we’ll see you Saturday at The Ford!!!
      Dustin Bentz “TripleB”

      5131 8

      East Chicago Semi-State - Karl's Komments

      A new era in the northwest part of the state will commence this Saturday at the John A. Baratto Athletic Center on the campus of East Chicago Central High School. After 40 plus years at Merrillville High School, the wrestling semi-state has changed venues and moved to the 2nd largest high school gymnasium in the nation. The additional space should allow for an earlier finish time but the biggest plus in my mind will be that athletes should have adequate space to warm up for their matches.
      106 – Four state ranked flyweights headline the bill at 106. Penn’s returning state qualifier Kory Cavanaugh has a fine 35-4 record and will face fellow upper classman, Dylan Petrovski of Lake Central in round one before a match up between the winner of Rensselaer’s Ryne Webb and Lowell’s Andres Moreno. Cavanaugh is the heavy favorite.
      On the same side of the bracket we find state ranked Jose Diaz of Wheeler. Looking to become Wheeler’s first state qualifier for their young program he must defeat Tyson Coon of Benton Central and then Portage’s Brock Peele. Not an easy task.
      On the top half of the bracket is arguably the toughest quarter bracket. Crown Point regional champ Jacob Moran is the favorite by virtue of his 27-1 record and his #9 ranking in the state. But he will likely face a stiff challenge from state ranked (19) Angel Perez of Hammond Morton.
      The last quarter bracket has no state ranked kids but does feature 50 match winner Trey McCartney of Lafayette Harrison.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Two great ticket round match ups are in this bracket. Crown Point’s rookie Moran vs. Angel Perez of Hammond Morton. The other is the likely matchup between Jose Diaz of Wheeler and the peaking Brock Peele of Portage
      4 on the Floor - 1. Cavanaugh – Penn. 2. Moran – Crown Point 3. Peele – Portage, 4. McCartney – Harrison.
      113 – Six state ranked wrestlers will make the 113 class highly competitive and highly entertaining. The top quarter bracket presents the most compelling story line with last year’s 106 pound state champion, Colton Cummings of Lowell likely squaring off with last year’s 5th place finisher at 106, Tylor Triana of Hobart. Triana is in the ticket round match because of another Portage Indian who is peaking at the right time.
      Colin Poynter is that Indian who by virtue of defeating Triana last week has set himself up to make a run at Indy. He will likely face Duneland rival Austin Line of Valpo. Line is a senior and that will give him some extra motivation to qualify for state.
      Austin Slates of Penn is the silent beast in the Kingsman lineup. He is not talked about very much but is a likely qualifier and will be a bad draw for someone next week at state.
      In the final quarter bracket, an interesting battle between one lose junior Donavan Johnson of Logansport and super talented freshman Rehan Uribe of Crown Point is the likely ticket round match. Will the Berry ripen or burst in the Region?
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Three of the four quarter brackets have excellent potential ticket round tilts but the most competitive will likely be the donnybrook between Valpo’s Austin Line and Portage’s Colin Poynter. Will a senior trying to qualify for the first time be able to trump a sophomore coming off the biggest win of his career.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Cummings – Lowell 2. Poynter – Portage 3. Slates – Penn
      4. Uribe – Crown Point.
      120 – Another weight class with six state ranked wrestlers means that a couple of deserving kids will not be getting the opportunity to continue their season next week. The bracket gods were kind and put the #1 and #2 wrestlers in the state on opposite sides of the semi state bracket. #1 Drew Hildebrandt of Penn is looking to for a 2nd semi state crown but he should be tested by #2 Jeremiah Reitz of Griffith.
      Jon Anderson of Lafayette Jeff and Jonathan Moran of Crown Point seem to be frontrunners for the other two spots in the state final bracket but their paths are both filled with potential trouble.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Anderson’s potential ticket round match with Culver Military’s Adam Davis should be excellent.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Hildebrandt – Penn 2. Reitz – Griffith 3. Moran – Crown Point
      4. Anderson – Lafayette Jeff.
      126 – Only 3 grapplers crack the states top 20 at 126 and two of them are in the same quarter bracket. To me that means this should be a wide open bracket where upsets will be common. Senior Gaige Torres of Portage is the clear favorite here. He has been there and done that, wrestling under the lights in Indy last year.
      In the other quarter bracket, Torres’ likely semi final opponent is anyone’s guess. Steve Biancardi wrestled lights out this past Saturday and really seems to be hitting on all cylinders.
      At the top of the bracket another wide open quarter bracket is found with one loss Justin Porter of Logansport facing the winner of Kankakee Valley’s Bryce Niewoehner and Griffith’s Cole Cervantes. These two seem very evenly matched.
      The final golden ticket will probably be secured by the winner of a great match between Michael DeLaPena of Merrillville and Ryan Hardesty of Mishawaka. DeLaPena hammered Hardesty at the Al Smith but Hardesty is wrestling much better at this point in the season.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – DeLaPena vs. Hardesty. A great matchup between two blue blood programs as well as two former state qualifiers.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Torres – Portage 2. DeLaPena – Merrillville 3. Biancardi – Chesterton 4. Niewoehner – Kankakee Valley.
      132 – I really like the way this bracket has taken shape. Like 126 it looks like much of the top talent is fairly evenly matched which makes for close matches, upsets and excitement all around. With that being said, Brendan Black of Hobart is a clear favorite to win this bracket. He should cruise into the semis where the funky Blake Strawsma of Benton Central is likely to meet him.
      The other half of the bracket is full of regional flavor. Chesterton’s Jack Tolin is peaking at the right time and has a regional crown to prove it. He will have to slay the scary Cody Crary of Munster in the round to go to become a state qualifier. Mishawaka’s Preston Risner is another hot wrestler but he will have his hands full with battle tested Kris Rumph of Portage.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Tough call here. Risner vs. Rumph and Crary vs. Tolin should be tightly fought battles.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Black – Hobart 2. Tolin – Chesterton 3. Rumph – Portage
      4. Strawsma – Benton Central
      138 – A fistful of ranked wrestlers dot the bracket at 138 and many of them are familiar names to those who follow region wrestling. 9th ranked Daylan Schurg of Crown Point might be the thirty-fifth Schurg to wrestle for Crown Point but he is 34-1 with a regional crown to his name. He will most likely face the winner of #19 Jacy Leon of Hobart and Trace Manspeaker of Penn. Leon won a narrow 7-4 decision over Manspeaker back in December at the Al Smith.
      After a long four year wait, the bracket gods seem to have looked favorably on Benton Central’s Cole Lukaszka. The long predicted state finals appearance will look to be a reality as Lukaszka’s three potential quarter bracket opponents have a combined 40 losses.
      The bottom half of the bracket has the two highest ranked wrestlers with Jason Crary appearing to have the easier ticket to punch. In the final quarter bracket, Warsaw’s ‘Sloth’ Hatch will be tested in his quarter final round match by Valpo’s Tristan Dembowski but should make it through for his third trip to state.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Hatch versus Dembowski is the top ticket round match up in this bracket. Dembowski has the skill to pull off the upset but I am guessing he would rather be in another quarter bracket.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Hatch – Warsaw 2. Schurg – Crown Point 3. Crary – Munster 4. Lukaszka – Benton Central
      145 – The 145 class returns 3 state qualifiers from last year and five state ranked wrestlers. Kasper McIntosh has a state medal to his name and looks to be the favorite in the top quarter bracket. He should have a very competitive ticket round match with Penn’s senior Cameron Beam.
      Another former state qualifier looks to be the front runner in quarter bracket number 2. South Bend Riley’s 8th ranked Austen Laughlin went absolutely bananas last year at semistate on his way to a championship. He must defeat Crown Point’s Noah Lamore in what looks to be an epic ticket round match up.
      The bottom half of the bracket features Logansport regional champ Clay Jones, who should be tested by Dante Colza. Jones’ funky style is tough to prepare for and look for the Broncho to move to the semis where he will seek revenge for one of his two losses on the season. Culver’s Triston Rodriguez narrowly topped Jones over Christmas break.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Two ticket round beauties await the fans at 145. In the top quarter bracket, a rematch from last year’s ticket round between Kasper McIntosh of Portage and Cameron Beam of Penn is likely. In the second quarter bracket, Riley’s explosive Austen Laughlin will mostly likely tilt with Crown Point’s steady Noah LaMore.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Rodriguez – Culver 2. Laughlin – SB Riley 3. Jones – Laf. Jeff
      4. McIntosh – Portage
      152 – 152 is a scary weight class that has seven to ten guys that have state level talent. Steven “BAM” Lawrence is the unquestioned favorite and one my favorites to watch in the entire state. Kassius Breathitt of South Bend Riley got the “death draw” notice on Saturday night and will have to pull off a miracle to be a qualifier.
      Looking to meet BAM in the semi finals is a trio of grapplers I feel have state finalist level of talent. Unfortunately, only one of the three will qualify. Matt Grammer of Lafayette Jeff, Tavris Evans of South Bend Adams and Diego Lemley of Chesterton are all three excellent wrestlers. The two seniors, Evans and Grammer, will square off early Saturday morning for a chance to face super sophomore Lemley in the ticket round.
      In the bottom half of the bracket are regional winners Denzyl Prentice of Penn and Cody Widner of Twin Lakes but neither is lock for state due to the depth at this weight class. Prentice must dispatch of 11th ranked Zach Lorek of Crown Point to earn his first trip to Indy. The final quarter bracket is the proverbial meat grinder with Widner having to beat studs Micah Calhoun of Plymouth and Lucas Scott of Lowell to punch the golden ticket.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – 3 of the 4 will be intense and some of the best wrestling all day. I’m not even that sure who will be in most of them.
      4 on the Floor - 1. BAM - Portage 2. Prentice – Penn 3. Lemley – Chesterton
      4. Calhoun – Plymouth
      160 – Merrillville is making its debut when it comes to state qualifiers and they will do it with a bang due to the presence of defending state champion Jacob Covaciu. Covaciu has gone wire to wire this season and has barely been stressed. The University of Wisconsin recruit is the poster child for consistency and toughness.
      The second quarter bracket features two of the top juniors in the semi state. Penn’s Jarod Swank and Valpo’s Greg Lichtenberger are both very seasoned and both have wrestled schedules to prepare them for this moment. Swank was dinged up earlier but appears to be clicking on all cylinders at this time.
      Oszkar Kasch of Crown Point highlights the next group of four. He has put together a great sophomore campaign and has already won sectional and regional. He will be challenged by Duneland rival Drake Guerrero and Triton senior Gage Waddle.
      Tavonte Malone is the definition of a bad draw for Logansport winner Dennis Ingle. Malone is a returning state finalist, strong, skilled and hungry after last weeks loss to Swank.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Swank of Penn versus Lichtenberger of Valpo is my top pick here. Both are hard nosed, lunch pail type kids who will leave it out on the mat.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Covaciu – Merrillville 2. Malone – SB Adams 3. Swank – Penn 4. Kasch – Crown Point
      170 – One of the OG’s dominates the bracket at 170. That Original Gorilla is Drew Hughes of Lowell. Hughes has grown from a lil 120 pound freshman into the 170 beast in four years. He is very likely to pick up his second state title on his way to wrestle in East Lansing, Michigan for Sparty. He has been so dominant this year that only one wrestler has made it to the second period.
      That wrestler who made it to the second period is Portage’s Ismael Cornejo. Cornejo has put together a 30-6 season with Portage’s brutal schedule and that’s a good enough resume for me to pick him as the runner up. Challenging Cornejo for a spot in the finals should be Delphi’s Hunter Mote. Seemingly around forever, this is Mote’s senior season and he would love to make the finals at Merrillville. Rounding out the fab four should be Tristan Goering of South Bend Riley.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Logan Nowak of Kankakee Valley will face Ismael Cornejo of Portage for the right to wrestle in Indy. It’s been a few years for a Wheatfield wrestler to make the big stage.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Hughes – Lowell 2. Cornejo – Portage 3. Mote – Delphi
      4. Goering – South Bend Riley.
      182 – In much the same Hughes has dominated the 170 class this season, Chesterton’s Andrew Davison has had his way with 182 class this season. Davison has already committed to the University of Michigan halfway through his junior season. Only a nationally ranked Blake Rypel is keeping Davison from being top ranked in the state.
      In the fight for second place, Lowell’s Ike James looks to join his practice partner at the Big Show next week. There will be no easy tickets, however, and James will have to avenge an earlier season loss to Plymouth’s Jeremy Splix in order to qualify.
      The other two qualifiers will also not be regional champs according to my prognostications. I see South Bend Clay’s Mason Cao earning a trip for himself and first year coach, Adam O’Neil. Hanover Central’s Ashton Mutuwa seems poised to be Hanover Central’s next state qualifier but he must defeat Logansport regional champ Isaac Mathis of Lafayette Harrison to do so.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – South Bend Clay’s Mason Cao and Lake Central’s Russell Gibbs look to be the top ticket round tilt.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Davison – Chesterton 2. James – Lowell 3. Cao – SB Clay
      4. Mutuwa – Hanover Central
      195 – One of the worst death draws at East Chicago is in the top quarter bracket at 195. 6th ranked Jake Kleimola of Lake Central will likely match up with Chesterton sophomore, Lucas Davison. Both of these guys deserve a spot at the state finals.
      The second group of four is tough to call. The regional champ here is the largely unknown Damari Embery of South Newton. The Rebel has only one loss but South Newton is so far off the grid that Embery doesn’t even appear in the semi state rankings. Embery will have to knock off either LaVille’s Corrian Correll or Plymouth’s peaking sophomore, Nate LaFree.
      In the third quarter bracket another brutal ticket round match loom between one match Evan Larsen of Hanover Central and Chris Kidwell of West Lafayette. Larsen’s father was a state champ for the Wildcats and Evan has been to the semi state 3 times.
      The final berth is wide open as none of the four wrestlers look to be favorites. The interesting thing about this last quarter bracket is that there is a grappler from Penn, Portage and Crown Point. Whomever comes out on top of this group will have helped their team tremendously.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Kleimola vs Davison will be fun for the fans but heart breaking for the loser.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Kleimola – Lake Central 2. Evan Larsen – Hanover Central 3. Damari Embery – South Newton 4. Vakalahi – Penn
      220 – Penn’s Kobe Woods is a runaway favorite here and might not be tested until the semifinals of state. The Purdue recruit might be looking for bonus points all day in order to help his team secure a semi state crown. Returning state qualifier Justin Akers of Crown Point got the proverbial death draw and will likely face Woods in the ticket round.
      Facing Woods in the semi finals and earning a trip to state will be the goal of regional champ Brandon Streck. Coming off of injury might be a barrier for Streck 2.0 and seniors Dan Mochen of Chesterton and Dylan Trent of West Lafayette will be gunning for that state berth.
      Big Alex Kukurugya of Valpo is the favorite at the top of the bracket. Mishawaka Marian’s Patrick Ernst will be no pushover for Big Green. In the final quarter bracket Warsaw’s Andrew Brock seems likely to battle with regional champ Donnie Crider of Lafayette Harrison.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Kukurugya of Valpo and Ernst of Mishawaka Marian should be outstanding. A contrast of styles usually makes for good entertainment.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Woods – Penn 2. Kukurugya – Valpo 3. Dan Mochen – Chesterton 4. Andrew Brock - Warsaw
      285 – Streck 1.0 has been a real joy to watch over the past 4 years. He would be my pick for the best heavyweight wrestler the state has ever produced. In the East Chicago semi state he will probably face either Duneland rival Gio Murillo or big Aron Ceglarek of Kankakee Valley. Ceglarek has really impressed me over the past two weeks.
      Isiah McWilliams of South Bend Washington is a fast rising sophomore who looks like he could bench press a Buick. He will likely face Delphi’s Garrett Clark in the 3rd and 4th place match-up.
      Top Ticket Round Tilt(s) – Ceglarek of Kankakee Valley and Gio Murillo should be a doosy. Murillo has faced the best and Ceglarek moves very well for a big man.
      4 on the Floor - 1. Streck – Merrillville 2. Ceglarek – Kankakee Valley 3. McWilliams – South Bend Washington 4. Clark – Delphi


      Carroll Regional Preview

      Link to the brackets
      Team Race
      This could be the easiest prediction of the whole regional, the host Chargers will keep the regional faceplate for the third straight year. They bring in 13 wrestlers with 11 of them having a higher “seed,” while the next biggest contingents are Leo and Huntington North with 9 and Columbia City and Snider with 8. Baring any catastrophic event the team race will be well and decided after the first round.
      SAC rivals Geoffrey Davis of Wayne and Ben Streeter of North Side are on a collision path once again. Davis won the SAC title match 13-6, but this one is more important as it will make the path to state a little easier. Get to the Carroll Fieldhouse early on Saturday as the 2 vs. 3 match-ups at this weight will be great with freshman Joe Just of Carroll going against sophomore gage Malott of Bishop Luers and a battle of freshmen between Leo’s Sam Richard and Garrett’s Brayden Shearer.
      Jack Franklin won a regional title last year at 106lbs and comes in with only one blemish on his record. He looks to be the favorite, while Carroll Sectional champion Joel Byman will need to navigate the rest of the field to meet him for the fifth time this year.
      This is probably the most anticipated weight class of the regional with three ranked wrestlers battling it out. Eddie Loraine, Hunter Langeloh, and Ben Cauffman all know the importance of being a regional champion in order to make the trip to the state finals. All three also are exciting and fun to watch, which will make for some high scoring matches. Dylan Demarco vs. Kyle Rothgeb will be a good first round match to keep your eye on.
      This is a weight you don’t want to miss either. Owen Doster is having a great season so far, but he cannot overlook solid opponents like Brandon Miller, Kobe Raypole, Drake Rhodes or Nik Hoot. Don’t be deceived by Rhodes’ 12 losses, he had a close 3-2 match with Doster just last week.
      This weight will be led by Columbia City senior Kyle Egolf. After having an injury shortened junior year, he has been on top of his game this year with only two losses. He could face a solid Ryan Shaffer of New Haven in the finals or another NHC nemesis Joel Arney of the host Chargers.
      While the Carroll sectional had a surprised 3 seed win the crown last week, at New Haven Isaac Eicher made quick work of his competition. He comes into the Carroll Fieldhouse without a loss for the second straight year. He will have some formidable foes looking to be the first to knock him off including super turtle Chase Downing and a pair of NHC rivals Nathan Smith of Columbia City and Joe Israbian of Carroll.
      Tanner Shipley is looking for his second regional title this year after finishing second as a junior. He will need to be on top of his game from the start. The bottom half of the bracket will be fun to watch as there should be good matches from the start of the day. Kyle Leland of Homestead has had a great second half of the season and North Side’s Logan Capps won a solid weight at the Carroll sectional last week.
      Carroll’s Josh Garman is looking for his second straight regional title at this weight and comes in without a loss. He could run into a solid Archer in Nate Garcia or NHC and sectional foe Cross Dietrich in the finals. Dietrich has a tough first round match against last year’s 145lbs regional runner-up Bailey Shockome of Huntington North.
      This weight is led by Bulldog Nick Potter who comes in battle tested. He will have to get through Carroll sectional champion Erick Loe if he wants to bring back a championship. One first round match to watch is Snider’s Jamison Stiebeling against Eastside’s Gage Delong. Don’t be surprised if the winner of this match ends up in the finals either.
      The Carroll sectional was stacked at this weight and it should show on Saturday. Cadet superstar Zach Davis comes in without a blemish on his record, but needed an extra stanza to get by Churubusco’s Caleb Partin. Don’t sleep on red hot Jacob Lay of Homestead who won sectional with a losing record out of the three seed.
      This will be one of the better weights to watch in the first round with three good matches that are all toss-ups. First Homestead’s Wyatt Clem cannot overlook Beck Davis of Garrett, who has shown he can battle with the better kids at the weight. Wally Grinager of Leo and Stephan Nix of Bishop Dwenger will square off in a match that is too close to call. Lastly, Russell Davies of Snider will battle Whitko’s Zach Baughman in the first round. If everything plays out by the seeds, you could see the 3rd match in four weeks between Carroll’s Kayne Duncan and Clem in the finals.
      The highlight of this weight could be Davis vs. Dunten III. So far Dunten has won two nailbiters in both the dual and sectional matches. However, neither can overlook the likes of returning state qualifier Tristin Anglin or guys like Mikey Rivera and Trevor Thomas.
      Blake Davis of Garrett seems to be the top wrestler here, but was pushed hard last week by Carroll’s Ammon Carr. This weight has many potential landmines as everyone comes in with solid records. Woodlan’s Edwin Barberena is a wildcard as he comes in relatively unknown with only three losses. Also you cannot overlook Layne Emery from Huntington North who won the New Haven sectional.
      The top three wrestlers at this weight come in with a combined 6 losses. This weight will feature a few size disadvantages as Columbia City’s Drew Cummings tips the scales at around 280lbs, while Bishop Luers’ Daemen Williams is around the 220 mark. Snider’s Matt Swartz is right in between and can wrestle with the best. This weight will be very interesting to watch as we will see the different styles and body types collide.

      4175 19

      2017 Fort Wayne Semi-State Preview

      Here...we....GO! The Fort Wayne semi-state has been dominated by the Tigers of Yorktown High the past five years. Will it change this year? Could there be a new sheriff in town? Likely not, but if the Tigers falter there will be others waiting to take the semi-state plaque home.
      The friendly confines of the War Memorial Coliseum will play host to 224 wrestlers with only 56 coming away with a ticket to the state finals at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Look for lots of drama and upsets as this day is always chalk full of it.
      This year we are adding picks to the preview again, however they are those of our Fort Wayne ranking guru Caleb Spires. Good luck to all the competitors this Saturday.
      Team Race
      This is Yorktown’s title to lose at this point. With 12 qualifiers and many of them with very favorable draws they are the heavy favorites to capture their 5th straight semi-state title. However, if they have any missteps there are plenty of teams that will be ready to take the title. Elkhart Memorial has three guys that could win titles, that may not be enough, but they could be near the top. Bellmont always pulls out some upsets none of the prognosticators pick, so they are always dangerous. Carroll could pose a threat as they have three early head to head matches with Yorktown. They would do themselves a HUGE favor by winning those matches. Lastly, you cannot overlook the mighty Panthers of Prairie Heights. The draw gods didn’t do them any favors, but they are battle tested and ready. They aren’t opposed to crashing anyone’s party and cannot be overlooked in the team race. Jimtown is the third team with a shot at making a dent in the team race. They feature two returning state placers in Hunter Watts and Kenny Kerrn along with the Gimson twins that will contend for semi-state titles.
      Early #SlobberKnockers- Early matches you can't miss
      State Street Fights- Ticket round matches that will peak your interest
      #WAYL2- Who Are Your Losses To?
      The head of the class in the lightest weight class is Yorktown’s Brayden Curtis. He finished 7th at state last year and is ranked #1. He has the state experience and is poised to repeat as semi-state champion. He will be pushed however by seniors JC Herring and Fernando Flores. Herring was a state qualifier last year. Garrett’s Brayden Shearer has turned it up during the post season and is a dangerous wrestler from all positions.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 4) - Isaac Weimer (West Noble) vs. Payton Lechner (Western)
      (Bout 5) - JC Herring (Oak Hill) vs. Jon-Matthew Spaw (East Noble)
      State Street Fights
      Brayden Shearer (Garrett) vs. Nick Buchanan (Prairie Heights)
      Brayden Curtis (Yorktown) vs. Isaac Weimer (West Noble) or Payton Lechner (Western)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Brayden Curtis
      2. JC Herring
      3. Fernando Flores
      4. Brayden Shearer
      Herring(1)- Andrew Black
      Flores(2)- Gabe Smith, Danny Tolin,
      Weimer(4)- Spaw, Buchanan(3),
      Spaw(5)- Brendan Mattingly, Tyson Coon, Flores, Weimer, Buchanan
      Lechner(5)- Tyson Coon, Herring(3),
      Sturgill(6)- Lechner, Herring, Ty Haskins, Martin Cruz, Flores, Trevor Penrod,
      Buchanan(6)- Flores(2), Evan Light, Danny Tolin, Weimer, Andrew Black,
      Rupp(6)- Weimer, Logan Boe, Jordan George, Aaron Adkins, Suhas Chundi, Curtis,
      Shearer(7)- Tanner Schoeff(3), Hunter Watts(2), Gabe Smith, Wyatt Miller,
      Last year at semi-state Hunter Watts pulled a couple upsets to make his way to the finals. This year he’ll come in as the favorite. He will have a somewhat easier road to punch his ticket, but he cannot overlook Adams Central’s Logan Mosser in the ticket round. The other big names in this field include South Adam’s Wyatt Miller. Miller has stumbled at semi-state the past two years. This year he looks to be peaking at the right time and has the tools to give Watts all he can handle. The other quarter-brackets are tossups with Joe Just of Carroll and Yorktown’s Zachary Todd banging heads in the first round. Like we said earlier that match could have an important part in the team race. At the bottom, we have two guys that have had breakout seasons in Woodlan’s Chris Schuller and Evan Beasley of Northridge.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 9) - Gerald Pearson (Eastern (Greentown)) vs. Travis Miller (Fairfield)
      (Bout 10) - Zachary Todd (Yorktown) vs. Joe Just (Carroll (Fort Wayne))
      State Street Fights
      Hunter Watts (Jimtown) vs. Logan Mosser (Adams Central)
      Wyatt Miller (South Adams) vs. Tanner Schoeff (Central Noble)
      Chris Schuller (Woodlan)vs. Evan Beasley (Northridge)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Hunter Watts
      2. Wyatt Miller
      3. Chris Shuller
      4. Joe Just
      Schoeff(2)- Beasely(2)
      Pearson(2)- Miller(Fairfield), Tyler Bowling,
      Watts(2)- Kory Cavanaugh(2)
      Miller(3)- Mosser, Davaugh Anderson, Kobe King
      Schuller(5)- Mosser, Zakk Atkins, Wyatt Miller(2), AJ Selvaggio(OH),
      Chauhan(6)- Mosser, Pearson(3), Anderson, ??,
      Brooks(6)- Pearson, Anderson(2), Justin Ristin, Just, ??
      Beasley(7)- Schoeff, Wyat Miller, Watts(2), Travis Miller, Brayden Curtis, Fernando Flores,
      Just(8)- Keegan Overton, Brayden Shearer, Evan Lawhead, Brooks Hartz, Kane Egli, Kory Cavanaugh, Sebastian Cortez, Chris Schuller,
      Miller(9)- Brayden Shearer(2), Beasley, Watts, Schoeff, ??, ??, ??, ??,
      Todd(9)- Mosser, Gavin Rose, Jacob Fiew, Logan Bailey, Keeghan Overton, Dylan Phelphs(MI), ??, ??, ??
      Last year Christian Mejia had an impressive run at state making his way under the lights. However, he didn't even win semi-state, it was Jabin Wright who ran away with the title. Both return and highlight a deep weight class. Others to watch include Yorktown's Josh Stephenson and Homestead's Blaigh Rushing who both won their respective regionals. Non-regional champs to watch include Dekalb's Trevor Boyce who has been knocking on the state door most of his career.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 18) - Jaylyn Yoder (Fairfield) vs. Owen Krider (Carroll (Fort Wayne))
      (Bout 20) - Dane Martin (Leo) vs. Trevor Boyce (DeKalb)
      State Street Fights
      Josh Stephenson (Yorktown) vs. Jaylyn Yoder (Fairfield) or Owen Krider (Carroll (Fort Wayne))
      Jabin Wright (Kokomo) vs. Dane Martin (Leo) or Trevor Boyce (DeKalb)
      Blaigh Rushing (Homestead) vs. Nick Liter (Adams Central)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Christian Mejia
      2. Jabin Wright
      3. Josh Stephenson
      4. Blaigh Rushing
      Wright(1)- Jon Anderson
      Mejia(2)- Colin Poynter, Tylor Triana,
      Smith(3)- Wright(2), ??,
      Boyce(4)- Joe Wright(OH), Sencer Good(OH), Martin, Mejia,
      Stephenson(5)- Justice Cash, Keaton Fisher, Lukasz Walendzak, Mejia, ??
      Rushing(5)- Boyce, Stephenson(2), Lukasz Walendzak, Spencer Cox,
      Martin(8)- Krider, Boyce(2), Rushing, Nick Brady(2), Chase Wilkerson, ??,
      This weight class has numerous storylines and is one that could have a multitude of outcomes. The first storyline is the emergence of Gimson 1. He has had a fine season with only two losses on the season. Then you have the super frosh from Western Hunter Cottingham. Does he have what it takes to punch his ticket to state? He will be a tough out for sure. Back up top you have Garrett’s Dylan DeMarco who had a great regional and could make his first trip to the coliseum a memorable one. Lastly you have three wrestlers that could have a say in the team race in Xayvier Curtis, Joel Byman, and Ryan Rasler. That last quarter bracket will be fun to watch with each wrestler being one that could play spoiler on Saturday.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 26) - Kasey Deardorff (North Miami) vs. William Fiechter (Southern Wells)
      (Bout 32) - Joel Byman (Carroll (Fort Wayne)) vs. Ryan Rasler (Prairie Heights)
      State Street Fights
      Hunter Cottingham (Western) vs. Kyle Davis (Leo)
      Xayvier Curtis (Yorktown) vs. Joel Byman (Carroll (Fort Wayne)) or Ryan Rasler (Prairie Heights)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Matt Gimson
      2. Joel Byman
      3. Hunter Cottingham
      4. Dylan Demarco
      Cottingham(1)- Aaron Castillas
      Gimson(2)- Jon Becker, Graham Rooks,
      Gibson(5)- Jordan Vinson, Cottingham(2), ??, ??,
      Davis(6)- Jon Becker, Jacob Hall(2), Seth Burns, DeMarco, ??
      Curtis(6)- Dalton Craig, Robinson, Jon Becker, Alec White, Jordan Slivka, ??,
      Deardorff(8)- Gibson, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??,
      Rasler(8)- Seth Burns, Dallas Pugsley, Noah Hunt, Byman, DeMarco, Cummings, ??, ??,
      Fiechter(8)- Curtis, DeMarco, Ledesma, Sanders, ??, ??, ??, ??,
      Byman(8)- Dallas Pugsley, Chase Poynter, Carson Willis, Matt Lee, Michael DeLapena, Matt Gimson, Jacob Robinson, Kyle Davis,
      Robinson(9)- Byman(2), Jadon Galvin, Davis, Jake Jenkins(2), DeMarco, Carson Willis, ??
      Demarco(10)- Jayce Meyer, Austin Moore, Zane Standridge, Adam Davis, Gimson(2), Rasler, Noah Hunt, Byman, Davis
      Sanders(10)- Tanner Yenter(OH), Josh Beeks, Cole Houser(OH), Carson Alfred, Larry Evans, Robinson, Jake Jenkins, Fiechter, Curtis, Dylan McClure
      This is another weight where a Tiger will be the favorite. Yorktown’s Christian Hunt has grown into this weight after placing at state at 106lbs two years ago. He is a tough wrestler that is hard to score on and usually scoring more points is how you win wrestling matches. Others to watch here include Gimson 2. Conner Gimson suffered his first loss of the year at regional and will be the favorite in his quarter bracket. Central Noble’s Austin Moore was the one that handed Gimson his lone loss this year. He seems to be peaking at the right time. The most intriguing ticket round battle will be Columbia City’s Matthew Wright against Adams Central’s Anthony Mosser. Mosser was a state qualifier two years ago at 113lbs.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 38) - Jayce Meyer (Angola) vs. Anthony Mosser (Adams Central)
      State Street Fights
      Matthew Wright (Columbia City) vs. Anthony Mosser (Adams Central)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Christian Hunt
      2. Conner Gimson
      3. Austin Moore
      4. Anthony Mosser
      Gimson(1)- Moore
      Mosser(2)- Jack Servies, Hunt,
      Moore(2)- Hayden Lohrey, Mosser,
      Hunt(2)- Breyden Bailey(2)
      Price(3)- Standridge, Wright, Briar Goodwin
      Wright(5)- Kyle Davis, Jon Becker, Reilly Heater(OH), Maxwell Hertensteiner(OH), Austin Roemer
      Morrisett(5)- Tim Wright, Jaylon Gibson, Zach Burrell, Cordell Cowan, Colin Fletcher
      Schliessman(8)- Cainan Schaefer, Gimson, Noah Robinson, Drew Kreitzer, Hunt, Mosser,
      It is looking like a familiar theme with another Tiger being the favorite here. Yorktown’s Eric Hiestand is another great wrestler from the family and has been on a tear this year. He is hard to score on and will be a threat from any position for big points. After him the weight is wide open. You have some great matches and rivalries that could match up in the first round onward. Dillon Yoder and Joe Leazier will renew their NECC rivalry with the winner getting a crack at Hiestand. Others to watch include a ticket round tussle with Ethan Hicks of Carroll and Logan Macklin of Adams Central. Both have had very similar results against common opponents so it should be a fun one. On the bottom quarter there are about three or even four guys with a chance for that last ticket. Most of them are relative unknowns so it will be who wants it more.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 46) - Dillon Yoder (Fairfield) vs. Joe Leazier (Churubusco)
      (Bout 48) - Ben Macias (F.w. South Side) vs. Chaz Boyd (Elkhart Central)
      State Street Fights
      Ethan Hicks (Carroll (Fort Wayne)) vs. Logan Macklin (Adams Central)
      Owen Eveler (Northridge) vs. Grant Gutierrez (Bellmont)
      Lorenzo Trevino (Marion) vs. Ben Macias (FW South Side)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Eric Hiestand
      2. Ethan Hicks
      3. Grant Gutierrez
      4. Ben Macias
      Hiestand(2)- Donald Campbell, Zach Melloh,
      Leazier(4)- Hicks(2), Dillon Yoder, Austin Moore
      Macias(4)- Chase Hissong, Leazier, Lorenzo Trevino, Zack Bullock,
      Yoder(5)- Dylan DeMarco, Graham Calhoun, Boyd, ??, ??
      Hicks(5)- Robert Deters, Kris Rumph, Jake Schoenegge, Grant Gutierrez, Joe Leazier
      Trevino(6)- Cody McCune, Matt Wright, Treyven McKinley, Jadon Crisp, Owen Eveler, ??,
      Macklin(6)- Calvin Brown(OH), Blake Hohleer(OH), Matt Laughlin, Derek Blubaugh, Payton Asbury, Eric Hiestand,
      Eveler(6)- Hiestand, Graham Calhoun(2), Leazier, Jayce Meyer, Yoder
      Jones(7)- Leazier, Hiestand, Macklin, Gutierrez, ??, ??, ??
      Gutierrez(8)- Sam Osho, Antwaun Graves, Colt Rutter, Hicks, Jacob Laplace, Brooks Davis, Logan Macklin, Hiestand,
      The theme this year seems to be the finals are in the SEMI-finals. This weight is another one with arguably the top two or even three guys in the same half. At the top we have some interesting match-ups with a quarter bracket that is a virtual pick’em. The wrestler with the least number of losses is the #4 seed, while two guys have 10+ losses. There is no big favorite here, so we’ll see who is ready to wrestle on Saturday. Going down the bracket we will get Wyro and Barr III. They have split matches this year with Barr winning early in the season and Wyro taking the match at Christmas time. Teams in the hunt for a semi-state title will be keeping tabs on this match-up. The bottom bracket will provide some fireworks. Jay County’s fab freshman Mason Winner drew the tough Riley Rasler from Prairie Heights. Winner has only one loss in the state and is as tough as they come. On the bottom side the favorite is Super Charger Joel Arney who will need to get pumped for his potential semi-final match.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 52) - Brady Wyro (Homestead) vs. Xander Stroud (Elkhart Central)
      (Bout 56) - Parker Bates (Adams Central) vs. Cole Ridgeway (Oak Hill)
      State Street Fights
      Eli Elkins (Eastern (Greentown)) vs. Carlos Aguirre (Garrett)
      Alex Barr (Yorktown) vs. Brady Wyro (Homestead) or Xander Stroud (Elkhart Central)
      Riley Rasler (Prairie Heights) vs. Mason Winner (Jay County)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Mason Winner
      2. Alex Barr
      3. Joel Arney
      4. Carlos Aguirre
      Rasler(1)- Kasper McIntosh
      Arney(2)- Rasler, Mario Traficanti,
      Winner(2)- Barr, Eric Beck(OH),
      Barr(4)- Wyro, Jack Ferraro, Colby Deberry(MI), ??,
      Stroud(4)- Romeo Hoover, Kassius Breathitt, Haden Hensley, Rasler,
      Young(6)- Winner, Barr, Bates, Owen Conklin, Richardson, ??,
      Wyro(6)- Barr, Aguirre, Winner, Brayton Lee, Rasler, Tristan Lerch,
      Elkins(7)- Kyle Wagner, Chad Rothwell, Ridgeway, Jeffery Closser, Ruger Ranney(MI), Carter Ciscell, ??
      Aguirre(10)- Arney(3), Cooper Abramson, Rasler(2), Grant Gutierrez, Mike Humbert, Malik Hoover, Blake Webb
      We knew coming into this weight there could be some cringeworthy ticket round matches here. The bracket gods were at least partially kind, but they still didn’t make it easy for anyone of the top guys to punch their tickets to state. Three wrestlers here have state experience with the fantastic Jimmie Kenny Kerrn leading the way after bringing a medal home last year. Nate Weimer earned a state medal two years ago at 126lbs and Yorktown’s Colt Rutter was a qualifier last year. Sprinkled in with those guys are tough outs in the Patriot Tyler Leonard, three-time ticket rounder Garrett Griffin of Northwood, an undefeated Christian Bratcher of Eastbrook, four loss Dylan Torbush, and finally the mighty Knight Chandler Woenker. There will be some great matches from start to finish here.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 60) - Garrett Griffin (Northwood) vs. Corbin Hetzner (Eastern (Greentown))
      (Bout 64) - Dylan Torbush (Wes-Del) vs. Chandler Woenker (F.w. Bishop Luers)
      State Street Fights
      Tyler Leonhard (Jay County) vs. Nathaniel Weimer (East Noble)
      Hunter Reed (Columbia City) vs. Garrett Griffin (Northwood) or Corbin Hetzner (Eastern (Greentown))
      Christian Bratcher (Eastbrook) vs. Colt Rutter (Yorktown)
      Kenny Kerrn (Jimtown) vs. Chandler Woenker (F.w. Bishop Luers)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Kenny Kerrn
      2. Hunter Reed
      3. Nate Weimer
      4. Christian Bratcher
      Reed(1)- Weimer
      Kerrn(1)- Kyle Hatch
      Woenker(3)- Reed, Javier Johnson, Bratcher
      Evans(3)- Jacob Suski, France, Bratcher
      Torbush(4)- Leonard(2), Rutter, ??
      Green(4)- Kerrn, Torbush(2), Rutter
      Weimer(4)- Hunter Reed, Kenny Kerrn, Michael Lictenberger, Heiniger(Default),
      Leonhard(4)- Hunter Perdue(OH), Andrew Negangard, Tony Mosconi, Reed,
      Hetzner(5)- Bratcher(3), Clayton Cowan, Reed
      Rutter(6)- Josh Cooper, Adam Hall(MI), Tyler Leonhard, Trevor Reese, Riley White, Robert Deters,
      Griffin(7)- Kyle Hatch(2), Denver Aydelott, Logan Coyle, Sam Gobeyn, Kerrn(2)
      Three wrestlers with state experience will come into this weight and they all seem to have some history with each other. Leading the way is state #1 and nationally ranked Brad Laughlin. He has adjusted to the 15lbs jump from last year and been extremely dominant. He will be pushed by Tony Busse who has had a fine senior year after qualifying for state last year. Both cannot overlook the ever dangerous Jed Levitz who had a defensive fall against Busse at the Al Smith this year. Levitz isn’t afraid to get funky and he is not afraid to headhunt. The last qualifying spot will be tough with three talented wrestlers looking to punch their tickets to state. Nick Potter has lost to Levitz and Busse the past two years in the ticket round. Tykease Baker and Ivan Hemmelgarn are both game competitors that could push Potter for the last ticket.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 72) - Ivan Hemmelgarn (Jay County) vs. Tykease Baker (Elkhart Central)
      State Street Fights
      Jed Levitz (Prairie Heights) vs. Javier Johnson (F.w. Wayne)
      Delton Moore (Manchester) vs. Tony Busse (Bellmont)
      Nick Potter (New Haven) vs. Ivan Hemmelgarn (Jay County) or Tykease Baker (Elkhart Central)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Brad Laughlin
      2. Tony Busse
      3. Jed Levitz
      4. Nick Potter
      Laughlin(1)- Burk Van Horn
      Moore(3)- Evan Jeubehussen, Micah Calhoun, Nate Weimer
      Levitz(3)- Laine Frazee, Gleason Mappes, Laughlin
      Busse(4)- Carson Brewer, Levitz, Chase Wilson, Draker Guerrero,
      Potter(5)- Busse(2), Sam Hauke, ??, ??,
      Hemmelgarn(5)- Michael Baker(OH), Alston Bane, Jonyvan Johnson, Busse, Laughlin
      King(6)- Ethan Stock, Josh Gee, Moore, ??, ??, ??,
      Johnson(7)- Potter(3), Weimer, Dru Berkebile, Busse, Carson Brewer
      Lone(7)- Lentz, Micah Calhoun, Brenden Montgomery, Micah Wray, Jordan Siddons, Baker, Levitz
      Baker(9)- David Sheley, Dalton Heintzberger, Travis Sloffer, Laik Minnick, Bryce Baumgartner, Lucas Scott, Quentin Moore, Levitz, Tavonte Malone
      Three returning wrestlers with state experience headline a loaded 170lbs class at Fort Wayne. Tristan Goering made the move from South Bend and is the only one with a state medal. Bryce Baumgartner has made three trips to the Bank, but never has made it to Saturday. Peru’s Jordan Rader was a state qualifier in 2015. All three were at the Al Smith this year, with only Goering making the medal stand. Look for all three to be contenders for a medal next week.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 74) - Thomas Hemmelgarn (Jay County) vs. Isaac Cornewell (F. W. Bishop Dwenger)
      (Bout 78) - Coye Blodgett (Prairie Heights) vs. Brody Hardcastle (Oak Hill)
      State Street Fights
      Jonyvan Johnson (New Haven) vs. Brody Hardcastle (Oak Hill)
      Bryce Baumgartner (Bellmont) vs. Quentin Moore (Manchester)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Bryce Baumgartner
      2. Jordan Rader
      3. Tristan Goering
      4. Brody Hardcastle
      Baumgartner(1)- Zack Fattore
      Rader(2)- Tristan Goering, Thomas Penola,
      Goering(3)- Jonah Hays, Ismael Cornejo, Conner Graber
      Hardcastle(4)- Eli Stock, Silas Allred, Rader(2)
      Johnson(5)- Baumgartner, Joe Mazero, Tanner Webster, Caden Friedt, ??
      Moore(6)- Rader(2), Conner Graber, Colten Schuler, Hardcastle, ??
      Pease(7)- Jake Orschell, Heintzberger, Eli Stock, Justin Miller, Hunter Gulden, Baumgartner, conner Brown
      Cardwell(7)- Chirstopher Adams, Trizton Carson, Rader(2), Hardcastle, Moore(2)
      Minnick(8)- Blodgett, Sloffer, Hayden McGee(OH), Patric Keown(OH), Johnson, Hardcastle, Cornwell(2)
      Edwards(8)- Tevonte Malone, Evan Jones, Tanner Webster, Thomas Penola, Sloffer, Goering(3),
      Hemmelgarn(9)- Rylee Schindler, Javier Johnson(2), Sam Smith, Dylan Hicks, Andrew Meyer(OH), Tucker Wallace, Baumgartner(2)
      This weight is going to be another one that you will see some slugfests in the ticket round. Returning state placers Jacob Gray and Joey Blakeley headline this group. Gray’s only losses this year are to #1 and former #800lbGorilla teammate Nathan Walton. Blakeley is currently 1-1 this year with Conner Graber of Northridge who has had a breakout season. However, Graber will have to get past the amazin’ Apache Noah Cressell for a chance to see Blakeley for a third time. If you snuck ahead and read the #WAYL2 you will see that Cressell’s only loss this season is to Graber. Others to watch here is the Saint Stephen Nix who will have to fend off a tough Brave freshman Caden Friedt...weird there have been approximately 8,374 Friedts in the history of Bellmont.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 84) - DaShaun Barbary (Kokomo) vs. Jaxson Savieo (New Haven)
      State Street Fights
      Joey Blakeley (Prairie Heights) vs. Blaney Harrison (Oak Hill)
      Stephen Nix (F. W. Bishop Dwenger) vs. Caden Friedt (Bellmont)
      Noah Cressell (Wabash) vs. Conner Graber (Northridge)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Jacob Gray
      2. Conner Graber
      3. Joey Blakely
      4. Stephen Nix
      Graber(1)- Blakeley
      Cressell(1)- Graber
      Gray(2)- Nathan Walton(2)
      Harrison(2)- Cressell(2)
      Nix(3)- Jacob Hendrich(2), Cameryn Smith,
      Blakeley(3)- Lucas Davison, Graber, Cameryn Smith
      Barbary(6)- Graber, Evan Stambaugh, Isaac Fruits, Harrison(2), Cressell
      McCann(6)- Blakeley(2), Cressell, Cole Houtz(MI), Scott Sutton(2),
      Friedt(7)- Joey Szydlo, Jacob Bondon, Tyler Schlegel, Tevonte Malone, Anthony Cicciarelli, Gray, Savieo
      This weight has a little bit of both state experienced wrestlers and others waiting to break out and make a name for themselves. Leading the way is two-time state placer David Eli who has all the tools to challenge the top guys in the state here. He cannot overlook recent St. Francis Cougar commit Caleb Hankenson who was a state qualifier last year. Before Hankenson takes his skills to the gridiron next fall he will take care of some unfinished business on the mat. Others to watch in this weight is a relative unknown in Wayne’s Dalyn Hart. He could play spoiler this Saturday if he is overlooked.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 90) - Tony Fuller (Oak Hill) vs. Draven Rasler (West Noble)
      (Bout 95) - Gavin Herrera (Kokomo) vs. Codey Shafer (Prairie Heights)
      (Bout 96) - Kelly Watson (Yorktown) vs. Devonte Brown (New Haven)
      State Street Fights
      Dalyn Hart (F.w. Wayne) vs. Tony Fuller (Oak Hill) or Draven Rasler (West Noble)
      David Eli (Elkhart Memorial) vs. Isaiah Baumgartner (South Adams)
      Gavin Herrera (Kokomo) vs. Kelly Watson (Yorktown) or Devonte Brown (New Haven)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. David Eli
      2. Caleb Hankenson
      3. Dalyn Hart
      4. Gavin Herrera
      Hankenson(1)- Andrew Davison
      Eli(1)- Andrew Davison
      Sedwick(2)- Tyler Moser, Herrera,
      Hart(3)- Ben Stewart, Hankenson, Victor Lee
      Rasler(5)- Eli, Dylan McCune, Tyler Moser, ??, ??
      Herrera(6)- Trenton Bixler, Cole Slavens, Fuller, ??, ??, ??,
      Fuller(6)- Cavin Beavers, Nash Brunner, Herrera, Sedwick, ??, ??,
      Baumgartner(6)- Jacob Elkins, Cordell Camp, Jayden Elwood, Hankenson(2), Levi Leffers
      The light heavies will be knocking heads early. If you peak down to the ticket round matches you will see all four will be doozies. The two wrestlers in this bracket with state experience could face off for a ticket to state. Last year Corbin Maddox had a great year finishing 7th at 195 and Garrett’s mighty Railroader Beck Davis qualified for state at 195. In the top you’ll have a rubber match between NECC rivals JT Kilgore and Austin Evans, no better way to settle your differences than in the ticket round. Nick Fox and Gaven Hare could also have a great match, both are built very similar and both have the experience to punch their ticket to state. On the bottom half of the bracket you’ll have Trenton Bixler who has put up a fine season facing the Charger Tyler McKeever.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 99) - Nick Fox (Kokomo) vs. Austin Amstutz (New Haven)
      (Bout 104) - Beck Davis (Garrett) vs. Max Clark (Northwestern)
      State Street Fights
      J.T. Kilgore (Churubusco) vs. Austin Evans (Lakeland)
      Nick Fox (Kokomo) vs. Gaven Hare (Jay County)
      Trenton Bixler (Northridge) vs. Tyler McKeever (Carroll (Fort Wayne))
      Corbin Maddox (Daleville) vs. Beck Davis (Garrett) or Max Clark (Northwestern)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Corbin Maddox
      2. J.T. Kilgore
      3. Tyler McKeever
      4. Nick Fox
      Clark(1)- Fox
      Kilgore(3)- Hare, McKeever, Evans
      Evans(3)- Bixler(2), Kilgore,
      Davis(4)- McKeever(2), Evans(2),
      Fox(5)- Joey Myren, Jacob McClaine, Dalton Clouse, ??, ??
      Hare(5)- Wyatt Hillard(OH), Jared Brinkman, Blake Ripperger, Zach Klostrman(OH), Maddox
      Bixler(5)- Watson, Devonte Brown, Kilgore(2), Cordell Camp(2),
      Amstutz(7)- Ethan Bailey, Joe Myren, Jaden Elwood, Kilgore(2), Davis, Ryan Leslie,
      McKeever(8)- Tahji Irving, Cordell Camp, Kilgore(2), Riley Peterson, Justin Akers, Michael Boots, Eli Pokorney
      From the beginning of the year we have known this could be a fun weight class to watch. Evan Ellis is the only one with a state medal in the group while Owen Perkins has been to state twice. Carroll's big man Jessie Lawson has had a fine season, but suffered some hiccups along the way. If he's consistent he might give Ellis a good match. Jacob Rhoades had a great season last year, but suffered an injury and was not able to wrestle the state series. He will have a really good ticket round match with Perkins. Don’t overlook the BIG Brave Braiden Shaw, he is a very formidable opponent that has some impressive wins this year. The bottom quarter bracket is a virtual pick’em with Ault and Conner being the favorites to wrestle for a ticket to state.
      Early #SlobberKnockers
      (Bout 106) - Avery Jones (Peru) vs. Vince Yoder (Fairfield)
      State Street Fights
      Jacob Rhoades (Yorktown) vs. Owen Perkins (Oak Hill)
      Evan Ellis (Eastern (Greentown)) vs. Braiden Shaw (Bellmont)
      Nick Conner (Elkhart Central) vs. Dakota Ault (F.w. North Side)
      Caleb's Concrete Calls
      1. Evan Ellis
      2. Jessie Lawson
      3. Jacob Rhoades
      4. Dakota Ault
      Rhoades(2)- Rickie Clark, ??,
      Lawson(3)- Rickie Clark, Robert Samuels, Shaw
      Ault(3)- Lawson(2), Ellis,
      Perkins(4)- Ellis(4)
      Conner(5)- Lawson, Gio Murillo, Alex Faulkner, Isaiah McWilliams, ??
      Shaw(6)- Brett Henson, Tyler Selm, Rhoades(2), Robert Samuels, Steve Woolbright
      Jacobs(7)- Yoder, Conner(2), Elisha Tipping, Watson, Nick Fox, Rhoades,
      Yoder(8)- Chase Leeper, Conner(2), Alexander McBee, Contreras, Jacobs, ??, ??
      Camp(8)- Yoder, JT Kilgore(2), Max Steward, Brian Fuller, Chase Leeper, Ault, Lawson
      Contreras(9)- Chanlder Austgen, Lawson, Shaw, Conner(2), Ault, Yoder(2), Jacobs


      Karl Komments on the State Finals

      106 - I have it on good authority that Indiana Mudflap is a fan of the lil’ guys on the mats. He says he will be eating some hot wings before invading Banker’s Life but I can guarantee he will be there for the fireworks on display as four, count ‘em, four ranked wrestlers will tangling in the first two matches. Returning state runner up Ty Mills of Brownsburg is the top ranked kid in the bracket and he should get by 16th ranked Gavin Rose of Greenfield Central. Mills will then rest up for Saturday morning where he face off against the winner of one of the premier Friday night tilts. Northwood’s Tanner DeMien is ranked fifth and is a returning 7th place finisher from last year. He will square off with Crown Point’s super frosh Jacob Moran. Moran does a nice impression of Jared Brooks with his athleticism and leg attacks and I feel he will be too much for the Panther.
      In the second quarter bracket, Warren Central’s powerful Keyuan Murphy is a strong favorite after his championship run at New Castle. He should get by Castle’s Devon Casebolt on Friday night. The other match features Wheeler’s Jose Diaz and Jimtown’s Hunter Watts. Diaz has impressed region rats with his goer mentality and he has become his school’s first state qualifier. Jimtown’s mighty mite Watts frankly did not look like a state qualifier earlier in the season. A great day at team state has seemed to jump start his season and he has been on a nice run. Another great match up.
      In the third quarter bracket there are another four ranked wrestlers and two legitimate threats to win a state championship. Fourth ranked Kory Cavanaugh of Penn has state experience and has been rock solid all season. He will likely see nemesis Sam Fair of Perry Meridian. Fair has two razor thin wins over Cavanaugh. This will be a great Saturday morning tussle. Set your alarms and don’t miss this one.
      The final quarter bracket is completely wide open in my mind. Cathedral’s Lukasz Walendzak has wins over some of the best 106ers in the state. Walendzak will face Avon’s ace, Asa Garcia. Garcia is the author of one of the bigger upsets of the semi state weekend when he dashed the dreams of top ranked Cayden Rooks in Evansville. The other tilt features Yorktown’s #7 ranked Brayton Curtis, who won the Ft. Wayne semi state, and Trey McCartney who was impressive at East Chicago.
      113 – This class is probably not as wide open as the 106ers because of the dominance shown by Lowell Red Devil Colton Cummings. Cummings has shredded everyone put in his path this season with a lethal combination of leg attacks and pinning power. A potential #1 versus #2 is possible in this class as New Palestine’s overshadowed Alec White is poised on the other side of the bracket. White is a three time qualifier and former medalist. White must first survive a brutal quarter bracket that also features seniors 14th ranked Geoffrey Davis of Ft. Wayne Wayne HS, #7 Austin Slates of Penn and frosh #10 Alex Mosconi of Indian Creek. The bottom quarter bracket features super hot grapplers, Colin Poynter of Portage and Nick Weaver of Brownsburg. Poynter vs. Weaver should be outstanding if they meet on Saturday morning.
      In that top half, Colton Cummings looms large but he will still need to survive a Saturday morning clash with #3 Skylour Turner of Warren Central and a semi final match with a largely unknown group of wrestlers.
      120 - All the top contenders are in the bracket and most of the top names are split in the opposite sides of the bracket. Fifteen of the sixteen state street spots are taken by ranked wrestlers. An impressive display by IndianaMat’s rankit ngs guy. At the top of the bracket, we have one of the most unheralded semi state champs in Brownsburg’s Blake Mulkey. The Bulldog sophomore has an unblemished record but is only ranked 7th. I look for him to win Friday night over Bellmont’s Mason Mendez and then advancing past Beech Grove’s Ethan Smiley on Saturday morning.
      The battle to meet Mulkey in the semi’s will be fought by some studs who have a ton of state experience. Columbia City’s fourth ranked Hunter Langeloh, Lebanon’s tenth ranked Caleb Bocock and Griffith’s second ranked Jeremiah Reitz all have multiple years of experience on the floor at Banker’s Life. The projected matchup between Langeloh and Reitz is state final quality wrestling on Saturday morning. Indiana wrestling fans are the winners here.
      Top ranked Drew Hildebrandt tops the next quarter bracket but the Kingsman will have no easy road as the winner of the Friday night match up between fifth ranked Blake Glogouski of Fairfield and sixth ranked Kyle Luigs of Mater Dei awaits last year’s state runner up.
      The final set of four contains New Castle champ Dylan Culp of Warren Central and third ranked Graham Rooks of Columbus East. The depth of quality wrestling at 120 is quite impressive and this is a weight class that will provide great matches from the beginning.
      126 - Danville’s Brock Hudkins will look to defend his state title this year and comes into the tournament with an unblemished 43-0 record. The Northern Illinois bound senior will have to top fifth ranked Joel McGhee of Warren Central on Saturday morning and fourth ranked IU bound Austin Holmes of Hamilton Southeastern in the afternoon to make a return to the match under the lights. I like Hudkins chances to do just that.
      The other side of the bracket has both the second and third ranked wrestlers and if they hold chalk, Portage’s Gaige Torres and Cathedral’s Breyden Bailey should battle for the right to wrestle Hudkins. Torres versus Bailey should be one of the better semi final matches as they wrestle almost opposite styles. It will be the funky always exciting style of Bailey matched up with the classic in your face toughness of Torres. The top four kids in the state with one in each quarter bracket, what more could wrestling fans ask for.
      132 - Ali versus Frazier, Red Sox versus Yankees, Michigan versus Ohio State, Chad Red versus Nick Lee. It has been the most talked about match up in the state over the past two years and it appears that we are all going to see the greatest match up ever in the state finals this year at 132.
      In one corner you have a returning champ in Mater Dei’s Nick Lee. Lee has shown he is afraid of no one as he squared off against Steven Micic in his freshman year. Lee won a title last year and then followed it up with an impressive spring and summer. He ended up his summer with a scholarship offer to Penn State and top ten national ranking.
      In the other corner you have New Palestine’s incredible Chad Red. All he has done is beat everyone put in front of him over the past three years, not only in the state of Indiana but also in the entire country. A fourth state title and an unblemished high school record are what Red puts on the line. The Nebraska recruit is so fun to watch and I, like many, have been dreaming about the potential scrambles these two studs will get into on Saturday night.
      138 - It has been 150 plus years since those in the north have had to worry about an invasion by Lee but now Indianapolis will have two worry about three Lee’s all coming for Evansville semi state. Nick was the first Lee at 132 and at 138, we see top ranked Brayton Lee of Brownsburg. Brayton is another Bulldog with an perfect record who will be the odds on favorite to win Brownsburg a state title. Lee has exorcised the ghosts of last year’s shocking defeat in the ticket round with a dominating performance last week. The talented sophomore will likely see Westfield’s Evan Eldred in the semi’s. The Shamrock senior’s only loss on the season is a narrow 5-3 loss to…..Brownsburg’s Brayton Lee.
      On the other side of the bracket, all eyes will be on the quarter final match up between second ranked Sage Coy of Delta and fourth ranked Matt McKinney of Warren Central. The winner of this match up will likely be under the lights.
      145 – The third Lee is sophomore Joe Lee of Mater Dei. The younger brother of Nick wrestled under the lights last year and seemed poised to join his brother on top of the podium until Tommy Cash struck with an excellent counter to secure the win. This season looked to be all about Joe until suffering a pair of defeats to New Palestine’s Jared Timberman and Mount Vernon’s Austin Bethel. So what we have is a weight class that is wide open with four or five wrestlers that can make a legitimate run for the crown.
      The top half of the bracket looks like an absolute meat grinder. Top ranked Brad Laughlin of Yorktown has one blemish on his record and that was at 160 pounds. He must overcome 2nd ranked Timberman, or 3rd ranked Lee, or 6th ranked Triston Rodriguez of Culver to wrestle Saturday night. No easy task.
      On the other side of the bracket we have returning state runner up Jordan Vaughn of Franklin Central and Kasper McIntosh of Portage who come in as semi state champs. But for these two to reach the semis, they must beat Jimtown’s Kenny Kernn and Leo’s Isaac Eicher respectively. Eicher has a state medal on his resume and Kernn has been nothing short of dominant since midseason. I predict a lot of maroon and gold under the lights.
      152 – No one named Lee is contending at 152 but a similar bracket has been built with one side looking significantly deeper than the other. The bottom half contains #1 BAM Lawrence of Portage, #2 Cael McCormick of Yorktown, #4 Dru Berkebile of Frankton and #5 and #6 Elijah Dunn of Indian Creek and Brett Johnson of Perry Meridian. Can you say meat grinder? I like McCormick and BAM to survive but honestly would not be surprised if any of the other three ranked wrestlers to get to the semis because of the depth at this weight class.
      At the other end, the bracket gods smiled down on Trent Pruitt. The third ranked Warren Central junior has a stacked quarter bracket with a tough Friday night tilt with Mater Dei senior Mitch Lehman. Pruitt will face the winner of a likely Denzyl Prentice/Andrew Herrin match up that looks to be a donnybrook. Both are coming off excellent semi states where Herrin throttled the field at Evansville and Prentice looked as good as he ever has, giving Lawrence a great match in the finals.
      160 – Speaking of bracket gods, they were not too kind at 160 as #1 Jacob Covaciu and #2 Alston Bane were both bracketed on the same side. However, Bane’s Batman last week, Noah Warren of Perry Meridian won the New Castle semi state and put himself in a position to wrestle under the lights on Saturday night. Warren has only one blemish on his record and that was to Jarod Swank of Penn at team state. For Warren to get to the semis he might need to avenge his loss to Swank and then also defeat either the Fort Wayne champ Josh Garman or the ultra talented Tavonte Malone of South Bend Adams.
      The other side of the bracket has top ranked and Wisconsin bound Jacob Covaciu of Merrillville. I honestly don’t think he will be seriously challenged until he reaches the finals. 12th ranked Laine Frazee of Fountain Central and Jed Levitz of Prairie Heights is an interesting battle Friday night between a couple of small school studs. Upset Alert: Bellmont’s Tony Busse will be focused and ready to knock of the 2nd ranked Alston Bane of Richmond.
      170 – This is another weight class where one side of the bracket appears to be a little top heavy. The first quarter bracket contains four ranked grapplers including the 2nd and 3rd ranked Nathan Walton of Brownsburg and Jacob Gray of Delta. Walton is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the state to watch and his match up with Tristan Goering of South Bend Riley will be filled with all kinds of fireworks. Wait for this match to be done before you get your 3rd Shave Ice. Three unranked wrestlers will try to slay “Dragon” Drew Hughes. “Winter is coming” for any of Hughes opponents. He probably won’t be challenged by anyone in the state this year.
      On the other side, semi state champs Ricky Samuels and Bryce Baumgartner thanked the bracket gods and both have a shot to wrestle under the spotlight. These two are by no means shoe ins as Thomas ‘Launcher’ Dull and super soph Kameron Fuller will look to make a name for themselves statewide.
      182 – You win some and you lose some when you randomly draw brackets. Not being able to see the potential match between nationally ranked Big Ten recruits Andrew Davison and Blake Rypel is a shame but let’s not dwell on that and just enjoy this battle between Davison, the undefeated junior from Chesterton and Rypel, the undefeated senior from Cathedral. Davison has committed to Michigan and Rypel to IU. Hopefully they will match up down the road as well.
      A couple of other wrestlers look to crash the party. They include Lawrence North’s 3rd ranked Cameron Jones, 4th ranked David Eli, 6th ranked CJ Damler of Brownsburgh and 7th ranked Isaac James of Lowell. James is my pick to click in this half of the bracket. No real reason, just a feeling I have after watching him last weekend.
      195 – I see at least five potential state champs in the 195 pound class. This makes this bracket incredibly hard to predict but incredibly fun to watch. The top quarter bracket features semi state champ Jake Kleimola of Lake Central. Kleimola is ranked 6th and will face the winner of Carmel’s Nick Fox and Brownsburg’s Isaac McCormick. These two suburban Indy studs have met earlier in the season with the Greyhound winning a narrow 3-1 match.
      The second group of four has Fort Wayne semi-state champ Corbin Maddox of Daleville. The Broncos are the third smallest school to send a wrestler to Banker’s Life and he will have a tough road to get through Cedrick Vakalahi of Penn and second ranked Ben Stewart of Indy Cathedral.
      In the bottom half, Kurtis Wilderman appears to have a relatively clear path to the semi finals but might have to beat the talented Damari Embery of South Newton (the second smallest school to qualify a finalist) to reach the semis.
      The bottom four includes three ranked wrestlers but ‘T Squared’ Triston Tonte is the clear favorite due to his experience, talent and coaching.
      220 – Ahhhh…… after a few weight classes where the top two were located on the same side of the bracket, we have a match up where two national ranked big men are poised to wrestle under the lights. But this weight class features more than just the big two. All four semi state champs are undefeated and three of them are non seniors. This is good news for the future.
      In the top half of the bracket, the semi state champs Mason Parris of Lawrenceburg and Evan Ellis of Eastern (Greentown) are a combined 90-0. Parris is ranked 2nd in the state and 19th in the country. Ellis will be looking to make his bones on Saturday afternoon.
      The bottom half of the bracket features 3rd ranked Gunnar Larson of Avon. It seems like he has been around forever but he is still just a junior and comes into the state finals with a 39-0 record with a semi state crown to his name. He is likely to face returning state champ, Kobe Woods of Penn. Woods record is spotless at 33-0. Some have questioned if Kobe is as sharp as he needs to be to win this weight class. I would expect the senior to be ready to rock and roll this weekend.
      285 – Shawn Streck has been an absolute joy to watch perform the past four years. In many people’s minds he is the finest heavyweight wrestler the state has ever produced. He is the best I have seen in the past 15 years. Unfortunately for 2nd ranked Cory Klem of Gibson Southern that he is in the same quarter bracket as Streck.
      In a race for second, 6th ranked Robert Samuels of Lawrence North and 5th ranked Sean Galligar of Columbus East appear poised to match up in the semi finals for a shot to take on the big Pirate in the finals. Samuels would present a nice style contrast whereby Galligar might be able to match Streck for pure strength.

      3593 25

      2017 Evansville Semi-State Preview

      Welcome to TripleB’s annual Evansville Semi-State Wrestling Preview Spectacular!!
      Before we get into the good stuff, let’s cover what’s important:
      The following PSA is brought to you by Markio:
      Ford Arena info:
      Parking and general information about the arena can be found at www.thefordcenter.com
      Wrestlers can enter the arena at 7:30am for weigh ins. Wrestlers and coaches will enter at the interior ticket office lobby (to the far right of the main lobby doors) to check in and head back. You will pick up your credentials here.
      The only coolers allowed are for wrestlers and must enter at the check in table through the interior ticket lobby. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK for anyone else is allowed inside unfortunately. Not my rules, just standard building policy.
      Public doors open at 8:00am CST. Enter on Main Street through the main lobby. We will look to create a separate door/entrance for those that already have tickets.
      There is NO onsite parking. Please do not have any team vehicles attempt to park in the loading dock or attached outer lot. These are reserved spots.
      There is no public Wi-Fi.
      Tickets are $10 cash at the door. Premium loge seats are available for purchase now and on event day. They are $40 pre-event and $30 if you show up and want them day of. They include a $15 concessions voucher.There is an ATM in the lobby if you need to get some cash out.
      Please do not jump over the dasher walls to access the floor. They try to control access to the floor, so you need to enter from the lower level hallway under section 103. You wouldn't jump the wall at Banker's Life would you? lol
      The hospitality room for officials, etc. will be in the Corner Club. Enter from the main lobby and hang a right at lower level hallway.
      If you are going to set up a camera please do not have the cord running across the aisle. You will be made to unplug any cords running across an aisle.
      We will have full concessions available throughout the day. Coffee and hot chocolate are also available all day as well. (get the bbq pork nachos, huge and awesome)
      There is no smoking on or in the Ford Center property, this includes e-cigarettes.
      Brackets will be updated throughout the day and posted on several of the 170 or so TVs located all over the arena. The brackets end up kind of small, but hey, they are everywhere and pretty cool.
      Lastly,if you are a wrestler that loses please don't kick,throw,or punch Ford Center property. We had a kid break off a door handle last year.Sent the bill to the school.

      Thanks Markio!
      Our next celebrity is Evansville owns HookandHalf and his better half Hookticia:
      Republic Aviation built the P-47 Thunderbolt—terror of America’s enemies—in Evansville, Indiana to support the allies’ WWII effort. 224 Thunderbolts will find their way to the mats at the Ford Center, this Saturday…
      Hook's Recommendations:
      Friday night- Hit historic Franklin Street; this one is a no-brainer. Tie on the feed bag at the Gerst Haus and enjoy 50 beers on tap. Smitty’s is an authentic Italian steakhouse. Sportsman’s Billiards is a 1920’s style pool hall with great bar food. The Tinman, Lamasco, Leroy’s….the list goes on and on.
      Saturday morning- Go to Rosie’s Diner! You will not be impressed with the neighborhood; you will be impressed with the wait staff and food.
      Saturday night- Angelo’s is two blocks from the Ford Center. You can thank me later. Enjoy Chicago-style pizza at Franklin Street Pizza.
      And, as always, when attending ANYTHING at the Ford Center—bring your wallet. You will need it.
      Hook’s Dirty South All-Name Team
      Logan “Sport” Stephenson, Owen “Wilson” Sego, Sam “I am” Sego,
      Camden “Oops, I Did It Again” Spears, Will “Purple” Hays, Drake “Soup” Campbell
      Ray “De Janiero” Rioux, Dayton “Deer” Hunter, Devon “Lightning” Casebolt
      Logan Boe “A Constrictor”, “Captain” Morgan Smith , Noah “The Vegetable” Gardner
      Asa “Andy” Garcia, Brooks “Achy Breaky” Hartz, Joey “Flash” Gordon, Jay “Bird” Orman
      Kane “Scrambled” Egli, Aaron Adkins “Diet”, Jake “The Snake” Wilson,
      Camden Rose “Has Its Thorn”, Victor “Goes the Spoils” Antunez, Alex “High Octane” Petro
      Seth “Rogen” Rohrbach, Keandre “Elementary” Watson, Evan “Breakin’ The” Lawhead
      Seth Horty “Hears a Who”
      “R” Cayden Rooks, Brycen “Grand Slam” Denny, Hunter “Uncle Ben” Rice, Ty “Sugar” Mills
      Justin “Time” Ruddick, Neal “The Real Deal” Bealmear, Zane “E” Sullivan,
      Eric “Harpen Yes” Harpeneau, Steven “Duck” Weddle, Trenton “Richie” Cunningham
      Eli “Whitney” Dickens, Justice “League” Cash, Lane “Wishing” Wells, Alex “Willie” Mosconi
      “Welcome” Matt Lee, Zach “Turning” Lane, Gabe “Arm” Pitzulo, Dalton “007” Craig
      Noah “Rabbit” Hunt, Cameron “Bass” Fisher, Jonathan “Straightnen” Kervin
      Peyton “Manning” Pruett, Austin “Fry” Cook, “Peter” Parker McNeely, “Teddy” Graham Rooks
      Carson “Whatchu Talkin Bout” Willis
      “Sweet” Kyle Luigs, Noah “Jim” Morrison, Carson “Black &” Deckard, Mason Miranda “Rights”
      David Teague “Of Their Own”, Ethan “Rooster” Hensley, Brett “Michaels” Smith, LJ “Heavy” Burdon
      Matt “Johnny” Kincaid, Noah “Ben” Franklin, Donald “Duck” Campbell, Tristen Dowell “Rod”
      Derek “Red Ball” Blubaugh, Nolan “Double” Weidner, Jake “Arnold” Schoenegge,
      Levi “Strauss” Miller, Drew “N” Dearing, Brandon “Pencil &” Penegar, Ryan “Bam Bam” Bigelow
      Tristan “Buy Less” Sellmer, Dexter “Lab” Grubb, Colten “Bananas” Foster, Adam “Sapple” Anderson
      Robert “The Jeweler” Deters
      Curtis “Tom” Collins, Brayton “Bruce” Lee, Austin “Texas” Heckman, Corban “Bernson” Pollitt
      Tony “Bologna” Mosconi, Luke “What The” Fleck, Harley “Race” Gorman,
      Joe “Don’t Worry B” Happe, Ethan “Hair Beginning” Wigand, Sam “Oh No” Osho
      Brooks “Trout” Wathen, Blake “Spider” Webb, Evan “No” Bullock, Logan “Spring” Coyle
      Josh “Anderson” Cooper, Timmy “& Lassie” Burton, Zach “Michael” Myers,
      Austin Bethel “I Hear You Callin”, Tucker “Shaw” Schank, Zach “Fig” Newton,
      Clay “Almond Joy” McNutt, “Notta” Trace Thomas, Kye “Cabinet” Fehrenbacher
      Wyatt “Earp” Dalton, Andy “Harley” Davidson, Denver “Colorado” Aydelott
      Zane “Meineke” Beineke, Shawn “P Diddy” Coane, Ethan “Beef” Stock
      “Car” Chase Wilson, Carson “Master” Brewer, Elliston Ross “Geller”
      “Jackie” Gleason Mappes, “Umbilical” Korde Weber, Macartney “Band on the Run” Parkinson
      Devon “Yikes” Stikes, DeShawn “Walking Tall” Buford, “Blue” Jaylen Adkins
      Jesse “James” Hunter, Jacob “Old MacDonald” Farmer
      Conner “Moreno” Brown, Anthony “Fusilli” Cicciarelli, Andrew “Dice” Chapman
      “I Like” Ike Murrell, Burk “Enstock” Vanhorn, Wyatt “Field Marshall Bernard” Montgomery
      Joe “Folded” Creasey, Chris “Tipper” Spiller, Carson “Cougar” Mohler “Camp”
      Jonah “And The Whale” Hays, Kameron Fuller “House”, Eli Stock “Market”
      Micah “Rock” Keller
      Jeremy “Mount” McKinley, Sam “Hungry Like The” Woolf, Eyan “Smoldering” Coldren
      Jake “Gimme Some” Moore, Jaden “Here Comes The” Sonner, Andrew “Dean” Koonce
      Camryn “Was in Egypt’s Land” Smith, Jacob “Jimi” Hendrich, Thomas “Sharpie” Dull
      Danny “Zuko” Reams, Will “Priestly” Nunn, Brigham “Young” Kleinhenz
      Nathan “Bill” Walton, “Tail” Gunner Williams, Karl “Shed” Hauser
      Kiave Guerrier “& Ives”
      Jack “Russell” Michel, Luke “I’m Your Father” Smith, Grant Goforth “& Prosper”,
      Will “Rockin” Rolley, Bradley “Empty Pan” Philpot, Destin “Florida” Hardy
      Holden “On” Abshier, Ryan “Green Eggs &” Hammond
      Kurtis “Call Of The” Widerman, William “Iphone” Seri, Greg “Brady” Brown
      Aaron Breivogel “Electric”, Deion “Sanders” Cooper, Chris Barclay “Center”
      Abel “Geraldo” Rivera, Clayton “Flat &” Scroggs, Dalton “Pencil Ground” Pinaire
      Brennan “Stormin” Norman, Gunnar “Bayonet” Larson, Aaron “Amsterdam” Hollen
      Payton “Place” Halbig, Josh “Wine” McCorkle, Michael Boots “Are Made For Walkin”
      Tyler “It’s” Allgood, Austin “Powers” Scheckles, Tanner “Hide” Christenberry
      Isaac “Spice” McCormick
      Harley “Von” Hillenburg, Cory “Reef” Heinrichs, Alex “Trebeck” Lichlyter, “Mai” Ty Sorg
      Jordan Headdy “Lamar”, Silas Goff “Club”, Rickie “You’re So Fine You Blow My Mind” Clark
      Bryce “Is Right” Biddle, Brycen “Tiger” Woods, Dylan “Dean” Cain, “Hip” Wade “R” Ripple
      Brett “Gus” Henson, Nathan Long “Jump”,Kody “Love Shack” Moshak
      Wow, thanks HookandHalf and Hookticia
      How can I be expected to follow that?? We’ll preview all 14 weights. Each weight will feature:
      The Charles Barkley “Turrible” Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round!
      The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkerss - Best first round matches!
      Ford Fab 4 - I assemble a regional rep from each regional, myself, and this year a special guest voter (BacktotheMat) and they make their picks and I tally up the votes to assemble our Ford Fab 4.
      [The Built Ford Tough Locks - The rare of the rare, a Ford Tough Lock is a wrestler who garners first place votes from all 6 voters. This year we had an amazing and record setting 7 Ford Tough Locks, and was just a few votes away from having 9.
      The Cam Newton Dabs: Wrestlers who got points, but not enough to make the Fab 4, we’ll give them some Dab!
      Without further ado...UNLEASH THE PREVIEW!!
      Edit - I just got done with this and I realized that this year is the year of the semi-finals, holy smokes there will be some doozies! This will set up some murder’s row matches next Friday night in Indy!
      106: Don’t be late, be sure to get to Stoll’s Country Inn early Saturday morning and leave yourself plenty of time to get settled in. “The” Drake Campbell and “There’s something about” Ray Rioux have waged war this year, with Rioux finally grabbing a win last week. Can Devon Casebolt bring drop a lightning bolt on this rivalry or do we see the next battle this weekend? Owen Sego spent a big chunk of the year at 113, he’s been behind Rioux and Campbell, can the Indian Creek Frosh take a big step this weekend?
      This weight features 4 state ranked wrestlers and 2 great Barry Horowitz Curtain Jerkers!!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Regionals isn’t the best time to have an off day and Mater Dei senior Kaleb Hinderliter might see the light close on his career if he’s not ready right off the bat Saturday. Hinderliter and Rioux will mix it up right off the bat, the team race will also start to develop here as well. Unranked, Contender trained Logan Boe looks to go big early as he takes on Castle Knight Devon Casebolt. Boe has flown under radar this year, can he pull off the first early upset?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Nothing here really sticks out outside of the aforementioned Hinderliter/Rioux first round matchup.
      The Dab - Terre Haute Senior Logan Stephenson got some love but not enough to get out, but matches happen on the mat, not on the internet!
      Ford Fab 4 - Campbell, Rioux, and Casebolt all got first place votes… but when the dust settled:
      1st - Drake Campbell, Brownsburg. 2nd - Devon Casebolt, Castle. 3rd - Ray Rioux, Avon. 4th - Owen Sego, Indian Creek.
      113: It’s Asa’s world at 113, and everybody else is just squirrels! Defending State Champ and Avon’s Asa Garcia is our first Ford Tough Lock and he’s repping #TheCounty and #AvonYoungGunz. After Garcia 4 other state ranked wrestlers fill the brackets at 113. That means at least 1 state ranked wrestler isn’t getting out, and the voters think another isn’t getting out either
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - This is turrrrible first round draw and definitely deserves a Baker BOOOOO!! Two state ranked wrestlers, two top four ranked SS kids will be going at it right off the bat; Evansville Memorial senior Seth Horty and Brownsburg Sophomore Evan Lawhead won’t waste time in bringing the fun to the Ford Center. The loser goes home, the winner more than likely punches his ticket to the finals.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Not a terrible draw on paper, but #19 (#4 SS) Victor Antunez has had a marvelous season, but the voters like Center Grove’s Alex Petro. The votes were razor thin, this match could be a great one!
      The Dab - See above, don’t be surprised if Antunez is in the finals.
      Built Ford Tough Lock: Asa Garcia, Avon, #TheCounty #AvonYoungGunz
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1 - Asa Garcia Avon. 2 - Seth Horty, Evansville Memorial. 3 - Kane Egli, Evansville Mater Dei. 4 - Alex Petro, Center Grove.
      120: Let’s get this out of the way, no Lock at 120, okay let’s proceed. Team Dark Horses have to be the Columbus East Olympians. Injuries and bad first rd draws could cancel out some Wildcats, Bulldogs, and Orioles. Does that mean Columbus East Hammers can slip through to a very surprising team title? If so Cayden Rooks will need to get the ball rolling at 120. Brownsburg Sophomore Ty Mills has spent 2 years ranked #1 and is returning SS Champ, he hopes to squash Olympic hopes early as him and #3 ranked Rooks should lock up in the semis. This weight class looks lights out on paper w/ 4 ranked and predicted podium placers in the brackets, but also our first true Turrrrrrible Draw!!!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - There are 2 quarter brackets in the whole semi state w/ no SS ranked wrestlers and 120 features one of those brackets. 3 of the four kids got votes and this quarter bracket should be a doozy, just hungry kids getting after it. Sullivan/Harpenau and Weddle/Cunningham start things off.
      Also 2 Freshman Phenoms that are more like grizzled veterans will engage right off the bat. SS #3 and state #4 Eli Dickens and SS #7 Justice Cash will battle for the right to compete in a (see below)
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Two top 8 ranked kids going at it in the blood round?!?!?!?! Cash Me On the Mah, HowBow Dah??? Should Mater Dei’s Dickens survive some tough Justice in the first round, then he will get to dance w/ Indian Creek’s Alex Mascarpone Mosconi. Sir Charles is def not a fan of this….
      The Dab - Mosconi, and the whole unranked quarter bracket all got some Dab, but not enough land in the Ford Fab 4
      Ford Fab 4:
      1st - Ty Mills, Brownsburg. 2nd - Eli Dickens, Evansville Mater Dei. 3rd - Cayden Rooks, Columbus East. 4th - Trenton Cunnigham, New Albany.
      126: Blake Mulkey pulled a big semi state upset a year ago when he knocked off Graham Rooks, he then followed that up by showing everybody it wasn’t an upset when he beat him again in the third place match at state. 2 more wins in the off season has Mulkey now 4-0 against Rooks. They are now ranked 1st and 2nd in the state, can Mulkey pull out 5 and 6 over the next two weeks? The voters were split and we had to go to a tiebreaker to determine a winner. 126 features 3 former state qualifiers and some kid from Evansville named Lee, not really familiar w/ that name but here he’s okay.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - No SS ranked opponents square off, grab some drink, stretch your legs, and get ready for some Turrrrible draws.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Another Panther, another Turrible draw, Dalton Craig is a returning state qualifier who’s battled tested from his matches against Rooks and Schoenegge a year ago. Mater Dei’s freshman Matt Lee has gotten better and better as the season as progressed. Now they meet for a shot at Bankers Life. Also SS #3 Carson Willis got nipped last weekend by Lee, and for that he gets Rooks in the ticket round. Rooks has been money in ticket round matches, but coach Bob Harmon will have his Castle Knight ready!
      The Dab - Dalton Craig, and Center Grove’s Peyton Pruett both got some love.
      Ford Fab 4:
      1st - Graham Rooks, Columbus East. 2nd - Matt Lee, Evansville Mater Dei. 3rd - Blake Mulkey, Brownsburg. 4th - Noah Hunt, Bloomington South.
      132: Our second Lock comes in at 132, Evansville’s own Kyle Luigs is undefeated and ranked #3 in the state. Outside of Luigs, this weight features 6 other state ranked kids and is one of the deepest weights at the Ford Center. #7 and returning state medalist Dawson Combest, #11 Mason Miranda, #16 The California Kid Brett Smith, #17 Donald Campbell, #19 Noah Franklin, and #20 Caleb Craig all highlight this field.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Well luckily the 7 guys are spread out, no real Curtain jerkers here, Barry can rest. However, that does lead to some…...
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - I mean if there are 7 ranked kids, is there really a terrible draw? Well Combest and Luigs on same side is turrrrrrible but this has been and will be a recurring theme throughout the brackets. I guess if I had to pick one it would be Luigs and Miranda, both are returning qualifiers and only one will be punching their ticket to BLF.
      The Dab - Trips likes both Caleb Craig and Noah Franklin to punch tickets, but I was way, and I mean waaaaaay in the minority.
      Ford Tough Lock - Sweet Kyle Luigs is our next lock, the Wildcat has punched his ticket twice and has one medal to show. He hopes to break through a tough weight class this year to finish as a state champ.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Kyle Luigs, Evansville Mater Dei. 2nd - Brett Smith, Bloomington North. 3rd - Dawson Combest, Columbus East. 4th - Donald Campbell
      138: This weight class could be dubbed the Revenge of the Wrestlers. 3 of the 4 favored wrestlers left Evansville last year with sour tastes in their mouths. Tristan Sellmer leads this group off, he’s now a 3 time regional champ but was a victim of the worse draw ever 2 years ago and was upset last year. This year Sellmer will look to get through the blood round. Jake Schoenegge (officially pronounced Shun-uhh-gee) suffered a tough loss at last year's regionals to nemesis Dalton Craig and got to watch Craig advance. 2 year's ago Levi Miller of North Posey tasted greatness by making it to Bankers Life, but last year he was sent packing early. All 3 will look to join Nathan Conley from Avon on the podium Saturday.
      I’ll also go on record to say that one of those top 3 kids will ruin the Rumph/Black feud. I think we see Schoenegge and Sellmer under the lights next week in Indianapolis.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Nolan Weidner has been a name that’s bounced around the Mater Dei line up now for a few years. Can the Wildcat play spoiler to Regional champ Derek Blubaugh?!?!?!?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - #19 Ryan Bigelow vs. Levi Miller. Let’s just say this, Levi Miller should be ranked. He’s certainly flown under the radar and with former Wildcat Cody Moll as his coach, he’ll be game. Ryan Bigelow has had a phenomenal year for Derrick Snyder’s Bulldogs, are the 8 losses deceiving? Not the worse of draws, but this should be a great ticket round match on Saturday. Also Derek Blubaugh vs. Jake Schoenegge, Blubaugh is solid, don’t discount him on sneaking one past Schoenegge.
      The Dab - Ryan Bigelow got some votes and is state ranked, but Levi Miller slides by in a tight one.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Tristen Sellmer, Floyd Central. 2nd - Jake Shun-uhh-gee, Columbus East. 3rd - Nathan Conley, Avon. 4th - Levi Miller, North Posey.
      145: Brayton Lee has been involved in one of the most exciting matches in Evansville Semi-State history and one of the most hyped matches in Evansville Semi-State history, what does he do to top that? Become a Ford Tough Lock and absolutely dominate the field at 145. After Lee, this weight class is literally wide open, expect great matches, upsets and our picks to be waaaay off as 7 other wrestlers garnered votes after Lee.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Both guys were ticket rounders a year ago, this year one of them will be done after round 1. Indian Creek’s Tony Mosconi took 4th in a tough Mooresville Regional last weekend, Columbus East’s Corbin Pollitt showed the magic that he’s starting to get a name for by knocking off season long rival Brooks Wathen. Now they meet for the right to just get to the ticket round!! Insane!!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Bloominton South’s Blake Webb has had a great senior season, w/ 36 wins and only 4 losses. This regional champ is #14 in the state and will probably have a ticket round match w/ #8 Logan Coyle who has also had a stellar senior year. These guys probably punch their tickets in any other bracket minus Brayton Lees. Unfortunately one will go home Saturday.
      The Dab - Arms will get tired w/ all The Dabs being given out here - Blake Webb, Joe Happe, Sam Osho Fo’Sho, and Tony Mosconi all got votes to get through and will be looking to crash some brackets.
      Ford Tough Lock - Brayton Lee, Browsnburg, no drama, no excitement, the Bulldog will take care of business.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Brayton Lee, Brownsburg. 2nd - Logan Coyle, Center Grove. 3rd - Brooks Wathen, Jennings County. 4th - Corban Pollitt, Columbus East.
      152: Our next Lock is a familiar name in the Evansville area Joe Lee, the only question at this weight is will this be the last time we Joe Lee at Semi-State, say it ain’t so Joe! The exciting part of this weight is the last quarter bracket w/ no ranked wrestlers. Keep an eye out for the 2nd quarter bracket featuring Tucker Schank, Zach Newton, Clay McNutt, and Trace Thomas. I say FIREWORKS!!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Outside of the FIREWORK bracket, look out for Josh Foster of Floyd Central and #16 Denver Aydelott of Edgewood, the winner gets Lee, but this should be a great first round match.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Josh Cooper of Jeffersonville congrats on your Regional title, you get …… Austin Bethel in the ticket round!!! Boooooooooooo…..
      The Dab - Tucker Schank, Zach Newton, and Clay McNutt take some dab, bc the voters like Trace Thomas
      Ford Tough Lock - Joe Lee… Please don’t go!!!
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Joe Lee, Evansville Mater Dei. 2nd - Austin Bethel, Mt. Vernon. 3rd - Jacob Clark, Avon. 4th - Trace Thomas, Greencastle
      160: Our next Lock is at 160, Center Grove Junior Gleason Mappes brings a 35-1 record into Evansville. This weight features 4 other state ranked grapplers who hope to break this lock; Monrovia’s Ethan Stock, Princeton’s Chase Wilson, Avon’s Carson Brewer, and Castle’s Jacob Farmer will be in line looking for a SS title.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Jaylen Adkins is a 3x SSQ, his last two trips he’s ran into eventual SS champs. That’s either a really good sign for DeShawn Buford, or a real bad sign for Buford. This has us on a 4 over 1 upset alert.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Chase Wilson appeared to be on his way to State a year ago when his ticket round match went south at the hands of Floyd Central’s Tyler Crowl. Wilson lost and exciting 12-8 match. This year he will have Carson Brewer, 5 losses between the 2. Does Wilson, coached by former Madison Cub Mike Duckworth (cheap plug) use that loss to get him over the top or does Brewer’s year's of experience propel him? Regardless Charles is none too happy… Turrrrriiibbbllleeee
      The Dab - Chase Wilson, get some dab son, you got some votes but just not enough
      Ford Tough Lock - Gleason Mappes continues this middleweight run of LOCKS!!
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Gleason Mappes, Center Grove. 2nd - Ethan Stock, Monrovia. 3rd - Carson Brewer, Avon. 4th Jacob “Hasn’t he been around forever” Farmer
      170: Loaded, 7 ranked studs here. Burk Vanhorn, returning state runner up was on a tear and seemed destined to be a lock then he ran into a Stock. Eli Stock put Indiana 170lbers on notice at Sectionals when he defeated Vanhorn. Last week at regionals Vanhorn pulled a victory out in OT and now he’s been named a LOCK in a field full of ranked wrestlers.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #18 Stock vs. #20 Micah Keller will get this weight class going early. They have 4 losses between them and the winner probably gets Greco City’s Kameron Fuller. Man that sounds like a
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Kameron Fuller and Aaron Mosley has had a great series this year and with them both being juniors hopefully for us we will get to see them go at it for another year, unfortunately both are victims of some terrible draws. Mosley will get Vanhorn and Fuller will get Stock. Mosley could be the true odd man out here as his loss last week had New Albany fans in an uproar. This draw won’t help calm them down at all.
      The Dab - Kameron Fuller, Conner Brown, and Joe Creasy will be looking to prove the voters wrong as they all received votes to advance to Bankers Life.
      Ford Tough Lock - Burk Vanhorn of Franklin will look to navigate a tough field and bring Bob Hasseman’s Franklin squad another SS championship
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Burk Vanhorn, Franklin. 2nd - Jonah Hays, Center Grove. 3rd - Eli Stock, Monrovia. 4th - Tony “Nick’s kid” Cicciarelli
      182: Brownsburg’s Nathan Walton is ranked #1 in the state, defending SS champ, and a 2 time state medalists. He certainly has the credentials to be a lock, but NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! In a match dubbed - The ChinWhip vs. The HeadLock on the IndianaMat hangout this rematch of last year’s SS semi final match ( won by Walton 3-0) has some saying Terre Haute’s Thomas Dull could get the win. This bracket is another great one with 7 (including the #1, #2, and #5 ranked wrestlers) ranked grapplers vying for 4 tickets to Indianapolis!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Keep an eye out for Camryn Smith vs. #12 Jacob Hendrich. Also Floyd Central’s Karl Hauser and #11 Kiave Guerrier of Evansville Central should be a great match.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Both Tecumseh’s Jeremy McKinley and Franklin’s Jake Moore has had great seasons, but only one can advance come Saturday. Also #12 and returning state qualifer will take on New Albany’s #5 Jaden Sonner. Sonner was a victim of turrrrrible draw a year ago, can the Bulldog punch that ticket or will Hendrich’s experience in ticket round matches be enough for the Northview Knight?
      The Dab: While Hendrich and McKinley have the tools to advance, the voters settled on their opponents.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Nathan Walton, Brownsburg. 2nd - Jaden Sonner, New Albany. 3rd - Thomas Dull, Terre Haute North. 4th - Jake Moore, Franklin.
      195: In the following 3 weights the Mooresville Regional will attempt to apply a strangle hold and advance all 12 wrestlers. Will any other wrestler be able to rep their schools and regionals? 4 returning state qualifiers shine at 195 and all are ranked 5-8th in the state. Can Evansville’s own Kurtis Wilderman break up the Mooresville Regionals dominance?
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Whiteland’s Ryan Hammond was a rare upper weight Freshman state qualifier 2 years ago, he sat out last year with an injury. Evansville Memorial’s Holden Abshier has quietly put together a solid year. They will meet first round in hopes of becoming a state qualifier.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Floyd Central’s Brady Philpott will by far have the best mustache at Evansville, but he’s a victim of 2 years worth of turrrible draws. This year he will have Ryan Hammond, can the Highlander shake the bad draws off and advance? Also Southridge Senior Jack Michel has put together a stellar season at 44-2 and his reward is returning state qualifier Indian Creek’s Grant Goforth, not fair says Charles!
      The Dab - Brady Philpott, this HHC fan will be rooting for you, but according to the voters Hammond gets the nod
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Kurtis Wilderman, Evansville Mater Dei. 2nd - Ryan Hammond, Whiteland. 3rd - Kyle Shaffer, South Putnam. 4th - Grant Goforth, Indian Creek
      220: Avon’s Gunnar Larson has put together a stellar career. He’s currently a 3 State Qualifier w/ 2 medals and a 2x SS champ. The Oriole is our last Lock of the year as he looks to add a third SS championship to his impressive career. Mooresville Regional was pretty crazy at this weight and they will look to send all 4 to state.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - How about winning regionals as a senior with hopes of going to state and then see your draw is the #3 wrestler in the state. Awful. Terre Haute South’s Abel Rivera and #3 Clayton Scroggs of Martinsville will lock up in rd 1. That’s a turrrrrrrrrrilbe draw!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Monrovia’s Garrison Lee and Evansville Mater Dei’s Michael Boots both lost heart breakers last year in the ticket round. This year they have each other. While it’s the best draw either could have gotten, it’s still a turrrible draw!
      The Dab - Regional Champ Austin Sheckles of Columbus East and Lee will look to punch their tickets Saturday but neither got great draws, best of luck!
      Ford Tough Lock - #TheCounty will get to see Gunnar Larson ride off to Indy with one last SS championship!
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Gunnar Larson, Avon. 2nd - Michael Boots, Evansville Mater Dei. 3rd - Clayton Scroggs, Martinsville. 4th Isaac McCormick, Brownsburg.
      285: What’s TripleB’s favorite weight?!?!? I can’t hear you?!?!?!?! The big boys, 2-8-5! Don’t you dare leave early! Like The New Days says “SHAME” if you cut out! Watch the top quarter bracket as 3 of the 4 wrestlers got votes, there will also be some great ticket round matches here also!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Here’s a great idea, let’s have the #3 and #4 state ranked guys go at it in the first round, said no one ever! Why?!?!? Avon’s Brett Henson appears banged up and he gets Mt. Vernon’s Wade Ripple. I guess Henson’s injury could have a Ripple effect on the entire weight class and team race? Bad joke?!?!?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - See above, really?!?!? Also Regional champ Harley Hillenburg from Bloomington South get’s a former state qualifier in Jennings County’s Brendan Sutton. The winner gets returning Center Grove grappler Cory Henrichs. Ouch.
      The Dab - Floyd Central’s Ty Sorg (TripleB picked you btw), Center Grove’s Cory Heinrichs (another TripleB pick) and Evansville Memorial’s Alex Lichlyter all got votes.
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Wade Ripple, Mt. Vernon. 2nd - Rickie “Juicy Lucy” Clark, Brownsburg. 3rd - Bryce Biddle (TripleB’s pick to win), Plainfield. 4th - Brendan Sutton, Jennings County.
      Annnnnnnd that’s a wrap folks! Enjoy Evansville! As of now Trips will be missing is first semi-state in over 10 years!! But I’ll be at Bankers Life next week, feel free to buy me a cold one, or give me a sweet suite ticket. I take bribes!!!

      3264 8

      2017 East Chicago Semi-State Preview

      Chad Hollenbaugh
      IndianaMat Senior Writer
      Deep in the heart of Lake County lies East Chicago Central High School and their spectacular gymnasium. The second largest gym in the world will play host after debuting last year and doing an outstanding job. Sightlines and room to stretch for the fans, a warm up location in the same area code for the wrestlers, and a hospitality room for the refs and coaches all make the new location an excellent venue.
      In honor or our new President, I will be taking a political tact for this year’s preview. For each of the weight classes, I will choose:
      1. Trump’s Tremendous Top Dog
      2. Pence’s Second Fiddle
      3. Sean Spicer to Show
      4. Kelly Conway’s Yellow Ribbon Rastler
      Where appropriate, I will also highlight:
      1. Tight Primary Challenges – First round fights
      2. 270 to Win – Ticket round tilts.
      3. Steve Bannon Death Draw – A likely state qualifier with wrestlebacks.
      4. Alternative Facts – A possible sleeper state finalist.
      Without further ado, let’s start picking the matches and make Da Region Da Greatest Again.
      As stated in the Google Hangout on Tuesday, the flyweight division is probably not as deep as it usual. However, as usual, it looks like the Region Regionals will dominate the placers.
      Primary Challenges
      1. The bitty Bobcat Giovanni Diaz from Wheeler has put together a fine 33-5 record in his rookie campaign. He has a great practice partner in his state qualifier brother but he will be tested by South Bend Riley sophomore Trevor Penrod. Penrod is a high risk wrestler and always fun to watch.
      2. My other early bird special pits Ty Haskins from one of the state’s best programs (Portage) versus Jake Armstrong who hails from one of the most remote schools in the semi-state, Winamac. Haskins has wrestled a brutal schedule and lapse last week at regional put him in a tough quarterbracket.
      270 to Win – Blood Round Battles
      1. Undefeated Frontier Falcon Colin Reagan might have the entire town of Chalmers in section AA rooting on their favorite son in his attempt to become Frontier’s first state qualifier. He will battle the winner of Penrod and Gio Diaz. I think the winner of that tilt will end young Reagan’s dream season.
      2. The very best ticket round match up is at the bottom of the bracket where I see Portage’s Ty Haskins matching up with Lowell’s Shawn Hollis. Hollis is ranked 15th in the state and Haskins is ranked 16th . This should be a tightly contested and heated battle.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Ty Haskins or Shawn Hollis – Both of these guys deserve a shot at the state finals.
      Alternative Facts
      It would not be surprising at all if either Danny Tolin of Chesterton or Eli Hickman from Rennselaer Central would sneak through their quarter bracket and earned a spot in Indy.
      Trumps Top Dog – Hollis (Lowell)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Martin Cruz (Merrillville)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Evan Light (Penn)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Diaz (Wheeler)
      This bracket features five state ranked grapplers and the grid appears to be evenly balanced. At least on top 12 wrestler will not be getting in free next week which means there should be some fireworks in the ticket round.
      Primary Challenge
      1. Brayden Ruiz of New Prairie and Garrett Stuckman of Wawasee have put up nearly 75 wins between them and both bring a great deal of athleticism to this round one war. The winner has to like their chances in the ticket round which will drive the intensity meter high early Saturday morning.
      270 to Win – Ticket Round Tilts
      1. Penn wrestles one of the toughest schedules in the state and their senior 113 pounder, 4th ranked Kory Cavanaugh, has lost to only one other grappler still in the state series (Hunter Watts). He has since avenged that loss. It would seem like he should cruise in the ticket round where he is matched with a freshman with double digit losses. Not so fast my friend. That frosh has the last name is of Maldonado and is the fast improving son of Merrillville head coach David. Expect the Maldonado brain trust to have a game plan ready for the Kingsman.
      2. The second ticket round tussle pits the 11th and 12th ranked wrestlers in the state. Just like at 106, it will pit a Red Devil from Lowell, Andres Moreno (12th) against 11th ranked Portage Indian Brock Peele. Peele has had Moreno’s number this year but anything can happen when a trip to Indy is on the line.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Jacob Maldonado and Andres “The Big Cat” Moreno both have big talent but might have to wait a year to be seen on the big stage.
      Alternative Facts
      Josh Wade of Harrison has found 47 wrestlers to beat this year so he knows how to get his hand raised. A long shot worth keeping an eye on.
      Trumps Top Dog – Cavanaugh (Penn)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Peele (Portage)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Jose Diaz (Wheeler)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Garrett Stuckman (Wawasee)
      This is hands down, the toughest weight class at East Chicago with multiple exciting first round and ticket round match ups. The top two kids, in terms of ranking, are on opposite sides and should make for a great match under the lights for the second week in a row.
      Primary Challenges
      1. The depth of this weight class has made for a couple of great first round matches. The first one that stands out is the battle between Logansport senior and returning state medalist, Donavon Johnson and Plymouth Rockie, Zane DeVault. Johnson is a veteran with a mean top game and DeVault will be physical and in your face for 6 minutes.
      2. In another first round rumble, Penn’s Tanner DeMien will face off with Harrison’s Trey McCartney. DeMien already has two state final appearances as well as a state medal on his resume. McCartney, like most of his Raider teammates, has piled up a slew of wins.
      270 to Win – Ticket Round Toughies
      All four of the potential ticket round matches are nasty and several state worthy grapplers will be sent home unhappy.

      1. Leading off in the top quarter bracket is Jeff’s Jon Anderson and his likely opponent Colin Poynter of Portage. Anderson is ranked 9 th and Poynter is 5 th in the state.
      2. Wawasee’s Braxton Alexander is unranked but not unnoticed. He should give Crown Point’s 16 th ranked Kaelin Kelly everything he wants.
      3. In the bottom half, Tylor Triana of Hobart is ranked 2 nd in the state but might have interesting style match up with Donavan “I Choose Top” Johnson.
      4. Finally, in the last quarter bracket is the fourth great ticket round match up. Penn’s 10 th ranked DeMien has the more impressive resume but Hanover Cental’s Alex Bautista will not be intimidated as he has wrestled Triana as tough as anyone this year.  
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      One could make a case for about five guys having a death draw but Jeff’s Jon Anderson is the winner based on his poor fortune at last year’s semi state.
      Alternative Facts
      There are no real strong sleeper candidates in this bracket. There are just too many studs for any sleepers to emerge.
      Trumps Top Dog – Triana (Hobart)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Poynter (Portage)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Bautista (Hanover Central)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Braxton Alexander (Wawasee)
      The 126 class is not quite as deep as the 120 class but it is close and there should be many tough matches and potential state champion in this bracket.
      Primary Challenge
      My top first rounder in the 126 class involves a pair of unheralded seniors who will be battling for a place in the ticket round. West Lafayette’s Aaron Casillas has put together a fine 25-4 record for the improving Red Devil program. He will match up with Triton’s Malachi Greene (30-6). Greene has been the cornerstone of the Trojan program that has appeared in two straight team state finals.
      270 to Win
      The most intriguing ticket round battle looks to be located in the bottom quarter bracket where Harrison’s regional champ ,Cody Betourne will try to punch his ticket versus the vicious Viking from Valpo, Ian Dembowski. Betourne has nearly 50 wins and is ranked 19th where Dembowski is ranked 11th and has given Michael Delapena some great matches this season.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      The dubious honor goes to Harrison’s Cody Betourne. Bringing a 49-2 record and a regional championship to semi-state would seem like a good road to Indy. However, when you draw into the same quarter bracket with Ian Dembowski your chances go down immediately. Many would argue that Dembowski is a top 8 guy at state.
      Alternative Facts
      Digging deep into this bracket, I see a potential sleeper in Wawasee’s Geremia Brooks. The transfer from Whiteland has would have to pull of a big upset over Merrillville’s Michael Delapena but crazier things have happened.
      Trumps Top Dog – Colton Cummings (Lowell)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Ian Dembowski (Valparaiso)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Delapena (Merrillville)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Adam Davis (Culver Military)
      Two division one wrestling recruits and a third that will likely join them at the D-1 level highlight the 132 class at East Chicago. A balanced bracket should set up for excellent semifinal matches.
      Primary Challenge
      The best first round battle might have some effect on the team race as two grapplers from powerhouse programs go at it. Penn’s Preston Risner will face off against Merrillville’s Ahzsur Ursery. This should be an evenly matched tilt where Risner will be looking to avenge a 4-2 loss at the Al Smith.
      270 to Win

      1. I like the potential in top half of the bracket as it could produce two outstanding ticket round slugfests. At the top, Jack Tolin, ranked 13 th and from Chesterton might meet up with the unranked Ursery of Merrillville. Tolin has the D-1 offer from Northwestern and an early season win over his Pirate rival but Ursery might just conjure up some Maldonado magic when a trip to Indy is on the line.
      2. The second quarter bracket potentially pits 12 th ranked Portage Indian, Miguel Prado against Delphi junior and regional champ Ty Watson. Delphi is the one school from the Logansport regional that has consistently been able to qualify wrestlers to Indy over the past 10 year. Watson will be ready.  
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      I have to go with Watson drawing the short straw. Prado is tough as nails and would be a regional champ in many regionals but he happens to be in the same regional with an absolute hammer in Jeremiah Reitz. If Watson doesn’t pull the upset, at least he has next year.
      Alternative Facts
      Merrillville’s Ahzsur Ursery has little statewide street cred but the boys in the region know he is right there with some of the best 132 pounders in the north.
      Trumps Top Dog – Jeremiah Reitz (Griffith)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Miguel Prado (Portage)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Manzona Bryant (Culver Military)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Jack Tolin (Chesterton)
      This bracket has excitement written all over with two of the best kids in the state renewing their rivalry as well as two of the best freshmen in the state. Several state worthy grapplers will be paying for their ticket at Banker’s Life next week.
      Primary Challenges

      1. A Duneland Conference rivalry match will take place in the first round between Merrillville’s Aaron Griggs and Crown Point’s Jacob Burford. Both are tough customers but Griggs got the best of Burford at the conference meet and I like him here on Saturday morning
      2. A second opening round tilt that promises some fireworks is the match between South Bend St. Joseph’s Jared Kazmierczak and North White’s regional champ, Jake Quasebarth. Kaz placed forth in a loaded Rochester regional and should give the one loss Quasebarth a great match.  
      270 to Win
      1. Three tough as nails ticket round tilts highlight the 138 pound bracket. Starting right at the top, Kris Rumph of Portage will have to defeat a game senior from Penn, Trace Manspeaker. Rumph is ranked 3rd and Manspeaker is ranked 7th in the state.
      2. The second quarter bracket will pit the winner of Griggs/Burford match against one of the toughest freshmen in the state, Jacob LaPlace of Mishawaka. Don’t expect the young Caveman to be intimidated as he has been around and has plenty of coaches that have been there and done that.
      3. The best ticket round match might just be at the bottom of the bracket where Munster veteran, Cody Crary will try to topple Plymouth Rockie rookie, Graham Calhoun for a second time this season. This is a match up between the 15th and 16 ranked kids in the state. Indiana Mudflap gives this match up 4 Golden Eagles!!!
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      7th ranked Trace Manspeaker most definitely got the toughest draw in bracket. Expect this Kingsman to battle his tail off in an effort to secure that elusive state berth. Kris Rumph is a tough draw. Honorable mention goes to the loser of Calhoun/Crary battle.
      Alternative Facts
      The winner of the Griggs/Burford match is probably the best candidate to be a sleeper that advances to Indy.
      Trumps Top Dog – Brendan Black (Hobart)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Kris Rumph (Portage)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Graham Calhoun (Plymouth)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Aaron Griggs (Merrillville)
      The studs in the 145 pound bracket at East Chicago looks to be evenly distributed across the quarter brackets. Four wrestler are ranked and one ranked kid is in each of the quarter brackets.
      Primary Challenge
      One match stands above all the rest in this weight class and that is the Mario Traficanti/Malik Hoover battle. This is another in the long line of rivalry matches between Crown Point and Merrillville. Traficanti looks to have a small edge at this point.
      270 to Win
      The best ticket round match looks like it might be a battle between Hobart’s 12th ranked Dante Colza and small school regional champ, Leevin Ball of North White. I would love to see a Devildog product at state but can’t bet against Colza.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      A balanced bracket does not set up for bad draws and this line up looks like it will hold chalk with the four ranked kids punching their ticket.
      Alternative Facts
      It’s tough to label a Penn kid as a sleeper, only because they are one of the most high profile programs in the state. However, Penn’s Haden Hensley is largely unknown but brings an outstanding 20-3 record into East Chicago. A ticket round match up versus Munster’s Jason Crary is not insurmountable.
      Trumps Top Dog – Kasper McIntosh (Portage)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Jason Crary (Munster)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Mario Traficanti (Crown Point)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Dante Colza (Hobart)
      The middleweights at 152 promise to put on a great show for the fans as 5 ranked kids will battle the rest of the field. A lot of high energy, explosive and just plain fun kids to watch dot this bracket.
      Primary Challenge
      The Crown Point regional was loaded this year so it’s third place finisher, Vince Liggin of Hanover Central is no slouch. He has a first round match with Kassius Breathitt of South Bend Riley that could be a good one. Riley wrestles a good schedule and Breathitt is 30-3 this year.
      270 to Win
      1. With 5 ranked wrestlers and a couple of other tough cookies from strong programs thrown in the mix there promises to be some great blood round battles. 10th ranked Clay Jones of Jeff is a returning state qualifier with only one blemish on his record. I love his funky style but his probable opponent in the round to go will probably want to brawl with Jones. Valparaiso’s 14th ranked Greg Lichtenberger has navigated the Duneland wars with an outstanding 35-5 record.
      2. A second great match in the ticket round pits 8th ranked Kassius Breathitt against Portage’s unranked Zach Nugent. Portage will be gunning for a semi state title and a win here would be huge for the Indians.
      3. At the bottom of the bracket, Crown Points 12th ranked Noah Lamore looks to be the strong favorite but Hobart senior Matt Burns will not go down without a fight.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Valparaiso’s Greg Lichtenberger earns the death draw label at 152. He is certainly capable of beating Jones. It will probably come down to who imposes their will when it comes to the style of the match. I just feel Jones has too many tools in his bag of tricks.
      Alternative Facts
      Hanover Central’s Vince Liggin looks like an interesting sleeper pick. Beating Breathitt in the first round is a tall order but not impossible. He then would likely match up with an eleven loss Zach Nugent of Portage.
      Trumps Top Dog – Kyle Hatch (Warsaw)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Kassius Breathitt (South Bend Riley)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Clay Jones (Lafayette Jeff)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Noah Lamore (Crown Point)
      160 is another bracket where the four ranked wrestlers are spread across the four quarter brackets. Although it is certainly possible for upsets to happen, I feel the first two rounds will hold chalk.
      Primary Challengers
      1. Two first round matches stand out in the 160 pound bracket that need to be highlighted. The first involves two underclassmen with high ceilings. Brandon Lucero is a sophomore from Merrillville and he will take on the talented Jacob Adkins of South Bend Riley. Looks like a true toss up.
      2. Two juniors will face off in another evenly matched first round tilt. Portage will send 27 match winner Drake Guerro out to face Culver Military’s Michael Boland. Guerro has plenty of experience but Boland is strong and tough to score on. Should be a good one.
      270 to Win

      1. The top ticket round bout looks like a Highway 30 battle between Plymouth’s once beaten senior Micah Calhoun and Valpo’s Mike Lichtenberger. Calhoun comes in with a #17 state ranking and has been able to cruise through the sectional and regional. Lichtenberger, on the other hand, has given top ten wrestlers in the region fits all year.  
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Hobart’s Angelo Guarnero earned the wrath of the bracket gods this week by drawing into the same quarter bracket as Penn’s grinder Rockne Hurley and Crown Point’s top ten stud Oszkar Kasch. No rewards for Angelo after winning the Calumet Regional.
      Alternative Facts
      A potential long shot sleeper pick is Freshman Jacob Adkins of South Bend Riley. After watching him frustrate veteran wrestlers last week with his take down defense, I have a hunch that he might just make a run this Saturday. If not, this youngster is one to keep an eye on in the future.
      Trumps Top Dog – Diego Lemley (Chesterton)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Micah Calhoun (Plymouth)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Oszkar Kasch (Crown Point)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Myles Krintz (Harrison)
      A Division One recruit, an Al Smith finalist and a wide open quarter bracket high light the 170 class at East Chicago. There might not be a state champ in this group but it still should be an exciting and competitive day.
      Primary Challenges
      1. At the top of the bracket one of the top first round matches of the day will take place between 30-5 Plymouth Rockie Colton Schuler and Cade Girgenti of Chesterton. Girgenti is a Duneland Conference runner-up and Schuler had a monster regional to get through.
      2. The bottom quarter bracket has two interesting first round matches just because there is no clear favorite in the quartet. Lafayette Jeff’s Garrett Fair and River Forest Ingot Bradley Groover have similar records and both are juniors. This looks like a toss up. The other first rounder pits South Bend Clay’s Amere Dozier versus LaPorte’s young Noah Perez. Perez is improving fast but is a tier below his Duneland rivals while Dozier has only wrestled half a season. Another toss up?
      270 to Win
      1. Zach Fattore (Hobart) vs. Tavonte Malone (South Bend Adams) – Both of these studs are ranked top 10 in the state and one will be going home with out a ticket to Indy.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      See above. It’s a shame that there are no wrestle backs.
      Alternative Facts
      My sleeper pick for this weight class is none other than Hammond Gavit Gladiator Jamari Washington. Washington has put together a great regular and post season. Inside sources say he will have something ready for Saturday’s ticket round match.
      Trumps Top Dog – Jarod Swank (Penn)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Zach Fattore (Hobart)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Ishmael Cornejo (Portage)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Amere Dozier (South Bend Clay)
      The 182 bracket introduces us to the first of the two Davison brothers. I expect both brothers to make their presence felt with authority both this weekend and next.
      Primary Challenge
      Seth Jones of Lafayette Jeff has regional crown on his resume but the last time he ventured to the region he was beaten by his first round opponent, Jacob Bohling of LaPorte. Jones is riding a wave of momentum but will it be enough to avenge his early season loss.
      270 to Win

      1. The aforementioned Bohling from Laporte should be matched up with conference rival Tyjohn Lockett of Merrillville. Bohling got the Pirate by a point during their conference 3 rd place match a couple of weeks ago.
      2. Another quality ticket round battle should be between Mishawaka’s Austin Faulkner and Kankakee Valley’s Logan Nowak. Two solidly built athletes with excellent records should make for an excellent match when a trip to Indy is on the line.  
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Logan Nowak only lost one match in the regular season but his loss to Lucas Davison of Chesterton at regional put him at risk of drawing into Austin Faulkner and that is exactly what happened. Faulkner is wrestling awesome right now and it will take a monster effort out of Nowak to topple the Caveman.
      Alternative Facts
      If you like playing the long odds when picking your state qualifiers, I give you Tyjohn Lockett of Merrillville. Sure he has double digit losses, but he made a run to the semi finals at the Al Smith, he is in the most winnable quarter bracket, and he has the Merrillville staff in his corner. Longshot Lockett might make some magic.
      Trumps Top Dog – Lucas Davison (Chesterton)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Austin Faulkner (Mishawaka)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Jeremy Torres (Portage)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Tyjohn Lockett (Merrillville)
      Michigan recruit Andrew Davison highlights this bracket. He should not be challenged and the race will be for second place. This bracket is loaded with four ranked wrestlers in the bottom half of the bracket which means some talented kids will not qualify for state.
      Primary Challenges
      1. Walker Brummett (Lake Central) vs. Bryson Ford (Benton Central) – This could be a four over a one. Brummett is battle tested and has some nice wins on the season
      2. Nick Schoonveld (Kankakee Valley) vs. Nate LaFree – Two physical in your face wrestlers will face off here. Not for the faint of heart.
      270 to Win
      1. Tyler Moser (Bremen) vs. AJ Fowler (Calumet) – Two ranked studs should battle for a free trip to Indy. Moser beat Fowler earlier in the year but it was a closely contested battle.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Aron Corralez of Merrillville definitely drew the short straw and will have the tall task of defeating Andrew Davison to punch his state ticket. Not likely.
      Alternative Facts
      The previously mentioned Walker Brummett of Lake Central has the talent, coaching and draw to make a run to the semi finals despite his double digit losses.
      Trumps Top Dog – Andrew Davison (Chesterton)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Anthony Maceo (Portage)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Tyler Moser (Bremen)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Bryson Ford (Benton Central)
      Another example of where the ranked wrestlers are split up and spread across the bracket. Three top ten grapplers highlight this group which should make for some nice semi finals and final matches.
      Primary Challenges

      1. The best looking first round match up is down at the bottom of the bracket where Merrillville’s 20 th ranked Andrew Vander Woude will face off against Plymouth fireplug Sam Stayton. Vander Woude is the favorite but Stayton brings a physical style that will be tough to deal with.  
      270 to Win
      1. The top ticket round bout will likely occur between Merrillville’s Vander Woude and big Donnie Crider of Harrison. Crider is ranked 6th in the state and is a match up nightmare as he stands about 6 ‘8”.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Munster’s Caleb Thomas was the regional champ at Calumet and he got rewarded by drawing the 5th ranked wrestler in the state for a berth to the state finals. It will be a tall order to topple the Al Smith champion, Eli Pokorney.
      Alternative Facts
      Chester Swopes of Portage is my sleeper pick for this weight class based on his excellent practice partners and excellent coaching. He would have to upset 18th ranked Will Vakalahi in order to make that magical run to state.
      Trumps Top Dog – Eli Pokorney (Chesterton)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Donnie Crider (Harrison)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Jeremy Akers (Crown Point)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Will Vakalahi (Penn)
      Two wrestlers appear to have separated themselves from the field and seem like strong candidates to meet in the finals. The real story is who will be in the third and fourth place slots.
      Primary Challenges
      1. Alex Faulkner (Mishawaka) vs Alex Cartwright (LaVille) – The Alex War should will pit the Caveman’s savvy versus the Lancer’s brute strength.
      2. Michael Foster (Crown Point) vs Dan “Truck” Clark (Rochester) – The Truck is tough to score on and frustrates his opponents. He has been outstanding this post season.
      270 to Win
      1. Clark vs. Keion Williams (Lafayette Jeff) – This bout would be a rematch from earlier in the season where Williams squeaked by the big Zebra.
      2. Aron Ceglarek (Kankakee Valley) vs. Gio Murillo (Portage) – Murillo is a returning state qualifier who can keep it close with just about anyone. Geglarek is a big thick kid who moves well.
      Steve Bannon Death Draw
      Ceglarek, the regional champ, drew into the one ticket round foe he probably would least like to see in Gio Murillo. The Portage warpath will going strong and that momentum might be difficult to deal with.
      Alternative Facts
      The big man with the best chance of shocking the semi state is Michael Foster of Crown Point. Both his first round and potential ticket round matches are very winnable for this unheralded Bulldog.
      Trumps Top Dog – Isiah “Bus” McWilliams (South Bend Washington)
      Pence’s Second Fiddle – Brendan Streck (Merrillville)
      Sean Spicer to Show – Gio Murillo (Portage)
      Yellow Ribbon Rastler – Dan “Truck” Clark (Rochester)

      2751 26 1

      Who do you want in your corner?

      Throughout the history of the state finals the number of state placers has grown from four to six and finally to eight in 1992. With the addition of the 7th and 8th place finishers came the Friday night win or go home match for all the competitors. Throughout the years we have seen amazing matches and crazy upsets on Friday night.
      After some thought we wanted to know which coach had the best winning percentage on Friday night. We compiled all the data from 1992 until 2019 and came up with the following information. Please note that included in these statistics are qualifiers that did not end up participating at state due to injury. This mildly affects a coach’s percentage as it is a rare occurrence an athlete does not participate on Friday night.
      Click here for all of the data
      Current coaches with 10+ state qualifiers from 1992-2019
      Rank Coach Qualifiers Placers Friday % Current School 1 Wade McClurg 11 10 90.91% Roncalli 2 Brian Weaver 11 9 81.82% Elkhart Memorial 3 Sean McGinley 100 78 78.00% Indianapolis Cathedral 4 Darrick Snyder 85 64 75.29% Brownsburg 5 Chris Cooper 31 22 70.97% Columbus East 6 Maurice Swain 10 7 70.00% Center Grove 7 Jim Tonte 102 70 68.63% Franklin Community 8 David Maldonado 79 53 67.09% Merrillville 9 Matthew Behling 17 11 64.71% Culver Academies 10 Matt Schoettle 22 14 63.64% Perry Meridian 11 Dan Briggs 16 10 62.50% Carroll(Fort Wayne) 12 Joshua Holden 18 11 61.11% Greenfield-Central 13 Zach Errett 20 12 60.00% Avon 14 Kevin Blundell 10 6 60.00% Monrovia 15 Greg Schaefer 69 40 57.97% Evansville Mater Dei 16 Branden Lorek 14 8 57.14% Crown Point 17 Ed Pendoski 65 37 56.92% Carmel 18 Bill Flatt 23 13 56.52% South Bend Riley 19 Tony Abbott 31 17 54.84% Cowan 20 Bob Read 24 13 54.17% Plymouth 21 Eric Myers 21 11 52.38% Jay County 22 T. Howard Jones Jr. 22 11 50.00% Jennings County 23 Mark Kirchgassner 10 5 50.00% East Central 24 Bob Harmon 57 28 49.12% Castle 25 Chris Joll 47 23 48.94% Chesterton 26 Jim Pickard 40 19 47.50% Goshen 27 Mike Runyon 15 7 46.67% Bloomington South 28 Louie Kuzdas 24 11 45.83% LaPorte 29 Lou Silverman 35 16 45.71% North Central 30 Clint Gard 16 7 43.75% Rochester 31 Brad Harper 62 27 43.55% Penn 32 Scott Ferguson 38 16 42.11% Evansville Reitz 33 Steve Pugliese 22 9 40.91% Tri-West 34 Dave Cloud 27 11 40.74% Pendleton Heights 35 Dean Branstetter 15 6 40.00% Attica 36 Brandon Sisson 10 4 40.00% Floyd Central 37 Chad Shepherd 18 7 38.89% Western 38 Danny Struck 18 7 38.89% Jeffersonville 39 Larry Mattingly 31 12 38.71% Evansville Memorial 40 Andy Hobbs 39 15 38.46% Peru 41 Dan Mikesell 13 5 38.46% Mooresville 42 Doug Smoker 19 7 36.84% Angola 43 Rod Williams 11 4 36.36% Leo 44 Jim HIttler 17 6 35.29% Huntington North 45 Jamie Welliever 12 4 33.33% Southmont 46 Andrew King 20 6 30.00% Oak Hill 47 Tim Alcorn 10 3 30.00% Mount Vernon (Posey) 48 Paul Gunsett 14 4 28.57% Bellmont 49 Jim Wadkins 22 6 27.27% Calumet 50 Blane Culp 11 3 27.27% Columbia City 51 Nick Kraus 11 2 18.18% Garrett 52 Tom Miller 17 2 11.76% Lafayette Jefferson  
      All coaches with 10+ state qualifiers from 1992-2019
      Rank Coach Qualifiers Placers Friday % Current School Past School 1 Wiley Craft 12 11 91.67%   Lawrence Central 2 Wade McClurg 11 10 90.91% Roncalli Roncalli 3 Todd Kendrick 13 11 84.62%   Franklin Central 4 Frank Svarczkopf, Jr. 12 10 83.33%   Lawrence North 5 Brian Weaver 11 9 81.82% Elkhart Memorial Elkhart Memorial 6 Travis Walls 26 21 80.77%   Griffith 7 Dan Gelarden 15 12 80.00%   Munster 8 Brett Crousore 39 31 79.49%   Lawrence North 9 Nick Petrov 24 19 79.17%   Hanover Central 10 Sean McGinley 100 78 78.00% Indianapolis Cathedral Indianapolis Cathedral 11 Perry Summitt 13 10 76.92%   Bloomington North 12 Darrick Snyder 85 64 75.29% Brownsburg Brownsburg 13 Al Smith 26 19 73.08%   Mishawaka 14 Justin Smith 11 8 72.73%   Warsaw 15 Rod Wartman 11 8 72.73%   Lake Central 16 Chris Cooper 31 22 70.97% Columbus East Columbus East 17 Keith Grant 10 7 70.00%   Indian Creek 18 Maurice Swain 10 7 70.00% Center Grove Center Grove 19 Alan Goddard 10 7 70.00%   Ben Davis 20 Dennis Miesle 10 7 70.00%   Woodlan 21 Duboris Dickerson 13 9 69.23%   Pike 22 Grodie Crick 13 9 69.23%   Evansville Central 23 Jim Tonte 102 70 68.63% Franklin Community Warren Central 24 Mike Atwood 19 13 68.42%   Delphi 25 Paul Nicodemus 19 13 68.42%   Plainfield 26 Lance Rhodes 31 21 67.74%   Indianapolis Cathedral 27 David Maldonado 79 53 67.09% Merrillville Merrillville 28 Mike Goebel 111 74 66.67%   Evansville Mater Dei 29 Paul Voigt 15 10 66.67%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 30 Bill Kelly 26 17 65.38%   East Chicago Central 31 Lance Ellis 17 11 64.71%   Roncalli 32 Matthew Behling 17 11 64.71% Culver Academies Culver Academies 33 Chad Red 28 18 64.29%   New Palestine 34 Matt Schoettle 22 14 63.64% Perry Meridian Perry Meridian 35 Brian Seltzer 40 25 62.50%   Lawrence North 36 Dan Briggs 16 10 62.50% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Union County 37 David Walpole 16 10 62.50%   Decatur Central 38 Robert Emerick 29 18 62.07%   Lake Central 39 Bob Jarrett 13 8 61.54%   Eastern (Greentown) 40 Jack Grimaldi 13 8 61.54%   Alexandria 41 Joshua Holden 18 11 61.11% Greenfield-Central Greenfield-Central 42 Rob Willman 18 11 61.11%   Floyd Central 43 Zach Errett 20 12 60.00% Avon Avon 44 Kevin Blundell 10 6 60.00% Monrovia Monrovia 45 John Kopnisky 10 6 60.00%   Carmel 46 Brent Faurote 109 65 59.63%   Bellmont 47 Kevin Troy 32 19 59.38%   Roncalli 48 Larry Tharp 22 13 59.09%   Portage 49 Russel Feigert 41 24 58.54%   Beech Grove 50 Dave Thompson 24 14 58.33%   Whiteland 51 Greg Schaefer 69 40 57.97% Evansville Mater Dei Evansville Mater Dei 52 Royce Deckard 64 37 57.81%   Bloomington South 53 Steve Balash 52 30 57.69%   Hobart 54 Keith Hoffar 28 16 57.14%   East Noble 55 Kyle Poyer 28 16 57.14%   Hamilton Southeastern 56 Mike Smorin 14 8 57.14%   South Bend Riley 57 Jim Nicholson 14 8 57.14%   Elkhart Central 58 Branden Lorek 14 8 57.14% Crown Point Crown Point 59 Ed Pendoski 65 37 56.92% Carmel Carmel 60 Bill Flatt 23 13 56.52% South Bend Riley South Bend Riley 61 Trent McCormick 103 58 56.31%   Yorktown 62 Bobby Howard 16 9 56.25%   Lowell 63 John Cook 16 9 56.25%   Valparaiso 64 Bob Hasseman 68 38 55.88%   Franklin Community 65 Lance Beehler 18 10 55.56%   Mishawaka 66 Danny Williams 20 11 55.00%   Warren Central 67 Tony Abbott 31 17 54.84% Cowan Cowan 68 Jamie Wingler 11 6 54.55%   New Palestine 69 Jason Warthan 11 6 54.55%   Columbus North 70 James Colias 11 6 54.55%   Munster 71 Kenny Wallace 11 6 54.55%   Princeton 72 Bob Read 24 13 54.17% Plymouth Plymouth 73 Clarence Warthan 24 13 54.17%   Frankfort 74 Israel Blevins 37 20 54.05%   Avon 75 Mike Ester 26 14 53.85%   Fort Wayne Snider 76 Jake Harreld 13 7 53.85%   Fishers 77 Bob Brennan 15 8 53.33%   Zionsville 78 Jared Williams 40 21 52.50%   Zionsville 79 Eric Myers 21 11 52.38% Jay County Jay County 80 Scott Vlink 86 45 52.33%   Crown Point 81 Rex Peckinpaugh 73 38 52.05%   New Castle 82 Andy Simon 35 18 51.43%   Carmel 83 Leroy Vega 43 22 51.16%   Portage 84 Mark Kerrn 38 19 50.00%   Jimtown 85 Randy Kearby 34 17 50.00%   Columbia City 86 Jim Ledbetter 28 14 50.00%   Warren Central 87 T. Howard Jones Jr. 22 11 50.00% Jennings County Jennings County 88 Todd Sacksteder 20 10 50.00%   Beech Grove 89 Kevin King 18 9 50.00%   Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 90 Chris Campbell 14 7 50.00%   Greenwood 91 Bill Yozipovich 14 7 50.00%   Greenfield-Central 92 Mark Bruner 12 6 50.00%   Brown County 93 Mark Kirchgassner 10 5 50.00% East Central East Central 94 Lee Fry 10 5 50.00%   Prairie Heights 95 Chris Svarczkopf 10 5 50.00%   Fort Wayne North Side 96 Larry Hazuga 10 5 50.00%   Jeffersonville 97 Christopher Kern 10 5 50.00%   Zionsville 98 Bob Harmon 57 28 49.12% Castle Castle 99 Chris Joll 47 23 48.94% Chesterton Chesterton 100 Henry Wilk 43 21 48.84%   Penn 101 Dennis Lewis 27 13 48.15%   NorthWood 102 Jim Pickard 40 19 47.50% Goshen Goshen 103 Terry O'Neill 19 9 47.37%   Westfield 104 Scott Dehart 17 8 47.06%   Wawasee 105 Mike Runyon 15 7 46.67% Bloomington South Bloomington South 106 Ryan Wells 15 7 46.67%   Kokomo 107 Cale Hoover 26 12 46.15%   Center Grove 108 Louie Kuzdas 24 11 45.83% LaPorte LaPorte 109 Tony Boley 24 11 45.83%   Warsaw 110 Lou Silverman 35 16 45.71% North Central North Central 111 Bud Palmer 11 5 45.45%   Delta 112 Steve Wewe 11 5 45.45%   Franklin County 113 Bo Henry 11 5 45.45%   Bloomington North 114 Clint Gard 16 7 43.75% Rochester Rochester 115 Brad Harper 62 27 43.55% Penn Penn 116 Rick Stenftenagel 14 6 42.86%   Jasper 117 David Caple 14 6 42.86%   Floyd Central 118 Scott Schwarz 26 11 42.31%   East Central 119 Scott Ferguson 38 16 42.11% Evansville Reitz Evansville Reitz 120 Steve VanderAa 17 7 41.18%   Winamac 121 Steve Pugliese 22 9 40.91% Tri-West Danville 122 Dave Cloud 27 11 40.74% Pendleton Heights Pendleton Heights 123 Scott Raypole 15 6 40.00%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 124 Dean Branstetter 15 6 40.00% Attica Attica 125 Brandon Sisson 10 4 40.00% Floyd Central Floyd Central 126 James Binkley 10 4 40.00%   New Albany 127 Sam DiPrimio 10 4 40.00%   Fort Wayne Northrop 128 Gene Backes 10 4 40.00%   Evansville Reitz 129 Murray Miller 10 4 40.00%   South Bend Washington 130 James Phillips 10 4 40.00%   Indianapolis Emmerich Manual 131 Kevin Taylor 10 4 40.00%   Wawasee 132 Al Hartman 36 14 38.89%   South Bend Clay 133 Chad Shepherd 18 7 38.89% Western Western 134 Danny Struck 18 7 38.89% Jeffersonville Jeffersonville 135 Larry Mattingly 31 12 38.71% Evansville Memorial Evansville Memorial 136 Andy Hobbs 39 15 38.46% Peru Peru 137 Dan Mikesell 13 5 38.46% Mooresville Mooresville 138 Ed Fox 13 5 38.46%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 139 Greg Gastineau 13 5 38.46%   Hamilton Southeastern 140 Mark Line 21 8 38.10%   Kankakee Valley 141 Doug Smoker 19 7 36.84% Angola Angola 142 Gary Fox 11 4 36.36%   Franklin Central 143 Rod Williams 11 4 36.36% Leo Leo 144 Tony Grater 11 4 36.36%   McCutcheon 145 Tony Starks 11 4 36.36%   Ben Davis 146 Todd Fakes 11 4 36.36%   Monrovia 147 Derek Bocock 14 5 35.71%   Lebanon 148 Matt Koontz 14 5 35.71%   Whitko 149 Jim HIttler 17 6 35.29% Huntington North Huntington North 150 Mark Scott 20 7 35.00%   Muncie Central 151 David Errett 20 7 35.00%   Martinsville 152 Barry Humble 18 6 33.33%   South Adams 153 Josh Dommer 15 5 33.33%   Leo 154 Jamie Welliever 12 4 33.33% Southmont Southmont 155 Robert Freije 16 5 31.25%   Brownsburg 156 Randy Pursley 13 4 30.77%   Homestead 157 Andrew King 20 6 30.00% Oak Hill Oak Hill 158 Chuck Fleshman 10 3 30.00%   Central Noble 159 Tim Alcorn 10 3 30.00% Mount Vernon (Posey) Mount Vernon (Posey) 160 John Bennett 10 3 30.00%   Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 161 Paul Gunsett 14 4 28.57% Bellmont Bellmont 162 Nicholas Eckert 14 4 28.57%   North Posey 163 George Gardner 18 5 27.78%   South Dearborn 164 Jim Wadkins 22 6 27.27% Calumet Calumet 165 Blane Culp 11 3 27.27% Columbia City Columbia City 166 Ron Anderson 11 3 27.27%   Winchester 167 Eric Burres 12 3 25.00%   New Albany 168 Doug Deters 13 3 23.08%   Franklin County 169 Kevin Wilkinson 10 2 20.00%   Southmont 170 Ken Houston 16 3 18.75%   Twin Lakes 171 Denny Schwartz 16 3 18.75%   Adams Central 172 Nick Kraus 11 2 18.18% Garrett Garrett 173 Scott VanDerAa 15 2 13.33%   Harrison (WL) 174 Tom Miller 17 2 11.76% Lafayette Jefferson Lafayette Jefferson 175 Al Thomas 10 1 10.00%   Logansport 176 Tim Sloffer 12 1 8.33%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 177 Doug Schultz 13 1 7.69%   Adams Central  

      2731 1 1

      2021 State Finals by the Numbers

      We are closing in on another state finals in what has been an extraordinary year all around. However, with all the uncertainly around us, there is one thing that remains the same. That is the IndianaMat rankings are always top notch. This year Mike Reiser has upped the ante by getting 186 out of 224 qualifiers in the last set of rankings. Just a quick reminder that we lock the rankings before the first whistle at sectional and let them ride. We saw top wrestlers missing weight or getting hit with COVID quarantines, yet the rankings still held serve. There is only one match in the whole first round that puts two wrestlers that were not in the rankings against each other. Mike is still working on a perfect bracket of all ranked wrestlers making the state finals. This year 106, 132, and 170 all had 15 of 16 qualifiers in the rankings.
      As always we have created brackets with our rankings on them for you to download and use for all your pick’em purposes. This year we have two sets, one with just state rankings and one with both semi-state and state rankings. I would hold off printing any of these out as your official copies as there may be a couple more surprises added to the brackets this week.
      IndianaMat with semi-state and state rankings
      IndianaMat with state rankings ONLY
      Season by season ranked wrestlers advancing to state
      *Note Mike Reiser took over the rankings in 2012
      2021- 186
      2020- 180
      2019- 175
      2018- 179
      2017- 169
      2016- 175
      2015- 172
      2014- 171
      2013- 171
      2012- 170
      2011- 157
      2010- 159
      2009- 143
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Vicente Eckman- Goshen
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #7 Ashton Jackson(LaPorte) vs. #9 Liam Krueger(Columbus East)
      #5 Nathan Smith(Southport) vs. #25 Cody Rowles(Jay County)
      #4 Evan Seng(Evansville Mater Dei) vs. #20 Dylan Bennett(Penn)
      #2 Evan Dickey(Cathedral) vs. #16 Keegan Malott(East Noble)
      #1 Jeffrey Bailey(River Forest) vs. #19 Donnie Feeler(Crawford County)
      #8 Tanner Tishner(Western) vs. #10 Zac Dray(Warren Central)
      #13 Blake Zirkelbach(North Posey) vs. #22 Evan Cruz(Crown Point)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Drake Fritz- West Central
      Beau Brabender- Northridge
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Kyrel Leavell(Warren Central) vs. #7 Reese Courtney(Center Grove)
      #15 Jared Brooks(Wabash) vs. #21 Bryce Denton(Penn)
      #1 Alex Cottey(Perry Meridian) vs. #16 Reed Egli(Evansville Mater Dei)
      #5 Hayden Brady(Garrett) vs. #9 Anthony Bahl(Crown Point)
      #14 Isaac Ward(Carmel) vs. #20 Joey Buttler(Whiteland)
      #6 Coy Hammack(Tell City) vs. #13 Dylan Driver(Westfield)

      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Nathaniel Hennessey- Seeger
      Tristian Vaughn- Harrison (WL)
      Travis Haug- Forest Park
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #2 Logan Frazier(Crown Point) vs. #8 Carleton Perry(Warren Central)
      #3 Lane Gilbert(Sullivan) vs. #14 Justin Puckett(Northridge)
      #9 Tony Wood(Jay County) vs. #15 Braden Haines(Brownsburg)
      #1 Sergio Lemley(Chesterton) vs. #13 Keaton Morton(Perry Meridian)
      #4 Cole Ross(Evansville Mater Dei) vs. #21 Austin Lewis(Bluffton)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Brenden Dilley- Wawasee
      Devin Wible- Hobart
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #2 Brady Ison(Brownsburg) vs. #7 Elijah Anthony(Frankfort)
      #1 Zeke Seltzer(Cathedral) vs. #17 Michael Tharpe(Center Grove)
      #8 Matteo Vargo(Penn) vs. #11 Logan Uhlman(Adams Central)
      #5 Sam Goin(Crown Point) vs. #23 Harper Dedman(Oak Hill)
      #4 Bryce Lowery(Roncalli) vs. #13 Jacob Bechert(Franklin Community)
      #3 Cheaney Schoeff(Avon) vs. #14 Blake Wolf(East Central).
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Dominic Litchfield- Bellmont
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #3 Aidan Torres(Chesterton) vs. #15 Devin Frazier(Centerville)
      #9 David Pierson(Warren Central) vs. #24 Lakin Webb(Rensselaer Central)
      #8 Ben Dalton(Monrovia) vs. #11 Dylan Stroud(Manchester)
      #2 Ian Heath(Leo) vs. #17 Cade Meier(Bloomington South)
      #10 Cole Solomey(Kankakee Valley) vs. #16 Anthony Hughes(Lawrence North)
      #4 Kysen Montgomery(Brownsburg) vs. #22 Cameron Clark(Jay County)
      #7 Stephen Roberson(Crown Point) vs. #12 Brac Hooper(Carmel)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jarrett Forrester- Columbia City
      Kyle Carter- Rensselaer Central
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #2 Delaney Ruhlman(Bloomington South) vs. #9 Bradley Conrad(Portage)
      #15 Brody Arthur(Oak Hill) vs. #19 Jared Brown(Pendleton Heights)
      #4 Gavinn Alstott(Floyd Central) vs. #5 Jace Alexander(Wawasee)
      #1 Jesse Mendez(Crown Point) vs. #18 Gavin Garcia(Brownsburg)
      #10 Hudson Harreld(Zionsville) vs. #21 Logan Hooley(Northridge)
      #14 Seth Lawson(Frankton) vs. #25 Julius Gerencser(Daleville) 
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Cameron Powell- Mishawaka
      Braden Nuest- West Central
      James Smith- Penn
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Jaden Reynolds(Avon) vs. #11 Max Naselroad(Alexandria Monroe)
      #2 Logan Wagner(Zionsville) vs. #24 Connor Gilles(Jeffersonville)
      #10 Ethan Kaiser(Chesterton) vs. #23 Sam Levitz(Prairie Heights)
      #6 Hunter May(Floyd Central) vs. #25 Brady McKivitz(Perry Meridian)
      #3 Hayden Watson(Center Grove) vs. #13 Eli Otto(South Dearborn)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Avery Wills- Eastern Hancock
      Chase Leech- Garrett
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #11 Aidan Hardcastle(Oak Hill) vs. #21 Aiden Farmer(Evansville Memorial)
      #2 Matthew Koontz(Perry Meridian) vs. #18 Aidan Pollitt(Valparaiso)
      #3 Javen Estrada(Crown Point) vs. #20 Ben Wolf(East Central)
      #7 Tyler Conley(Avon) vs. #8 Alex Currie(Adams Central)
      #1 Jajuan Anderson(Warren Central) vs. #23 Isaiah Ponce(Lake Central)
      #9 Evan Ulrick(Carroll (Fort Wayne)) vs. #10 Ben Phillips(Charlestown)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jakob Sheets- Perry Meridian
      Logan Farnell- Maconaquah
      Bradey Pittman- Plymouth
      Bray Emerine- Floyd Central
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #2 Brody Baumann(Evansville Mater Dei) vs. #16 Eli Hilger(Bishop Dwenger)
      #3 Andrew Wilson(Cathedral) vs. #8 Aaron Steenbeke(Penn)
      #1 Robert Major(Carmel) vs. #23 Jamaal Salary(LaPorte)
      #11 Landon Boe(Plainfield) vs. #14 Eli Johnson(Norwell) 
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jacob Graden- East Noble
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #13 Jajuan Dale(Perry Meridian) vs. #16 Jacob Kreager(Snider)
      #11 Codei Khawaja(Floyd Central) vs. #18 Aiden Sneed(Kankakee Valley)
      #1 Bryer Hall(East Central) vs. #19 Duke Myers(Bellmont)
      #5 John Purdy(Castle) vs. #8 Jacob Simpson(Hobart)
      #6 Sam Morrill(Columbus East) vs. #23 Spencer Phillips(McCutcheon)
      #4 Brodie Porter(Eastern (Greentown)) vs. #12 Shane Bates(Zionsville)
      #2 Pate Eastin(Penn) vs. #3 Tyler Fuqua(Franklin Community)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 9
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jett Thompson- Oak Hill
      Jake Sues- Lake Central
      Brandon Estepp- Warsaw
      Je'kwan Williams- Marion
      Johnny Weisheit- Franklin Central
      Hunter Page- Monroe Central
      Reid Schroeder- Southridge
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Drake Buchanan(Center Grove) vs. #16 Sam Peeples(Roncalli)
      #9 Dominic Pugliese(Tri-West Hendricks) vs. #10 Riley Woodall(Southmont)
      First round match-ups of unranked wrestlers:
      Jake Sues(Lake Central) vs. Jett Thompson(Oak Hill)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Ryan Bovard- East Central
      Chad Washburn- Kokomo
      Bazle Owens- Tippecanoe Valley
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #9 Ke'Shawn Dickens(Avon) vs. #12 Blake Heyerly(Adams Central)
      #8 Matt Lepper(Carroll (Fort Wayne)) vs. #15 Wyatt Willman(North Posey)
      #6 Harris Eason(Franklin Community) vs. #16 Ibrahim Khaoucha(Northridge)
      #4 Johnny Parker(Cathedral) vs. #10 Gage DeMarco(Chesterton)
      #3 Connor Barket(West Lafayette) vs. #11 Max Broom(Hamilton Southeastern)
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 11
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Peyton Kendall- Penn
      RJ Dilbone- Fremont
      Coy Brames- Angola
      Nolan Skaggs- Franklin Community
      Ian Clifford- Columbia City
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #7 Jack Taylor(New Castle) vs. #17 Julante Hinton(Northrop)
      #3 Jason Streck(Merrillville) vs. #14 Kelton Farmer(Evansville Memorial)
      #5 Josh Howell(Terre Haute South) vs. #12 Jacob Raub(Lafayette Jefferson) 
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jacob Sommer- Elkhart
      Brock Donati- Penn
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #8 Mariere Omonode(West Lafayette) vs. #22 Makhi Watts(North Central)
      #7 Matthew Munoz(Jeffersonville) vs. #9 Brandon Villafuerte(Angola)
      #1 Braydon Erb(Western) vs. #5 Jacob Johnson(Franklin Community)
      #4 Antone Alexander(Franklin Central) vs. #6 Hunter Whitenack(New Prairie)
      #2 Reeve Muncie(Carroll (Fort Wayne)) vs. #17 Amara Kaba(Pike)
      #13 Edgar Decker(Gavit) vs. #18 Mihail Platonov(Westfield)

      2710 1

      2020 State Finals by the Numbers

      Rankings always provide a great insight to the best of the best in the state. Arguments always ensue on who is the best and who should be ranked. Over the years our rankings have proven to be the best out there. On top of that our rankings are locked before the first whistle at sectional and they do not take into account the semi-state draws. This year only 9 wrestlers that advanced to state were not in our state or semi-state rankings. We also set a new record for most state ranked wrestlers advancing to state with 180 or just over 80%! Thanks to our rankings gurus Mike Reiser, Caleb Spires, Howard Cottey, and Dustin Bentz for another great season.
      Do not forget to download the IndianaMat brackets with rankings attached so it is easier to follow the state finals.
      Click here for our special IndianaMat brackets
      Season by season ranked wrestlers advancing to state
      *Note Mike Reiser took over the rankings in 2012
      2020- 180
      2019- 175
      2018- 179
      2017- 169
      2016- 175
      2015- 172
      2014- 171
      2013- 171
      2012- 170
      2011- 157
      2010- 159
      2009- 143
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Trevor Triana- Hobart
      Johnny Cortez- Lake Central
      Keegan Malott- East Noble
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Isaac Ruble- Bellmont vs. #9 Evan Dickey- Indianapolis Cathedral
      #6 Jeffrey Bailey- River Forest vs. #15 Kyler West- Evansville Reitz Memorial
      #7 Joshua Johnson- Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter vs. #8 Hayden Brady- Garrett
      #2 Sam Goin- Crown Point vs. #12 Coy Hammack- Tell City
      #11 Anthony Martin- Western vs. #3 Suhas Chundi- Carmel
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 10
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Dylan Driver- Westfield
      Braden Haines- Brownsburg
      Doug Waters- Chesterton
      Colton Weimer- Garrett
      Stefan Vitello- Valparaiso
      Ethan Reiley- Jay County
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Lane Gilbert- Sullivan vs. #12 Brac Hooper- Carmel
      #3 Cheaney Schoeff- Avon vs. #4 Elijah Anthony- Frankfort

      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Delaney Ruhlman- Bloomington South
      Cole Solomey- Kankakee Valley
      Aydan Amento- Evansville Central
      Dominic Heath- Churubusco
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Alec Freeman- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #10 Anthony Hughes- Lawrence North
      #11 John Robinson- Delta vs. #2 Riley Bettich- Crown Point
      #3 Giovanni Diaz- Wheeler vs. #18 Ethan Higgins- Wabash
      #16 Sam Scott- Heritage Hills vs. #4 Carson Eldred- Westfield
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Willie Dennison- Anderson
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #18 Dylan Stroud- Manchester vs. #9 Ashton Hayhurst- Evansville Mater Dei
      #10 Jace Alexander- Wawasee vs. #6 David Pierson- Warren Central
      #1 Raymond Rioux- Avon vs. #15 Beau Humphrey- Fort Wayne Snider
      #5 Brayden Lowery- Roncalli vs. #17 Brendon Mark- Mishawaka
      #2 Ben Dalton- Monrovia vs. #12 Landon Bertsch- Bluffton
      #4 Stephen Roberson- Crown Point vs. #19 Camren Toole- Lebanon
      #14 Payne Blackburn- Delta vs. #7 Kysen Montgomery- Brownsburg
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Brody Arthur- Oak Hill
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Ian Heath- Leo vs. #20 Isaiah Ponce- Lake Central
      #17 Sam Slivka- Roncalli vs. #4 Kane Egli- Evansville Mater Dei
      #13 Connor Holt- Plainfield vs. #10 Luke Goodwin- Southport
      #2 Matthew Koontz- Perry Meridian vs. #15 Conner Alcala- Decatur Central
      #18 Bradley Conrad- Portage vs. #11 Reakus Shelton- Fort Wayne Snider
      #6 Hayden Watson- Center Grove vs. #16 Jared Brown- Pendleton Heights
      #3 Hunter Cottingham- Western vs. #14 Vince Sparrow- Penn
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Lane Burns- Eastside
      Nick Tattini- Crown Point
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #9 Tyson Nisley- LaPorte vs. #2 Logan Bailey- Indianapolis Cathedral
      #20 Elijah Chacon- New Haven vs. #16 Landon Boe- Plainfield
      #7 Brendan Mattingly- Carmel vs. #6 Eli Hickman- Rensselaer Central
      #15 Ethan Kaiser- Chesterton vs. #14 Dylan Dorman- Greenfield-Central
      #1 Blake Boarman- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #12 Hayden Shepherd- Western
      #10 Kyle Lawson- Bellmont vs. #3 J Conway- Floyd Central
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Ethan Nash- Franklin Community
      Aj Dull- South Adams
      Riley Rust- Center Grove
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #8 Jaden Reynolds- Avon vs. #13 Jake Shafer- Carmel
      #4 William Fiechter- Southern Wells vs. #5 Orlando Cruz- Crown Point
      #12 Jacob Maldonado- Merrillville vs. #18 Evan Ulrick- Carroll (Fort Wayne)
      #20 Alex Currie- Adams Central vs. #3 Aj Poindexter- Harrison (West Lafayette)
      #7 Jajuan Anderson- Warren Central vs. #10 Brody Baumann- Evansville Mater Dei
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Aidan Hardcastle- Oak Hill
      Tyler Jones- Lawrence Central
      Anthony Walker- Greenwood Community
      Garrett Stuckman- Wawasee
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #12 Cody Mccune- Huntington North vs. #5 Jordan Fulks- Boonville
      #1 Brice Coleman- Warren Central vs. #9 Jorden Douglass- Attica
      #2 Jonathan Kervin- Floyd Central vs. #20 Ethan Mason- Tri-Central
      #4 Logan Boe- Danville Community vs. #16 Eli Hilger- Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger
      #10 Shane Bates- Zionsville vs. #13 Tyler Turley- Hobart
      #11 Shawn Hollis- Lowell vs. #3 Bryer Hall- East Central
      First round match-ups of unranked wrestlers:
      Garrett Stuckman- Wawasee vs. Tyler Jones- Lawrence Central
      Aidan Hardcastle- Oak Hill vs. Anthony Walker- Greenwood Community
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jacob Linky- Warsaw Community
      Sam Schroeder- Southridge
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #7 Noah Hollendonner- Crown Point vs. #16 Tytus Morrisett- Eastern (Greentown)
      #4 Cooper Noehre- Greenfield-Central vs. #8 Peyton Asbury- Brownsburg
      #2 Isiah Levitz- Prairie Heights vs. #17 Nick Winland- Chesterton
      #11 Sam Morrill- Columbus East vs. #15 Andrew Roth- Lawrenceburg
      #1 Eli Dickens- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #14 Damon Mcclain- Warren Central
      #10 Jed Perry- Southern Wells vs. #19 Aj Steenbeke- Penn
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Marcus Malson- Rushville Consolidated
      Clayton Lundy- Elkhart Memorial
      Brodie Porter- Eastern (Greentown)
      Cody Timmerman- Mishawaka
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Graham Calhoun- Plymouth vs. #14 Jalen Ward- Franklin Community
      #3 Tristan Ruhlman- Bloomington South vs. #10 Braden Welch- Culver Academies
      #7 Tyler Wagner- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #19 Jacob Duncan- Southern Wells
      #13 Gavin Layman- Chesterton vs. #6 Gabe Sollars- Evansville Mater Dei
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Sam Walker- Norwell
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #3 Macartney Parkinson- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #1 Joseph Walker- Mishawaka
      #6 Johnny Parker- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #2 Mason Winner- Jay County
      #8 Khris Walton- Merrillville vs. #9 Brendan Mcpike- Terre Haute South Vigo
      #19 Zian Constable- Peru vs. #12 Hayden Filipovich- Indianapolis Lutheran
      #7 Noah White- Columbus East vs. #17 Connor Barket- West Lafayette
      #5 Jake Lone- NorthWood vs. #16 Kole Viel- East Central
      #10 Colin Kwiatkowski- Valparaiso vs. #11 Drake Buchanan- Center Grove
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jacob Huffman- Indianapolis Cathedral
      Luke Bakeis- Harrison (West Lafayette)
      Gage Demarco- Chesterton
      Richard Clevenger- New Palestine
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #8 Isaiah Street- Brownsburg vs. #6 Eli Pack- Culver Academies
      #1 Silas Allred- Shenandoah vs. #20 Ibrahim Khaoucha- Northridge
      #2 Jacob Laplace- Mishawaka vs. #10 Harris Eason- Franklin Community
      #11 Matt Lepper- Carroll (Fort Wayne) vs. #3 Jd Farrell- Fishers
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 11
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Blaine Pierce- Richmond
      Haakon Van Beynen- Carmel
      Reese Condon- Mooresville
      Fred Durben- Oak Hill
      Grant Warmuth- Wabash
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Jason Streck- Merrillville vs. #10 Deshawn Young- Franklin Central
      #7 Will Stewart- South Spencer vs. #18 Tristen Martz- New Haven
      #2 Drew Webster- North Montgomery vs. #9 Jonathan Thomas- Mishawaka
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Andres Larios- Hammond Clark
      Andrew Himes- Plymouth
      Ke`Tre Dickens- Avon
      Jose Rosales- Goshen
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #12 Dennis Hubbard- Warren Central vs. #14 Robbie Gentry- Mooresville
      #1 Dorian Keys- Brownsburg vs. #9 Antone Alexander- Franklin Central
      #2 Andrew Irick- Hamilton Southeastern vs. #16 Jacob Johnson- Franklin Community
      #8 Braydon Erb- Western vs. #13 Sam Perez Jr.- Highland

      2415 4

      2017 New Castle Semi-State Preview

      Six state-ranked competitors will do battle in the opening weight, including #2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The other ranked wrestler is Al Smith champ, #12 Gabe Smith of Lawrence Central. Smith will have to find a way to get past #5 Brayden Lowery of PM to punch his ticket. Perhaps even nastier is the bottom portion of the bracket, where #6 Logan Bailey of Cathedral and #2 Seth Johnson of North Montgomery should meet in the ticket round. #3 Brendan Mattingly of Carmel and #4 Andrew Black of Shenandoah have slightly less brutal potential paths to the state finals. This is one of the most loaded weights at New Castle. Legitimately, 5 or 6 different wrestlers could stand atop the podium at the end of the day.
      Last year's champ: Keyuan Murphy, Warren Central
      Potential matchups:
      #5 Lowery vs. #12 Smith (Ticket round) – A couple of stud freshmen should vie for state advancement. Lowery beat Smith comfortably earlier in the year.
      #4 Black vs. Josh Vaughn, Franklin Central(Ticket round) – Black is clearly one of the favorites at this weight, but he still must get by a tough senior and returning semistate qualifier.
      #2 Johnson vs. #6 Bailey (Ticket round) – This could be one of the early matches of the day, as Johnson was unbeaten until regionals and the baby-faced assassin Bailey is peaking and looking better and better each week.
      #3 Mattingly/ #5 Lowery vs. #4 Black/ #2 Johnson/ #6 Bailey (Finals) – There are several combinations of these 5 who could wind up competing for the coveted #1 seed at state. Quite obviously, the semifinals and 3rd place match will be huge for the individuals and a handful of teams.
      1st round picks:
      Mattingly over Slivka
      Hadley over Lonneman
      Lowery over Luhmann
      Smith over Lee
      Black over Harshbarger
      Vaughn over Eldred
      Bailey over Vredeveld
      Johnson over Stewart
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Mattingly, Bailey, Lowery, Black
      The Alpha Dog:
      Brendan Mattingly
      Five more state-ranked athletes will lace 'em up at 113. Despite the big loss of #5 Sammy Fair, this is still a very tough and deep weight. #3 Skylour Turner of Warren Central--3X state placer, #2 Alec Viduya of Roncalli--0 losses to anyone he will face going forward, and #7 Gavin Rose of Greenfield-Central--returning state qualifier, are joined by tough seniors #13 Nick Brady of Noblesville and #16 Kody Conaway of Beech Grove. Viduya appears to be improving as the season progresses, and has to be considered the favorite.
      Last year's champ: Alec White, New Palestine
      Feature matchups:
      #13 Brady vs. #3 Turner (Ticket round) – Assuming Turner gets by 3X semistate qualifier Reid Hutson of Westfield, he should face a big, strong 113 lber who has been nearly flawless in the postseason thus far. While it's hard to bet against the Millers senior, it's even harder to bet against Turner booking another weekend date at Banker's Life.
      Kyle Holman, Carmel vs. #16 Conaway (Opening round) – Holman initially looked to face #7 Rose, and then Pike freshman KeShon Edmunds, and finally wound up with a ranked senior in Conaway. The winner of this match should be in the driver's seat in the ticket round.
      #7 Rose vs. #3 Turner (Semifinal round) – These two faced off in the 3rd place match of regionals, with the senior Turner winning a squeaker 4-3.
      1st round picks:
      Owens over Williams
      Rose over Surber
      Brady over Condo
      Turner over Hutson
      Viduya over Moseley
      Seymour over Sollars
      Holman over Conaway
      Oliver over Joya
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Viduya, Turner, Rose, Holman
      The Alpha Dog:
      Alec Viduya
      One of the most wide open weights of the day features 4 ranked wrestlers. Only #13 Lukasz Walendzak has advanced beyond semistate among this group. #12 Sunny Nier of Perry Meridian is a hungry senior and returning ticket-rounder. Regional champ #15 Carter Noehre of Greenfield-Central has had an outstanding season and has a convincing win over likely ticket round opponent Reid Seymour of Chatard. #18 Tyce Freije is another nasty Roncalli freshman, and looks to join Viduya at BLF.
      Last year's champ: Dylan Culp, Warren Central
      Feature matchups:
      #13 Walendzak vs. #12 Nier (Ticket round) – This is just one of those unfortunate matches that we see at each semistate every year. Nier majored Walendzak earlier this season. Walendzak's teammate Slivka edged Nier in the ticket round last year. Will Irish eyes be smiling at 120? Or will the Falcon reach the crest in the form of a state advancement? Tune in.
      #15 Noehre / Dominic Pecoraro, Carmel vs. #18 Frieje / #13 Walendzak / #12 Nier (Semifinals, Finals)– There isn't a lot of consensus regarding a favorite at this weight, and any of these 5 could be competing in the finals.
      1st round picks:
      Noehre over Boggs
      Seymour over Hall
      Ragle over Wilkerson
      Pecoraro over Pettiford
      Greene over Vaughn
      Freije over Walsh
      Walendzak over Forbes
      Nier over Taylor
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Noehre, Freije, Walendzak, Pecoraro
      The Alpha Dog:
      Carter Noehre
      Five ranked athletes grace this weight class, including 2X state placer and 3X qualifier #5 Alec White of New Palestine, the defending semistate champion at 113. Right behind him is #6 Jordan Slivka of Cathedral, 3rd place state finisher last season and runner-up in OT to White at semistate last year. #9 Adam Jerde of Carmel has been close to breaking through, but this is his last and best shot. #17 Dylan Culp of Warren Central is a returning state placer and semistate champ, but will have to get by Slivka for a chance at returning to BLF. Lastly, #13 Dallas Pugsley of Shenandoah has had an outstanding season and comes into New Castle with a regional crown. Pugsley was a ticket-rounder last year and should have a date with former state qualifier Alexander Strueder of Fishers in the ticket round.
      Last year's champ: Breyden Bailey, Cathedral
      Feature matchups:
      #6 Slivka vs. #17 Culp (Ticket round) – Two returning state placewinners should meet in the ticket round. Culp really put it all together at semistate last year, besting another state placer in Ethan Smiley in the championship match. He will need to do it again this year to get past the tough Irish sophomore, and he appears to be heating up, as he took White to OT at regionals. First things first for Culp--he has to get by returning ticket rounder Garrett Walton of South Dearborn.
      #13 Pugsley vs. Alexander Strueder (Ticket round) – Strueder very nearly made a return trip to The Fieldhouse last year, losing in UTB to Gavin Rose in the ticket round. He'll have his work cut out for him again this year, as Pugsley has a number of big wins this season.
      #6 Slivka vs. #5 White (Finals) – This could be a repeat of last year's 113 championship, won by the Purdue recruit White in OT. If they each navigate the minefield in front of them to meet again, look for a tight match that could go either way.
      1st round picks:
      Slivka over Garcia
      Culp over Walton
      Jerde over Miles
      McMillan over Negangard
      Pugsley over Evans
      Strueder over Long
      White over Deal
      Harrington over Gobeyn
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      White, Slivka, Jerde, Pugsley
      The Alpha Dog:
      Alec White
      132 is a deep weight class, led by 6 ranked wrestlers including Cathedral's #2 Breyden Bailey (#12 nationally, 3X state 3rd place finisher). Returning state placer #5 Ethan Smiley of Beech Grove and former state qualifier and semistate champion #9 Cainan Schaefer of South Dearborn bring unbeaten records into this weekend. #10 Zak Bowling of Lebanon won a solid regional last week and seeks to finish his HS career with a bang. #14 Jack Servies of Perry Meridian is one of many Falcons with a great shot to advance to state. Servies was denied in the ticket round last year by Bailey, by a mere 3-0 decision. #15 Hayden Lohrey of Shenandoah is yet another returning state qualifier, but he has the misfortune of drawing Bailey in the ticket round. Last year's 132 competition featured All-World Chad Red, Jr. winning another semistate title, but perhaps more importantly, DJ Brookbank of Perry Meridian caught fire and upset Zach Melloh in the ticket round. Could that be an omen of upsets to come this year at 132?
      Last year's champ: Chad Red, Jr., New Palestine
      Feature matchups:
      #5 Smiley vs. Azariah Ellis, Zionsville / Elijah Phillips, Centerville (Ticket round) – While Smiley is a strong favorite to advance, he gets an experienced, long and crafty Dheontae Unseld of LN in his opening match. Should he win that match, either a tough senior in Ellis or a returning semistate qualifier in Phillips awaits.
      #10 Bowling/ Stevie Browning, Franklin County vs. Chris Loy, Hamilton Heights/ #14 Servies, Perry Meridian (Ticket round) – Bowling has had a very strong season and enters the fray as a regional champion. Bowling beat Loy in the opening round of semistate last year before dropping a ticket match to state place Joel McGhee of Warren Central by 8-4 decision. Browning was also a ticket rounder, pinning LC's Jesus Mancera before losing to Red. Loy and Servies could provide fireworks, with Servies coming in hot, losing to Smiley by a razor thin margin in OT at regionals. Bowling and Servies is likely a 50/50 match.
      1st round picks:
      Bailey over Hiatt
      Lohrey over Douglass
      Smiley over Unseld
      Ellis over Phillips
      Bowling over Browning
      Servies over Loy
      Schaefer over Tunstill
      Wright over Avey
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Bailey, Schaefer, Smiley, Bowling
      The Alpha Dog:
      Breyden Bailey
      Another 6 ranked athletes populate another tough bracket. Leading the charge is former 4th place state finisher #2 Zach Melloh of Cathedral. The tough Irish junior has wins this year over a relative who's who at 138. #6 Riley White also has some very impressive wins this season and has a very solid shot at advancing to state this year. #10 Brooks Davis of Perry Meridian also has some nice wins, and has been competitive with some of the best in the state at 138. #13 Kody Wagner of Zionsville was a semistate qualifier last year and is part of an impressive group of Eagles grapplers competing this weekend. #17 Jesus Mancera of Lawrence Central is as battle-tested as they come and is capable of surprising this weekend. Rounding out the ranked wrestlers is #18 Bailey Moore, Connersville champion this year and ticket rounder last year. While Melloh is a fairly prohibitive favorite, the battle for positions 2-4 should be ferocious and possibly unexpected.
      Last year's champ: Evan Eldred, Westfield
      Feature matchups:
      #13 Wagner vs. #10 Davis (Ticket round) – Wagner's reward for winning his regional is a ticket round match with Davis. Zionsville wrestles a very tough schedule, but it's unlikely that any team in central Indiana has had a more difficult schedule than Perry. Davis is the slight favorite, but Wagners at Zionsville have had a lot of success in past postseasons.
      #18 Moore vs. #17 Mancera (Ticket round) – Mancera owns a win over Moore this season, but this one is anyone's match. The winner has a solid shot at a 2 seed at state.
      Ryan Surguy, Shenandoah vs. #6 White (Ticket round) – While White is a solid favorite on paper, Surguy is a strong sleeper pick at this weight and in this potential match. The Shenandoah senior is a returning semistate qualifier, and White is a returning ticket rounder.
      1st round picks:
      Wagner over Gardfrey
      Davis over Redd
      Melloh over Lowe
      Humbert over Noehre
      Moore over Otto
      Mancera over Estes
      Surguy over Keener
      White over Ball
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Melloh, Surguy, Wagner, Mancera
      The Alpha Dog:
      Zach Melloh
      This is another relatively wide open weight class, lacking a consensus favorite. #4 Clayton Cowan of Hamilton Heights, a returning state qualifier, faces a particularly nasty potential ticket match. Waiting for him is #9 Kain Rust of Perry Meridian, a semistate qualifier last year. Rust has had a particularly impressive senior campaign thus far, with numerous wins against 'name' opponents. #13 Antwaun Graves of Warren Central beat Rust in the regional finals, avenging an earlier loss to the Falcons' 145. He's a sly pick to win this weight. Rounding out the ranked competitors is returning state qualifier and undefeated regional champion #15 Boone Welliever of Southmont.
      Last year's champ: Jordan Vaughn, Franklin Central
      Feature matchups:
      Mike Humbert, Franklin County vs. Darian Padgett, North Central / Beau Wilbrandt, Fishers (Ticket round) – Humbert, a returning semistate qualifier, could have his hands full with Chad Rothwell of Southport, a semistate qualifier last year at 160!, in his opening round match. If he gets by Rothwell, the winner of Wilbrandt and Padgett awaits. Both are seniors with 10 losses, but each is dangerous and capable of advancing. Wilbrandt is also a returning semistate qualifier.
      #4 Cowan vs. #9 Rust (Ticket round) – Certainly one of the rougher ticket matches of the day, each senior will be ready to brawl when the whistle blows. This could be one of the best matches of the day and could greatly impact the team race.
      #13 Graves vs. #4 Cowan / #9 Rust or #15 Welliever (Finals) – While Graves appears to have a slightly less treacherous path to the finals, the survivor of Cowan/Rust/Welliever may be pretty tired upon reaching the finals. This is a hard one to handicap.
      1st round picks:
      Humbert over Rothwell
      Padgett over Wilbrandt
      Graves over Wills
      Rodgers over Sauder
      Cowan over Williamson
      Rust over Roth
      Welliever over Lane
      Gosnell over Fletcher
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Welliever, Graves, Rust, Padgett
      The Alpha Dog:
      Boone Welliever, Southmont
      Returning 7th place state finisher #2 Noah Warren of Perry Meridian leads a solid group at 152. #7 Jack Eiteljorge of Carmel is a returning ticket rounder and has just one loss all season, to 160 lb Gleason Mappes of Center Grove. He can go with the big boys. #11 Andrew Negangard of East Central was a ticket rounder last year as well. This year, he's a one-loss senior with a favorable draw. #18 Cody Klettheimer of Frankton and #19 Tucker Coffman of Union County meet in one of the roughest opening round matches of the day. The winner likely faces Eiteljorge. There are no free lunches at semistate, unless you're allowed in the hospitality room. Last year, regional runner-up Trent Pruitt parlayed a hot day at semistate into a state title the following weekend.
      Last year's champ: Trent Pruitt, Warren Central
      Feature matchups:
      #18 Klettheimer vs. #19 Coffman (Opening round) – Each is a returning semistate qualifier and precocious sophomore. As mentioned earlier, the winner must get through Eiteljorge to advance.
      #11 Negangard vs. Walter Ballinger, Beech Grove (Ticket round) – Negangard comes in as a solid favorite, but Ballinger won't be a pushover. Negangard must also get by senior Alex Johnson of Pendleton Heights to advance to a potential match with the game senior Ballinger.
      David Kitko, Noblesville vs. Sam Gobeyn, Zionsville (Ticket round) – While the win/loss record of each wrestler doesn't jump off the page, the reality is that one of the two will likely advance to BLF. Kitko, like many Noblesville wrestlers under Coach Knotts, is formidable with Greco throws. Gobeyn, like his fellow Eagles, has been through the gauntlet all season.
      #7 Eiteljorge vs. #2 Warren (Semifinals round) – Both should punch a golden ticket, but each has designs on a top seed at state, which means this match takes on extreme importance individually, as well as for the team race. Warren is the favorite, but Coaches Pendowski and Geter will have a solid gameplan at the ready for Eye-tul-hor-hay.
      #2 Warren / #7 Eiteljorge vs. #11 Negangard (Finals) – Each member of this trio is capable of a tough run at Banker's Life. Warren is the favorite, but Negangard could be a fly in the Perry ointment.
      1st round picks:
      Warren over Bischoff
      Despain over Hines
      Eiteljorge over Rebein
      Coffman over Klettheimer
      Negangard over Johnson
      Ballinger over Wagner
      Kitko over Webster
      Gobeyn over Smith
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Warren, Negangard, Eiteljorge, Gobeyn
      The Alpha Dog:
      Noah Warren
      This stacked weight is led by 2X state placer #2 Alston Bane of Richmond, an undefeated senior. However, he's far from alone at the top, as #3 Laine Frazee of Fountain Central, an 8th place finisher last year, #4 Christian Warren of Perry, another undefeated senior, and #9 Dru Berkebile of Frankton, a 2X state qualifier and former 5th place state finisher, lead the field. #19 Elijah Mahan of Roncalli is one of three sophomores in the bracket, and has been impressive all season long. Expect a tight match between Mahan and Bane if Mahan can get by the gritty Sam Hauke of North Central in his opening match. There are 4 grapplers here with a legit shot at the strap on Saturday.
      Last year's champ: Noah Warren, Perry Meridian
      Feature matchups:
      #4 Warren vs. #3 Frazee (Ticket round) – Just brutal. Frazee was upset by Westfield's Justin Miller in UTB at regionals, which led to this draw of death. Warren has done nothing but win in this, his final season. Frazee's only loss at semistate last year was a one point decision to Bane. This is essentially a pick 'em, and the winner is fully capable of winning the weight.
      #9 Berkebile vs. Justin Miller, Westfield (Ticket round) – Ignore Miller's record, as he has shown throughout his career that he has the ability to elevate his game when necessary. Berkebile is a proven commodity, but he could have his hands full with Miller, who is solid in all aspects and positions. Berkebile had better not overlook Southport's senior Brett Wright in his opening match.
      #2 Bane vs. #19 Mahan (Ticket round) – It's tough to bet against the highly proven Bane, unless the opponent is Batman. Mahan will be a force the next two years, and he could give the senior all he wants.
      Matthew Wertz, Zionsville / Ryan Mitts, East Central vs. JT Lazzara, Guerin / Drake Tackett, Mount Vernon (Ticket round) – No rankings to speak of among this group, but Wertz comes in with momentum as the regional champ. All 4 are seniors and will be fighting tooth and nail.
      1st round picks:
      Warren over Booker
      Frazee over Gee
      Berkebile over Wright
      Miller over Massey
      Bane over Davis
      Mahan over Hauke
      Wertz over Mitts
      Lazzara over Tackett
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Bane, Warren, Berkebile, Wertz
      The Alpha Dog:
      Alston Bane
      While just four ranked wrestlers will be competing at 170 on Saturday, among them are a returning state placer, a former state qualifier, an Al Smith champ and a freshman wunderkind. #2 Tanner Webster of North Montgomery was a 6th place finisher at state last season, but was defeated at regional by #3 Thomas Penola of Zionsville, an impressive Al Smith champ earlier this season. Snake-bitten #9 Jake Ruberg of Lawrenceburg impressed the state with a state qualification as a freshman, but has battled injuries and tough semistate draws since then. The freshman everyone is buzzing about is #4 Silas Allred, the undefeated stud from Shenandoah. Some folks think he's going to keep a clean sheet through semistate, but nothing will come easy for him or any of the other favorites.
      Last year's champ: Ricky Samuels, Lawrence North
      Feature matchups:
      #4 Allred vs. Joe Mazero, HSE / Cameron Amos, Perry Meridian (Ticket round) – Allred's first real test at semistate should come in his ticket match. Mazero is perpetually underrated and was a ticket rounder last year. He's wrestled a high level of competition. The same is true of Amos.
      #3 Penola vs. #9 Ruberg (Ticket round) – This is another of the ticket round matches that screams for wrestlebacks. Tough draw for both--the loser could easily place at state. Penola has been on the roll of all rolls this season. He has wins over #2, #5, #6 and #7 this year, among many more game opponents.
      #2 Webster / #4 Allred vs. #3 Penola / #9 Ruberg (Finals) – There are a lot of different ways this could play out. Will Webster avenge his loss to Penola after besting the stout freshman in the semis? Will the stout freshman show the rest of the state that he is a legitimate state title threat by knocking off the #2 and #3 wrestlers in the state? Will Penola continue his unearthly momentum and head to BLF as a top seed? Or will the unlucky senior Ruberg spoil Penola's plans en route to a finals matchup with Webster or Allred?
      1st round picks:
      Murry over Simmons
      Webster over Acevedo
      Allred over Todd
      Mazero over Amos
      Penola over Willis
      Ruberg over Najem
      Lowe over Hart
      Miller over Orschell
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Webster, Penola, Allred, Lowe
      The Alpha Dog:
      Tanner Webster
      With just 3 ranked wrestlers, this is probably the most wide open weight class at New Castle. Leading the way is former state qualifier #6 Evan Stambaugh of Lebanon, who comes in with just one loss all year. #9 Alec Jessop of HSE brings an impressive 20-2 record into the mix. #10 Cameron Simmons of Lawrence Central was a semistate qualifier last year. There are plenty of sleepers in the group, including Josue Hill of Zionsville, Jalen Allen of Perry Meridian, Sam Hansen of Roncalli and Jonah Rolfes of Lawrenceburg.
      Last year's champ: Blake Rypel, Cathedral
      Feature matchups:
      #10 Simmons vs. Josue Hill, Zionsville (Ticket round) – Both grapplers were semistate qualifiers last year and, despite the ranking difference, there probably isn't much of a separation between these two battle-tested seniors. If Zionsville is going to figure in the team race, they need to win matches like this one.
      #9 Jessop vs. Jalen Allen, Perry Meridian (Ticket round) – Allen is unranked despite a 34-4 senior campaign, and Jessop is a big, strong 182 generating a lot of buzz from knowledgeable spectators. Consider this one of the big team scoring matches of the ticket round.
      #6 Stambaugh vs. Sam Hansen, Roncalli (Ticket round) – Like Allen, Hansen has an oustanding record at 37-4. Stambaugh was upended last year in the ticket round and had better not overlook the tough Rebels' junior.
      Jonah Rolfes, Lawrenceburg vs. Bryce Sharp, Carmel (Opening round) – Sharp's 21-7 record isn't as spectacular as Rolfes' 41-4 record, but Carmel's schedule is much, much tougher. This is a 50/50 match.
      #9 Jessop / Allen vs. #10 Simmons / Hill (Semifinals) – On paper, this should be Jessop vs. Simmons, but it's far from a lead pipe lock. All 4 seniors are hungry and capable. The winner of this nasty pool should face Stambaugh for the semistate title.
      1st round picks:
      Simmons over Sterrett
      Hill over Bohman
      Allen over Mills
      Jessop over Thorp
      Stambaugh over Mitts
      Hansen over Morgan
      Rolfes over Sharp
      Baker over Keesee
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Jessop, Stambaugh, Simmons, Rolfes
      The Alpha Dog:
      Alec Jessop
      This weight has to qualify as New Castle's main event. Warren Central's #1 in the state and 2X state runner-up Tristen Tonte (#17 in the USA per Intermat) and #2 Ben Stewart of Cathedral will almost certainly do battle, yet again, this time in the finals. This could be a preview of the state finals the following weekend. Stewart and Tonte were both beaten by decision by eventual state champ Jake Kleimola. Tonte is a 3X qualifier, and had a hand in Stewart's status of 1X state qualifier, as they met in the ticket round as freshmen (Stewart got Mason Parris in the ticket round the following year). Tonte got him again in the finals of last year's semistate, winning 1-0. Stewart is absolutely gigantic this season. Tonte is long and as slick as the day is long. This should be an incredible finals matchup. Joining the elite two as ranked competitors are #10 Liam Jagow of Westfield, who has had an incredible season, #11 Cole Slavens of North Montgomery, who has the misfortune of drawing Stewart in the ticket round (for the 2nd year in a row!), #12 Drew Williamson of Zionsville, who has just 3 losses and a regional title under his belt, and #14 John Owensby, who finished 4th at regionals, setting up a dynamic first round match with Williamson. Additionally, unranked David Delph of Frankton is 37-2 on the season and has some excellent upper weight practice partners in the Eagles' room.
      Last year's champ: Tristen Tonte, Warren Central
      Feature matchups:
      #12 Williamson vs. #14 Owensby (Opening round) – Williamson got a big win over Jagow at regionals, giving him great momentum heading into his first match of the day. The Franklin Central senior had a rough regional experience, but was a semistate qualifier last year at 220, so he will be plenty dangerous. The winner will face the winner of Delp and John Rorig of Milan, both of whom have impressive records.
      #2 Stewart vs. #11 Slavens (Ticket round) – This is one of those strange phenomena that happens at New Castle. For the 2nd year in a row, Slavens must beat Stewart to advance, which is a tall order for anyone. Stewart, who will attend Boston College on a football scholarship, absolutely manhandled his regional opponents. This is man-strength on display.
      #1 Tonte vs. #2 Stewart (Finals) – The loser will likely get another crack at the victor next weekend at BLF. To this point, Tonte has a significant edge in the head-to-head series, but Stewart looks primed to execute a crackback. They don't come much bigger and better than this matchup.
      1st round picks:
      Williamson over Owensby
      Delph over Rohrig
      Tonte over Pigg
      Sturm over Bynum
      Stewart over Snipes
      Slavens over Kenney
      Tibbetts over Snyder
      Jagow over Ruhana
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Tonte, Stewart, Jagow, Williamson
      The Alpha Dog:
      Tristen Tonte
      Four ranked athletes, none of whom are seniors, will compete at 220 on Saturday. Leading the way is returning state champ and #1 Mason Parris of Lawrenceburg, a 2X state semifinalist and #3 in the country per Intermat. Parris is the biggest lock of the semistate, and might be the biggest lock at state as well. He's a unique, rare talent, as evidenced by his tremendous accomplishments in multiple sports. Joining Parris in the rankings are: #7 Jacob McClaine of Lebanon, who hasn't been beaten this year after falling in the ticket round last year, #10 Kyle Cornwell of Elwood, who has just one loss on the season and was also a ticket rounder last year, and #19 Landon Burton of New Palestine, who was a semistate qualifier at 195 last year. Watch out for sleepers Rilee Miller of Perry, Ryan Leslie of Noblesville, Darrione Gregory of LC, Joe Myren of HSE, Andy Guhl of Cathedral and Blake Ripperger of Franklin County. Yes, that's nearly the entire bracket.
      Last year's champ: Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg
      Feature matchups:
      #10 Cornwell vs. Joe Myren, HSE (Ticket round) – Cornwell was impressive at regionals and already has two wins over Myren this year. That said, semistate produces upsets and Myren is very dangerous.
      #19 Burton vs. Andy Guhl, Cathedral (Opening round) – It was a different Guhl last year that stormed through the semistate to take 2nd, but the similarities are obvious. The elder and younger Guhl are both large, athletic 220s and are as battle-tested as they come. The winner likely gets regional runner-up Blake Ripperger of Franklin County, a semistate qualifier last season.
      1st round picks:
      McClaine over Thomas
      Miller over Leslie
      Parris over Boleman
      Gregory over Greene
      Cornwell over Laws
      Myren over Dick
      Burton over Guhl
      Ripperger over Mata
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Parris, Cornwell, McClaine, Burton
      The Alpha Dog:
      Mason Parris
      Three ranked wrestlers, as well as a former state qualifier, lead the field at heavyweight in New Castle. Defending state runner-up #9 Robert Samuels of Lawrence North was a semistate champion last year and a state qualifier the year before. He is one of the smallest, most physically vascular and ripped heavyweights you will ever see. Strangely, he has struggled somewhat this year, dropping 5 matches and losing at regionals. Still, he was a two seed last year as well, and it worked out pretty well for him. He is still a strong candidate to finish high at state. #10 Elijah Bailey of North Central has had a phenomenal season, which includes a couple of impressive wins over Samuels. Look for them to lock horns yet again, this time in the semistate finals. #17 Peyton Wuerch of Mount Vernon faces returning state qualifier Austin Dollens of Westfield in the opening round for the 2nd year in a row. Dollens got him 3-0 last year and rolled all the way to state. Wuerch will be looking for payback. Unfortunately for each, the winner gets Samuels in the ticket round. Clark Minges of East Central is a former three time ticket rounder for Union County.
      Last year's champ: Robert Samuels, Lawrence North
      Feature matchups:
      #17 Wuerch vs. Austin Dollens, Westfield (Opening round) – Dollens used his large frame and nimble feet to win a lot of close matches last year. He'll be seeking to repeat his performance from last year against Wuerch, and it will be interesting to see if Dollens holds an advantage with the big win last year, or if Wuerch is hungry and looking for payback. Again, it's slightly moot, as the winner gets Samuels to advance to BLF.
      Jaden Powell, Speedway vs. Juggernaut Williams, Carmel (Opening round) – Both were semistate qualifiers last season, with Powell making it to the ticket round. Powell has the superior record, while Williams has the superior schedule.
      Clark Minges, East Central / Marcus Stone, Elwood vs. Connor Bettis, Rockville / Steve Woolbright, Perry Meridian (Ticket round) – Minges, Bettis and Woolbright are all seniors with strong records and Stone is a big, agile heavyweight who could surprise. Look for Minges or Woolbright to lock up for a ticket.
      #9 Samuels vs. #10 Bailey (Finals) – They met at sectionals and regionals, as well as during the regular season. They are both on the smaller, more agile side, although neither seems to be overpowered during matches against larger opponents. Each is capable of a strong state run, but each is also capable of getting knocked off by a beefier opponent on Friday night as well.
      1st round picks:
      Dollens over Wuerch
      Samuels over Robinson
      Powell over Williams
      Selm over Obst
      Minges over Stone
      Woolbright over Bettis
      Bailey over Wisner
      Kunkelman over Roland
      Dingo's picks to advance, in order:
      Samuels, Bailey, Powell, Woolbright
      The Alpha Dog:
      Robert Samuels

      2327 4 1

      2019 State Finals by the Numbers

      Rankings are always a heated debate amongst wrestling fans. Over the years we have always locked our rankings before sectional and let them ride throughout the state series. Every year we lose kids due to unforeseen circumstances and even the death draws at semi-state. However, they always prove to be quite accurate. This year we had the most ranked wrestlers in 175 or just under 78% in our final rankings. On top of that 206 of the wrestlers were in our state or semi-state rankings. Here is a breakdown by weight and highlight matches to watch on Friday night.
      2019- 175
      2018- 179
      2017- 169
      2016- 175
      2015- 172
      2014- 171
      2013- 171
      2012- 170
      2011- 157
      2010- 159
      2009- 143
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Chris Newman- Mt. Vernon
      Dominic Skees- Lafayette Central Catholic
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Stephen Roberson- Crown Point vs. #11 Isaac Ruble- Bellmont
      #3 Alec Freeman- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #9 Elijah Anthony- Frankfort
      #16 Alex Ocampo- Central Noble vs. #6 Malik Hall- Merrillville
      #2 Brennen Cernus- Culver Academies vs. #20 Aidan Sprague- East Noble
      #7 Carlton Perry- Warren Central vs. #8 Logan Miller- Brownsburg
      #12 Blaze Garcia- Avon vs. #4 Suhas Chundi- Carmel
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Harper Dedman- Oak Hill
      Jake Armstrong- Winamac Community.
      Landon Bertch- Bluffton
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #12 Preston Teusch- Huntington North vs. #14 Jacob Simone- Hamilton Southeastern
      #9 Gavinn Alstott- Floyd Central vs. #7 Martin Cruz- Merrillville
      #2 Zeke Seltzer- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #16 Jett Boots- Angola
      #4 Giovanni Diaz- Wheeler vs. #17 Kamariyon Nelson- Brownsburg
      #1 Jacob Moran- Portage vs. #5 Cole Ross- Evansville Mater Dei

      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      John Robinson- Delta
      Logan Galbraith- North Central
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #19 Beau Humphrey- FW Snider vs. #8 Trey Finnearty- Culver Academies
      #4 Brayden Lowery- Roncalli vs. #11 Tyler Conley- Avon
      #16 Jace Alexander- Wawasee vs. #17 Kade Zadylak- Norwell
      #2 Blake Boarman- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #10 Chris Stewart- Warren Central
      #12 Evan Beasley- Northridge vs. #14 Ty Haskins- Portage
      #5 Carson Eldred- Westfield vs. #6 Kysen Montgomery- Brownsburg
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Brendon Mark- Mishawaka
      Hayden Shepherd- Western
      Jared Brown- Pendleton Heights
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #9 Chase Wilkerson- Mt. Vernon (Fortville) vs. #16 JJ Conway- Floyd Central
      #3 Hunter Watts- Jimtown vs. #15 Evan Burge- McCutcheon
      #12 Kane Egli- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #7 Logan Wagner- Zionsville
      #6 Lukasz Walendzak- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #14 Cade Meier- Bloomington South
      #5 Brock Peele- Portage vs. #2 Brayden Curtis- Yorktown
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Aundre Beatty- Warren Central
      Eli Hickman- Rensselaer Central
      Hunter Brown- Cambridge City Lincoln
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Geremia Brooks- Wawasee vs. #11 Clay Egli- Evansville Mater Dei
      #13 Seth Johnson- North Montgomery vs. #17 Logan Mosser- Adams Central
      #7 Logan Boe- Plainfield vs. #16 Reese Rodriguez- Hammond Morton
      #2 Alec Viduya- Roncalli vs. #15 Owen Krider- Carroll (FW)
      #10 Ricky Hegedus- Portage vs. #9 Drake Campbell- Brownsburg
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      AJ Poindexter- Harrison (WL)
      Cameron Worley- Lafayette Jefferson
      Gabe Weeks- Mishawaka
      Treyton Mucker- Tell City
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Cayden Rooks- Columbus East vs. #20 William Fiechter- Southern Wells
      #3 Conner Gimson- Jimtown vs. #8 Drew Kreitzer- Brownsburg
      #4 Braxton Alexander- Wawasee vs. #5 Gabe Phillips- Centerville
      #15 Jaden Reynolds- Avon vs. #11 Dylan Goudy- Western
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Kade Law- Columbus East
      Scottie Saylor- Carroll (FW)
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #8 Jacob Burford- Crown Point vs. #5 Antwaun Graves- Warren Central
      #20 Terrell Leavell- Lawrence Central vs. #10 Jacob Maldonado- Merrillville
      #3 Alex Mosconi- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #13 Jeffrey Harper- Penn
      #7 Jonathan Kervin- Floyd Central vs. #11 Jake Jenkins- Homestead
      #6 Jorden Douglass- Attica vs. #4 Aiden Warren- Perry Meridian
      #14 Ryan Rasler- Prairie Heights vs. #12 LJ Burdon- Plainfield
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Cody McCune- Huntington North
      Isaiah Mohmed- Wheeler
      Mathew Mangus- Zionsville
      Noah Hollendonner- Crown Point
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #3 Cooper Noehre- Greenfield-Central vs. #15 Ellisston Ross- Bloomington South
      #10 Cole Cervantes- Griffith vs. #11 Eric Hiestand- Yorktown
      #7 Nathan Conley- Avon vs. #2 Elliott Rodgers- Indianapolis Cathedral
      #9 Sam Fair- Perry Meridian vs. #5 Jake Schoenegge- Columbus East
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 11
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Abel Verbeek- Lowell
      Braden Welch- Culver Academies
      Drew Sailors- Rochester Community
      Gabe Sollars- Evansville Mater Dei
      Jaymiere Johnson- Hammond Gavit
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #6 Jackson Pettigrew- Columbia City vs. #18 Hayden Lohrey- Shenandoah
      #2 Jordan Slivka- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #19 Joe Parrish- Homestead
      #11 Jon Ruble- Bellmont vs. #12 Jake Lowe- North Montgomery
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Bryce Buckley- Eastern (Greentown)
      Delton Moore- Manchester
      Jason Streck- Merrillville
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #11 Kyle Saez- Westfield vs. #6 Macartney Parkinson- Evansville Mater Dei
      #7 Derek Blubaugh- Bloomington South vs. #10 Logan Hart- Carmel
      #5 Elijah Mahan- Roncalli vs. #14 Thierry Jean-Baptiste- Brownsburg
      #16 Colin Kwiatkowski- Valparaiso vs. #18 Zane Gilbreath- Rochester Community
      #1 Nick South- Columbus East vs. #13 Josh Lowe- North Montgomery
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Austin Leech- Garrett
      Jacob Combs- Hagerstown
      Zachary Flynn- Jasper
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #7 Mason Winner- Jay County vs. #19 Devontay Moore- North Central (Indpls.)
      #17 Noah Perez- LaPorte vs. #3 Levon Bellemy- Edgewood
      #1 Carson Brewer- Avon vs. #15 Noah Brown- Penn
      #14 JD Farrell- Fishers vs. #6 Jake Lone- NorthWood
      #5 Evan Bates- Chesterton vs. #9 Trizton Carson- Danville Community
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Chandler Chapman- Jay County
      Griffin Stine- Martinsville
      Kyle Krummen- East Central
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #9 KJ Roudebush- Tipton vs. #17 Dakari Kenny- Pike
      #5 Nick Willham- Greenwood Community vs. #12 Austin Lane- Perry Meridian
      #2 Ewan Donovan- Hebron vs. #8 Stewart Mossholder- Oak Hill
      #7 Cale Gray- Norwell vs. #18 Ethan Potosky- Crown Point
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 10
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Christian Graft- Huntington North
      Cullen Browning- Northeastern
      Damari Dancy- Portage
      Grant Johnson- New Prairie
      Josh Howell- Terre Haute South Vigo
      Reese Wicker- Churubusco
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #6 Joey Kidwell- West Lafayette vs. #4 Kyle Cornwell- Elwood Community
      #3 Andrew Irick- Hamilton Southeastern vs. #10 Drew Bailey- Merrillville
      #13 Will Stewart- South Spencer vs. #9 Jayden Elwood- Leo
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 11
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Aidian Rea- Heritage Hills
      AJ Jones- Madison-Grant
      Logan Swallow- Monroe Central
      Matthew Munoz- Jeffersonville
      Sam Jones- Perry Meridian
      Vince Yoder- Fairfield
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Jamichael Watts- North Central vs. #19 Anthony Atria- Merrillville
      #17 Crae Kunkleman- Hamilton Southeastern vs. #2 Yehezquel DeVault- Penn
      #18 Will Crider- Harrison (WL) vs. #10 John Harris- Roncalli
      First round match-ups of unranked wrestlers:
      Matthew Munoz- Jeffersonville vs. Vince Yoder- Fairfield

      2270 23

      2019 Evansville Semi-State Preview

      By JD Greathouse

      Team Race at a Glance
      This is a four team race between #1 Mater Dei, #3 Columbus East, #4 Avon, and #12 Brownsburg. Brownsburg sent 14, Mater Dei sent 14, Columbus East sent 14, and Avon sent 13, respectively. Whoever can get the most through, and whoever wins the team title this weekend could be considered the favorite to hoist up the IHSAA team trophy on the floor of Banker’s Life. It looks like Mater Dei has too much firepower down low for any of the other teams to match, however, a few upsets and everything could change. If Mater Dei doesn’t win semi-state this weekend, my crystal ball tells me its Avon.
      Ranked Wrestlers Galore
      The Ford Center will have 87 state-ranked individuals competing on the floor this weekend. That averages out to 6+ ranked kids per weight class. Did someone say early morning fireworks?
      Undefeated Wrestlers
      113 Cole Ross (Mater Dei)
      120 Noah Gardner (Edgewood)
      120 Brayden Littell (Center Grove)
      120 Blake Boarman (Mater Dei)
      145 Matthew Lee (Mater Dei)
      170 Nick South (Columbus East)
      182 Carson Brewer (Avon)
      182 Levon Bellemy (Edgewood)
      195 Will Nunn (Castle)
      220 Jacob Bolte (Columbus East)

      This weight class is relatively wide open with the exception of #3 Alec Freeman of Mater Dei being the heavy favorite to win out at the Ford Center. Two freshman in Logan Miller of Brownsburg and Blaze Garcia of Avon look to challenge the Mater Dei Wildcat. Miller lost a close one to Freeman earlier in the year, and Garcia/Freeman have yet to meet.
      The Front Runners
      #3/#1 Alec Freeman (Mater Dei)
      #8/#2 Logan Miller (Brownsburg)
      #3/#12 Blaze Garcia (Avon)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      #3/12 Blaze Garcia (Avon) vs. -#5 Ayden Amento (Evansville Central) OR -/#6 Cole Gentry (Tell City)
      Dark Horse(s)
      Being relatively unknown and winning regionals, could Milanes pull something out of his back pocket and punch his ticket to #TheBank?
      -/- Jainier Milanes (Jasper)
      #BankBound Top 4
      Although anything can happen in the Ford Center, there shouldn’t be too many wrenches thrown into the 106 bracket this weekend.
      #3 Alec Freeman (Mater Dei)
      #8 Logan Miller (Brownsburg)
      #12 Blaze Garcia (Avon)
      Chris Newman (Mt. Vernon Posey)
      There’s an immense amount of young talent at this weight highlighted by #5 Cole Ross of Mater Dei. Five other competitors are worthy of challenging Ross, but only four will punch their ticket to Banker’s Life on Saturday. There’s two ticket round matches especially intriguing, and after KT Nelson topped Hayden Watson last weekend, who knows what could happen this weekend.
      The Front Runners
      #5/#1 Cole Ross (Mater Dei)
      #6/#3 Ben Dalton (Monrovia)
      #8/#4 Hayden Watson (Center Grove)
      #9/#2 Gavin Alstott (Floyd Central)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      Here are four state qualifier worthy competitors, and only two will advance. Ross and Castelluccio competed previously this year - Ross the 6-4 winner. Alstott and Watson have yet to compete against each other, but Watson has had more quality competition and better wins. Don’t get too comfortable as the roof could come down early when these guys take the mat.
      #5/#1 Cole Ross (Mater Dei) vs. #19/#5 Nicolas Castelluccio (Bloomington South)
      #9/#2 Gavin Alstott (Floyd Central) vs. #8/#4 Hayden Watson (Center Grove)
      Dark Horse(s)
      KT Nelson beat Hayden Watson last weekend in the Mooresville regional final, 6-2. With a very nice draw and Brownsburg wrestling especially well in the postseason it wouldn’t be surprising to see KT Nelson make the finals on Saturday.
      #17/#6 KT Nelson (Brownsburg)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #5 Cole Ross (Mater Dei)
      #8 Hayden Watson (Center Grove)
      #17 KT Nelson (Brownsburg)
      #6 Ben Dalton (Monrovia)
      What. A. Bracket. 8 of the Top 20 will be here this weekend and the fireworks will start before you can even get in your seat! Conley vs. Scott and Casebolt vs. Montgomery all in round one? Blasphemy. Unfortunately, both Blake Boarman and Brayden Littell were thrown on to the same side of the bracket, so we may see a state finals match in the semifinals at the Ford Center    .
      The Front Runners
      #1/#2 Brayden Littell (Center Grove)
      #2/#1 Blake Boarman (Mater Dei)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      With two wrestlers who have proven themselves worthy of being on the podium next weekend, how could you not want to watch Casebolt vs. Montgomery right away? The winner could make the finals, and better yet, set themselves up for a run to the semifinals in Banker’s Life next weekend. The quarter bracket consisting of Gardner, Conley, and Scott is eye-opening as well as only one will emerge through the smoke and punch their ticket. Will two younger men dethrone Noah Gardner’s last chance at making it on the podium, or will Gardner prevail?
      #9/#6 Noah Gardner (Edgewood) vs. #11/#4 Tyler Conley (Avon) OR #20/#7 Sam Scott (Heritage Hills)
      #7/#5 Devin Casebolt (Castle) vs. #6/#3 Kysen Montgomery (Brownsburg)
      Dark Horse(s)
      With so much firepower in one weight, is there truly one dark horse at this weight? Look for Sam Scott to try and break through the first time and qualify for the state tournament.
      #20/#7 Sam Scott (Heritage Hills)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #2 Blake Boarman (Mater Dei)
      #6 Kysen Montgomery (Brownsburg)
      #1 Brayden Littell (Center Grove)
      #11 Tyler Conley (Avon)
      With the Mooresville regional being loaded with talent, that set up some distasteful draws for this weekend. 6 of the Top 20 are in this bracket with this being Ray Rioux’s bracket to lose. Close behind are Kane Egli, Evan Lawhead, Cade Meier, and J Conway. Egli qualified two seasons ago at 113, and is the favorite to challenge Rioux in the finals.
      The Front Runners
      #4/#1 Ray Rioux (Avon)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      The quarter bracket with #17 Jeremy Clark, Landon Boe, and #14 Cade Meier is a meat-grinder. Meier and Clark have split on the year, and most likely will wrestle in the ticket round. #16 J Conway beat Meier last week and will have to get through #10 Evan Lawhead to make it to The Bank.
      #17/#6 Jeremy Clark (Columbus East) vs. #14/#4 Cade Meier (Bloomington South)
      #16/#5 J Conway (Floyd Central) vs. #10/#3 Evan Lawhead (Brownsburg)
      Dark Horse(s)
      Not a dark horse perse, but J Conway could make the finals this weekend and set himself up to make the podium at Bankers Life as a freshman in a very difficult 126 bracket.
      #16/#5 J Conway (Floyd Central)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #4 Ray Rioux (Avon)
      #12 Kane Egli (Mater Dei)
      #16 J Conway (Floyd Central)
      #14 Cade Meier (Bloomington South)
      Future Hoosier, Asa Garcia, has ran through in-state competition with his only loss coming in Ohio. Rumor has it coming from #TheCounty is that Asa keeps it rolling this weekend. The battle for second is a 5th place rematch from last year between Logan Boe and Drake Campbell. With a couple of terrible draws in each half of the bracket, this weight could fall apart on Saturday.
      The Front Runners
      #1/#1 Asa Garcia (Avon)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      Not in the ticket round, but Clay Egli has been cursed with terribly tough first round / ticket round matches throughout the course of his high school career. The senior has yet to qualify for the state tournament. Although Boe is the heavy favorite, Logan Boe vs. Joey Gordon is also a good ticket round match to watch.
      #11/#3 Clay Egli (Mater Dei) vs. #18/#5 Tyler Fuqua (Franklin Community)
      #7/#2 Logan Boe (Danville) vs. #19/#6 Joey Gordon (Columbus East)
      Dark Horse(s)
      Joey Gordon has been wrestling tough, and if he can upset Logan Boe, he could make the finals.
      #19/#6 Joey Gordon (Columbus East)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #1 Asa Garcia (Avon)
      #9 Drake Campbell (Brownsburg)
      #7 Logan Boe (Danville)
      #11 Clay Egli (Mater Dei)
      The top half of this bracket is loaded with four state-ranked wrestlers, and two interesting ticket round matches. The bottom half is relatively wide open with there being only two state ranked wrestlers. An Indiana commit, Cayden Rooks is looking to run through the competition as he has done at 138 all year.
      The Front Runners
      #1/#1 Cayden Rooks (Columbus East)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      The Mooresville regional is subject to another tough ticket round match between #10 Blaine Mayer and #15 Jayden Reynolds. With #14 Justice Cash getting upset in tiebreakers by #19 Owen Sego, it set up yet another year of Cash getting the short end of the stick with #1 Cayden Rooks. With Cash capable of pulling things out of a hat, if anyone will derail Rooks chances of making it to The Bank, it’s Cash.
      #10/#5 Blaine Meyer (Mater Dei) vs. #15/#4 Jayden Reynolds (Avon)
      #1/#1 Cayden Rooks (Columbus East) vs. #14/#3 Justice Cash (Bloomington North)
      Dark Horse(s)
      With the bottom half of this bracket being wide open, and with a win over Justice Cash last week, I feel like we see more from #19 Owen Sego this weekend. If he doesn’t pull an upset over Kreitzer in the semifinals, it should be closer than we expect.
      #19/#6 Owen Sego (Indian Creek)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #1 Cayden Rooks (Columbus East)
      #8 Drew Kreitzer (Brownsburg)
      #10 Blaine Mayer (Mater Dei)
      #19 Owen Sego (Indian Creek)
      Undefeated on the year, Matt Lee is on a tear and has beat up competition in both Michigan and Indiana. He will be tested by #7 Jonathan Kervin in the semifinals. Down low is a deep half bracket, with three people able to emerge from the smoke in the first quarter bracket. A tussle between #12 Burdon and #15 Fulks also looks to be in store on Saturday morning.
      The Front Runners
      #1/#1 Matt Lee (Mater Dei)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      The quarter bracket with Law, Hartz, and Koontz is a meat-grinder, but after Koontz fell 5-4 to #7 Kervin last weekend, I am impressed with the Edgewood freshman and look for him to make it through. #12 Burdon vs. #15 Fulks will also be a treat for the fans, but unfortunately not the wrestlers, as both deserve to punch their ticket.
      -/#7 Kade Law (Columbus East) vs. -/#6 Brooks Hartz (Castle) OR #18/#8 Matthew Koontz (Edgewood)
      #12/#4 LJ Burdon (Plainfield) vs. #15/#2 Jordan Fulks (Boonville)
      Dark Horse(s)
      On paper Matthew Koontz isn’t a favorite, but as a very talented freshman, I think Koontz will make the finals on Saturday and turn some heads. The freshman had a great Fargo this summer, and after some fall-out at Roncalli is up two weight classes and wrestling at a comfortable weight where I think he will surprise both wrestlers and fans.
      #18/#8 Matthew Koontz (Edgewood)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #1/#1 Matt Lee (Mater Dei)
      #18/#8 Matthew Koontz (Edgewood)
      #7/#3 Jonathan Kervin (Floyd Central)
      #12/#4 LJ Burdon (Plainfield)
      Eli Dickens is up a few weights from last year, and after having a successful preseason he has continued to climb the ladder. As impressive as he has been, Jake Schoenegge and Nathan Conley look to challenge him in the finals, but he must not overlook South senior Elliston Ross. Ross is incredibly funky, can score a lot of points, and is difficult to score on. This bracket should be interesting, and with a couple tough ticket round matches, definitely a bracket to look forward to.
      The Front Runners
      #1/#1 Eli Dickens (Mater Dei)
      #5/#3 Jake Schoenegge (Columbus East)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      Nathan Conley has had a solid year, but #18 Brad Springer of Southridge has as well and looks to upset the UIndy commit. Springer upset #12 Heckman last weekend in the Bloomington South regional semifinal. #5 Schoenegge and #12 Heckman is also a tough ticket round match. Conley and Schoenegge are both favorites, but with so much talent in the Evansville semi-state anything can happen.
      #7/#2 Nathan Conley (Avon) vs. #18/#6 Brad Springer (Southridge)
      #5/#3 Jake Schoenegge (Columbus East) vs. #12/#4 Austin Heckman (Edgewood)
      Dark Horse(s)
      After #18 Springer’s win over #12 Heckman, it would be interesting to see him keep it going. Similarly, the quarter bracket with #15 Ross, Scott, and Hall is as wide open of a quarter bracket as we have seen, and one of those two could potentially derail Ross’s plans of punching his ticket as a senior.
      #18/#6 Brad Springer (Southridge)
      -/- Devin Scott (Mooresville)
      -/- Isaac Hall (Jeffersonville)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #1 Eli Dickens (Mater Dei)
      #5 Jake Schoenegge (Columbus East)
      #7 Nathan Conley (Avon)
      #15 Elliston Ross (Bloomington South)
      Seven ranked wrestlers in the Top 20 highlight this bracket. Peyton Pruett is the favorite this weekend, but a rematch from the first weekend between him and Tristan Ruhlman is blooming in the semifinals. Pruett won 4-3 last time, and both have been on a roll since then. All four quarter brackets feature either difficult first round matches or terrible ticket round draws. A very fun bracket to watch, and even more interesting to see how it plays out.
      The Front Runners
      #4/#1 Peyton Pruett (Center Grove)
      #5/#2 Tristan Ruhlman (Bloomington South)
      #7/#5 Clay Singleton (Gibson Southern)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      Every single match at this weight is a match to watch, and as previously stated, all four quarter brackets have great first round and ticket round matches to watch. Don’t mind me as I write down four matches here. Sollars had a close match with Ruhlman earlier in the year, #4 vs. #7 in the ticket round, #8 vs. #15 in the ticket round, and a first round match between #20 and #17. This bracket is bonkers!
      #5/#2 Tristan Ruhlman (Bloomington South) vs. -/#8 Gabe Sollars (Mater Dei)
      #4/#1 Peyton Pruett (Center Grove) vs. #7/#5 Clay Singleton (Gibson Southern)
      #8/#3 Robert Deters (Castle) vs. #15/#6 Tucker Schank (Southridge)
      #20/- Gavyn Doane (North Knox) vs. #17/#4 Peyton Asbury (Brownsburg)
      Dark Horse(s)
      The upstart freshman, Gabe Sollars, has had close matches all year, including Ruhlman whom he has in the ticket round. Sollars is capable of pulling a string of upsets this weekend, but would anyone be surprised?
      -/#8 Gabe Sollars (Mater Dei)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #5 Tristan Ruhlman (Bloomington South)
      #8 Robert Deters (Castle)
      #4 Peyton Pruett (Center Grove)
      #17 Peyton Asbury (Brownsburg)
      This bracket isn’t as exciting as 160, but once the semifinals roll around things will start getting interesting. Blubaugh, South, Jean-Baptist, and Parkinson are all expected to make the finals with relative ease. In a battle of college commits, UIndy commit Blubaugh and IU commit South are expected to throw down in what is probably the fifth time in the last calendar year. Parkinson is the favorite to make the finals out of the bottom half of the bracket.
      The Front Runners
      #1/#1 Nick South (Columbus East)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      Nothing too intriguing, but a battle of ranked wrestlers goes down in the ticket round with Parkinson and McPike.
      #6/#2 Macartney Parkinson (Mater Dei) vs. #19/#6 Brendan McPike (Terre Haute South Vigo)
      Dark Horse(s)
      No one here too capable of pulling upsets in my opinion, but as always, anything can happen.
      #BankBound Top 4
      #1 Nick South (Columbus East)
      #6 Macartney Parkinson (Mater Dei)
      #7 Derek Blubaugh (Bloomington South)
      #14 Thierry Jean-Baptist (Brownsburg)
      This bracket has five state ranked individuals, and a predicted matchup between #1 Carson Brewer and upstart Mustang Levon Bellemy awaits in the finals. Bellemy and Brewer both come in undefeated on the year, and both are contenders to win a state title. A tough ticket round match between #10 Kemper and #9 Carson awaits on the bottom half of the bracket.
      The Front Runners
      #1/#2 Carson Brewer (Avon)
      #3/#1 Levon Bellemy (Edgewood)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      With a combined three losses between the two, #10 Kemper and #9 Carson is an unfortunate matchup in the ticket round. Carson is a senior and this is his last go at making it on the floor of Banker’s Life, and Kemper looks to derail those plans. #11 Rodgers will be tested in the first round against 2018 state qualifier Presson. The winner of that match will challenge Brewer to punch their ticket.
      #10/#4 McKinley Kemper (Evansville Central) vs. #9/#3 Trizton Carson (Danville)
      #1/#2 Carson Brewer (Avon) vs. #11/#5 Phoenix Rodgers (Heritage Hills) OR -/- Wade Presson (Bloomington South)
      Dark Horse(s)
      With not one state ranked individual in the top quarter bracket, senior Will Nix looks to slide his way on the Bankers Life floor next weekend.
      -/#6 Will Nix (Martinsville)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #3 Levon Bellemy (Edgewood)
      #1 Carson Brewer (Avon)
      #9 Trizon Carson (Danville)
      Will Nix (Martinsville)
      There are five ranked wrestlers in this bracket, but no ticket round matches expected to be especially intriguing. #4 Nunn and #5 Willham are expected to meet in the semifinals, with the winner to face either #16 Wampler or #17 Kenny / NR Carrier. This weight should be pretty chalky, but getting into the upperweights, anything can happen.
      The Front Runners
      #4/#1 Will Nunn (Castle)
      #5/#2 Nick Willhalm (Greenwood)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      In a battle of seniors, Carrier and Kenny duke it out in round one with the winner expected to punch their ticket, and challenge Wampler in the semifinals. Similarly, in a battle of state ranked individuals, Nunn and Hardy square off, although Nunn is considered the heavy favorite.
      -/#4 Dylan Carrier (Evansville Central) vs. #17/- Dakari Kenny (Pike)
      #4/#1 Will Nunn (Castle) vs. #19/#8 Destin Hardy (North Knox)
      Dark Horse(s)
      Stine has wrestled close matches all year, and will most likely wrestle Bloomington South transfer Nolan Wampler. Wampler has been relatively dominant, but as two seniors, I can see Stine potentially pulling an upset.
      -/#7 Griffin Stine (Martinsville)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #4 Will Nunn (Castle)
      #16 Nolan Wampler (Bloomington South)
      #5 Nick Willham (Greenwood)
      #17 Dakari Kenny (Pike)
      Six state ranked grapplers headline this weight class with #1 Jacob Bolte the favorite to run through the Ford Center on Saturday. His biggest test will come early in the ticket round against #7 Micah Dodson, who fell to #12 Lawson Aiken last weekend. Three tough ticket round matches highlight this weight, so when the big boys come around make sure you stay in your seat and don’t go running to the bathroom.
      The Front Runners
      #1/#1 Jacob Bolte (Columbus East)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      Fireworks are on deck in the ticket round as two people who should be on the podium in Bolte and Dodson wrestle in the ticket round, and then four other state worthy individuals duke it out in order to punch their ticket to #TheBank.
      #13/#5 Will Stewart (South Spencer) vs. #11/#3 Jayden Williams (Avon)
      #1/#1 Jacob Bolte (Columbus East) vs. #7/#2 Micah Dodson (Martinsville)
      #12/#4 Lawson Aiken (Brownsburg) vs. #19/#6 Macray Robinson (Gibson Southern)
      Dark Horse(s)
      Josh Howell won regionals last week and does not have another state or semi-state ranked opponent in the ticket round. He’s the favorite to advance, and could potentially keep it close with the Aiken / Robinson winner.
      -/#7 Josh Howell (Terre Haute South Vigo)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #1 Jacob Bolte (Columbus East)
      #12 Lawson Aiken (Brownsburg)
      #11 Jayden Williams (Avon)
      Josh Howell (Terre Haute South Vigo)
      Similar to 220, 6 ranked guys highlight this weight class, with a regional rematch between #3 Dorian Keys and #4 Muhammad Sidibe planned to go down in the finals. The bottom quarter bracket features three semi-state ranked grapplers, two of which are ranked in the state. The winner will test Keys in the semifinals. Adversely, Sidibe will be tested in the ticket round by #14 Haire. This is a great way to finish out the day as the big boys have great matches to watch all weekend.
      The Front Runners
      #3/#2 Dorian Keys (Brownsburg)
      #4/#1 Muhammad Sidibe (Ben Davis)
      Bank or Bust - Ticket Round Matches to Watch
      Two ticket round tussles feature state ranked wrestlers looking to punch their tickets. Gentry vs. Kramer is a #16 vs. #20, and Haire vs. Sidibe is #14 vs. #4. Another one to not overlook is Biddle vs. Breivogel on the top quarter bracket. Upsets are brewing southwest and all you have to do is make the trip to the Ford Center!
      #15/#8 Jack Biddle (Plainfield) vs. -/#7 Aaron Breivogel (Gibson Southern)
      #14/#4 Allen Haire (Terre Haute South Vigo) vs. #4/#1 Muhammad Sidibe (Ben Davis)
      #16/#3 Robbie Gentry (Mooresville) vs. #20/#6 Wyatt Kramer (Southridge)
      Dark Horse(s)
      Brevogel has been quiet this year, but the match between him and Biddle should send him to state. Breivogel lost 1-0 to Biddle previously this year. Should Brevogel derail Biddle’s plans to make it on the floor of Banker’s Life as a senior?
      -/#7 Aaron Breivogel (Gibson Southern)
      #BankBound Top 4
      #3 Dorian Keys (Brownsburg)
      #4 Muhammad Sidibe (Ben Davis
      #20 Wyatt Kramer (Southridge)
      Aaron Breivogel (Gibson Southern)

      2245 9 1

      State Finals #WAYL2

      We have 13 wrestlers that enter Friday without a loss on their record. However, the other 209 wrestlers have a combined 1030 losses between them. Most of the losses are to state level competitors. Here is a listing of all the losses for each wrestler at state this weekend.
      Note: If you know any of the missing or incorrect results please notify me.
      Random Stats
      Most losses to state qualifiers
      Tyler Conley- 11
      Terrell Leavel- 10
      Blaze Garcia, Chris Stewart- 9
      Peyton asburg, aundre Beatty- 8
      Most wins over state qualifiers
      Asa Garcia- 14
      alex Mosconi- 13
      Alexzander Cottey- 11
      Jordan Slivka- 10
      Ethan Hicks, Brayden Lowery- 9
      Non-State Qualifiers with the most wins over state qualifiers
      Brice Coleman- 6
      Phoenix Rodgers- 5
      Jevian Ross, Bryer Hall, Tyler Turley, Jayden Williams- 4
      Undefeated Wrestlers
      106 Alexzander Cottey
      120 Brayden Lowery, Brayden Littell
      126 Jesse Mendez
      132 Matt Gimson
      145 Matt Lee, Jorden Douglass
      170 Nick South
      182 Carson Brewer
      195 Will Nunn, Silas Allred
      285 Jamichael Watts, Alex Cartwright
      Who are your losses to?
      *- State Qualifier
      (Losses/ State Qualifier Losses/ State Qualifier Wins)
      106: Aidan Sprague(9/7/0):Alex Ocampo(4)*, Brady Lewis,Isaac Ruble(2)*, Jared Brooks*, Kody Glithero
      106: Alec Freeman(2/1/7):Alexzander Cottey*, Cade Swiderski(Mi)
      106: Alex Ocampo(1/1/4):Isaac Ruble*
      106: Blaze Garcia(15/9/1):Alec Freeman*, Ashton Hayhurst, Cameron Allen, Cole Ross*, David Pierson*, Jacob Decatur(Oh), Jacob Simone*, Jayden Frazier(Ky), Kamariyon Nelson*, Logan Miller(3)*, Michael Petrella(Oh), Nicolas Castelluccio, Zeke Seltzer*
      106: Brennen Cernus(2/0/4):Casey Swiderski(Mi), Matt Ellis(Oh)
      106: Carlton Perry(6/6/4):Alec Freeman*,Alexzander Cottey(2)*, Brennen Cernus*, Jacob Simone*, Suhas Chundi*
      106: Chris Newman(6/4/0):Alec Freeman(2)*, Blaze Garcia*, Brooks Mcafee(Ky), Logan Miller*, Trayce Eckman(Ky)
      106: Dominic Skees(5/2/0):Dillon Barry, Gage Gerald, Malik Hall*, Spencer Gordon, Stephen Roberson*
      106: Elijah Anthony(4/4/0):Alexzander Cottey*, Carlton Perry*,Suhas Chundi(2)*
      106: Isaac Ruble(6/5/3):Alexzander Cottey*, Brennen Cernus*, Carlton Perry*, Hudson Harreld, Jared Brooks*, Stephen Roberson*
      106: Jared Brooks(1/0/2):Blake Kinney
      106: Logan Miller(9/5/4):Alec Freeman(2)*,Alexzander Cottey(2)*, Cael Saxton(Oh), Carlton Perry*, Cj Bell(Oh), Jacob Brya(Mi), Kyle Rowan(Oh)
      106: Malik Hall(7/6/1):Alexzander Cottey*, Brennen Cernus*, Chris Merrill, Giovanni Diaz*, Jacob Moran*,Stephen Roberson(2)*
      106: Stephen Roberson(3/3/4):Alexzander Cottey*, Brennen Cernus*, Suhas Chundi*
      106: Suhas Chundi(13/4/4):Alec Freeman*,Alexzander Cottey(2)*, Ben Dalton*
      113: Ben Dalton(2/1/3):Hayden Watson, Kamariyon Nelson*
      113: Christian White(5/4/1):???,David Pierson(2)*,Zeke Seltzer(2)*
      113: Cole Ross(2/2/1):Gavinn Alstott*, Kamariyon Nelson*
      113: David Pierson(3/3/4):Logan Galbraith*,Zeke Seltzer(2)*
      113: Gavinn Alstott(2/1/1):Ben Dalton*, Josh Koderhandt(Il)
      113: Giovanni Diaz(2/2/2):Martin Cruz*, Riley Bettich*
      113: Harper Dedman(5/2/1):David Schulte, Drayk Kallenberger(Oh), Jett Boots*, Justin Brantley, Preston Teusch*
      113: Jacob Moran(1/0/6):Jacob Decatur(Oh)
      113: Jacob Simone(6/4/3):???, Anthony Hughes, Carlton Perry*, Christian White*, David Pierson*, Kamariyon Nelson*
      113: Jake Armstrong(5/2/0):Colin Reagan(2), Giovanni Diaz*, Jacob Moran*, Justin Brantley
      113: Jett Boots(7/1/1):Anrico Cunningham(Oh), Harper Dedman*, Isaac Weimer(3), Justin Puckett, Landon Bertsch
      113: Kamariyon Nelson(9/1/4):Ben Dalton*, Brody Baumann, Dominic Ditullio(Mi), Hayden Watson, Jack Stanley(Oh),Jacob Moon(Oh)(2), Luke Acuna(Oh), Noah Lippeatt(Oh)
      113: Landon Bertch(2/1/0):Drayk Kallenberger(Oh), Preston Teusch*
      113: Martin Cruz(4/4/2): Jacob Moran(3)*, Zeke Seltzer*
      113: Preston Teusch(1/1/2):Jacob Simone*
      113: Zeke Seltzer(1/1/6):Jacob Moran*
      120: Beau Humphrey(2/2/1):Brayden Lowery*, Kade Zadylak*
      120: Blake Boarman(1/1/3):Brayden Littell*
      120: Carson Eldred(4/4/2):Brayden Lowery*, Kysen Montgomery*, Riley Bettich*, Ty Haskins*
      120: Chris Stewart(9/9/3):Blake Boarman*, Brayden Littell*,Brayden Lowery(4)*, Ian Heath*, Kysen Montgomery*, Trey Finnearty*
      120: Evan Beasley(2/2/3):Brayden Littell*, Kysen Montgomery*
      120: Jace Alexander(10/4/1): Evan Beasley*, Danny Tolin,Noah Gardner(2), Rasheek Bonds, Riley Bettich*,Trey Finnearty(2)*,Vince Sparrow(2)
      120: John Robinson(5/3/0):Beau Humphrey*,Camden Spears(2), Evan Beasley*, Kade Zadylak*
      120: Kade Zadylak(2/1/2):Carter Thomas, Evan Beasley*
      120: Kysen Montgomery(7/4/8): Brayden Littell(3)*, Carson Eldred*, Gavin Ritter(Oh), Jake Canitano(Oh), Moustapha Bal(Oh)
      120: Logan Galbraith(5/4/1):Brayden Lowery*, Carson Eldred*,Chris Stewart(2)*, Traye Owens
      120: Riley Bettich(1/1/5):Brayden Littell*
      120: Trey Finnearty(2/1/5):Logan Agin(Oh), Riley Bettich*
      120: Ty Haskins(7/4/1):Danny Tolin, Enzo Silva(Il), Jace Alexander*, Joey Cape(Il), Martin Cruz*, Riley Bettich*, Trey Finnearty*
      120: Tyler Conley(14/11/0):Blake Boarman(2)*, Brayden Littell*, Brayden Lowery*, Chris Stewart*, Devon Casebolt, Garrett Lautzenheiser(Oh), Kysen Montgomery(5)*, Nate Burnett(Oh), Trey Finnearty*
      126: Brayden Curtis(1/1/3):Hunter Watts*
      126: Brendon Mark(6/4/1):Brock Peele*, Hunter Watts*, Jeremy Clark, Jesse Mendez*, Lukasz Walendzak*, Trevor Penrod
      126: Brock Peele(4/3/5):Brady Norman,Jesse Mendez(2)*, Matthew Williams(Oh), Raymond Rioux*
      126: Cade Meier(10/7/0):Dylan Phelps(Mi), Hunter Watts*, Jeremy Clark, Jj Conway*,Kane Egli(2)*, Lukasz Walendzak*,Raymond Rioux(2)*, Seth Rohrbach
      126: Chase Wilkerson(4/2/5):Brayden Curtis*, Gavin Rose, Jevian Ross, Logan Wagner*
      126: Evan Burge(5/4/2):Brendon Mark*,Brock Peele(2)*, Ian Heath*, Jevian Ross
      126: Hayden Shepherd(8/5/0):???(2), Brayden Curtis*, Chase Wilkerson*, Ian Heath(3)*, Skyler Blackwell
      126: Hunter Watts(1/1/4):Jesse Mendez*
      126: Ian Heath(2/2/5):Evan Burge*, Hunter Watts*
      126: Jared Brown(8/6/1): Brayden Curtis*,Chase Wilkerson(e)*, Dalton Huffman, Evan Burge*, Jevian Ross, Lukasz Walendzak*
      126: JJ Conway(3/2/1):Jesse Mendez*, Matt Koontz, Raymond Rioux*
      126: Kane Egli(9/3/2):Andrew Chambal(Mi), Brock Peele*, Cole Wiegers(Mi), J Conway, Jevian Ross, Lukasz Walendzak*, Raymond Rioux*, Reese Darrow(Mi), Sam Bacon(Ky)
      126: Logan Wagner(5/5/2):Asa Garcia*, Jesse Mendez*,Lukasz Walendzak(2)*, Raymond Rioux*
      126: Lukasz Walendzak(7/6/7):Brayden Lowery*, Brock Peele*, Chase Wilkerson*, Jared Brown*, Jeremy Clark, Logan Wagner*, Raymond Rioux*
      126: Raymond Rioux(3/1/7):Davin Rhoads(Oh), Jimmy Carmany(Oh), Lukasz Walendzak*
      132: Alec Viduya(1/1/7):Asa Garcia*
      132: Asa Garcia(1/0/14):Mick Burnet(Oh)
      132: Aundre Beatty(9/8/1):Alec Viduya(4)*,Asa Garcia(2)*, Clay Egli*, Drake Campbell*, Logan Bailey
      132: Clay Egli(8/4/1):Asa Garcia(2)*, Chase Mayer(Mi), Eddie Homrock(Mi), Logan Bailey, Logan Boe*, Ricky Hegedus*, Tyler Swiderski(Mi
      132: Drake Campbell(9/5/3): Asa Garcia(5)*, Joey Gordon, Kaleob Hitford(Mi, Mick Burnett(Oh), Sam Glassco(Mi)
      132: Eli Hickman(4/4/0):Hunter Cottingham(2)*, Reese Rodriguez*, Ricky Hegedus*
      132: Geremia Brooks(1/1/4):Matt Gimson*
      132: Hunter Brown(5/2/0):???(2), Aundre Beatty*, Seth Johnson*, Tyler Vredeveld
      132: Hunter Cottingham(3/3/4):Geremia Brooks*,Matt Gimson(2)*
      132: Logan Boe(5/5/1): Asa Garcia(3)*, Drake Campbell*, Kyle Holman*
      132: Logan Mosser(2/2/1):Matt Gimson*, William Fiechter*
      132: Owen Krider(2/2/0):Hunter Cottingham*, Logan Mosser*
      132: Reese Rodriguez(3/3/1):Geremia Brooks*,Ricky Hegedus(2)*
      132: Ricky Hegedus(5/2/4):Drake Campbell*, Geremia Brooks*, James Bronstrup(Oh), Logan Bailey, Vincent Zerban(Il)
      132: Seth Johnson(3/3/1):Alec Viduya*, Geremia Brooks*, Hunter Cottingham*
      138: AJ Poindexter(7/3/2): Droshawn Lewis, Alex Epstein(Oh), Anthony Rivera, Braxton Alexander*, Cameron Worley*, Dylan Goudy*, Joey Orlando(Oh)
      138: Braxton Alexander(1/1/4):Conner Gimson*
      138: Cameron Worley(6/3/1):???(2), Aj Poindexter*, Braxton Alexander*, Brayden Wright, Gabe Weeks*
      138: Cayden Rooks(1/1/4):Aiden Warren*
      138: Chris Wilkerson(6/4/1):Alec Viduya*,Dylan Goudy(2)*, Jarred Rowlett, Jordan Vinson, Tyce Freije*
      138: Conner Gimson(1/1/6):Cayden Rooks*
      138: Drew Kreitzer(6/3/3):Blake Saito(Oh), Christian Killion(Mi),Jaden Reynolds(2)*, Joshua Edmond(Mi), Treyton Mucker*
      138: Dylan Goudy(1/1/6):Conner Gimson*
      138: Gabe Phillips(2/2/0):Chris Wilkerson*, Kyle Holman*
      138: Gabe Weeks(11/5/1):Aj Poindexter*, Andrew Wilson,Braxton Alexander(2)*,Conner Gimson(2)*, Deacon Pettiford, Gabriel Smith, Mason Kleinberg(Oh), Shane Williams(Mi), Tyler Fuqua
      138: Jaden Reynolds(10/7/2): Alex Mosconi(3)*, Alex Slates, Cadet Blust(Oh), Cayden Rooks*, Drew Kreitzer(3)*, Gabriel Smith
      138: Kyle Holman(10/2/2):Alec Viduya*, Blaine Mayer, Tyce Freije*
      138: Macaiah White(8/5/1):???(2), Conner Gimson*, Dylan Goudy(3)*, Luke Goodwin, William Fiechter*
      138: Treyton Mucker(6/2/0): Carlos Santos, Carson Deckard(Ky), Cayden Rooks(2)*, Isaac York, Ty Lehman(Ky)
      138: Tyce Freije(2/1/3):Cayden Rooks*, Jeff Dunasky
      138: William Fiechter(7/3/2):Ac Eberle, Conner Gimson*, Macaiah White*, Nick Buchanan,Tanner Schoeff(2), Tyce Freije*
      145: Aiden Warren(6/6/6): Alex Mosconi(3)*, Antwaun Graves*, Matt Lee*, Terrell Leavell*
      145: Alex Mosconi(3/2/13):Antwaun Graves*, Derek Gilcher(Mi), Matt Lee*
      145: Antwaun Graves(5/4/4):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi*, Bryer Hall, Cooper Noehre*, Matt Lee*
      145: Jacob Burford(3/3/7):Alex Mosconi*, Jacob Maldonado*, Jonathan Kervin*
      145: Jacob Maldonado(4/4/1):Jacob Burford(2)*, Jorden Douglass*, Terrell Leavell*
      145: Jake Jenkins(5/3/6):Bryer Hall, Ethan Hicks*, Isaiah Bretz(Oh), Jacob Burford*, Logan Macklin*
      145: Jeffrey Harper(7/6/2):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi*,Jacob Burford(2)*, Jorden Douglass*, Ryan Rasler*, Trae Reynolds
      145: Jonathan Kervin(2/1/4):Matt Lee*, Matthew Lee
      145: Kade Law(12/7/0):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi*, Brice Coleman, Jajuan Anderson, Jake Jenkins*, Jonathan Kervin(3)*, Kenneth Thompson, L.J. Burdon, Terrell Leavell*, Trent Brown
      145: LJ Burdon(5/1/0):???, Aiden Warren*, Camden Chatterton, Jeff Dunasky, Trae Reynolds
      145: Logan Macklin(3/3/2):Jake Jenkins*,Ryan Rasler(2)*
      145: Ryan Rasler(4/3/4):Daniel Park, Jacob Burford*,Jake Jenkins(2)*
      145: Scottie Saylor(12/6/0):Aaron Mckinley, Bryer Hall, Hayden Homoky, Isaiah Bretz(Oh), Jake Jenkins*, Jeffrey Harper*, Joe Parrish*, Logan Macklin*, Michael Garrett, Noah Hollendonner*, Ryan Rasler*, Trent Smith
      145: Terrell Leavell(11/10/3):Aiden Warren*, Alex Mosconi(3)*,Antwaun Graves(2)*, Cooper Noehre*, Daniel Park, Jacob Burford*, Jake Jenkins*, Jeffrey Harper*
      152: Brock Ellis(2/2/7):Elliott Rodgers*, Ethan Hicks*
      152: Cody McCune(8/6/0):Bradley Harrington, Brice Coleman, Eric Hiestand*,Ethan Hicks(2)*, Isiah Levitz*, Jake Lowe*, Jon Ruble*
      152: Cole Cervantes(3/2/3):Brock Ellis(2)*, Tyler Turley
      152: Cooper Noehre(3/1/8):Brice Coleman, Bryer Hall, Elliott Rodgers*
      152: Eli Dickens(2/0/6):Caleb Fish(Mi), James Whitaker(Mi)
      152: Elliott Rodgers(4/2/8):Austin Boone(Mi), Cooper Noehre*, Eli Dickens*, Kevon Davenport(Mi)
      152: Ellisston Ross(7/6/1):Austin Heckman,Eli Dickens(2)*, Elliott Rodgers*, Ethan Hicks*, Nathan Conley*, Robert Deters*
      152: Eric Hiestand(3/3/2):Cooper Noehre*, Ethan Hicks*, Isiah Levitz*
      152: Ethan Hicks(1/1/9):Jake Schoenegge*
      152: Isaiah Mohmed(8/4/2):Aiden Sarver,Brock Ellis(2)*,Cole Cervantes(2)*, Kamden Goering, Ryan Breedlove, Tyler Turley
      152: Isiah Levitz(4/4/3):Brock Ellis*, Coleman Beeks, Ellisston Ross*,Ethan Hicks(2)*
      152: Jake Schoenegge(5/5/2):Cooper Noehre*, Eli Dickens*,Elliott Rodgers(2)*, Sam Fair*
      152: Mathew Mangus(11/2/0):Austin Heckman, Austin Mcclure, Camden Chatterton, Cooper Noehre*, Devin Scott, Easton Williamson, Gabe Davin, Kamden Goering, Noah Baker, Robert Buckland(Mi), Sam Fair*
      152: Nathan Conley(6/3/6):Brice Coleman, Enrique Munguia(Oh), Jake Schoenegge*,Jordan Slivka(2)*, Tristan Ruhlman, Victor Volnovich(Oh)
      152: Noah Hollendonner(12/6/1):Brock Ellis(2)*, Cole Cervantes*, Elisha Wright,Isaiah Mohmed(2)*, Jacob Beehn, James Smith, Joe Parrish*, Skyler Querry,Tyler Turley(2)
      152: Sam Fair(6/5/3):Brice Coleman,Cooper Noehre(2)*, Eli Dickens*,Elliott Rodgers(2)*
      160: Abel Verbeek(5/2/2):???, Donnell Washington*, Gavin Layman, Jon Ruble*, Matt Neff
      160: Braden Welch(8/2/2):Aaron Taylor, Austin Boone(Mi), Cameron Amine(Mi, Donnell Washington*, Emmett Cain(Oh), Jordan Slivka*, Salvatore Perrine(Oh), Stoney Buell(Mi)
      160: Brooks Davis(6/5/3):Elijah Mahan*,Jordan Slivka(2)*, Kamal Adewumi(Oh), Kyle Saez*, Macartney Parkinson*
      160: Donnell Washington(1/1/8):Nick South*
      160: Drew Sailors(2/2/1):Braden Welch*, Jon Ruble*
      160: Gabe Sollars(12/7/0):Clay Singleton, Devin Trevino(Mi), Donnell Washington*, Jordan Slivka*, Nathan Conley*, Oman Embree(Mi), Peyton Asbury*, Peyton Pruett*,Robert Deters(2)*, Stephen Little(Ky), Tristan Ruhlman
      160: Hayden Lohrey(2/1/1):Jed Perry, Jordan Slivka*
      160: Jackson Pettigrew(3/3/2):Drew Sailors*, Isiah Levitz*, Jon Ruble*
      160: Jake Lowe(4/3/1):Aaron Taylor, Brooks Davis*, Hayden Lohrey*, Jon Ruble*
      160: Jaymiere Johnson(7/4/0):???(2),Abel Verbeek(2)*, Braden Welch*, Donnell Washington*, Ryan Breedlove
      160: Joe Parrish(5/4/2):Eric Hiestand*,Jackson Pettigrew(2)*, Jon Ruble*, Parker Bates
      160: Jon Ruble(6/4/6):Brice Coleman, Brooks Davis*, Elliott Rodgers*, Ethan Hicks*, Peyton Pruett*, Trae Reynolds
      160: Jordan Slivka(3/2/10):Cameron Amine(Mi), Donnell Washington*, Nathan Conley*
      160: Peyton Asbury(13/8/2):Brooks Davis*, Christopher Donathan(Oh),Dane Donabedian(Mi)(2), Jackson Weissinger(Oh), Jacob Lee(Mi), Jordan Slivka*,Nathan Conley(2)*, Peyton Pruett(3)*, Sam Fair*, Sam Morrill, Will Mcghee(Oh)
      160: Peyton Pruett(1/1/6):Jordan Slivka*
      160: Robert Deters(5/4/3):???, Eli Dickens*, Nathan Conley*, Peyton Asbury*, Peyton Pruett*
      170: Bryce Buckley(8/3/0):Damon Mcclain,Delton Moore(2)*, Luke Lechner(3), Mikey Smith, Zane Gilbreath*
      170: Clayton Fielden(3/2/3):Derek Blubaugh*, Nick South*, Parker Bates
      170: Colin Kwiatkowski(8/1/2):Aidan Sneed(2), Colton Massey, Dalton Sizemore, Harold Jones, Joseph Walker*, Kevin Hooley, Tucker Coffman
      170: Delton Moore(6/5/2):Clayton Fielden*, James Snyder,Zane Gilbreath(4)*
      170: Derek Blubaugh(4/4/3):Joseph Walker*, Macartney Parkinson*,Nick South(2)*
      170: Elijah Mahan(1/2/4):Jordan Slivka*, Logan Hart*
      170: Graham Calhoun(1/1/7):Joseph Walker*
      170: Jason Streck(10/6/0):Colin Kwiatkowski(2)*, David Sheley, Derek Blubaugh*, Donnell Washington*,Graham Calhoun(2)*,Josh Warmick(2), Kevin Hooley
      170: Joseph Walker(3/3/3):Graham Calhoun(2)*, Nick South*
      170: Josh Lowe(3/3/2):Kyle Saez(2)*, Logan Hart*
      170: Kyle Saez(4/3/7):Brendan Mcpike, Donnell Washington*, Elijah Mahan*, Logan Hart*
      170: Logan Hart(12/6/3):Donnell Washington*,Elijah Mahan(2)*,Kyle Saez(2)*, Macartney Parkinson*
      170: Macartney Parkinson(3/1/4):Micah Ervin(Ky), Nick South*, River Shettler(Mi)
      170: Thierry Jean-Baptiste(11/4/0):Beau Smith(Mi), Cole Foor(Oh), Derek Blubaugh*, Drew Wiechers(Oh), Jay Nivison(Mi), Kamal Adewumi(Oh),Kyle Saez(2)*, Macartney Parkinson*, River Shettler(Mi), Simon Shirley(Oh)
      170: Zane Gilbreath(6/5/5):Clayton Fielden*, Eli Pack,Graham Calhoun(2)*,Josh Lowe(2)*
      182: Andrew Donahue(2/1/1):Alex Castro, Evan Bates*
      182: Austin Leech(7/3/0):Bradley Rosman*,Brandon Bergman(2), Jacob Huffman, Jake Lone*, Luke Davis, 
      182: Bradley Rosman(2/2/2):Mason Winner(3)*
      182: Devontay Moore(12/3/0):Cameron Bacon, Clayton Todd,Jalen Morgan(2)*, Jd Farrell*, Phoenix Rodgers(3),Pj Sterrett(2), Ryan Mahoney, Zach Knoll
      182: Evan Bates(2/1/6):Alex Cramer(Il), Jacob Laplace*
      182: Jacob Combs(5/2/1): Hayden Filipovich, Excell Brooks, Jalen Morgan*, Pj Sterrett, Trizton Carson*
      182: Jake Lone(4/4/5):Clayton Fielden*, Evan Bates*, Graham Calhoun*, Mason Winner*
      182: Jalen Morgan(3/1/5):???, Bradley Rosman*, Phoenix Rodgers
      182: JD Farrell(4/2/1):Cameron Bacon(2), Carson Brewer*, Jacob Combs*
      182: Levon Bellemy(1/1/2):Carson Brewer*
      182: Mason Winner(2/1/4):Jake Lone*, Trey Sizemore(Oh)
      182: Noah Perez(7/7/1):Andrew Donahue*, Evan Bates(3)*, Jake Lone(3)*, Khris Walton
      182: Trizton Carson(4/4/1):Carson Brewer(2)*, Levon Bellemy*, Zachary Flynn*
      182: Zachary Flynn(6/2/1):Carson Brewer*, Ethan Tomerlin(Ky), Hunter Kunz, Levon Bellemy*, Phoenix Rodgers, Will Nix
      182: Jacob LaPlace(2/2/1): Andrew Donahue*, Evan Bates*
      195: Austin Lane(5/3/3):Deshawn Young, Jack Heldt, Lawson Aiken*, Nick Willham*, Silas Allred*
      195: Cale Gray(5/5/2):Chandler Chapman(2)*,Charlie Agnew(2)*, Stewart Mossholder*
      195: Chandler Chapman(2/2/2):Cale Gray*, Charlie Agnew*
      195: Charlie Agnew(1/0/4):Jacob Kowalski(Oh)
      195: Dakari Kenny(4/2/2):Deon Pettiford, Jack Heldt, Nick Willham*, Will Nunn*
      195: Ethan Potosky(4/2/2):Damien Rodriguez, Ewan Donovan*, Nolan Wampler, Rockne Hurley*
      195: Ewan Donovan(2/2/3):Ethan Potosky*, Rockne Hurley*
      195: Grant Johnson(5/3/0):???, Ethan Potosky*, Ewan Donovan*, Jacob Trefarn, Rockne Hurley*
      195: Griffin Stine(8/6/0):Austin Lane*,Dakari Kenny(2)*, Jack Heldt,Nick Willham(2)*, Sam Medlin, Will Nunn*
      195: KJ Roudebush(3/2/1):Austin Lane*, Stewart Mossholder*, Tremor Bynum
      195: Kyle Krummen(10/3/0):Andrew Abbott, Blaine Pierce, Braden Mulcahy(Oh), Dylan Thompson,Evan Shafer(2), Jalen Morgan*, Kj Roudebush*, Noah Rowlett, Silas Allred*
      195: Nick Willham(2/2/4):Will Nunn(2)*
      195: Rockne Hurley(2/1/3):Austin Lane*, James Snyder
      195: Stewart Mossholder(3/3/2):Cale Gray*, Charlie Agnew*, Jalen Morgan*
      220: AJ Fowler(2/2/4):Drew Bailey*, Jacob Bolte*
      220: Andrew Irick(2/2/4):Drew Webster*, Kyle Cornwell*
      220: Christian Graft(12/5/1):???, Cameron Brown, Drew Webster*, Jayden Elwood(3)*, Keegan Miller, Parker Smitley, Reese Wicker*, Tristan Martin,Tristen Martz(2)
      220: Cullen Browning(4/2/0):???(2), Andrew Irick*, Drew Webster*
      220: Damari Dancy(12/6/0):Aj Fowler(2)*, Alex Searfoxx, Breslin Walker(Oh), David Guhl,Drew Bailey(2)*, Eddie Alonso, Ethan Alderson, Gabe Robison(Il), Jacob Bolte*, Joey Kidwell*, John Wilcher, Jonathan Williams, Mark Mummy, Sam Perez, Tyler Stein(Oh), Wil Stone
      220: Drew Bailey(2/2/4):Aj Fowler(2)*
      220: Drew Webster(1/1/4):Andrew Irick*
      220: Jacob Bolte(1/1/7):Lawson Aiken*
      220: Jayden Elwood(3/2/5):Braydon Erb,Levi Leffers(2)*
      220: Joey Kidwell(2/2/1):Drew Bailey*, Ewan Donovan*
      220: Josh Howell(6/3/0):Deshawn Young, Haakon Vanbeynan, Jacob Bolte*, Lawson Aiken*, Micah Dodson, Will Stewart*
      220: Kyle Cornwell(3/3/1):Andrew Irick(2)*, Drew Webster*
      220: Lawson Aiken(4/1/3):Ethan Smegal(Oh), Jacob Bolte*,Jayden Williams(2), Owen Quillin(Oh)
      220: Levi Leffers(1/1/5):Jayden Elwood*
      220: Reese Wicker(8/4/1):???, Christian Graft*, Jayden Elwood*, Keegan Miller,Levi Leffers(2)*, Tytan Grote(Oh), Victor Lee
      220: Will Stewart(2/1/1):Jacob Bolte*, Matthias Ervin(Ky)
      285: Aidian Rea(10/4/0):Aaron Breivogel, Dorian Keys*, Jamichael Watts*, Lane Eubank, Luke Mcgennis,Matthew Munoz(2)*, Matthias Ervin(Ky), Nathaniel Duncan, Wyatt Kramer
      285: AJ Jones(3/1/1):Adam Bowman, Andrew Hughes, Holden Parsons*
      285: Anthony Atria(5/3/0):Alex Cartwright*, Jorge Martinez, Nick Garcia, Will Crider*, Yehezquel Devault*
      285: Crae Kunkleman(8/3/2):???(2), Jamichael Watts(3)*, Jonathan Williams,Kolt Keller(2)
      285: Dorian Keys(4/1/5):Crae Kunkleman*, Joel Radvansky(Mi), Steven Kolcheff(Mi), Tche Leroux(Oh)
      285: Holden Parsons(2/1/3):Adam Bowman, Muhammad Sidibe*
      285: John Harris(3/2/3):Dennis Hubbard,Jamichael Watts(2)*
      285: Logan Swallow(5/3/0):Aj Jones*, Holden Parsons*, Logan Shaffer, Venice Mccullough, Vince Yoder*
      285: Matthew Munoz(9/2/2):Cameron Elmore, Chance Bolin, Cody Melton(Ky), Dylan Thompson, Esmond Orris(Ky), Jacob Bolte*, Max Comado, Muhammad Sidibe*, Robbie Gentry
      285: Muhammad Sidibe(4/4/2): Dorian Keys(3)*, Jamichael Watts*
      285: Sam Jones(13/6/0):Antone Alexander, Crae Kunkleman*, David Guhl, Dennis Hubbard, Dorian Keys*, Isaac Lawrence, Jacob Bolte*,Jayden Williams(2), John Harris(3)*, Robbie Gentry
      285: Vince Yoder(6/3/1):Chase Leeper(2), Holden Parsons*, Levi Leffers*, Yehezquel Devault, Zach Mcqueen
      285: Will Crider(4/1/1):Alex Coleman(Oh), Nathanial Duncan, Nathaniel Duncan, Yehezquel Devault*
      285: Yehezquel Devault(2/2/2):Alex Cartwright(2)*

      2119 5 2

      2020 New Castle Semi-State Preview

      This may be the toughest New Castle Semi State I have ever seen.  There will be 20 or more ranked wrestlers staying home next week.  As always, brutal ticket round match ups with two top 10 ranked wrestlers.  5 #1 Ranked Wrestlers in the tournament.
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #3 Suhas Chundi- Carmel
      #5 Bryce Lowery- Roncalli
      #7 Josh Johnson- Cardinal Ritter
      #9 Evan Dickey- Cathedral
      #19 Romello Williams- Anderson
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #6 Keaton Morton- Perry Meridian
      #7 Nathan Smith- Southport
      #8 Garrett Condo- Milan
      Potential Match-ups
      #5 Bryce Lowery vs #19 Romelo Williams ticket round
      Lowery has been on fire in his freshman campaign and is looking to take his first trip to state with his older brother.
      #9 Evan Dickey vs #6ss Keaton Morton
      These two have not wrestled this year.  Morton has an awkward style that could give Dickey issues, but Dickey has experience on the floor at New Castle.
      #3 Suhas Chundi vs #7ss Nathan Smith
      Chundi has been here before and the podium at state and it looks like he should have a return trip.
      #7 Johnson vs #5 Lowery
      Rematch from sectionals in the semi finals.
      #9 Dickey vs #3 Chundi 
      #3 Chundi vs #5 Lowery
      1st Round Picks
      Johnson over Condo (4 over 1)
      Rodriguez over Vest
      Lowery over Hale
      Williams over Coffman
      Dickey over Cornelius
      Morton over Holcomb
      Chundi over Fye
      Smith over Lengerich
      Tickets Punched
      Lowery, Chundi, Dickey, Johnson
      Alpha Dogs
      Lowery and Chundi
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #1 Alex Cottey- Perry Meridian
      #4 Elijah Anthony- Frankfort
      #8 Blake Wolf- East Central
      #10 Marquarias Wilburn- Warren Central
      #11 Logan Carrender LN
      #12 Brac Hooper Carmel
      #14 Kody Glithero
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #8 Griffin Ingalls Fishers
      Potential Match-ups
      #11 Carrender vs #4 Anthony ticket round
      Anthony has had two incredible seasons so far, but Senior Carrender will be a tough out.  His style is awkward and he is extremely strong.  Anthony knocked him off in ticket round last year.
      #8 Wolf vs #8ss Ingalls first round
      Haven’t seen much about this match-up.  Ingalls has a win over Wilburn and has been competitive all year.  Winner has the privilege of #1 Alex Cottey in the ticket round. 
      #10 Wilburn vs #12 Hooper ticket round.
      These two have had 2 opportunities to wrestle but it hasn’t happened yet.  Wilburn has beat Carrender twice which Hooper lost to in a major decision.  Hooper pinned Ingalls who beat Wilburn early in the year.
      #14 Glithero vs #4 Anthony Semis
      Glithero is coming off a huge win over Alex Cottey and Anthony is coming off two straight losses to Hooper.  Should be a good one.
      1st Round Picks
      Glithero over Ellingwood
      Driver over Necessary
      Carrender over Bullock
      Anthony over Gardner
      Wolf over Ingalls
      Cottey over Reese
      Hooper over Marker
      Wilburn over Reyes
      Tickets Punched
      Cottey, Glithero, Anthony, Wilburn
      Alpha Dog
      Alex Cottey
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #1 Zeke Seltzer- Cathedral
      #4 Carson Eldred- Westfield
      #7 Christian White- New Palestine
      #10 Anthony Hughes- Lawrence North
      #13 Carleton Perry- Warren Central
      #14 Jacob Simone- Hamilton Southeastern
      #19 Brevan Thrine- New Castle
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #6 Antonio Jefferson LC
      Potential Match-ups
      #1 Seltzer vs #14 Simone. 
      Two state place winners do battle to see who gets a chance to go back to Bankers Life.  Simone had Eldred on the ropes last week and doesn’t want to end his career at New Castle.
      #6SS Jefferson vs Thrine first round
      Thrine has had an amazing freshman campaign with his only loss coming by major to Christian White.  Jefferson has been here before and lost the last two years.  Senior versus freshman.
      Winner gets #7 Christian White
      White would be the favorite over Thrine.  Jefferson may pull the second 4 over 1 here and make the ticket round even crazier.
      #13 Perry vs #10 Hughes
      These two have wrestled several times over the years with Hughes taking the last one at MIC.  Perry is coming off back to back wins over White as well as wins over Glithero and Jefferson who have defeated Hughes.  But Hughes tech falled AJ Gunn from Carmel who has a win over Perry. 
      #1 Seltzer vs #7 White semis.
      #4 Eldred vs #10/#13 Hughes/White 
      1st Round Picks
      Seltzer over Myers
      Simone over Haggerty
      Jefferson over Thrine
      White over Pritchett
      Eldred over Thang
      Dietz over Schneider
      Perry over Farling
      Hughes over Bray
      Tickets Punched
      Seltzer, Eldred, Perry, White
      Alpha Dog
      Zeke Seltzer
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #5 Brayden Lowery Roncalli
      #6 David Pierson- Warren Central
      #16 Luke Gonzalez- Cathedral
      #19 Cameron Toole- Lebanon
      #20 Joey Langeman- Carmel
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #7 Jeremiah Henderson- Lawrence North
      Potential Match-ups
      #19 Toole vs Brandon first round
      Brandon took Pierson down at regionals and is a very hard nosed wrestler.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset here.  Followed with a ticket round with either super frosh Searcy from East Central or Jeremiah Henderson who has had an up and down year but is dangerous.
      #5 Lowery vs #16 Gonzalez ticket round
      Gonzalez has kept matches close with elite level guys all year and had a great Al Smith.  Lowery shouldn’t overlook him.
      #20 Langeman vs Dennison
      Dennison has had a great year at 33-1, but I suspect Carmel will have Langeman ready.
      #5 Lowery vs #6 Pierson Finals
      Lowery won at Marion County 1-0.  Should be another great battle.
      1st Round Picks
      Toole over Ashton
      Searcy over Henderson
      Lowery over Drilik
      Gonzalez over Maitland
      Otto over Johnson
      Pierson over Lauy
      Dennison over Bertram
      Langeman over Vinson
      Tickets Punched
      Lowery, Pierson, Toole, Langeman
      Alpha Dog
      Brayden Lowery
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #2 Matt Koontz- Perry Meridian
      #7 Aundre Beatty- Warren Central
      #9 Andrew Wilson- Cathedral
      #10 Luke Goodwin- Southport
      #12 Sebastian Bryant- North Central
      #16 Jared Brown- Pendleton Heights
      #17 Sam Slivka- Roncalli
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #8 Hudson Harreld- Zionsville
      Potential Match-ups
      #7 Beatty vs #16 Brown ticket round. 
      Two state qualifiers battling it out to see who goes to the Bank.  Beatty had a great regional beating both #2 Koontz 7-0 and #17 Slivka to take home the title.
      #10 Goodwin vs Frazier.  4 over 1 potential here. 
      Goodwin had a brutal regional with Beatty, Koontz, Slivka and himself.  He has a win over Frazier over the summer.  Winner gets #9 Wilson to punch a ticket.  Wilson only has 7 matches this season due to injury but has been to state before.
      #8ss Harreld vs #17 Slivka ticket round. 
      Slivka was a regional champion year that didn’t make it to state.  Look for him to punch a ticket.
      #12 Bryant vs #2 Koontz ticket round. 
      This is the premier ticket round match as both of these kids should be placers.  Bryant has dominated since dropping to 132 with his only loss being Beatty.
      1st Round Picks
      Beatty over Lonneman
      Brown over Merkel
      Goodwin over Frazier
      Wilson over Lloyd
      Harreld over Bustamante
      Slivka over Sherwood
      Bryant over Barrett
      Koontz over Walston
      Tickets Punched
      Beatty, Koontz, Goodwin, Slivka
      Alpha Dog
      Aundre Beatty
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #2 Logan Bailey- Cathedral
      #4 Logan Wagner- Zionsville
      #7 Brendan Mattingly- Carmel
      #8 Jevian Ross- Warren Central
      #14 Dylan Dorman- Greenfield-Central
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #6 David Page- Roncalli
      #8 Max Naselroad- Alexandria
      Potential Match-ups
      #2 Bailey vs #8 Ross. 
      Brutal matchup of two kids that both should place at state.  Both wrestlers have lost in the ticket round twice in their careers.  Bailey lost to Beatty from Warren Central last year and Seth Johnson as a freshman.  Ross has lost to Wilkerson and Caleb Oliver.  Should be some fireworks In this one.
      #2Bailey/#8 Ross vs #7 Mattingly Semis
      #4 Wagner waiting in finals
      1st Round Picks
      Walsh over Morgan
      Mattingly over Johnson
      Bailey over Miles
      Ross over Lemieux
      Dorman over Smith
      Lawson over Crouch
      Wagner over Page
      Naselroad over Euson
      Tickets Punched
      Bailey, Wagner, Mattingly, Dorman
      Alpha Dogs
      Logan Bailey
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #1 Alec Viduya- Roncalli
      #6 Chris Wilkerson- Mount Vernon
      #7 Jajuan Anderson- Warren Central
      #9 Jeff Dunasky- Guerin Catholic
      #13 Jake Shafer- Carmel
      #14 Gabe Phillips- Centerville
      #14 Reece Luhmann- Hamilton Southeastern
      #17 Garrett Stewart- Cathedral
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #8 Brady Mckivitz- Perry Meridian
      Potential Match-ups
      #9 Dunasky vs #7 Anderson ticket round. 
      This should be a great ticket round matchup.  Dunasky is trying to be Guerins first ever state qualifier.  He lost to Warren Centrals Antwaun Graves last year in the ticket round.  Anderson has wins over Luhmann, Mckivitz, Stewart, Shafer, and Wilkerson.
      #8ss Mckivitz vs #14 Phillips first round. 
      Mckivitz has had a solid season with some solid wins and some losses in Perrys brutal schedule.  Luhmann is waiting in the wings for the winner for a ranked ticket round matchup.
      #17 Stewart vs #13 Shafer first round. 
      Stewart is a huge 145 but has taken a lot of losses.  Wolf had a great regional tournament overturning some losses from earlier in the year. 
      #1 Viduya vs #6 Wilkerson ticket round. 
      This is another brutal ticket round that leaves behind a projected state place winner.  Viduya has been on a different level this year.
      1st Round Picks
      Dunasky over McDonald
      Anderson over Bohan
      Luhmann over Nixon
      Phillips over McKivitz
      Wolf over Taylor
      Shafer over Stewart
      Viduya over Linkel
      Wilkerson over Lindamood
      Tickets Punched
      Viduya, Anderson, Luhmann, Shafer
      Alpha Dog
      Alec Viduya
      State Ranked wrestlers
      #1 Brice Coleman- Warren Central
      #3 Bryer Hall- East Central
      #6 Tyce Frejie- Roncalli
      #10 Shane Bates- Zionsville
      #18 Aidan Alford- Mount Vernon
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #4 Noah Baker- Perry Meridian
      #7 Tyler Jones- Lawrence Central
      #8 Tyler Vredeveld- Centerville
      Potential Match-ups
      #4ss Baker vs #18 Alford first round. 
      Bake'rs match count is not indicative of his skill.  Should be a great match followed with a ticket round date with #10 Bates.
      #3 Hall vs #6 Frejie ticket round. 
      This is a huge matchup.  Hall is trying to get back to state after losing to Leavell last year in the ticket round.  Frejie has been to the show several times and doesn’t want to end his career at New Castle. 
      #1 Coleman vs #8ss Vredeveld. 
      Centerville's only loss this year is to Bryer Hall in the Regional finals.  Coleman is looking to make his first trip to state after losing to Rodgers in the ticket round last year.
      #3Hall/#6 Frejie vs #1 Coleman Finals
      1st Round Picks
      Bates over Foster
      Baker over Alford
      Hall over Ginella
      Frejie over Urasky
      Jones over Wills
      Mobley over McLaren
      Coleman over Lemaster
      Vredeveld over Fox
      Tickets Punched
      Coleman, Hall, Bates, Jones
      Alpha Dog
      Brice Coleman
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #3 Elliott Rodgers- Cathedral
      #4 Cooper Noehre- Greenfield Central
      #12 Dante Akins- Indianapolis Lutheran
      #14 Damon Mcclain- Warren Central
      #15 Andrew Roth- Lawrenceburg
      #20 Luke Davis- Zionsville
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #7 Josh Moore- Southport
      #8 Max Hayes- Mount Vernon
      Potential Match-ups
      This weight is pretty spread out on the top ranked wrestlers.
      #8SS Max Hayes vs #14 Damon McClain first round. 
      Hayes has been a tough wrestler for years. McClain has been wrestling well winning the Marion County and MIC tournaments. 
      #14 McClain vs #20 Davis ticket round. 
      Davis is coming off a great Regional tournament and is rewarded with the higher ranked McClain in ticket round.
      #15 Roth vs #12 Akins. 
      Akins has to get through a very tough Goodner first from the Deaf school.  He pinned Hayes last week.  I could be wrong, but Akins might be the first state qualifier for Lutheran.
      #3 Rodgers vs #4 Noehre in semis to rematch the state finals from last year. 
      Their matchup earlier this year ended with a crazy funk roll from Rodgers for the win late in the third.
      1st Round Picks
      Rodgers over Moore
      Williamson over Carr
      Noehre over Butterfield
      Mitchell over Lowe
      Davis over Payne
      McClain over Hayes
      Roth over Weakley
      Akins over Goodner
      Tickets Punched
      Noehre, McClain, Rodgers, Akins
      Alpha Dogs
      Cooper Noehre and Elliott Rodgers
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #7 Tyler Wagner- Cathedral
      #8 Bradley Harrington- North Central
      #9 Gabe Davin Carmel
      #15 Tytus Ragle- New Castle
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #3 Jajuan Dale- Perry Meridian
      #6 Chase Poynter- Zionsville
      #7 Ronan Hiner- Hamilton Southeastern
      #8 Ty Welliever- Southmont
      Potential Match-ups
      #4SS Dale vs #8SS Welliever first round. 
      Winner gets #8 Harrington in the ticket round.  Harrington is a huge 170 after making the drop from 182 earlier in the year. 
      #9 Davin vs #15 Ragle ticket round. 
      Really tough ticket round for Ragle who was winning in Regional finals before getting thrown and pinned. 
      #6SS Poynter vs Mpole. 
      Mpole is an unbelievable athlete with a great story of how he came to the United States.  Winner has Malson/Bishop in ticket round.
      #7 Wagner vs #7ss Hiner. 
      These two have wrestled each other their whole lives.  Don’t expect Hiner to get blown out, he may even steal this ticket from Cathedral.
      1st Round Picks
      Dale over Welliever
      Harrington over Calderon
      Davin over Mosconi
      Ragle over Rice
      Bishop over Malson
      Mpole over Poynter
      Wagner over Rullman
      Hiner over Ortel
      Tickets Punched
      Harrington, Wagner, Davin, Mpole
      Alpha Dog
      Bradley Harrington
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #4 Aidan Warren- Perry Meridian
      #6 Johnny Parker- Cathedral
      #12 Hayden Filipovich- Indianapolis Lutheran
      #13 Garret Sharp- Carmel
      #16 Kole Viel- East Central
      #18 Dawson McCloud- North Montgomery
      #20 Gavin Keesee- Franklin Central
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #7 Riley Woodall- Southmont
      Potential Match-ups
      #18 McCloud vs Myers. 
      McCloud has had a great season is looking to continue it against the Iron Bear’s son.  Ticket round matchup vs Filipovich who is also trying to get Lutheran to Bankers Life.
      #4 Warren vs #7SS Woodall. 
      Warren has two trips to state in two attempts.  Woodall is trying to match his brothers Middle School State Title last weekend.
      #16 Viel vs #20 Keesee first round
      Followed by a matchup with #13 Sharp in the ticket round.  This quarter bracket is brutal with 3 ranked wrestlers.
      1st Round Picks
      Mccloud over Myers
      Filipovich over Lawler
      Parker over Broom
      Sullivan over Orcutt
      Warren over Mcgill
      Woodall over Gillespie
      Viel over Keesee
      Sharp over hanson
      Tickets Punched
      Warren, Parker, Filipovich, Sharp
      Alpha Dog
      Aidan Warren
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #1 Silas Allred- Shenandoah
      #3 JD Farrell-cFishers
      #4 Kyle Krummen- East Central
      #9 Zach White- Carmel
      #12 Excell Brooks- Lawrence North
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #5 Jacob Huffman- Cathedral
      #6 Jeff McClure- Perry Meridian
      #7 Isiah Martin- Brebuf Jesuit
      #8 Richard Clevenger- New Palestine
      Potential Match-ups
      Other than Silas, this weight had 2 unranked regional champions and is wide open.
      #3 Farrell vs #12 Brooks ticket round. 
      Farrell has had a great season including taking Silas down at Connersville.  Brooks is incredibly athletic and is a tough matchup for anyone.
      #8SS Clevenger vs #4 Krummen
      Clevenger has had a great junior campaign including winning the brutal Perry Meridian regional.  Krummen just took his first loss to Allred last weekend.
      White vs McCloud
      Rematch from earlier in the year where White took a 7-5 decision home.  Followed by a matchup with Jacob Huffman from Cathedral.  I predict the winner of the first round match will knock out the Pendleton regional champ.
      #3 Farrell vs #1 Allred
      Rematch from Spartan Classic in finals.
      1st Round Picks
      Farrell over Beard
      Brooks over Orcutt
      Clevenger over Arvin
      Krummen over Martin
      Huffman over Shaffer
      White tossup McCloud
      Allred over Lovell
      McClure over Dreher
      Tickets Punched
      Allred, Farrell, Krummen, (White or McCloud)
      Alpha Dog
      Silas Allred
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #2 Drew Webster- North Montgomery
      #10 Deshawn Young- Franklin Central
      #12 David Guhl- Cathedral
      #16 Alex Hernandez- Warren Central
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #6 Parker Smitley- Mount Vernon
      #7 Cameron Brown- New Castle
      #8 Justin Stephens- Pendleton Heights
      Potential Match-ups
      A lot of great matchups first and second round.  Most of the top dogs are separated until semi finals though.  Taylor and Van Beynen should be good.  Young and Smitley.
      #2 Webster vs #12 Guhl ticket round. 
      Webster has been on fire this year.  Guhl got a very unfortunate draw for having such a great season.
      #16 Hernandez vs #7SS Brown. 
      These two have wrestled 4 times this season.  Brown won the first one with Hernandez winning the next 3.  Should be a great first round matchup with winner getting Blaine Pierce from Richmond to go to the Bank.
      1st Round Picks
      Stephens over Lewis
      Van Beynen over Taylor
      Young over Smitley
      Shafer over Arvin
      Webster over Rowlett
      Guhl over Goodall
      Pierce over Schilling
      Hernandez over Brown
      Tickets Punched
      Webster, Young, Hernandez, Van Beynen
      Alpha Dog 
      Drew Webster
      State Ranked Wrestlers
      #2 Andrew Irick- Hamilton Southeastern
      #5 Holder Parsons- Cathedral
      #6 Cade Campbell- Pendleton Heights
      #9 Antone Alexander- Franklin Central
      #12 Dennis Hubbard- Warren Central
      Semi-State Ranked Wrestlers
      #6 Kolt Keller CC
      #7 Josh Berger NE
      Potential Match-ups
      #6SS Keller vs #7SS Berger- First Round
      Followed up with a match-up with #9 Antone Alexander. 
      #2 Irick vs #6 Campbell- Ticket Round 
      These two have wrestled a few times this year with Irick coming out ahead both times.  Brutal draw for Campbell in his senior campaign.
      #2 Irick vs #5 Parsons- Finals
      1st Round picks
      Keller over Berger
      Alexander over Anderson
      Irick over Pandoli
      Campbell over Keevers
      Hubbard over Snyder
      McDaniel over Myers
      Parsons over Jackson
      Goodall over Platonov
      Tickets Punched
      Irick, Parsons, Hubbard, Alexander
      Alpha Dogs
      Andrew Irick and Holden Parsons

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