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      2021 State Finals Info Center

      Friday, Feb. 19, 2021
      Session 1 | First Round Weight Classes 106 - 145 | 11 am ET | $10 Tickets On Sale, Wed, 2/17, 10 am ET 
      Session 2 | First Round Weight Classes 152 - 285 | 7 pm ET | $10 Tickets On Sale, Wed, 2/17, 10 am ET 
      Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021
      Session 3 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET | $15 All Day Tickets on Sale, Fri, 2/19, 10 pm ET
      Session 4 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET 
      Doors will open to the general public:
      Friday, February 19, 2021 - 10:00 a.m. (Session I)
      Friday, February 19, 2021 – 6:00 p.m. (Session II)
      Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 8:30 a.m. (Session III)
      Saturday, February 20, 2021 - 4:00 p.m. (Session IV)
      State Finals Hashtag: #INWRState21
      Social Media
      IHSAA on Twiiter
      IndianaMat on Twitter
      IndianaMat with semi-state and state rankings
      IndianaMat with state rankings ONLY
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT (1 hour). The show will be hosted by Greg Rakestraw and Mike Goebel.
      East Chicago Semi-State Results
      Jasper Semi-State Results
      New Castle Semi-State Results
      New Haven(Fort Wayne) Semi-State Results
      Pick'em Contests
      Standings after semi-state
      State Finals Pick'em Top 8 
      Gorilla Radio
      Gorilla Radio 108 talking about weights 106, 285, 113, 170, 138, 145, and 182
      Gorilla Radio 109 talking about weights 120, 195, 152, 160, 126, 220, and 132
      High School Wrestling Weekly
      Friday Night IndianaMat/WZBD Preview Show
      *Coming soon*
      Featured Articles
      History of the State Tournament
      State Finals by the Numbers
      State Finals #WAYL2
      Team Race Breakdown
      State Finals Media Guide
      Who do you want in your corner?
      Other Information
      Site: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis
      Attendance: Limited spectators in accordance with local health guidelines.
      Tickets: A limited number of tickets will go on sale to the general public at Ticketmaster.com using the schedule below. All tickets are reserved seating (no general admission) and arranged to be socially distanced.
      Television: Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Fox Sports Indiana.  
      Livestream: Friday's first round and Saturday's quarterfinals, semifinals and consolation matches may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee at TrackWrestling.com. For Saturday night's championship round, viewers outside of the Fox Sports Indiana coverage area, a live stream will be available at IHSAAtv.org. For those within the FSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis following the conclusion of the telecast.

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      2021 Jasper Semi-State Preview

      Welcome to TripleB’s annual Jasper Semi-State Preview!
      Before we do anything else - Big Big Big thanks to Navy80, BigToe19, Hook & Half, and Donnie Baker for chipping in. 
      Also shout out to the Jasper Athletic Department for changing course and letting parents in, that’s a big deal and The Indiana Wrestling Community really appreciates it!
      House keeping items - 
      Here is the link for the Indianamat Semi-State Hub - 
      Sunday will be a day of passion and love, but 224 grapplers hope they aren’t on a lover’s hangover after  their hearts are broken on Saturday as only 56 can get hit by Cupid’s arrow and sent to Indianapolis and Bankers Life Fieldhouse. 
      How does this work - The exclusive Jasper Championship Selection Committee (JCSC) spent 2 days in hard deliberations over their  picks. Each member selected their ballot, points were accumulated, and from there the picks started falling. 
      Article features: 
      The Charles Barkley “Turrible”  Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round!
      The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Best first round matches!
      NEW NAME ALERT - What used to be The Built Ford Tough Locks will now be The Sperren - The Pickers of the Round Table has been assembled. There were very few, but any weight class where the pick for champion was unanimous, makes it a Sperren. 
      NEW NAME ALERT -  The Ford Fab 4 will now be Brick’s Picks (Look up The Middle) - After picks were gathered, points distributed, and the dust settled, we’ll have Brick’s Picks.
      Also special guest committee member The Donnie Baker (not that Donnie Baker) has offered some of his highlights throughout.
      What if I didn’t agree with the ECSC or I thought they made a terrible error? Then have no fear - The TripleB Guarantee will help you sort out the madness. 
      Without further ado...UNLEASH THE PREVIEW!!
      106: 7 state ranked wrestlers, A turrible draw, and a nasty quarter bracket kicks things off at 106, on our first SPERREN. Evan Seng of Evansville Mater Dei has been knocking off ranked wrestlers all year. The ECSC was unanimous - this is Seng’s weight class to lose. Evansville Mater Dei was able to finally return to the top of the Semi-State last year, if they hope to repeat the will need a strong showing from Seng. The bottom quarter bracket of Heaston, Callahan, Schreck, and Zirkelbach should be fun as all 4 received votes, including Donnie Baker's first “Swear to god, it’s a 4 over a 1”. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Just be sure you have Track turned on early, remember Jasper doesn’t run on that silly CST. #6 Jackson Heaston of Indian Creek vs. unranked and sleeper Kye Callahan of Brownsburg and #17 Zane Schreck from Corydon vs #13 Blake Zirkelbach from North Posey will be your wake up calls for the day. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws -  Semi State ranked #4 Charlie LaRocca vs Semi State ranked #5 Liam Krueger of Columbus East will be a rematch of an earlier 9-8 win by LaRocca. 
      Don’t sleep on… Jackson Heaston, Zane Schreck, or again anybody in that bottom quarter bracket. Seng was clearly the cream of 106 this year but after that it was a toss up. This will be a fun weight class Saturday. 
      The Sperren - Evan Seng Evansville Mater Dei
      Bricks Picks -
      1st -Evan Seng Evansville Mater Dei  
      2nd -Charlie LaRocca Center Grove
      3rd - Donnie Feeler Crawford County (Donnie Baker Small Town Special
      4th - Blake Zirkelbach North Posey
      113: 3 Top ten state ranked wrestlers and 9 Semi State ranked wrestlers highlight 113. This weight was pretty stock and there wasn’t really a clear cut favorite. However it appears to be top heavy as there were no curtain jerkers, no turrible draws. I almost feel bad little fellas, let me see what I can dig up. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Only one first round match features semi-state ranked wrestlers - #2 Reed Egli of Evansville Mater Dei vs #9 Trevor Hott of Martinsville. I’d also have eyes on #6 SS ranked Joey Buttler of Whiteland vs Jared Dunn of Jasper both have phenomenal records and this could be a good first round match.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Nothing to really see here, if you wanted to dig - #5 Noah Lykins vs the winner of Buttler/Dunn. Not a turrible draw but could be a fun blood round match. 
      Brick’s Picks - All 4 wrestlers earned first place votes. The action at 113 starts in the semis!
      1st - Coy Hammer - ack (The Donnie Baker nickname) Tell City
      2nd - Reece Courtney Center Grove
      3rd - Noah Lykins Columbus East
      4th - Reed Egli Evansville Mater Dei
      TRIPLEB GUARANTEE - The wildly overlooked and wildly under ranked Reed Egli will bring the West Side of Evansville another Semi-State title at 113. 
      120: Lane Gilbert and Cole Ross stole the show last year at Semi-State, it was a straight up brawl. Lane Gilbert was also almost a lock but 3B’s affection for EMD wouldn’t let it happen. Some curtain jerkers, a Madison kid maybe making state!, and a rematch of Gilbert/Ross will all keep 120 ineresting1. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker: #12 Semi-State ranked Logan Ellis vs #23 state ranked Maleec Stansbury proves that 3B and On The rise like to do our own things. This match could be a battle of rankers! The Mooresville Regional is tough, super tough, super duper tough and that creates some bad first round draws. This is one where we have #2 Cole Ross vs. #10 Caleb Wyss of Franklin. Wyss would be favored in some other quarter brackets but due to the depth of the Regional he gets Ross right out of the gates. Does coach Tonte have some magic?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - #1 Lane Gilbert vs #4 Ayden Amento, again Amento would be favored in some brackets and is a returning State Qualifier. #3 Braden Haines of Brownsburg is #PainTrain tough and #5 Lou Knable of Floyd Central has had a great year, both are state worthy but somebody is going home after this blood round match. 
      Don’t sleep on…. Madison Freshman Jace Walls and Pike Junior Maleec Stansbury will battle for a spot to state. The JCSC liked Walls but absolutely do not sleep on the aforementioned Ellis and Stansbury in that quarter bracket. 

      Brick’s Picks: 
      1st - Lane Gilbert Sullivan
      2nd - Cole Ross Evansville Mater Dei
      3rd - Braden Haines Brownsburg
      4th - Jace Walls Madison 
      TRIPLEB GUARANTEE - Sunday is Valentine’s Day, let the love affair continue - Cole Ross locks up the Wildcats 3rd semi-state ‘ship and maybe the team race with a win over Gilbert. BOOK IT!
      126: Cheaney Schoeff and Brady Ison have had 5 star matches all year and has kept the Brownsburg/Avon rivalry going. They have wrestled 3 times with 2 going into OT and 2 having 3-1 final scores. Schoeff was finally able to get over the hump last weekend. Can the Oriole and returning state runner-up keep it going? 126 is the first wide open weight class in terms of picks. 8 guys all got votes. 7 state ranked/10 semi state ranked bros. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Let’s hope FloTrack isn’t glitching at 126 because we got 3, I said 3 curtain jerkers! In what could be another #4 over #1 we have #6 SS ranked Center Grove Junior Michael Tharpe vs #11 SS ranked Madison Junior and regional champ Noah Burkhardt. Another potential #4 over #1 is SS ranked #3/State ranked #15 Paul King from New Albany vs SS #9/State ranked #24 Keegan Williams from Evansville Memorial. Finally another upset alert - SS ranked #8/State ranked #21 and returning state placer Cash Turner vs Jacob Pierre of Evansville Mater Dei. A preview of a potential Turrible draw, could Cash overlook Pierre?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - A turrible daw because the higher ranked wrestler isn’t favored but the voting was tight but the JCSC over all likes Williams over SS #4 Jacob Bechert of Franklin (3B stuck to his rankings though). Also #8 Cash Turner vs. #1 Brady Ison is a bad draw, Turner was on the podium last year and some like him to win this match, but regardless a TUURRRIIIBBBLLLEEE draw for Ca$h. 
      Don’t sleep on…. #4 Luke Bechert of Franklin, #3 Paul King of New Albany, #8 Ca$h Turner of Edgewood, #6 Michael Tharpe of Center Grove are all state level wrestlers. It speaks to volumes about the depth of the Semi-State. Don’t be surprised to see any of these 4 on the podium Saturday. 

      Brick’s Picks: The JCSC was almost unanimous in Cheaney Schoeff being a lock, crazy when you consider he’s 1-2 against Ison. This bracket, as mentioned, is insanely deep. 
      1st - Cheaney Schoeff Avon
      2nd Brady Ison Brownsburg
      3rd Keegan Williams Evansville Memorial
      4th Noah Burkhardt Madison 

      132: A pretty top heavy weight class, but really top heavy as state ranked as 7 state ranked wrestlers are featured here but 3 are top 10 dudes and clear cut favorites. Alec Freeman and Kyson Montgomery are pretty consistent, methodical killers and Ben Dalton is all; his mullet, his style and his smile are all contagious. Any of these three dudes can get it. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers -  Charlestown has had a great year and Jacob Lewellen hopes to keep things going for the Pirates but in his way is SS #4 Lane Deckard. How loaded is 132? Lewellen is 30-4 and ranked #23 in the state but wasn’t in the final SS rankings, that’s pretty crazy. SS #6 Jacob Fox has ran into TripleB Trained Braden Spears the last 2 weeks and hasn’t been able to figure him out, as a result we now have Fox vs #1 Alec Freeman first round, it might look bad on paper but you have 2 state ranked guys going at it in the first round. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws -  Lane Deckard of Edgewood is a phenomenal 29 - 3 and is ranked #4 in the semi-state and #13 in the state…. but a loss last week to Cade Meier has put him behind the 8 ball and the tall task of Ben Dalton in the ticket round. 
      Don’t sleep on…. Braden Spears Plainfield, he’s had a great state tournament so far as he’s navigated through tough sectional and regional - taking 3rd both weeks to second and third ranked wrestlers in state. Can the Quaker punch his ticket vs Cade Meier?
      Brick’s Picks - Freeman was almost a lock, but Donnie Baker showed up to the party!
      1st - Alec Freeman Evansville Mater Dei
      2nd - Kysen Montgomery Brownsburg
      3rd - Ben Dalton Monrovia
      4th - Cade Meier Bloomington South
      Donnie Baker Bet the Boat pick - Fear the Mullet, BEN DALTON BABY!!!!! 

      138: The JCSC all like Blake Boarman, Gain Alstott, Delaney Ruhlman and Gavin Garcia. Boarman is a returning state champ with a loss to Ruhlman and win over Alstott. Ruhlman has the win over Boarman and a loss to Alstott. Ruhlman and Boarman face off  in the semis and not one voter took Ruhlman. Can Delaney Dangerfield Ruhlman show that the win wasn’t a fluke?
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - make these first two matches TURRIBLE draws and  Curtain Jerkers. Maybe the best first round match of the day will be  SS #1/State #2 Ruhlman vs SS #4/State #6 Diesel Duncan of Ben Davis. This and the next match are more results of the Mooresville MeatGrinder Regional for sure. The other feature first round match is SS #5/ State #11 Conner Alcala of Decatur Central vs SS #3/State #4 Gavin Alstott. Asltott was a victim of the Turrible Draw last year, is returning state qualifier Alcala this year’s Alstott? The last curtain jerker features SS #9 and 3 loss senior Tanner Kane of Southridge vs SS #6/State #16 Colton Roberts of Avon. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Delany Ruhlman has one loss this year, Charlestown Senior Colin Knox has 0 losses this year, both are top 4 ranked semi-state dudes. Somebody is done way to early Saturday. Definitely a Turrrrrrible draw. 
      Brick’s Picks - The committee was torn on Alstott/Boarman. 3B says EMD picks up it’s 5th Semi-State champ. Maybe I’m sad and bitter over SS being moved, maybe I’ve had one too many Brain sandwiches at Hillside, I don’t know but I’m Wildcat drunk this year. 
      1st - Blake Boarman Evansville Mater Dei
      2nd - Gavin Alstott Floyd Central
      3rd -  Delaney Ruhlman Bloomington South
      4th -  Gavin Garcia Brownsburg
      Donnie Baker Bet the Boat pick - 4th place gets Mendez next week, stone cold lock. 
      145: 2021’s first HOT MESS bracket - 7 wrestlers got votes, there was a tie for state qualifier, 11 SS ranked wrestlers, and an unbelievable 5 top ten state ranked wrestlers. Let’s unpack this…. Jaden Reynolds was almost the newest Sperren but Center Grove’s Hayden Watson got a 1st place vote and there is a crazy quarter bracket that resulted in a tie. This weight class was nuts, strap in!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - 3 curtain jerkers featuring state ranked dudes going at it early. SS #4/State #8 Ashton Hayhurst of Evansville Mater Dei takes on SS #9/State #22 Aiden Reynolds of Bloomington South. EMD and BHSS have a great and long standing rivalry, check out We Are...MD! on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/We-Are-MD-History-Wrestling/dp/1938730364) for more info on that history. So anticipate this match to be good. Another potential #4 over #1 will feature SS #11/State #24 Connor Gilles of Danny Struck’s Jeffersonville Red Devils vs. Ben Davis Junior SS #7/State #17 Anfernee Oliver with the winner being the favorite to go onto Indy. Finally SS #6/State #16 Johnathon Otte of West Vigo vs Mt. Vernon’s SS #8/State #18 Chris Newman will lock horns with reward being a turrible ticket round match against #1 ranked Jaden Reynolds. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Pick a quarter bracket and go….. Floyd Central freshman phenom (#3/#6) Hunter May has Brownsburg Hammer (#5/#9) Blaze Garcia, should Hayhurst get past Reynolds he will have Center Grove stud and returning state 3rd placer Hayden Watson, and already mentioned #6/#16 Otte vs #8/#18 Newman winner gets Reynolds. Wrestlebacks wouldn’t even fix this weight class, it’s gonna be AWESOME!!!
      Don’t sleep on…. #12/#14 Tyce Dupont, #7/#17 Anfernee Oliver, #11/#24 Conner Gilles are all in that bracket, you know the bracket where anybody can win to advance to state?!?!?!
      Brick’s Picks - Gilles and Oliver both received the same amount of votes, I don’t hate Dupont either, tough choices here. 
      1st - Jaden Reynolds Avon
      2nd - Hayden Watson Center Grove 
      3rd  - Hunter May Floyd Central
      4th -  Conner Gilles Jeffersonville
      Donnie Baker’s Lock, Stock, and Pork Barrell pick - Oliver over Gilles as “The Jeff Regional Draw” aura continues to grow. 
      152: Remember how I said 145 was stacked, well 152 has 10 state ranked wrestlers and 11 ss ranked wrestlers. 8 wrestlers received votes to get out.  A returning top 4 state medalist not favored to get out and a wrestler having the honor of possibly being on the wrong side of Charles Barkley turrrible draw two years in a row!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #5/#14 and returning state qualifier Connor Holt of Plainfield vs #6/#12 Tyler Williams of Columbus East. #4/#10 Ben Phillips of Charlestown vs. #8/#19 Logan Carrington of Greencastle, and #12 Chase Hostetler vs. #9/#22 Scott Fitts of Evansville Mater Dei all look to kick this weight class off. 4 of these 6 dudes received votes to get out. Carrington/Phillips is up there in terms of great first round matches. This weight class will not disappoint. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Last year and I quote - “Fitts is a fireball, if he can channel his emotions in the right way, will it be enough to knock off Kervin?” Scott Fitts lost 8-5 to the eventual state champ. This year Fitts will have undefeated Charlestown Junior Ben Phillips. Will Fitts be able to climb that mountain? The other turrible draw isn’t that big of a deal, IT’S JUST TWO RETURNING STATE MEDALISTS AND  TOP FIVE STATE RANKED WRESTLERS. This might be the worst/best blood round match in the whole state? 
      Don’t sleep on… Aiden Farmer is a regional champ in one of the toughest regionals in the state. The vote between him and Holt was actually a tie. It’s a toss up match! Scott Fitts, Riley Rust, and Tyler Williams are all capable of getting out. 
      Brick’s Picks  -  8 wrestlers received votes, there was a tie, the top 2 stand out pretty loud but after that the final 6 were all within 2 votes of each other. Watch out!
      1st - Tyler Conley Avon
      2nd - J Conway Floyd Central
      3rd - Ben Phillips Charlestown
      4th - Connor Holt Plainfield 
      TRIPLEB GUARANTEE - Remember a year ago I picked Logan Boe and people thought I was nuts, Well J Conway is your 3B Guarantee, you can bet Sisson’s jump rope on it!
      160: We’ve only had one Sperren so far, waaaay back at 106. Well scoot over Seng, teammate Brody Baumann is set to join you. Baumann is the leader of this weight class headlined by 9 state ranked wrestlers and 10 semi state ranked wrestlers. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #3/#11 Landon Boe vs #9/#21 Corey Braunecker has 3 losses between them but one isn’t getting out of the first round. The only other first round match up featuring two semi state ranked dudes is #11 Nate Lommock of Terre Haute south and #6/#17 Nick Cicciarelli of Brownsburg, the winner of this match will have to tussle with The Law!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Last year Jordan Fulks had a tremendous run to the podium at Banker’s Life. He was a semi-state runner up to Logan Boe, this year he has his brother…. in the FRICKIN BLOOD ROUND! This is a turrible draw for sure, but wait there’s more! #15 Kailan Keith of Ben Davis has had a great year and would be a favorite for state in almost any other bracket at any other semi - state but he has drawn into Baumann’s bracket. Not a great draw for the Giant! Keep an eye on one more match, Columbus East Olympian Kade Law was upended last year in the ticket round for Jordy Fulks. This year he has Brownsburg Junior Nick Cicciarelli. Law owns an 8-6 win over Cicciarelli. Maybe not a turrible draw, it could be a fun match!
      Don’t sleep on…. Floyd Central’s Bray Emerine is a very decorated wrestler and seemed to put it together last weekend at Regionals. Can the Highlander stay on track this week? 
      The Sperren - Brody Baumann Evansville Mater Dei
      Brick’s Picks - 
      1st - Brody Baumann Evansville Mater Dei
      2nd - Landon Boe Plainfield
      3rd - Kade Law Columbus East
      4th - Owen Bryant Gibson Southern
      170: Franklin’s Tyler Fuqua was a state qualifier as a freshman, then spent two years dealing w Mater Dei Buzz saws Clay Elgi and Eli Dickens, can the Grizzly Cub get back to Indy? JCSC says yes!  This weight class appears to be as close to stock as we might get. Interestingly there is always at least one weight where all the pickers pick the same 4 dudes in the same order. That didn’t happen this year at all. The JCSC all like Codei Khawaja, Sam Morrill, Tyler Fuqua, and John Purdy. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #8/#14 Blake Weidner vs SS #9 Beau Hess and SS #7 Nigel Kaiser vs #5/#22 Van Skinner are the feature opening weight matches at 170
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw -  Not any real turrible draws, if forced to dig - My man Van Skinner is a state level wrestler who’s only losses on the year are to Fulks, Khawaja and Morrill. Definitely a state level talent, the top 4 here are all hammers. Can my boy Tskin get baby Fro ready to take that next step?
      Don’t sleep on…. Skinner and Evansville Mater Dei’s Blake Weidner are both capable wrestlers that could pull some big ticket round wins. 
      Brick’s Picks - 
      1st - Tyler Fuqua Franklin
      2nd - Sam Morrill Columbus East
      3rd - John Purdy Castle
      4th - Codei Kwawaja Floyd Central
      Donnie Baker’s promise - all 4 here are podium finishers next week. 
      182:  The only weight class featuring all 12 semi-state ranked wrestlers! 8 state ranked wrestlers! Another almost lock!  7 vote getters! 2 wide open quarter brackets! 182 has it all! 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #10 Deke Brown and #6 Luke Bullock has 6 combined losses, Brown is a 2 loss Regional champ. Some like another #4 over #1 here. In the same quarter bracket #12/#22 Mcithell Happe from Evansville North and Southridge Sophomore #11 Reid Schroeder also has a combined 6 losses. This quarter bracket up for grabs and starts in the first round! Also most feel the winner of #4/#9 Dominic Pugliese and #8/#25 Jaden Durnill will be a state qualifier. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Two top ten dudes should not have to go at it in the ticket round, but here we are…. Two returning state qualifiers, #2/#3 Wildcat Gabe Sollars will take on #3/#6 Franklin Senior Jalen Ward. McBee/Schmidt vs Pugliese/Durnil isn’t a turrible draw but it’ll be a good match.
      Don’t sleep on…. Anybody outside of Buchanan and Sollars. The other two quarter brackets can be won by ay of the 8 kids
      Brick’s Picks
      1st - Gabe Sollars Evansville Mater Dei
      2nd - Drake Buchanan Center Grove
      3rd - Jaden Durnil Columbus East
      4th - Mitchell Happe Evansville North
      TRIPLEB GUARANTEE - The voters are haters… Drake Buchanan is a lock, for the record I’m the ONLY one that voted for him. Also Dominic Pugliese is going to state. Call your bookies now. 
      195:  A three way tight race for first is the highlight at 195 as 3 guys all garnered first place votes and none of them are the #1 ranked SS wrestler. That shows there’s parity here and parity means entertaining matches! Brach Carrington, Wyat Willman, and Ke’Shawn Dickens all garnered votes. Harris Eason lost in SV to Dickens last week and they should rematch in the semis. The winner gets undefeated Brach Carrington. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - #1/#6 Eason will first have to take on #12/#21 Blake Ritzert of Mount Vernon. Ritzert did get some votes, maybe somebody knows something we don’t! #11 Clay Martin vs #4/#9 Dickens. I’ve yet to bring this up, but will the Mater Dei Magic of the Ford Center carry over to Jasper? There’s something about wrestling in confines you're familiar with, Mater Dei had luxuries at the Ford Center. There was a time teams weren’t allowed on the floor but there was Mater Dei warming up. Will the move create a more level playing ground? Will Covid restrictions limiting the Mater Dei crowd to 28 spectators make an impact? They would fill one side of the Ford Center. All of this is interesting and worth bringing up ahead of Saturday. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws -It only took 12 weight classes, but there’s no turrible draws here to see. 
      Don’t sleep on…. Blake Ritzert caught some love, keep an eye out.
      Brick’s Picks
      1. Brach Carrington Greencastle
      2. Ke’Shawn Dickens Avon
      3. Wyatt Willman North Posey
      4. Harris Eason Franklin
      TRIPLEB GUARANTEE - Harris Eason is a finalist. 
      220: We have another SPERREN!! Tristan Ruhlman has been dominant and should not be touched this weekend. Logan Huggins is also undefeated and there is anticipation that we see 2 undefeateds lock up in the finals. Everybody likes Ruhlman here. After that there’s 4 favorites battling for two spots. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - I’m a huge advocate for the big dudes, that being said….ummmm….. Not much to see here….maybe the scrappy #12 Dylan Fulton vs #7/#16 Nick Boots. Fulton always has super aggressive matches. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Another round of no turrible draws either…. #4/#22 Jakkarey Oliver of Whiteland vs #9/#14 Kelton Farmer got the most interest as both received votes, Oliver is the early favorite.  
      Don’t sleep on…. Kelton Farmer and SS #8 Tommy Morrill. Sam’s little big bro is battle tested, can he knock off #2/#5 Josh Howell of Terre Haute South?
      The Sperren - Tristan Ruhlman Bloomington South
      Brick’s Picks - 
      1st - Tristan Ruhlman Bloomington South
      2nd - Logan Huggins Evansville Reitz (Hey Ferguson!)
      3rd - Josh Howell Terre Haute South
      4th - Jakkarey Oliver Whiteland
      285: The last weight and the last SPERREN. Leighton Jones of Brownsburg is a Hammer who has pinned his way through the state tournament. Dude is a lock. Matt Munoz was a state qualifier as a sophomore and was upset in the ticket round last year. We are on track for another battle of undefeated goliaths in the finals. From dominant to anybody’s game as the other two quarter brackets can be won by any of a number of competitors. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - #6/#16 Owen Green of Center Grove and SS #5 Cordell Heuring will be a good first round match up as will #8/#15 Evansville Mater Dei’s James Ralph and #2/#5 Jacob Johnson of Franklin. Johnson doesn’t dominate people, in fact last year he won his two matches at state in OT battles. He has close wins all the time. The voters were torn, but ultimately Johnson’s experience and ability to win close matches gives us a #4 over a #1. 
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Columbus East and another #TripleBTrained wrestler Ashton Hartwell has only 4 losses on the year - 3 to Munoz and 1 to Jones. Turrible draw for the Olympian as he has to Jones in the ticket round. Had the Olympian landed literally in 2 of the other quarter brackets he punches his ticket.  Can coaches Coop, Ousley, and Olds come up with a game plan to take out Jones?
      Don’t sleep on…. Already mentioned James Ralph breaks the mold, Mater Dei has never had a good Heavyweight! Logan McGraw of Owen Valley is a rare sophomore regional champ. He will have the favorite Amara Kaba in the ticket round, who wins?!?!?!?
      The Sperren - Leighton Jones Brownsburg
      Brick’s Picks - 
      1st - Leighton Jones Brownsburg
      2nd - Matthew Munoz Jeffersonville
      3rd - Amara Kaba Pike
      4th - Jacob Johnson Franklin
      TRIPLEB GURANTEE - Leighton Jones is a state champ, I’m gonna clean out the other IndianaMat guys wallets at state over this pick. They are blinded by favoritism and Northern bias. 
      DONNIEBAKERS BET THE BOAT GUARANTEE - All first round pins then all 2 point matches the rest of the bracket!

      13877 35

      2021 Semi-State Information Center

      Date: Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021.
      Admission: $10 (Final session only); $12 (Season ticket). All host sites will have limited or no spectators and in accordance with their local health guidelines.
      Advancement: The top four place winners in each weight class advance to the state finals.
      Webstream: A live videostream will be available at each host site for a subscription fee at TrackWrestling.com. 
      1. East Chicago Central | 9 am CT 
      Feeder Regionals: Crown Point, Hobart, Logansport, Penn.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      2. New Haven (Allen County War Memorial Coliseum) | 9 am ET  
      Feeder Regionals: Carroll (Fort Wayne), Goshen, Jay County, Maconaquah.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      3. New Castle | 9 am ET  
      Feeder Regionals: Frankfort, Pendleton Heights, Richmond, Southport.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link
      4. Jasper | 10 am ET  
      Feeder Regionals: Bloomington South, Evansville North, Jeffersonville, Mooresville.
      TrackWrestling Brackets
      IndianaMat Brackets
      Pick'ems Link

      1980 8

      Red doing big things for the Big Red

      By Drew Hughes
      Anyone that has been around Indiana wrestling in the last decade probably knows the
      name Chad Red. In high school Red had about as good of a career as anyone could ask for
      winning 4 state titles and going a perfect 183-0. Along with this he won 3 of the toughest off-
      season tournaments in the country; Fargo, Super 32, and FloNationals. He finished his high
      school career ranked #1 in the country at 132lbs along with being ranked #8 out of all seniors in
      his graduating class.
      Being one of the most sought after recruits Red decided on Nebraska as his college
      destination. Red said “I chose Nebraska because of Jordan Burroughs and the coaching staff is
      very helpful, and my family thought they were the best coaches for me.”.
      Red has very well in college so far where he has become a 2 time All-American as well
      as a Big Ten finalist. He has had some great matches in his college career with one of the best
      coming in the blood round of NCAA’s his freshman year. In this match Red pinned the two-time
      defending National Champion Dean Heil in the first period to become an All-American. Red also
      placed 3rd at last year’s Big Ten championship and qualified for the cancelled 2020 NCAA
      championships where he was named a NWCA first team All-American.
      This season Red is off to a great start with a 4-1 record and his lone loss coming from
      Iowa’s Jaydin Eierman. Red is currently ranked 6 th in the country at 141 and in the upcoming
      weeks will get the chance to wrestle #1 ranked Sebastian Rivera before the Big Ten tournament.
      Now the big question that people are asking right now for most college seniors are if they
      will be returning for a 6 th year. Due to Covid the NCAA has made it so this year does not count
      towards your eligibility giving athletes the chance to compete for an extra year. With that being
      said Red is planning on wrestling next season and will still have a shot at being a 4 time All-
      American and possibly a National Champion.
      After college Red plans to stay in Nebraska and wrestle for the NWTC where he would
      compete internationally in an attempt to make world and Olympic teams. He also plans on
      coaching and we could see that being anywhere from the college level to even coming back to
      Indiana to coach at Red Cobra Wrestling Academy where his father, Chad Red Sr., is the coach.
      Looking far down the road we could also see him coaching his little brother to 4 high school
      state titles but that wouldn’t be until at least 2034.

      1656 8 2

      Sarah Huse IndianaMat's first Miss Gorilla award winner

      Sarah Huse didn’t know it, but she needed wrestling. Once she found it, her life has changed for the better.
      “Everyone has their own sob story, I guess,” Huse, a senior at Lebanon High School, said. “But it’s what you do to overcome that story that matters.”
      In 8th grade Huse struggled with her weight, and her confidence. She was 245 pounds, and according to her, still trying to figure out who she wanted to be.
      So, she started trying to get in better shape. She took up dance, which helped with her flexibility and balance. Then, as a sophomore, a friend talked her into going out for wrestling. That’s where Huse started to make her mark.
      In just three years she has went from a beginner, to a two-time state champion with multiple college offers. She is also this year’s Indianamat Miss Gorilla award winner, which recognizes the best senior female wrestler in the state.
      Huse has pinned every single opponent through the IHSGW tournament for two consecutive years. This year she defeated Northview’s Mercedes Tellechea in the championship, pinning her in just 1:09 to win the 170-pound class. Huse also took home the Katie Downing Mental Attitude Award.
      “When I started winning in wrestling is when I started feeling my best, mentally,” Huse said. “I was finally able to look myself in the mirror and be proud of who I am.”
      When Huse first started wrestling, she was nervous to tell her family. Her dad, J, wrestled collegiately, but she wasn’t sure how he would react.
      “I waited a few weeks before I told my family I was wrestling,” Sarah said. “When I finally told them, I think they thought I was kidding. When they found out I wasn’t kidding, my dad has been in my corner helping coach me ever since and my mom is always in the stands watching and cheering me on. When I get my hand raised, I always look to find her in the stands. That’s my favorite moment in wrestling.”
      In addition to winning the individual title, Sarah also led Lebanon to the school’s first girls state team championship.
      The team title is what Huse said she is most proud of, and coach Jeremy Goodlett knows she had a huge part in the Tiger’s success.
      “Her attitude and work ethic are infectious with the other girls,” Goodlett said. “When we went up to the Penn tournament, we only had four girls go, because half the team was quarantined. She couldn’t go, but she woke up early and came and saw the girls off on the bus. She wanted to do a prayer session before everyone was going to wrestle. She was Facetiming girls after they got off the mat, giving them critiques and pointers and trying to encourage them.”
      Huse said she wanted to win state as an individual, but she wanted even more to win the team title.
      Huse regrets not getting involved with wrestling at a younger age. She said it has now become such a big part of her life.
      “If I were to give advice to younger girls thinking about wrestling, I’d tell them you can’t be afraid to work for something,” Huse said. “It’s going to be hard, but you’re stronger than you believe and when you put your heart and work into it, it will be worth it.”
      On the mat Sarah is an aggressive wrestler that likes to hit the single-leg takedowns. She’s 6-0 tall, so she uses her length to her advantage.
      “She is always on the attack,” Goodlett said. “She is not a defensive wrestler. She is in your face. She’s going to club your head, snap you down and go for inside singles.”
      Outside of wrestling Huse wants to go into the medical field. She is a good student with a 4.0 GPA. She loves hanging out with her teammates, going out to eat in the offseason, sledding in the winter and going to the Bible study her and her teammates started.
      “Sarah is a very hard-working, fun-loving and caring person,” Goodlett said. “She is the type of person that no matter what type of day you’re having, she can make you smile or laugh. As a wrestler, she’s a coach’s dream. She’s a practice junkie and she’s always learning and trying new stuff. That will be important for her because she has little experience with freestyle, and that’s what women’s wrestling is in college.”

      1825 1 7

      The Bailey’s find a home at UIndy

      By Drew Hughes
      Breyden Bailey has been on the move most of his college career but has finally found his home at the University of Indianapolis. After high school Breyden started his career at Northern Illinois University but after the first semester transferred to the University of Indiana. He then spent the next year and a half at IU where he compiled a 17-12 record. After his second year of college, he transferred one last time to where he currently is at UIndy. 
      When asked on how he decided on UIndy Breyden said “I decided on University of Indianapolis because it was close to home and I really liked the culture that was being built and the family atmosphere. I felt as if I fit in well and I could trust the coaching staff and what they were saying and were striving for.”. 
      Breyden redshirted his first year at UIndy where he compiled a 21-1 record. Currently a Redshirt Junior Breyden is 2-0 on the season with both of his wins being falls. He is also ranked 7th in the country.
      Logan Bailey is just starting his college career with the Greyhounds after an impressive high school career that ended with a 150-15 record and a state runner-up finish his senior year. Logan is off to a great start with the Greyhounds where he is currently 4-0 with 3 of those wins being bonus point victories.
      The brothers are back on the same team for the first time since Breyden’s senior year and Logan’s freshman year of high school. “Wrestling has created a bond with us over the years and brings us closer and there isn’t anyone else I would rather be a teammate with than him. It’s awesome to see us as a 1-2 punch in the lineup this year.” Said Breyden. 
      Along with Breyden and Logan’s success so far this year with the Greyhounds the team itself is a dominate 4-0 so far with their last win coming of 8th ranked Tiffin. When talking about his team Breyden said “UIndy this year is going to be a force to be reckon with and we have a great team. Don’t be surprised when nationals come around in March when we bring home a team trophy. UIndy is on the rise and I believe is a great place for good Indiana wrestlers to come and succeed.”. 
      While Breyden’s professional plans for after college are still undecided, he is certain that coaching wrestling will be a part of it. With Breyden’s dad running one of the most successful youth clubs in the state, the Indiana Outlaws, Breyden hopes to help play a role in the clubs continued success when he is finished competing. 
      Now for the real question that everyone wanted answered, who would win in a match between the two brothers. Breyden stated that “This is an answer that will never change, no doubt I’m winning. Spread -3.5.” But if I had to make a prediction, I would take the younger Bailey by at least 4.


      2021 IHSWCA Team State Information

      Date: January 2nd, 2021
      Wrestling begins at 10am EST
      Locations: 1A and 2A- Fort Wayne Memorial Coliseum
      3A- Franklin Community High School
      4A- Brownsburg High School
      1A: Adams Central, Bluffton, Centerville Cowan, Manchester, North Posey, Prairie Heights, Rensselaer Central, South Adams, Southmont, Tell City, Wabash
      2A: Bellmont, Garrett, Jay County, Jimtown, Monrovia, Mount Vernon (Posey), New Haven, New Prairie, Norwell, Oak Hill, Wawasee, Western
      3A:  East Central, Floyd Central, Franklin, Hobart, Mishawaka, Northridge, Roncalli, Terre Haute South
      4A: Avon, Brownsburg, Carmel, Cathedral, Chesterton, Evansville Mater Dei, Perry Meridian, Warren Central
      Note: Floyd Central, Terre Haute South, Jay County, and Monrovia were late replacements due to quarantine.
      TrackWrestling Link
      ****Including Streaming Info****
      Click here to access the event
      IndianaMat EXCLUSIVE Potential Match-ups
      Click here for brackets and potential match-ups
      Gorilla Zone
      Mike and Joe will highlight and watch big matches as they happen
      YouTube Link
      Facebook Link
      Pick'ems Link


      2020 Super 32 Preview

      The season is around the corner and this weekend will be the ultimate test for Indiana grapplers at the Super 32. There are 45 Indiana athletes registered for this year’s event in Myrtle Beach. Of interest will be a few wrestlers that will be new to Indiana wrestling this year that could make a big impact at Bankers Life in February.
      Belt Contenders
      Three state champions along with a sophomore with a load of national success highlight the Indiana wrestlers that will contend for a coveted Super 32 belt. Sergio Lemley is back in Indiana after winning an Illinois state title last year. He is nationally ranked and won IHPO in September. He will be in the mix at a deep 120lbs weight class.
      State champion Zeke Seltzer took an early loss last year and was unable to crack the top 8. This year he will take on a lot of top guys at 126lbs. His weight features the two top ranked guys in the nation, but Zeke has shown he belongs in this group.
      Chesterton’s Evan Bates won a state title at 220lbs but will be looking for a belt at 195lbs this weekend. He placed 5th here last year at 195lbs. His toughest foes include a couple top 5 wrestlers in Seth Shumate and Brandon Hoselton.
      Lastly, Christian Carroll is also in the mix at 195lbs. Everyone in Indiana has known for a while he is extremely talented. However, he did not get to show it off as an injury sidelined him last year. He won the Grappler Fall Classic at 215lbs a couple weeks ago knocking off a couple ranked wrestlers. He is one that many inside and outside of Indiana are watching this weekend.
      Podium Contenders
      Some wrestlers to watch that are contenders to reach the podium include state champion Alex Cottey, runner-up Cheaney Schoeff, third placer Hayden Watson, and three-time placer David Pierson. Cottey made a deep run last year and will return to 113lbs this year. He will be big at this weight and his extremely physical style will bode well for him. He has had some national success in the past at Fargo so he is no stranger to big event placements.
      Schoeff had a great run last year at the state finals. Look for him to make a deep run in Myrtle Beach at 120lbs. He gave Lemley a great match at IHPO. This could be his breakout national event.
      Watson and Pierson both had great IHPO tournaments. Watson lost a close match in the finals to a top 5 wrestler, while Pierson won a deep weight in…. David Pierson style. Watson is going to be trouble for everyone that he faces with a relentless in your face style. Pierson is a wildcard that can end a match at any time. He will need to string together multiple solid matches in a row to make the podium.
      Others to keep your eyes on
      A couple new faces to Indiana will be interesting to watch. Crown Point will have Javen Estrada in the lineup this year. He was a state qualifier in Illinois last year and had a really good IHPO event. South Carolina state champion Matteo Vargo will be new to Granger this year and is entered at 126lbs. Obviously South Carolina is not a power state so it will be interesting to see him in a field this deep.
      Brownsburg freshman Preston Haines will be another wrestler to watch. He placed 4th at IHPO and could be a contender for a state title this year. Evan Dickey will be back at 106lbs and keeps improving each year. He could be a sleeper at a weight loaded with younger athletes.
      State placers to watch include runner-ups Matthew Koontz and Jujuan Anderson. Third place finishers Logan Frazier, Kysen Montgomery, Jaden Reynolds, and Aiden Warren could be in the mix to make the podium. Reynolds won an IHPO title in September and has had a very good off-season. Montgomery and Frazier are both solid wrestlers that could put together a run of wins to put themselves in a good spot to place. Warren is taking a week off from the gridiron to hit the mats this week. Another wrestler to watch is Gavinn Alstott. He was 4th in 2019 at state, but had a death draw at semi-state this year. Lastly, the other state placers entered include Stephan Roberson Jr., Ian Heath, and Christian White.
      Super 32 History
      Indiana has had 45 placers at the Super 32. The first placer was Camden Eppert in 2008. There have been four champions from Indiana: Blake Rypel(2015), Chad Red(2014), Jarred Brooks(2011), and Ethan Raley(2010). There have been seven runner-ups in the event: Nick South(2018), Lucas Davison(2017), Neal Molloy(2012), Devon Jackson(2011), Jason Tsirtsis(2010), Brandon Wright(2009), and Jason Tsirtsis(2009). There have been six wrestlers place twice, they include Blake Rypel, Brayton Lee, Chad Red, Drew Hughes, Jason Tsirtsis, and Joe Lee.
      To see all the past placers, click here.
      Indiana Entries
      Weight Name School State Place 106 Evan Dickey Indianapolis Cathedral Qual 106 Preston Haines Brownsburg   113 Alexzander Cottey Perry Meridian 1st 113 Dylan Driver Westfield Qual 113 Keaton Morton Perry Meridian   120 Logan Frazier Crown Point 3rd 120 Brac Hooper Carmel Qual 120 Sergio Lemley Chesterton 1st 120 Cheaney Schoeff Avon 2nd 120 Tony Wood Jay County   126 Stephen Roberson Jr Crown Point 5th 126 Zeke Seltzer Indianapolis Cathedral 1st 126 Matteo Vargo Penn 1st 132 Gavinn Alstott Floyd Central 4th 132 Cameron Clark Jay County   132 Alecsander Freeman Mater Dei 6th 132 Kysen Montgomery Brownsburg 3rd 132 David Pierson Warren Central 4th 132 Christian White New Palestine 5th 138 Luke Goodwin Southport 7th 138 Ian Heath Leo 6th 138 Matthew Koontz Perry Meridian 2nd 138 Hayden Watson Center Grove 3rd 145 Javen Estrada Crown Point Qual 145 Cody Goodwin Crown Point   145 Brady Mckivitz Perry Meridian   145 Jaden Reynolds Avon 3rd 152 Jajuan Anderson Warren Central 2nd 152 J Conway Floyd Central 6th 152 Orlando Cruz Crown Point Qual 160 Trae Anderson Laporte   160 Brody Baumann Mater Dei Qual 160 Tyler Jones Warren Central 7th 160 Kade Law Columbus East Qual 160 Jakob Sheets Perry Meridian   170 Sam Morrill Columbus East 8th 182 Johnny Parker Cathedral Qual 182 Keon Sullivan Warren Central   195 Connor Barket West Lafayette Qual 195 Evan Bates Chesterton 1st 195 Christian Carroll Penn   195 Aiden Warren Perry Meridian 3rd 220 Joshua Howell Terre Haute South Vigo Qual 220 Conner Specht Jay County   285 Jacob Johnson Franklin Community Qual

      995 1

      University of Indianapolis to Host 2025 DII Nationals

      Today the NCAA announced the championship locations for events from 2023 through 2026 for all of their championship sports in all three divisions. It was announced that the 2025 NCAA DII Championships will be held in Indianapolis. The University of Indianapolis will be the official host of the event that will take place at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum(better known as the Pepsi Coliseum). The wrestling portion of the DII championships will be a part of the DII Winter Sports Festival that will include championships in indoor track and field along with swimming championships in the Indianapolis area.
      We will keep you posted on exact dates and ticket information as it becomes available.

      16072 3

      2020 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open Stud List

      Check this page frequently for updates on the studs that are entered at this year's IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open. For more information on the tournament follow click the link below.
      IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open Information


      28888 9

      2020 IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open September 12th-13th

      September 12-13, 2020

      *Registration is closed*
      Brackets and Streaming
      TrackWrestling Link

      Stud List
      2020 Stud List
      Attendee List
      Due to COVID-19 we are restricting the number of people attending the event, please see the COVID-19 section for more details
      Click to view the list

      The Plex South
      5702 Engle Rd, 
      Fort Wayne, IN 46804
      Event Schedule
      Saturday September 12th from 1:00-3:00 pm EST Wrestling Session 1
      Weights: 109, 129, 148, and 173
      Saturday September 12th from 5:00-9:00 pm EST Wrestling Session 2
      Weights: 116, 135, 155, 198, and 288
      Sunday September 13th from 9:00 am-1:00 pm EST Wrestling Session 3
      Weights: 123, 141, 163, 185, and 223
      Sunday September 13th from 1:00-6:00 pm EST  
      COVID-19 Procedures **UPDATED**
      Each athlete will be allowed to designate two attendees for the event. These people will need to be either a parent or coach. Please designate the person(s) during registration on TrackWrestling or via our Attendee List page. This will need to be finalized by Friday September 11th at 11pm EST time. All attendees MUST wear face coverings. Athletes will be exempt from this when they are warming-up or competing. If you are not feeling well, experiencing symptoms or may be at a higher risk for getting very sick, we recommend you stay home and watch the live stream through TrackWrestling.  Each person entering the event will be subject to a screening for COVID-19 symptoms. Attendees that are not registered for a specific session will not be allowed into the building. Athletes that need to stay through multiple sessions can do so with prior approval. Please email Joe@IndianaMat.com to confirm. In order to encourage social distancing there will be extremely limited seating, it is highly recommended that spectators bring their own "camp" chairs for seating. Handshaking and normal match procedures such as raising an athlete's hand will be limited and/or eliminated at the discretion of the referees.  
      Registration and Weigh-In Information
      **Due to COVID-19 procedures we will have only one weigh-in session**
      Saturday September 12th from 1:00-3:00 pm EST
      *Note: No weight change fee No Satellite Weigh-ins Weigh-ins will be in a singlet or NFHS approved two-piece uniform  
      Weight Changes **UPDATED**
      As noted there will be no charge for weight changes. However, in order to help our staff with check-in of attendees we have created a form to notify us of a weight change. This will help reduce confusion at check-in for the attendees if an athlete changes weight.
      Click the link below to submit a weight change.
      Click here to update your weight class
      Entry Fee
      $40 Registration by September 9th at 10:00pm EST or 750 paid entries, whichever comes first. No membership card is required to wrestle You must pay online by credit card ONLY! Per TrackWrestling policy there will be no refunds of paid entries.  If the event is canceled due to COVID-19 we will issue refunds to everyone. Online registration ONLY will be accepted this year. Registration will be cut off at the first 750 paid entries or September 9th at 10pm EST whichever comes first. Please note we had had around 650 preregistered entries the past four years and we sold out the past two years. The Tournament Committee will retain the right to add up to an additional 25 wrestlers, at their discretion, via a petition process, after the entry cutoff. Information about the petition process will be posted within a day after registration closes. Once we reach the entry limit registration will be shut down. After that point the ONLY way to enter is through a petition.
        Tournament Gear and Apparel

      3X Gear is the official gear distributor for the IndianaMat Hoosier Preseason Open. They will be on hand with a full selection of tournament apparel and other wrestling apparel and supplies.
      $10 per person
      Age Groups
      Students currently enrolled in 7th-12th grades will be wrestling in one division.

      Top 4 will receive medals and the top 4 will qualify for Super 32 early entry
      Joe Caprino
      Wrestling Information
      -Wrestling will take place on Saturday September 12th and Sunday September 13th, 2020
      -Weight Classes: High School: 109, 116, 123, 129, 135, 141, 148, 155, 163, 173, 185, 198, 223, 288
      -Wrestlers in 7th-12th grade may participate
      -Double elimination wrestle-backs to 4th place
      -Period lengths 2-1-1 Championship 1-1-1 Consolation
      -Overtime will be 1 minute sudden victory neutral and 30 second rideout
      -We will seed 4-16 wrestlers so please include your state or national credentials when registering 
      -2019/2020 NFHS rules will be utilized, except the overtime modification
      -Wrestling will be on full mats
      -Singlet or approved NFHS uniform is required
      -College out of bounds rules will be utilized.
      -Headgear is not required, but recommended
      -Mouthpieces are required if you have braces
      -Wrestlers need to be clean shaven when they step on the mat, long hair is allowed.
      Host Hotel
      Ramada Plaza by Wyndham
      305 E Washington Center Rd,
      Fort Wayne, IN 46825
      Rate: $92
      Click here to reserve a room
      Call (260) 205-8568 and ask for the IndianaMat block
      College Coaches
      We will offer a special college coaches package for $50. Please follow this link to preregister in advance.
      You may pay in advance or pay if you are not attending the event and want the entry database using this button
      Click here for the PayPal link.
      The package will include:
      Registration list of all high school aged wrestlers with name, address, grade, weight and accomplishments* Admission to the tournament and floor access for up to two coaches. *Note we are limiting two coaches this year* Preliminary entry list sent after registration closes  
      *Tournament entry information with addresses and contact information will be sent the week after the event and will have all high school aged wrestlers that opted to have information released to coaches.
      Past Results
      2019 Results(610 wrestlers from 11 states)
      2018 Results(605 wrestlers from 12 states)
      2017 Results(597 wrestlers from 10 states)
      2016 Results(647 wrestlers from 11 states)
      2015 Results(580 wrestlers from 11 states)
      2014 Results(586 wrestlers from 14 states)
      2013 Results(598 wrestlers from 10 states)
      2012 Results(444 wrestlers from 8 states)
      2011 Results(254 wrestlers from 9 states)
      2010 Results(171 wrestlers from 9 states)  
      IHSAA Rules
      Regarding Coaching at the IHPO
      15-2 During School Year Out-of-Season
      15-2.1 Individual Sports (Cross Country, Golf, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Wrestling)
      a. Students may participate in non-school contests as individuals or as members of a non-school team in non-school contests provided that participation during school time is approved by the school principal or his/her designee.
      b. Coaches, from a member school coaching staff, may coach students in that sport if NOT under the organization, supervision and operation of the member school.
      c. Member schools may not organize, supervise or operate athletic practices or interschool athletic contests.
      d. Member schools may not provide school-owned uniforms (jerseys, shirts, shorts, pants, singlets, or swimsuits, etc.) worn by the student in non-school contests.

      3858 8

      Oberlin taking over Homestead program

      By DANE FUELLING There will be a new coach in the chair for Homestead High School come November, as the Southwest Allen County school named Andy Oberlin the next head coach of the wrestling team.    “I am extremely excited to be running the program,” said Oberlin in an interview Monday with the DDD. “As with most wrestlers, I like to be in control and have opinions on how things should be done and now I will get a chance to see if they will work.”   Oberlin takes over the Spartan program from former Snider wrestler Nathan Devaux, and heads a program that he has been coaching in some capacity since 2014. Oberlin says that for the first time in his personal life, he finally has time to balance his family, work and a head coaching job.    Devaux will continue with the program as an assistant, as well as Brent Stockman, who wrestled at Toledo University. Other assistants for 2020-21 will be Josh Michaels (Columbia City), Rick Greenwood (Elmhurst) and Mason Gaines (Fishers).    The new coach is a graduate of DeKalb High School, where he graduated in 1994.    “I had the pleasure of wrestling TIm Myers six times my sophomore and junior year,” Oberlin chuckled. Of the six losses he had his sophomore and junior year, four of them came from Myers. He was eliminated from the state tournament both years by Myers in the ticket round.    Oberlin’s Bellmont connection continued his senior year, where he handed Jason Hayes his only two losses of the year prior to his appearance in the state championship bout in 1994. The Baron wrestler finished fourth that year at 119.    His wrestling career continued at North Central College, a D3 school. A decade after leaving North Central, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.    Oberlin began his coaching career in 1997 as an assistant for the well-travelled Rod Williams at Norwell. He returned to Dekalb a few years after that and coached under Tom Blackburn and later Jason Hunter.    “I truly love coaching kids because of what this sport did for me and what I see it do for athletes. There is a bond between a wrestling coach and an athlete that I personally don’t see in other sports. You are truly going into battle with them and that solidifies that bond. Personally, there is nothing better than watching a child start wrestling as a youth and then see that athlete wrestle his senior year.”   A full program, not just at the high school level, but all the way through the youth program, is Oberlin’s ultimate goal at one of the largest high schools in northeast Indiana.    “Over the last six years, we have taken a club of about 10 to 20 kids to a little more than 100 last year. Our middle school programs are starting to develop and grow.”   Over 70 kids competed on the district’s two middle school programs this season and the success of the program was higher than in recent memory.    When asked for goals for his tenure, Oberlin looked at the bigger picture.   “We, as a community, have to work to raise the level of wrestling in our area. I want Homestead to be a part of lifting this semi-state back up.”   A berth at Team State and a few state medals were just some of the big goals he has for the program. Oberlin noted that he worked with other coaches on a ten year plan when he came to the program and feels that with three years left, Homestead is still on pace to accomplish many of the original standards he set in 2014.    Oberlin admitted that competing with Bellmont is a goal of his.    “We have a pretty strong Thanksgiving Duals and I will make sure that Bellmont has a standing invitation to that.”   An invitation to compete at the prestigious Al Smith tournament at Mishawaka over the holidays is something that Oberlin feels his program can earn in the coming years.    Oberlin and his wife and three children reside in the SACS district. 


      ISWA's Pat Culp on recent COVID-19 cancellations

      By Dane Fuelling
      When sports started shutting down four weeks ago, one of the first casualties was the ISWA (Indiana State Wrestling Association) Folkstyle State tournament, which was due to be held at Warren Central. While the decision came as a surprise at the time, it was certainly the right one. One must look at the losses suffered by township schools in Marion County in the last month to realize that the virus would have been spread at WC and sent back to every corner of the Hoosier State had the tournament gone on. 
      ISWA President Pat Culp says her organization and the greater USA Wrestling body, have canceled all events up to May 10th at the local and national level. 
      As President, Culp participates in weekly video conferences with the CEO and president of USAW, along with all the state chairs. 
      “USA Wrestling has developed a COVID-19 committee,” said Culp Wednesday morning, “that tries to stay on top of any and all developments regarding what is happening nationally. In addition, they try to determine what is happening state by state. All states are required to inform USAW each time there is a change in our ‘stay at home’ policy, school cancellations, etc.”
      The challenge for the ISWA has been a set of circumstances that seem to change daily. 
      “We saw this when trying to host Folkstyle State in the second weekend in March. Our venue, which was a school, informed us on Tuesday that they would not be allowed to host the event, which was a three-day event scheduled to start that Friday. We had to scramble to find a new venue.”
      The Columbia City resident, whose son Blane is the head wrestling coach at CCHS, said that her team quickly contacted USAW and asked if they were allowed to still host the event. 
      “The people at USAW informed us we could until the state of Indiana told us no. So we found a new venue. However, 24 hours later, USA Wrestling put out a statement stating they were recommending postponing all events until further notice. That’s how fast everything changed.”
      At the time of printing, Culp was preparing for another conference call to discuss the upcoming Central Regionals, scheduled to be held at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum on May 15, 16, and 17. 
      The ISWA will also be hosting the 14U national duals in Franklin in the middle of June, pending conditions of the pandemic. 
      “It has been a very trying situation for all sports. Our main objective is to keep the kids safe, along with spectators, officials, coaches, etc. The ISWA would like to be able to have wrestling open back up this summer, if allowed, and with precautionary measures. In the meantime, we are posting daily workouts to keep the kids involved and in shape.”
      Pat Culp took over as ISWA President in the fall and has been part of the organization since 1992 in one form or another. 

      6450 25

      Ultimate Bracket Challenge

      We have put together the best 124 wrestlers from 2000-2020 and mashed them in the ultimate bracket. This list includes five wrestlers who won four state titles, 10 that won three titles, and 49 that have won two state titles!
      We seeded them by a point system on their whole career then separated ties by national level success. The top 44 wrestlers(all who made the finals at least three times) were given a bye into the main 64 man ultimate bracket. The other 80 will battle it out in a vote-in to make the main bracket.
      To add to the foray we have created some banana bets for you to earn more bananas for future use.
      Voting will take place on Twitter starting around noon on Monday March 23rd and continue daily until the bracket is complete. Each voting duration will be only two hours so stay tuned to our Twitter account for updates throughout the day. As the winners are announced we will update our bracket to determine the champion.
      Bracket Link
      Banana Bets Links
      Twitter Link

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      2020 IndianaMat/WZBD State Pre-Show

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      Dane Fuelling and Rex Brewer talk with Kevin Whitehead, Nick Kraus, Mike Reiser, and Mike Goebel about wrestling.


      Who do you want in your corner in the semi-finals?

      The third edition of this article dives into which coaches have the most success in the semi-finals. We have created three different categories with this as we can break this down in terms of the total number of qualifiers that a coach gets to the finals, the number of placers that a coach gets to the finals, and finally the record in the semi-finals.
      Click here to view all of the data

      Current coaches with 10+ state qualifiers and their percentage of wrestlers making the finals.

      Coach Qualifiers Finalists Finalist % Current School Dan Briggs 16 6 37.50% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Mark Kirchgassner 10 3 30.00% East Central Zach Errett 20 6 30.00% Avon Wade McClurg 11 3 27.27% Roncalli Sean McGinley 100 26 26.00% Indianapolis Cathedral Darrick Snyder 85 21 24.71% Brownsburg Jim Tonte 102 24 23.53% Franklin Community David Maldonado 79 18 22.78% Merrillville Steve Pugliese 22 5 22.73% Tri-West Matt Schoettle 22 5 22.73% Perry Meridian Bob Read 24 5 20.83% Plymouth Maurice Swain 10 2 20.00% Center Grove Chris Cooper 31 6 19.35% Columbus East Matthew Behling 17 3 17.65% Culver Academies Bob Harmon 57 10 17.54% Castle Joshua Holden 18 3 16.67% Greenfield-Central Ed Pendoski 65 10 15.38% Carmel Chris Joll 47 7 14.89% Chesterton Dave Cloud 27 4 14.81% Pendleton Heights Greg Schaefer 69 9 13.04% Evansville Mater Dei Brad Harper 62 7 11.29% Penn Tim Alcorn 10 1 10.00% Mount Vernon (Posey) Kevin Blundell 10 1 10.00% Monrovia Nick Kraus 11 1 9.09% Garrett Jim Wadkins 22 2 9.09% Calumet Rod Williams 11 1 9.09% Leo Brian Weaver 11 1 9.09% Elkhart Memorial Dan Mikesell 13 1 7.69% Mooresville Andy Hobbs 39 3 7.69% Peru Branden Lorek 14 1 7.14% Crown Point Jim HIttler 17 1 5.88% Huntington North Lou Silverman 35 2 5.71% North Central Chad Shepherd 18 1 5.56% Western Danny Struck 18 1 5.56% Jeffersonville Eric Myers 21 1 4.76% Jay County Bill Flatt 23 1 4.35% South Bend Riley Larry Mattingly 31 1 3.23% Evansville Memorial Tony Abbott 31 1 3.23% Cowan Jim Pickard 40 1 2.50% Goshen Brandon Sisson 10 0 0.00% Floyd Central Mike Runyon 15 0 0.00% Bloomington South Doug Smoker 19 0 0.00% Angola T. Howard Jones Jr. 22 0 0.00% Jennings County Paul Gunsett 14 0 0.00% Bellmont Scott Ferguson 38 0 0.00% Evansville Reitz Dean Branstetter 15 0 0.00% Attica Louie Kuzdas 24 0 0.00% LaPorte Clint Gard 16 0 0.00% Rochester Andrew King 20 0 0.00% Oak Hill Jamie Welliever 12 0 0.00% Southmont Blane Culp 11 0 0.00% Columbia City Tom Miller 17 0 0.00% Lafayette Jefferson  
      Current coaches with 5 or more placers and their ability to make the finals

      Coach Placers Finalists Finalists % Current School Dan Briggs 10 6 60.00% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Mark Kirchgassner 5 3 60.00% East Central Steve Pugliese 9 5 55.56% Tri-West Zach Errett 12 6 50.00% Avon Bob Read 13 5 38.46% Plymouth Dave Cloud 11 4 36.36% Pendleton Heights Matt Schoettle 14 5 35.71% Perry Meridian Bob Harmon 28 10 35.71% Castle Jim Tonte 70 24 34.29% Franklin Community David Maldonado 53 18 33.96% Merrillville Sean McGinley 78 26 33.33% Indianapolis Cathedral Jim Wadkins 6 2 33.33% Calumet Darrick Snyder 64 21 32.81% Brownsburg Chris Joll 23 7 30.43% Chesterton Wade McClurg 10 3 30.00% Roncalli Maurice Swain 7 2 28.57% Center Grove Chris Cooper 22 6 27.27% Columbus East Matthew Behling 11 3 27.27% Culver Academies Joshua Holden 11 3 27.27% Greenfield-Central Ed Pendoski 37 10 27.03% Carmel Brad Harper 27 7 25.93% Penn Greg Schaefer 40 9 22.50% Evansville Mater Dei Michael Lapadat 5 1 20.00% Evansville Central Dan Mikesell 5 1 20.00% Mooresville Andy Hobbs 15 3 20.00% Peru Jerimiah Maggart 6 1 16.67% Jimtown Kevin Blundell 6 1 16.67% Monrovia Jim HIttler 6 1 16.67% Huntington North Frank Bumgardner 6 1 16.67% Wawasee Chad Shepherd 7 1 14.29% Western Danny Struck 7 1 14.29% Jeffersonville Branden Lorek 8 1 12.50% Crown Point Lou Silverman 16 2 12.50% North Central Brian Weaver 9 1 11.11% Elkhart Memorial Eric Myers 11 1 9.09% Jay County Larry Mattingly 12 1 8.33% Evansville Memorial Bill Flatt 13 1 7.69% South Bend Riley Tony Abbott 17 1 5.88% Cowan Jim Pickard 19 1 5.26% Goshen Pat Dowty 5 0 0.00% Indian Creek Mike Runyon 7 0 0.00% Bloomington South Doug Smoker 7 0 0.00% Angola T. Howard Jones Jr. 11 0 0.00% Jennings County Scott Ferguson 16 0 0.00% Evansville Reitz Dean Branstetter 6 0 0.00% Attica Louie Kuzdas 11 0 0.00% LaPorte Clint Gard 7 0 0.00% Rochester Andrew King 6 0 0.00% Oak Hill Zach Whickcar 5 0 0.00% Elkhart Central  
      Current coaches with 5 or more semi-finalists and their ability to make the finals

      Coach Semi-Finalists Finalists Semi % Current School Steve Pugliese 6 5 83.33% Tri-West Bob Read 6 5 83.33% Plymouth Zach Errett 8 6 75.00% Avon Chris Joll 10 7 70.00% Chesterton Brad Harper 10 7 70.00% Penn Dan Briggs 9 6 66.67% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Dave Cloud 6 4 66.67% Pendleton Heights David Maldonado 29 18 62.07% Merrillville Jim Tonte 40 24 60.00% Franklin Community Matthew Behling 5 3 60.00% Culver Academies Bob Harmon 17 10 58.82% Castle Matt Schoettle 9 5 55.56% Perry Meridian Ed Pendoski 19 10 52.63% Carmel Sean McGinley 51 26 50.98% Indianapolis Cathedral Darrick Snyder 43 21 48.84% Brownsburg Wade McClurg 7 3 42.86% Roncalli Andy Hobbs 7 3 42.86% Peru Chris Cooper 15 6 40.00% Columbus East Lou Silverman 5 2 40.00% North Central Greg Schaefer 23 9 39.13% Evansville Mater Dei Tony Abbott 5 1 20.00% Cowan Jim Pickard 5 1 20.00% Goshen Bill Flatt 8 1 12.50% South Bend Riley


      Who do you want in your corner on Saturday?

      After putting out the original article on Monday we got to talking on Gorilla Radio on which coach had the best winning percentage on Saturday morning. Well, since we have the data we decided to put it out there with some great results. Note that this data is from the 1992 state finals through the 2019 state finals. It includes how many state placers(1st-8th) and how many of them made the semi-finals and even the finals.
      You can view all the data at this link under the Saturday tab.
      Click here to view
      Current Coaches with 5 or more placers, winning percentage in the quarter-finals.

      Coach Placers Semi-Finalists Quarter % Current School Dan Briggs 10 9 90.00% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Michael Lapadat 5 4 80.00% Evansville Central Mark Kirchgassner 5 4 80.00% East Central Wade McClurg 10 7 70.00% Roncalli Chris Cooper 22 15 68.18% Columbus East Darrick Snyder 64 43 67.19% Brownsburg Zach Errett 12 8 66.67% Avon Steve Pugliese 9 6 66.67% Tri-West Jerimiah Maggart 6 4 66.67% Jimtown Sean McGinley 78 51 65.38% Indianapolis Cathedral Matt Schoettle 14 9 64.29% Perry Meridian Bill Flatt 13 8 61.54% South Bend Riley Bob Harmon 28 17 60.71% Castle Dan Mikesell 5 3 60.00% Mooresville Greg Schaefer 40 23 57.50% Evansville Mater Dei Jim Tonte 70 40 57.14% Franklin Community David Maldonado 53 29 54.72% Merrillville Dave Cloud 11 6 54.55% Pendleton Heights Ed Pendoski 37 19 51.35% Carmel Jim Wadkins 6 3 50.00% Calumet Andy Hobbs 15 7 46.67% Peru Bob Read 13 6 46.15% Plymouth Matthew Behling 11 5 45.45% Culver Academies Chris Joll 23 10 43.48% Chesterton Maurice Swain 7 3 42.86% Center Grove Mike Runyon 7 3 42.86% Bloomington South Chad Shepherd 7 3 42.86% Western Pat Dowty 5 2 40.00% Indian Creek Brad Harper 27 10 37.04% Penn Eric Myers 11 4 36.36% Jay County Frank Bumgardner 6 2 33.33% Wawasee Kevin Blundell 6 2 33.33% Monrovia Jim HIttler 6 2 33.33% Huntington North Lou Silverman 16 5 31.25% North Central Tony Abbott 17 5 29.41% Cowan Danny Struck 7 2 28.57% Jeffersonville Doug Smoker 7 2 28.57% Angola Joshua Holden 11 3 27.27% Greenfield-Central T. Howard Jones Jr. 11 3 27.27% Jennings County Jim Pickard 19 5 26.32% Goshen Larry Mattingly 12 3 25.00% Evansville Memorial Branden Lorek 8 2 25.00% Crown Point Brian Weaver 9 2 22.22% Elkhart Memorial Scott Ferguson 16 3 18.75% Evansville Reitz Dean Branstetter 6 1 16.67% Attica Louie Kuzdas 11 1 9.09% LaPorte Clint Gard 7 0 0.00% Rochester Andrew King 6 0 0.00% Oak Hill Zach Whickcar 5 0 0.00% Elkhart Central  
      All coaches since 1992 with 10 or more state placers

      Coach Placers Semi-Finalists Quarter % Current School Past School Dan Briggs 10 9 90.00% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Union County David Walpole 10 8 80.00%   Decatur Central Mike Ester 14 11 78.57%   Fort Wayne Snider Robert Emerick 18 14 77.78%   Lake Central Travis Walls 21 16 76.19%   Griffith Nick Petrov 19 14 73.68%   Hanover Central Jared Williams 21 15 71.43%   Avon Bill Kelly 17 12 70.59%   East Chicago Central Wade McClurg 10 7 70.00% Roncalli Roncalli Lance Beehler 10 7 70.00%   Mishawaka Larry Tharp 13 9 69.23%   Portage Keith Hoffar 16 11 68.75%   East Noble Chris Cooper 22 15 68.18% Columbus East Columbus East Darrick Snyder 64 43 67.19% Brownsburg Brownsburg Zach Errett 12 8 66.67% Avon Avon Sean McGinley 78 51 65.38% Indianapolis Cathedral Indianapolis Bishop Chatard Mike Goebel 74 48 64.86%   Evansville Mater Dei Scott Vlink 45 29 64.44%   Crown Point Matt Schoettle 14 9 64.29% Perry Meridian Perry Meridian Rob Willman 11 7 63.64%   Floyd Central Danny Williams 11 7 63.64%   Warren Central Kevin Troy 19 12 63.16%   Roncalli Bill Flatt 13 8 61.54% South Bend Riley South Bend Riley Bob Harmon 28 17 60.71% Castle Castle Bob Hasseman 38 23 60.53%   Franklin Community Frank Svarczkopf, Jr. 10 6 60.00%   Lawrence North Perry Summitt 10 6 60.00%   Bloomington North Todd Sacksteder 10 6 60.00%   Beech Grove Royce Deckard 37 22 59.46%   Bloomington South Leroy Vega 22 13 59.09%   Portage Cale Hoover 12 7 58.33%   Center Grove Mark Kerrn 19 11 57.89%   Jimtown Greg Schaefer 40 23 57.50% Evansville Mater Dei Evansville Mater Dei Jim Tonte 70 40 57.14% Franklin Community Connersville Brent Faurote 65 37 56.92%   Bellmont Steve Balash 30 17 56.67%   Hobart Kyle Poyer 16 9 56.25%   Anderson Highland Chad Red 18 10 55.56%   Lawrence Central Brett Crousore 31 17 54.84%   Lawrence North David Maldonado 53 29 54.72% Merrillville Hammond Bishop Noll Wiley Craft 11 6 54.55%   Lawrence Central Todd Kendrick 11 6 54.55%   Franklin Central Lance Ellis 11 6 54.55%   Roncalli Scott Schwarz 11 6 54.55%   East Central Dave Cloud 11 6 54.55% Pendleton Heights Pendleton Heights Mike Atwood 13 7 53.85%   Delphi Lance Rhodes 21 11 52.38%   Indianapolis Cathedral Brian Seltzer 25 13 52.00%   Elkhart Memorial Ed Pendoski 37 19 51.35% Carmel Carmel Trent McCormick 58 29 50.00%   Yorktown Dan Gelarden 12 6 50.00%   Munster Paul Voigt 10 5 50.00%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) Andy Hobbs 15 7 46.67% Peru Peru Bob Read 13 6 46.15% Plymouth Plymouth Matthew Behling 11 5 45.45% Culver Academies Bremen Chris Joll 23 10 43.48% Chesterton Chesterton Henry Wilk 21 9 42.86%   Penn Dave Thompson 14 6 42.86%   Whiteland Jim Ledbetter 14 6 42.86%   Warren Central Al Hartman 14 6 42.86%   South Bend Clay Al Smith 19 8 42.11%   Mishawaka Randy Kearby 17 7 41.18%   Bluffton Paul Nicodemus 13 5 38.46%   Plainfield Clarence Warthan 13 5 38.46%   Frankfort Dennis Lewis 13 5 38.46%   NorthWood Russel Feigert 24 9 37.50%   Beech Grove Brad Harper 27 10 37.04% Penn Benton Central Rex Peckinpaugh 38 14 36.84%   New Castle Eric Myers 11 4 36.36% Jay County Jay County Tony Boley 11 4 36.36%   Elwood Lou Silverman 16 5 31.25% North Central Hamilton Southeastern Tony Abbott 17 5 29.41% Cowan Cowan Andy Simon 18 5 27.78%   Carmel Joshua Holden 11 3 27.27% Greenfield-Central Greenfield-Central T. Howard Jones Jr. 11 3 27.27% Jennings County Jennings County Jim Pickard 19 5 26.32% Goshen Goshen Israel Blevins 20 5 25.00%   Avon Larry Mattingly 12 3 25.00% Evansville Memorial Evansville Memorial Scott Ferguson 16 3 18.75% Evansville Reitz Evansville Reitz Louie Kuzdas 11 1 9.09% LaPorte LaPorte


      Five Storylines to watch

      1. Will Viduya get the golden bookend?
      Alec Viduya won a state title as a freshman at 113lbs, but since then his nemesis Asa Garcia has tripped him up twice. Garcia is in Bloomington now and the path seems clear to end on top of the podium. The other likely contenders include Brock Ellis, Jaden Reynolds, and Reece Luhmann. Luhmann went to overtime with Viduya last week.
      The "golden bookend" has been done three other times throughout Indiana history. The first was Ray Webb of Bloomington University who won titles at 120lbs as a freshman and 145lbs as a senior. The next to do it was current Evansville Mater Dei coach Greg Schaeffer. In 1995 he won a state title at 100lbs and again reached the top step of the podium in 1998 at 119lbs. The last person to accomplish this feat was Indian Creek's Ethan Raley. He won a title as a freshman at 103lbs, then again at 135lbs as a senior.
      2. Team Race
      The team race is going to be hotly contested from the getgo. Mater Dei looks to be the favorite on paper early on. Crown Point has some brutal Saturday morning matches that could determine the state title. Brownsburg is lurking with a couple state title contenders and other placers. Never count out two-time defending champions Cathedral. 
      Friday night could set the stage for one or more of the contenders to pull away from the field. However, a couple slipups could mean another team or two comes into contention. 
      Saturday morning will be filled with fireworks that will give us a great indication of who will come out on top of the team race.
      3. Will the class of 2021 get a title?
      As of this writing the current junior class has yet to win an individual state title. This can and possibly will change on Saturday night. Top contenders for a title include Alex Cottey(113), Blake Boarmann(138), Evan Bates(220), and Brock Ellis(145).
      Cottey has one loss on the year, but his opponent did not qualify for state. Boarman has a wide open weight class where the top guys have all beaten each other. Bates and Ellis both have yet to be defeated by an Indiana opponent this year.
      4. Famous firsts
      Indianapolis Lutheran's Hayden Flipiovich is the school's first state qualfiier. Will he be able to crack the code and be their first placer as well? Attica, Monroe Central, and River Forest have never had a state placer in their history. Will Jeffrey Bailey be the first Ingot state placer? Logan Swallow won a semi-state title last week and could be the Golden Bear's first state placer. Jordan Douglass was the first state qualifier in Rambler history two years ago, but has yet to reach the podium.
      There are 32 schools that have a state qualifier that has yet to have a state champion. The ones that might just break through this year include Garrett's Clayton Fielden, Hamilton Southeastern's Andrew Irick, North Montgomery's Drew Webster, Norwell's Cale Gray, Sullivan's Lane Gilbert, and Wheeler's Giovanni Diaz.
      5. Best dressed
      From shiny pants and shorts to Tonte's custom taylored suits, who will stand out in the fashion department? Will Cathedral be wearing their robes this weekend? Which coach will have the strongest beard game? All of these are valid questions that will get answered this weekend.

      1082 1

      Amy Hildebrandt to Lead Thunder Women's Wrestling

      ANGOLA, Ind. – Trine University Assistant Vice President for Athletics Matt Land has named Amy Hildebrandt as the inaugural head coach of the Thunder women's wrestling team.
      "Amy is a great asset to Trine University and the sport of women's wrestling," said Land, "She is determined to grow women's wrestling. Her lifelong passion will serve Trine University well as we develop our program."
      Hildebrandt has served as the coach of the Penn High School girl's wrestling team for the past two years. While there she has led the team to two state championship titles while coaching four individual state champions.
      The team can trace its roots to Hildebrandt's time at Penn as a student when she was instrumental in starting the first Penn Girl's Wrestling Club which later became the full-fledged team when the IHSGW began sponsoring the sport statewide.
      "I am honored to be Trine University's first women's wrestling coach." said Hildebrandt, "Women's wrestling has always been my passion and I am excited to be a part of the sport's growth. I look forward to introducing the Trine community to women's wrestling and leading a new group of young women at the University."
      Hildebrandt has also served as coach of the Penn Wrestling Club for the past two years. The club works with elementary and middle school-aged athletes on the fundamentals of wrestling. For the past two years, she has also served as an assistant wrestling technician at the University of Michigan Women's Wrestling Camp.
      Currently, Hildebrandt is stationed at the United States Olympic Training in Colorado Springs, Colo. where she assisting her sister in preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
      Trine University announced in January that it would begin sponsoring women's wrestling for the 2020-21 season. They will become the first NCAA
      institution to sponsor the sport in Indiana.

      1711 8

      State Finals #WAYL2

      We have 16 wrestlers that enter Friday without a loss on their record. However, the other 208 wrestlers have a combined 935 losses between them. Most of the losses are to state level competitors. Here is a listing of all the losses for each wrestler at state this weekend.
      Note: If you know any of the missing or incorrect results please notify me.
      Random Stats
      Most losses to state qualifiers
      Braden Haines, Isaiah Ponce- 10
      Stefan Vitello, Damon McClain, Jacob Johnson- 8
      Johnny Cortez, Dylan Driver, AJ Dull, Dennis Hubbard- 7
      Most wins over state qualifiers
      Graham Calhoun- 11
      Logan Frazier- 10
      Aiden Warren, Sam Goin, Alex Cottey, Zeke Seltzer, Dorian Keys- 9
      Elliott Rodgers, William Fiechter, Isaac Ruble, Brock Ellis- 8
      Non-State Qualifiers with the most wins over state qualifiers
      Tyler Conley, Yehezquel DeVault- 6
      Aundre Beatty, Jajuan Dale, Josh Howell, Matt Neff, Ryan Sheets- 4
      Brock Hueber, Chad McLean, Jack Hargan, Ryan Purvis- 3
      Undefeated Wrestlers
      106 Bryce Lowery
      120 Zeke Seltzer
      126 Dylan Stroud
      145 Brock Ellis, Alec Viduya
      152 Brice Coleman, Logan Boe, Garrett Stuckman
      160 Isiah Levitz
      170 Graham Calhoun
      195 Jacob Laplace, Silas Allred
      220 Drew Webster, Cale Gray
      285 Dorian Keys, Logan Swallow
      Who are your losses to?
      *- State Qualifier
      (Losses/ State Qualifier Losses/ State Qualifier Wins)
      Bryce Lowery(0/0/6)
      Isaac Ruble(1/1/8): Sam Goin*
      Sam Goin(1/1/9): Logan Miller*
      Logan Miller(2/0/4): Ben Aranda(IL), Caden Horwath(MI)
      Jeff Bailey(2/2/5): Johnny Cortez*, Sam Goin*
      Anthony Martin(3/2/1): ???, Hayden Brady*, Isaac Ruble*
      Suhas Chundi(3/3/2): Bryce Lowery*, Logan Miller*, Sam Goin*
      Cash Turner(4/3/1): Isaac Ruble*, Jason Heasten, Kyler West*, Suhas Chundi*
      Josh Johnson(5/3/2): Bryce Lowery(3)*, Keaton Morton, Nathan Smith
      Keegan Malott(5/5/0): Anthony Martin*, Hayden Brady(2)*, Isaac Ruble(2)*
      Hayden Brady(5/4/4): Isaac Ruble(3)*, Logan Stuckman, Sam Goin*
      Coy Hammack(5/3/0): Blake Zirkelbach, Cash Turner*, Kyler West*, Logan Miller*, Reed Egli
      Kyler West(6/2/2): Bryce Lowery*, Logan Miller*, Logan Sutton(2), Reed Egli, Trayce Eckman(KY)
      Evan Dickey(7/6/1): Bryce Lowery*, Cooper Shore(OH), Hayden Brady*, Josh Johnson(2)*, Sam Goin*, Suhas Chundi*
      Trevor Triana(9/6/1): ???(2), Emmanuel Ellis, Isaac Ruble*, Jeff Bailey(4)*, Johnny Cortez*
      Johnny Cortez(10/7/2): ???, Doug Waters*, Emmanuel Ellis, Evan Dickey*, Karter Guzman(IL), Sam Goin(4)*, Trevor Triana*
      Alex Cottey(1/0/9): Kody Glithero
      Lane Gilbert(1/1/2): Cole Ross*
      Logan Frazier(2/2/10): Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper*
      Aidan Sprague(2/1/4): Preston Teusch, Trey Sturgill*
      Cole Ross(2/2/5): Alex Cottey*, Lane Gilbert*
      Elijah Anthony(3/3/2): Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper(2)*
      Trey Sturgill(3/1/2): Elijah Anthony*, Ryan Purvis, Trevor Schammert
      Cheaney Schoeff(4/3/4): Cole Ross(2)*, Lane Gilbert*, Mason Yarbrough(OH)
      Ethan Reiley(5/4/0): Aidan Sprague(2)*, Colton Weimer(2)*, Drayk Kallenberger(OH)
      Brac Hooper(5/4/7): Alex Cottey(3)*, Dylan Driver*, Logan Carrender
      Colton Weimer(7/3/2): Aidan Sprague*, Hyatt Yeager, Justin Brantley, Karson Everett, Nam Doan*, Nick Olson, Trey Sturgill*
      Nam Doan(7/5/4): Alex Cottey*, Logan Frazier*, Logan Frazier(2)*, Ryan Purvis(2)
      Doug Waters(9/5/5): Anthony Streib(IL), Chad Bellis(IL), Hyatt Yeager, Logan Frazier*, Nam Doan(3)*, Stefan Vitello*, Trevor Schammert
      Stefan Vitello(10/8/1): ???, Aidan Sprague*, Anthony Bahl, Doug Waters(4)*, Logan Frazier(3)*
      Dylan Driver(10/7/2): Alex Cottey*, Blake Wolf, Brac Hooper(3)*, Braden Haines*, Elijah Anthony*, Griffin Ingalls(2), Logan Frazier*
      Braden Haines(16/10/1): Aiden Smith(MI), Alex Cottey*, Brac Hooper*, Cheaney Schoeff(4)*, Cody Goebel(WI), Cole Ross(2)*, Dylan Driver*, Kaden Chinavare(MI), Logan Frazier*, Marquarias Wilburn, Ramsy Mutschler(MI), Tommy Porter(IL)
      Zeke Seltzer(0/0/9)
      Dominic Heath(1/0/2): Ben Miller
      Giovanni Diaz(1/1/5): Riley Bettich*
      Alec Freeman(2/2/5): Zeke Seltzer(2)*
      Carson Eldred(2/2/4): Zeke Seltzer(2)*
      Delaney Ruhlman(3/2/3): Alec Freeman*, Brady Ester, Riley Bettich*
      Sam Scott(3/2/2): Alec Freeman*, Delaney Ruhlman*, Jacob Simone
      John Robinson(3/3/1): Carson Eldred*, Christian White*, Dominic Heath*
      Ethan Higgins(3/2/0): Jett Boots*, John Robinson*, Preston Teusch
      Riley Bettich(4/4/6): Giovanni Diaz(3)*, Zeke Seltzer*
      Cole Solomy(4/4/1): Giovanni Diaz*, Jeff Bailey*, Riley Bettich(2)*
      Christian White(4/2/2): Carlton Perry(2), Zeke Seltzer(2)*
      Jett Boots(4/1/1): Ben Miller, Deandrea Darden(OH), Dominic Heath*, Harper Dedman
      Malik Hall(5/4/0): Cole Solomy*, Giovanni Diaz*, Riley Bettich(2)*, Ty Haskins
      Anthony Hughes(8/6/0): Antonio Jefferson, Carson Eldred*, Christian White*, Delaney Ruhlman(2)*, Kody Glithero, Zeke Seltzer(2)*
      Aydan Amento(10/6/0): ???(3), Alec Freeman(3)*, Carson Eldred*, Chris Newman, Sam Scott(2)*
      Dylan Stroud(0/0/2)
      Raymond Rioux(1/0/9): Kyren Butler(OH)
      Landon Bertsch(1/1/1): Dylan Stroud*
      Stephen Roberson(2/0/7): Jake Rundell(IL), Zach Strueder
      Ben Dalton(2/2/1): Kysen Montgomery(2)*
      Brayden Lowery(2/1/6): Gavinn Alstott, Raymond Rioux*
      Jace Alexander(2/2/3): Aidan Torres(2)*
      Payne Blackburn(3/1/1): Cameron Allen, Dominic Litchfield, Dylan Stroud*
      Camren Toole(3/2/0): ???, Brayden Lowery*, Willie Dennison*
      Willie Dennison(3/3/1): Carson Eldred*, David Pierson*, Jace Alexander*
      David Pierson(3/3/2): Brayden Lowery(3)*
      Beau Humphrey(4/2/0): Alex Slates, Collin Ruemler, Landon Bertsch*, Payne Blackburn*
      Aidan Torres(5/5/3): Stephen Roberson(5)*
      Ashton Hayhurst(7/6/1): Ben Dalton*, Brayden Lowery(2)*, Josue Dawson(OH), Kysen Montgomery*, Raymond Rioux(2)*
      Kysen Montgomery(8/6/3): David Pierson*, Jake Rundell(IL), Mason Shrader(MI), Raymond Rioux(4)*, Stephen Roberson*
      Brendon Mark(9/6/0): Aidan Torres*, Ashton Hayhurst*, Conner Kleinberg(OH), Gavinn Alstott, Jace Alexander(2)*, Luke Gonzalez, Raymond Rioux*, Stephen Roberson*
      Jesse Mendez(1/0/9): Nico bolivar
      Hayden Watson(1/1/6): Jesse Mendez*
      Ian Heath(1/1/5): Hunter Cottingham*
      Hunter Cottingham(2/1/6): Aundre Beatty, Reakus Shelton*
      Matt Koontz(3/2/6): Aundre Beatty, Logan Wagner*, Luke Goodwin*
      Jared Brown(4/3/0): Andrew Wilson, Hunter Cottingham*, Luke Goodwin*, Sam Slivka*
      Brody Arthur(5/4/0): Hunter Cottingham(3)*, Ian Heath*, Lane Deckard
      Connor Holt(5/3/3): ???, Hayden Watson(2)*, Kane Egli*, Tyler Conley
      Luke Goodwin(5/4/3): Aiden Bunce, Matt Koontz(2)*, Sam Slivka(2)*
      Kane Egli(5/3/1): David Davis(OH), Hayden Watson*, Matt Koontz*, Max Boaz(OH), Raymond Rioux*
      Reakus Shelton(7/5/4): Cameron Mason, Christian Pfeiffer-Laguerre, Ian Heath(4)*, Vince Sparrow*
      Vince Sparrow(7/4/3): Jesse Mendez(2)*, Mason Kleinberg(OH), Reakus Shelton(2)*, Tyler Conley(2)
      Bradley Conrad(7/4/4): ???(2), Gabe Adams(KY), Jesse Mendez(3)*, Sam Slivka*
      Sam Slivka(7/3/4): Andrew Wilson, Aundre Beatty, Conner Alcala*, Gabe Adams(KY), Luke Goodwin*, Matt Koontz*, Tyler Conley
      Conner Alcala(8/5/1): ???, Connor Holt(3)*, Hayden Watson(2)*, Thomas Deck(KY), Tyler Conley
      Isaiah Ponce(12/10/0): Aidan Hansen(IL), Bradley Conrad(4)*, Dillon Carlson(IL), Jesse Mendez(3)*, Reakus Shelton*, Vince Sparrow(2)*
      Drake Campbell(1/1/6): Logan Wagner*
      J Conway(2/2/1): Blake Boarman*, Drake Campbell*
      Logan Bailey(2/2/4): Blake Boarman*, Logan Wagner*
      Eli Hickman(2/2/3): Ethan Kaiser*, Hunter Cottingham*
      Kyle Lawson(3/3/4): Elijah Chacon*, Matt Koontz*, Tyson Nisley*
      Blake Boarman(3/3/3): Drake Campbell(2)*, Logan Bailey*
      Logan Wagner(3/3/6): Brendan Mattingly*, Gabe Sollars*, Logan Bailey*
      Brendan Mattingly(5/5/3): Drake Campbell*, Hayden Watson*, Logan Bailey*, Logan Wagner*, Orlando Cruz*
      Ethan Kaiser(5/2/2): Bryce Shelton(IL), Cody Goodwin, Jay Orman, Nick Tattini*, Tyson Nisley*
      Elijah Chacon(5/1/3): ???(2), Kyle Lawson*, Ryan Sheets, Sebastien Bryant
      Hayden Shepherd(5/2/1): ???, Eli Hickman*, Elijah Chacon*, Jevian Ross, Sebastien Bryant
      Tyson Nisley(5/5/5): Eli Hickman*, Logan Wagner*, Matt Koontz*, Orlando Cruz(2)*
      Dylan Dorman(6/3/0): Aundre Beatty, Brendan Mattingly*, Jeivan Ross, Logan Bailey*, Logan Wagner*, Sebastian Bryant
      Landon Boe(7/5/0): ???, Blake Boarman*, Brendan Mattingly*, Drake Campbell(2)*, J Conway*, Tyler Conley
      Lane Burns(8/4/0): Conner Douglass(OH), Elijah Chacon*, Hayden Shepherd*, Isaac Hawkins, Josue Sotero, Kyle Lawson(2)*, Sevaugh Carter(OH)
      Nick Tattini(10/5/1): Anthony Rivera(2), Droshawn Lewis, Eli Hickman*, Ethan Kaiser*, Jack Krause, Jake Damron, Kyle Lawson*, Tyson Nisley(2)*
      Brock Ellis(0/0/8)
      Alec Viduya(0/0/6)
      Jacob Maldonado(1/1/1): Brock Ellis*
      Aj Poindexter(2/2/2): Jacob Maldonado*, Orlando Cruz*
      William Fiechter(2/2/8): AJ Poindexter*, Evan Ulrick*
      Jaden Reynolds(4/3/5): Alec Viduya*, Brody Baumann*, Dustin Morgillo(OH), Reece Luhmann*
      Brody Baumann(4/3/2): ???, Alec Viduya*, Jaden Reynolds(2)*
      Jajuan Anderson(4/3/6): Alec Viduya*, Chris Wilkerson, Jaden Reynolds*, Reece Luhmann*
      Alex Currie(5/4/4): Tyler Vredeveld, William Fiechter(4)*
      Orlando Cruz(6/5/5): Brock Ellis(5)*, Joshua Ogunsanya(IL)
      Reece Luhmann(6/5/4): Alec Viduya*, Jajuan Anderson(3)*, Jake Shafer*, Nick Cicciarelli
      Riley Rust(7/5/2): Brody Baumann*, Ethan Nash*, Jaden Reynolds*, Jake Shafer(2)*, Justice Cash, Kailan Keith
      Aj Dull(8/7/0): Alex Currie(3)*, Gabe Steyer(OH), Jorden Douglass*, William Fiechter(3)*
      Jake Shafer(9/6/3): AJ Poindexter*, Alec Viduya*, Jajuan Anderson(2)*, Justice Cash, Noah Baker, Reece Luhmann(2)*, Seth Willems
      Evan Ulrick(11/4/1): Alec Viduya*, Alex Currie*, Brock Ellis*, Chris Wilkerson, Garrett Manley, Garrett Stewart, Jajuan Anderson*, Kailan Keith, Mark Everman, Ryan Sheets(2)
      Ethan Nash(11/4/1): Conner Gilles, Garrett Stewart, Jaden Reynolds*, Nick Cicciarelli, Ralph Thompson(MI), Riley Rust(2)*, Shane Braunecker, Simeon Norton, Tristan Martin, Tyson Nisley*
      Logan Boe(0/0/3)
      Brice Coleman(0/0/4)
      Garrett Stuckman(0/0/2)
      Jordan Fulks(1/1/1): Logan Boe*
      Bryer Hall(1/1/3): Brice Coleman*
      Jonathan Kervin(2/1/1): Logan Boe*, Payne Carr(KY)
      Aidan Hardcastle(2/1/2): Ethan Mason*, Ryan Sheets
      Ethan Mason(2/1/2): ???, Aidan Hardcastle*
      Cody Mccune(2/2/3): Brice Coleman*, Ethan Mason*
      Shane Bates(2/1/1): Bryer Hall*, Kade Law
      Jorden Douglass(4/2/1): David Davis(IL), Shane Braunecker, Shawn Hollis*, Tyler Turley*
      Shawn Hollis(4/3/4): ???, Garrett Stuckman*, Tyler Turley(2)*
      Eli Hilger(5/5/0): Aidan Hardcastle*, Cody McCune(3)*, Shawn Hollis*
      Anthony Walker(7/3/0): ???, Jonathan Kervin*, Jordan Fulks*, Logan Boe*, Moses Hamm, Noah Baker, Scottie Saylor
      Tyler Turley(7/5/3): ???, Brock Ellis*, Garrett Stuckman*, Kade Law, Orlando Cruz*, Shawn Hollis(2)*
      Tyler Jones(7/5/0): ???, Brice Coleman(2)*, Bryer Hall*, Elliott Rodgers*, Shane Bates*, Zach Hoyt
      Isiah Levitz(0/0/6)
      Cooper Noehre(2/2/4): Elliott Rodgers(2)*
      Jackson Pettigrew(2/2/2): Clayton Fielden*, Isiah Levitz*
      Tytus Morrisett(2/2/1): Jackson Pettigrew*, Jed Perry*
      Eli Dickens(2/0/4): Brett McIntosh(OH)(2)
      Andrew Roth(2/2/1): Bryer Hall*, Elliott Rodgers*
      Jed Perry(2/2/2): Cooper Noehre*, Isiah Levitz*
      Elliott Rodgers(3/3/8): Eli Dickens(2)*, Isiah Levitz*
      Noah Hollendonner(4/0/7): Bradley Gillum(IL), Jajuan Dale, Joe Chapman(IL), Luke Davis
      Jacob Linky(4/2/2): Isiah Levitz*, Jacob Kreager, Jajuan Dale, Noah Hollendonner*
      Sam Schroeder(5/5/0): Isiah Levitz*, Peyton Asbury*, Robert Deters(2)*, Sam Morrill*
      Sam Morrill(5/3/2): Eli Dickens*, Elliott Rodgers(2)*, Jajuan Dale, Kamden Goering
      Peyton Asbury(6/3/2): Bradley Gillum(IL), Eli Dickens*, Noah Hollendonner*, Sam Morrill*, Scott Fitts, Stoney Buell(MI)
      Aj Steenbeke(7/4/1): Elliott Rodgers*, Jacob Linky*, Kamden Goering), Luke Davis, Noah Hollendonner(2)*, Stacey Terry(IL)
      Nick Winland(8/6/0): AJ Steenbeke*, Isiah Levitz*, Jacob Linky*, Kaden Randazzo(IL), Kamare Dunlap, Noah Hollendonner(3)*
      Damon Mcclain(8/8/0): Andrew Roth*, Braden Welch*, Cooper Noehre(3)*, Elliott Rodgers*, Peyton Asbury*, Tyler Wagner*
      Graham Calhoun(0/0/11)
      Robert Deters(1/1/7): Tristan Ruhlman*
      Clayton Fielden(1/1/5): Tristan Ruhlman*
      Brodie Porter(2/2/1): Clayton Lundy*, Jed Perry*
      Bradley Harrington(3/3/3): Hayden Filipovich*, Tyler Wagner(2)*
      Tristan Ruhlman(3/3/4): Gabe Sollars(2)*, Graham Calhoun*
      Jacob Duncan(3/3/0): Brodie Porter*, Clayton Fielden*, Tytus Morrisett*
      Gabe Davin(4/3/2): Bradley Harrington(2)*, Jajuan Dale, Robert Deters*
      Braden Welch(4/3/4): Cody Timmerman*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Hadyn Danals(OH)
      Gabe Sollars(5/4/6): ???, Robert Deters(3)*, Tyler Wagner*
      Tyler Wagner(5/5/7): Braden Welch*, Bradley Harrington*, Clayton Fielden*, Gabe Sollars*, Gavin Layman*
      Gavin Layman(6/3/2): Clayton Fielden*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Matt Neff(3)
      Marcus Malson(6/2/0): Gabe Davin*, Seth Ortel, Tyler Wagner*, Tytus Ragle, Van Skinner(2)
      Clayton Lundy(6/5/1): Clayton Fielden*, Graham Calhoun(3)*, Matt Neff, Tyler Wagner*
      Jalen Ward(7/6/0): Braden Welch*, Gabe Sollars*, Robert Deters*, Tristan Ruhlman(2)*, Ty Welliever, Tyler Wagner*
      Cody Timmerman(10/6/1): Abel Verbeek, Braden Welch*, Gabe Davin*, Gabe Sollars*, Gavin Layman*, Graham Calhoun(2)*, Jacob Simpson, Ronin Hammond, Will Coffield(OH)
      Mason Winner(1/1/4): Jake Lone*
      Macartney Parkinson(2/1/5): ???, Joseph Walker*
      Jake Lone(2/2/5): Graham Calhoun*, Joseph Walker*
      Colin Kwiatkowski(2/2/1): Khris Walton(2)*
      Connor Barket(2/2/1): Khris Walton*, Zian Constable*
      Joseph Walker(2/2/5): Colin Kwiatkowski*, Connor Barket*
      Aiden Warren(3/2/9): Ahijah Sandifer, Joseph Walker*, MaCartney Parkinson*
      Drake Buchanan(3/3/1): Caden Friedt*, Jake Lone*, MaCartney Parkinson*
      Brendan Mcpike(3/3/0): MaCartney Parkinson*, Noah White(2)*
      Kole Viel(4/2/0): Aiden Warren*, Colton Quantz(OH), Johnny Parker*, Noah Duke(KY)
      Khris Walton(4/3/4): Jake Lone*, Johnny Parker*, Noah White*, Ray Arebalo(IL)
      Hayden Filipovich(4/3/2): Aiden Warren(3)*, Brach Carrington
      Zian Constable(5/5/2): Aiden Warren*, Caden Friedt*, Jacob LaPlace*, Khris Walton*, Mason Winner*
      Noah White(6/6/5): Aiden Warren(2)*, Drake Buchanan*, Jake Lone*, Johnny Parker*, Joseph Walker*
      Johnny Parker(6/6/4): Aiden Warren*, Hayden Filipovich*, Joseph Walker*, MaCartney Parkinson*, Noah White(2)*
      Sam Walker(9/6/0): Blake Rowe, Caden Friedt*, Christian Summersett, Jackson Pettigrew*, Jake Lone*, Mason Winner(2)*, Tytan Grote(OH), Zian Constable*
      Jacob Laplace(0/0/7)
      Silas Allred(0/0/5)
      Eli Pack(2/2/4): Jacob LaPlace(2)*
      Mckinley Kemper(2/1/2): ???, Phoenix Rodgers*
      Phoenix Rodgers(2/1/2): Luke Kemper, McKinley Kemper*
      Jd Farrell(2/2/3): Silas Allred(2)*
      Kyler Funk(2/2/4): Silas Allred(2)*
      Matt Lepper(3/2/2): Ben Kahl, Caden Friedt*, Jacob LaPlace*
      Caden Friedt(4/4/4): Aiden Warren*, Johnny Parker*, Kyler Funk*, Mason Winner*
      Harris Eason(4/4/1): Eli Pack(2)*, Isaiah Street*, McKinley Kemper*
      Ibrahim Khaoucha(6/3/0): Brock Hueber, Jacob LaPlace*, Jaden Miller(2), Kyler Funk*, Matt Lepper*
      Richard Clevenger(7/5/0): Braden Rodriguez, Jacob Huffman(2)*, Jacob Platt, JD Farrell*, Kyler Funk*, Luke Bakeis*
      Luke Bakeis(8/4/2): ???, Diego Garcia, Jack Hargan(2), Jacob LaPlace*, Jason Streck*, JD Farrell*, Kyler Funk*
      Isaiah Street(9/3/1): Daemyen Middlebrooks(IL), Harris Eason*, Jack Hargan, Jacob Arengo(OH), Jacob Hough(MI), JD Farrell*, Phoenix Rodgers*, Ryan Krimpelbein(WI), Tucker Ikens(IL)
      Gage Demarco(9/4/1): Brock Hueber, Chad Cowart(IL), Deshawn Young*, Eli Pack*, Jevonte Williams, Luke Bakeis*, Matt Lepper*, Nico Lopez(IL), Shea Jackson
      Jacob Huffman(11/5/2): Brock Hueber, Commander Jenkins, Eli Pack*, Gage Demarco*, Jacob LaPlace*, Keon Sullivan(2), MaCartney Parkinson*, Owen Amburgy(OH)(2), Silas Allred*
      Drew Webster(0/0/3)
      Cale Gray(0/0/2)
      Evan Bates(1/1/4): Andres Larios*
      Nathan Willman(1/1/3): Will Stewart*
      Fred Durben(1/1/3): Tristen Martz*
      Deshawn Young(2/2/3): Drew Webster*, Micah Dodson*
      Micah Dodson(2/1/5): Josh Howell, Nathan Willman*
      Jason Streck(3/3/2): Evan Bates(2)*, William Crider*
      Tristen Martz(4/2/1): Alex Hernandez, Cale Gray*, Drew Webster*, Parker Smitley
      Blaine Pierce(4/2/1): Drew Webster*, Evan Shafer, Josh Howell, William Crider*
      Will Stewart(4/2/2): ???, Macray Robinson, Micah Dodson*, Nathan Willman*
      William Crider(4/3/4): Andrew Irick*, Braydon Erb*, Evan Bates*, Jonathan Williams
      Jonathan Thomas(5/2/2): Chad McLean, Evan Bates*, Jason Streck*, Yehezquel DeVault(2)
      Grant Warmuth(7/4/0): ???(3), Cale Gray*, Fred Durben(3)*
      Haakon Van Beynen(10/4/1): Alexander Hernandez, Blaine Pierce*, Dakota Arvin, Deshawn Young*, Jeff McClure, Jonathan Thomas*, Josh Howell, Leighton Jones, Micah Dodson*, Scott Monteleone(KY)
      Reese Condon(11/6/0): ???, Aataeveon Jordan, Deshawn Young*, Haakon Van Beynen*, Josh Howell, Leighton Jones, Macray Robinson, Micah Dodson(2)*, Nathan Willman*, Will Stewart*
      Dorian Keys(0/0/9)
      Logan Swallow(0/0/2)
      Andrew Irick(1/1/6): Dorian Keys*
      Damari Dancy(2/0/5): Dustin Olmstead(IL), Yehezquel DeVault
      Reeve Muncie(3/2/2): Chad McLean, Holden Parsons*, Logan Swallow*
      Braydon Erb(3/3/2): Andrew Irick*, Dennis Hubbard*, Reeve Muncie*
      Holden Parsons(4/2/5): Andrew Irick*, Damari Dancy*, Ethan Alderson, Yehezquel DeVault
      Sam Perez(5/2/5): Adam Warren, Damari Dancy(2)*, Daniel Thompson, Mason Toth
      Robbie Gentry(5/3/5): Antone Alexander*, Dorian Keys(2)*, Matthew Munoz, Race Stewart
      Ke`Tre Dickens(6/5/1): Dorian Keys(3)*, Jacob Johnson*, James Ralph, Robbie Gentry*
      Antone Alexander(6/5/2): Andrew Irick(2)*, Dennis Hubbard(2)*, Dorian Keys*, Race Stewart
      Andres Larios(6/5/2): Jorge Martinez, Sam Perez(5)*
      Andrew Himes(7/5/0): Andres Larios*, Blake Herr, Damari Dancy*, Jonathan Thomas*, Jose Rosales*, William Crider*, Yehezquel DeVault
      Jose Rosales(8/3/1): Blake Herr, Braydon Erb*, Chad McLean, Jacob Sommer, John Hinen, Logan Swallow*, William Crider*, Yehezquel DeVault
      Jacob Johnson(9/8/1): Damari Dancy*, Dorian Keys*, Holden Parsons*, Ke`Tre Dickens*, Matt Munoz, Robbie Gentry(4)*
      Dennis Hubbard(9/7/3): Andrew Irick*, Antone Alexander*, Cade Campbell(2), Dorian Keys*, Holden Parsons(3)*, Reeve Muncie*

      3139 1

      2020 State Finals by the Numbers

      Rankings always provide a great insight to the best of the best in the state. Arguments always ensue on who is the best and who should be ranked. Over the years our rankings have proven to be the best out there. On top of that our rankings are locked before the first whistle at sectional and they do not take into account the semi-state draws. This year only 9 wrestlers that advanced to state were not in our state or semi-state rankings. We also set a new record for most state ranked wrestlers advancing to state with 180 or just over 80%! Thanks to our rankings gurus Mike Reiser, Caleb Spires, Howard Cottey, and Dustin Bentz for another great season.
      Do not forget to download the IndianaMat brackets with rankings attached so it is easier to follow the state finals.
      Click here for our special IndianaMat brackets
      Season by season ranked wrestlers advancing to state
      *Note Mike Reiser took over the rankings in 2012
      2020- 180
      2019- 175
      2018- 179
      2017- 169
      2016- 175
      2015- 172
      2014- 171
      2013- 171
      2012- 170
      2011- 157
      2010- 159
      2009- 143
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Trevor Triana- Hobart
      Johnny Cortez- Lake Central
      Keegan Malott- East Noble
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #4 Isaac Ruble- Bellmont vs. #9 Evan Dickey- Indianapolis Cathedral
      #6 Jeffrey Bailey- River Forest vs. #15 Kyler West- Evansville Reitz Memorial
      #7 Joshua Johnson- Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter vs. #8 Hayden Brady- Garrett
      #2 Sam Goin- Crown Point vs. #12 Coy Hammack- Tell City
      #11 Anthony Martin- Western vs. #3 Suhas Chundi- Carmel
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 10
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Dylan Driver- Westfield
      Braden Haines- Brownsburg
      Doug Waters- Chesterton
      Colton Weimer- Garrett
      Stefan Vitello- Valparaiso
      Ethan Reiley- Jay County
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Lane Gilbert- Sullivan vs. #12 Brac Hooper- Carmel
      #3 Cheaney Schoeff- Avon vs. #4 Elijah Anthony- Frankfort

      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Delaney Ruhlman- Bloomington South
      Cole Solomey- Kankakee Valley
      Aydan Amento- Evansville Central
      Dominic Heath- Churubusco
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Alec Freeman- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #10 Anthony Hughes- Lawrence North
      #11 John Robinson- Delta vs. #2 Riley Bettich- Crown Point
      #3 Giovanni Diaz- Wheeler vs. #18 Ethan Higgins- Wabash
      #16 Sam Scott- Heritage Hills vs. #4 Carson Eldred- Westfield
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Willie Dennison- Anderson
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #18 Dylan Stroud- Manchester vs. #9 Ashton Hayhurst- Evansville Mater Dei
      #10 Jace Alexander- Wawasee vs. #6 David Pierson- Warren Central
      #1 Raymond Rioux- Avon vs. #15 Beau Humphrey- Fort Wayne Snider
      #5 Brayden Lowery- Roncalli vs. #17 Brendon Mark- Mishawaka
      #2 Ben Dalton- Monrovia vs. #12 Landon Bertsch- Bluffton
      #4 Stephen Roberson- Crown Point vs. #19 Camren Toole- Lebanon
      #14 Payne Blackburn- Delta vs. #7 Kysen Montgomery- Brownsburg
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Brody Arthur- Oak Hill
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Ian Heath- Leo vs. #20 Isaiah Ponce- Lake Central
      #17 Sam Slivka- Roncalli vs. #4 Kane Egli- Evansville Mater Dei
      #13 Connor Holt- Plainfield vs. #10 Luke Goodwin- Southport
      #2 Matthew Koontz- Perry Meridian vs. #15 Conner Alcala- Decatur Central
      #18 Bradley Conrad- Portage vs. #11 Reakus Shelton- Fort Wayne Snider
      #6 Hayden Watson- Center Grove vs. #16 Jared Brown- Pendleton Heights
      #3 Hunter Cottingham- Western vs. #14 Vince Sparrow- Penn
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Lane Burns- Eastside
      Nick Tattini- Crown Point
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #9 Tyson Nisley- LaPorte vs. #2 Logan Bailey- Indianapolis Cathedral
      #20 Elijah Chacon- New Haven vs. #16 Landon Boe- Plainfield
      #7 Brendan Mattingly- Carmel vs. #6 Eli Hickman- Rensselaer Central
      #15 Ethan Kaiser- Chesterton vs. #14 Dylan Dorman- Greenfield-Central
      #1 Blake Boarman- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #12 Hayden Shepherd- Western
      #10 Kyle Lawson- Bellmont vs. #3 J Conway- Floyd Central
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 13
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Ethan Nash- Franklin Community
      Aj Dull- South Adams
      Riley Rust- Center Grove
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #8 Jaden Reynolds- Avon vs. #13 Jake Shafer- Carmel
      #4 William Fiechter- Southern Wells vs. #5 Orlando Cruz- Crown Point
      #12 Jacob Maldonado- Merrillville vs. #18 Evan Ulrick- Carroll (Fort Wayne)
      #20 Alex Currie- Adams Central vs. #3 Aj Poindexter- Harrison (West Lafayette)
      #7 Jajuan Anderson- Warren Central vs. #10 Brody Baumann- Evansville Mater Dei
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Aidan Hardcastle- Oak Hill
      Tyler Jones- Lawrence Central
      Anthony Walker- Greenwood Community
      Garrett Stuckman- Wawasee
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #12 Cody Mccune- Huntington North vs. #5 Jordan Fulks- Boonville
      #1 Brice Coleman- Warren Central vs. #9 Jorden Douglass- Attica
      #2 Jonathan Kervin- Floyd Central vs. #20 Ethan Mason- Tri-Central
      #4 Logan Boe- Danville Community vs. #16 Eli Hilger- Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger
      #10 Shane Bates- Zionsville vs. #13 Tyler Turley- Hobart
      #11 Shawn Hollis- Lowell vs. #3 Bryer Hall- East Central
      First round match-ups of unranked wrestlers:
      Garrett Stuckman- Wawasee vs. Tyler Jones- Lawrence Central
      Aidan Hardcastle- Oak Hill vs. Anthony Walker- Greenwood Community
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 14
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jacob Linky- Warsaw Community
      Sam Schroeder- Southridge
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #7 Noah Hollendonner- Crown Point vs. #16 Tytus Morrisett- Eastern (Greentown)
      #4 Cooper Noehre- Greenfield-Central vs. #8 Peyton Asbury- Brownsburg
      #2 Isiah Levitz- Prairie Heights vs. #17 Nick Winland- Chesterton
      #11 Sam Morrill- Columbus East vs. #15 Andrew Roth- Lawrenceburg
      #1 Eli Dickens- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #14 Damon Mcclain- Warren Central
      #10 Jed Perry- Southern Wells vs. #19 Aj Steenbeke- Penn
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Marcus Malson- Rushville Consolidated
      Clayton Lundy- Elkhart Memorial
      Brodie Porter- Eastern (Greentown)
      Cody Timmerman- Mishawaka
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #1 Graham Calhoun- Plymouth vs. #14 Jalen Ward- Franklin Community
      #3 Tristan Ruhlman- Bloomington South vs. #10 Braden Welch- Culver Academies
      #7 Tyler Wagner- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #19 Jacob Duncan- Southern Wells
      #13 Gavin Layman- Chesterton vs. #6 Gabe Sollars- Evansville Mater Dei
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 15
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Sam Walker- Norwell
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #3 Macartney Parkinson- Evansville Mater Dei vs. #1 Joseph Walker- Mishawaka
      #6 Johnny Parker- Indianapolis Cathedral vs. #2 Mason Winner- Jay County
      #8 Khris Walton- Merrillville vs. #9 Brendan Mcpike- Terre Haute South Vigo
      #19 Zian Constable- Peru vs. #12 Hayden Filipovich- Indianapolis Lutheran
      #7 Noah White- Columbus East vs. #17 Connor Barket- West Lafayette
      #5 Jake Lone- NorthWood vs. #16 Kole Viel- East Central
      #10 Colin Kwiatkowski- Valparaiso vs. #11 Drake Buchanan- Center Grove
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Jacob Huffman- Indianapolis Cathedral
      Luke Bakeis- Harrison (West Lafayette)
      Gage Demarco- Chesterton
      Richard Clevenger- New Palestine
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #8 Isaiah Street- Brownsburg vs. #6 Eli Pack- Culver Academies
      #1 Silas Allred- Shenandoah vs. #20 Ibrahim Khaoucha- Northridge
      #2 Jacob Laplace- Mishawaka vs. #10 Harris Eason- Franklin Community
      #11 Matt Lepper- Carroll (Fort Wayne) vs. #3 Jd Farrell- Fishers
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 11
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Blaine Pierce- Richmond
      Haakon Van Beynen- Carmel
      Reese Condon- Mooresville
      Fred Durben- Oak Hill
      Grant Warmuth- Wabash
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #5 Jason Streck- Merrillville vs. #10 Deshawn Young- Franklin Central
      #7 Will Stewart- South Spencer vs. #18 Tristen Martz- New Haven
      #2 Drew Webster- North Montgomery vs. #9 Jonathan Thomas- Mishawaka
      Number of Ranked Wrestlers Qualifying: 12
      Unranked qualifiers:
      Andres Larios- Hammond Clark
      Andrew Himes- Plymouth
      Ke`Tre Dickens- Avon
      Jose Rosales- Goshen
      First round match-ups of ranked wrestlers:
      #12 Dennis Hubbard- Warren Central vs. #14 Robbie Gentry- Mooresville
      #1 Dorian Keys- Brownsburg vs. #9 Antone Alexander- Franklin Central
      #2 Andrew Irick- Hamilton Southeastern vs. #16 Jacob Johnson- Franklin Community
      #8 Braydon Erb- Western vs. #13 Sam Perez Jr.- Highland

      3349 26 1

      Who do you want in your corner?

      Throughout the history of the state finals the number of state placers has grown from four to six and finally to eight in 1992. With the addition of the 7th and 8th place finishers came the Friday night win or go home match for all the competitors. Throughout the years we have seen amazing matches and crazy upsets on Friday night.
      After some thought we wanted to know which coach had the best winning percentage on Friday night. We compiled all the data from 1992 until 2019 and came up with the following information. Please note that included in these statistics are qualifiers that did not end up participating at state due to injury. This mildly affects a coach’s percentage as it is a rare occurrence an athlete does not participate on Friday night.
      Click here for all of the data
      Current coaches with 10+ state qualifiers from 1992-2019
      Rank Coach Qualifiers Placers Friday % Current School 1 Wade McClurg 11 10 90.91% Roncalli 2 Brian Weaver 11 9 81.82% Elkhart Memorial 3 Sean McGinley 100 78 78.00% Indianapolis Cathedral 4 Darrick Snyder 85 64 75.29% Brownsburg 5 Chris Cooper 31 22 70.97% Columbus East 6 Maurice Swain 10 7 70.00% Center Grove 7 Jim Tonte 102 70 68.63% Franklin Community 8 David Maldonado 79 53 67.09% Merrillville 9 Matthew Behling 17 11 64.71% Culver Academies 10 Matt Schoettle 22 14 63.64% Perry Meridian 11 Dan Briggs 16 10 62.50% Carroll(Fort Wayne) 12 Joshua Holden 18 11 61.11% Greenfield-Central 13 Zach Errett 20 12 60.00% Avon 14 Kevin Blundell 10 6 60.00% Monrovia 15 Greg Schaefer 69 40 57.97% Evansville Mater Dei 16 Branden Lorek 14 8 57.14% Crown Point 17 Ed Pendoski 65 37 56.92% Carmel 18 Bill Flatt 23 13 56.52% South Bend Riley 19 Tony Abbott 31 17 54.84% Cowan 20 Bob Read 24 13 54.17% Plymouth 21 Eric Myers 21 11 52.38% Jay County 22 T. Howard Jones Jr. 22 11 50.00% Jennings County 23 Mark Kirchgassner 10 5 50.00% East Central 24 Bob Harmon 57 28 49.12% Castle 25 Chris Joll 47 23 48.94% Chesterton 26 Jim Pickard 40 19 47.50% Goshen 27 Mike Runyon 15 7 46.67% Bloomington South 28 Louie Kuzdas 24 11 45.83% LaPorte 29 Lou Silverman 35 16 45.71% North Central 30 Clint Gard 16 7 43.75% Rochester 31 Brad Harper 62 27 43.55% Penn 32 Scott Ferguson 38 16 42.11% Evansville Reitz 33 Steve Pugliese 22 9 40.91% Tri-West 34 Dave Cloud 27 11 40.74% Pendleton Heights 35 Dean Branstetter 15 6 40.00% Attica 36 Brandon Sisson 10 4 40.00% Floyd Central 37 Chad Shepherd 18 7 38.89% Western 38 Danny Struck 18 7 38.89% Jeffersonville 39 Larry Mattingly 31 12 38.71% Evansville Memorial 40 Andy Hobbs 39 15 38.46% Peru 41 Dan Mikesell 13 5 38.46% Mooresville 42 Doug Smoker 19 7 36.84% Angola 43 Rod Williams 11 4 36.36% Leo 44 Jim HIttler 17 6 35.29% Huntington North 45 Jamie Welliever 12 4 33.33% Southmont 46 Andrew King 20 6 30.00% Oak Hill 47 Tim Alcorn 10 3 30.00% Mount Vernon (Posey) 48 Paul Gunsett 14 4 28.57% Bellmont 49 Jim Wadkins 22 6 27.27% Calumet 50 Blane Culp 11 3 27.27% Columbia City 51 Nick Kraus 11 2 18.18% Garrett 52 Tom Miller 17 2 11.76% Lafayette Jefferson  
      All coaches with 10+ state qualifiers from 1992-2019
      Rank Coach Qualifiers Placers Friday % Current School Past School 1 Wiley Craft 12 11 91.67%   Lawrence Central 2 Wade McClurg 11 10 90.91% Roncalli Roncalli 3 Todd Kendrick 13 11 84.62%   Franklin Central 4 Frank Svarczkopf, Jr. 12 10 83.33%   Lawrence North 5 Brian Weaver 11 9 81.82% Elkhart Memorial Elkhart Memorial 6 Travis Walls 26 21 80.77%   Griffith 7 Dan Gelarden 15 12 80.00%   Munster 8 Brett Crousore 39 31 79.49%   Lawrence North 9 Nick Petrov 24 19 79.17%   Hanover Central 10 Sean McGinley 100 78 78.00% Indianapolis Cathedral Indianapolis Cathedral 11 Perry Summitt 13 10 76.92%   Bloomington North 12 Darrick Snyder 85 64 75.29% Brownsburg Brownsburg 13 Al Smith 26 19 73.08%   Mishawaka 14 Justin Smith 11 8 72.73%   Warsaw 15 Rod Wartman 11 8 72.73%   Lake Central 16 Chris Cooper 31 22 70.97% Columbus East Columbus East 17 Keith Grant 10 7 70.00%   Indian Creek 18 Maurice Swain 10 7 70.00% Center Grove Center Grove 19 Alan Goddard 10 7 70.00%   Ben Davis 20 Dennis Miesle 10 7 70.00%   Woodlan 21 Duboris Dickerson 13 9 69.23%   Pike 22 Grodie Crick 13 9 69.23%   Evansville Central 23 Jim Tonte 102 70 68.63% Franklin Community Warren Central 24 Mike Atwood 19 13 68.42%   Delphi 25 Paul Nicodemus 19 13 68.42%   Plainfield 26 Lance Rhodes 31 21 67.74%   Indianapolis Cathedral 27 David Maldonado 79 53 67.09% Merrillville Merrillville 28 Mike Goebel 111 74 66.67%   Evansville Mater Dei 29 Paul Voigt 15 10 66.67%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 30 Bill Kelly 26 17 65.38%   East Chicago Central 31 Lance Ellis 17 11 64.71%   Roncalli 32 Matthew Behling 17 11 64.71% Culver Academies Culver Academies 33 Chad Red 28 18 64.29%   New Palestine 34 Matt Schoettle 22 14 63.64% Perry Meridian Perry Meridian 35 Brian Seltzer 40 25 62.50%   Lawrence North 36 Dan Briggs 16 10 62.50% Carroll(Fort Wayne) Union County 37 David Walpole 16 10 62.50%   Decatur Central 38 Robert Emerick 29 18 62.07%   Lake Central 39 Bob Jarrett 13 8 61.54%   Eastern (Greentown) 40 Jack Grimaldi 13 8 61.54%   Alexandria 41 Joshua Holden 18 11 61.11% Greenfield-Central Greenfield-Central 42 Rob Willman 18 11 61.11%   Floyd Central 43 Zach Errett 20 12 60.00% Avon Avon 44 Kevin Blundell 10 6 60.00% Monrovia Monrovia 45 John Kopnisky 10 6 60.00%   Carmel 46 Brent Faurote 109 65 59.63%   Bellmont 47 Kevin Troy 32 19 59.38%   Roncalli 48 Larry Tharp 22 13 59.09%   Portage 49 Russel Feigert 41 24 58.54%   Beech Grove 50 Dave Thompson 24 14 58.33%   Whiteland 51 Greg Schaefer 69 40 57.97% Evansville Mater Dei Evansville Mater Dei 52 Royce Deckard 64 37 57.81%   Bloomington South 53 Steve Balash 52 30 57.69%   Hobart 54 Keith Hoffar 28 16 57.14%   East Noble 55 Kyle Poyer 28 16 57.14%   Hamilton Southeastern 56 Mike Smorin 14 8 57.14%   South Bend Riley 57 Jim Nicholson 14 8 57.14%   Elkhart Central 58 Branden Lorek 14 8 57.14% Crown Point Crown Point 59 Ed Pendoski 65 37 56.92% Carmel Carmel 60 Bill Flatt 23 13 56.52% South Bend Riley South Bend Riley 61 Trent McCormick 103 58 56.31%   Yorktown 62 Bobby Howard 16 9 56.25%   Lowell 63 John Cook 16 9 56.25%   Valparaiso 64 Bob Hasseman 68 38 55.88%   Franklin Community 65 Lance Beehler 18 10 55.56%   Mishawaka 66 Danny Williams 20 11 55.00%   Warren Central 67 Tony Abbott 31 17 54.84% Cowan Cowan 68 Jamie Wingler 11 6 54.55%   New Palestine 69 Jason Warthan 11 6 54.55%   Columbus North 70 James Colias 11 6 54.55%   Munster 71 Kenny Wallace 11 6 54.55%   Princeton 72 Bob Read 24 13 54.17% Plymouth Plymouth 73 Clarence Warthan 24 13 54.17%   Frankfort 74 Israel Blevins 37 20 54.05%   Avon 75 Mike Ester 26 14 53.85%   Fort Wayne Snider 76 Jake Harreld 13 7 53.85%   Fishers 77 Bob Brennan 15 8 53.33%   Zionsville 78 Jared Williams 40 21 52.50%   Zionsville 79 Eric Myers 21 11 52.38% Jay County Jay County 80 Scott Vlink 86 45 52.33%   Crown Point 81 Rex Peckinpaugh 73 38 52.05%   New Castle 82 Andy Simon 35 18 51.43%   Carmel 83 Leroy Vega 43 22 51.16%   Portage 84 Mark Kerrn 38 19 50.00%   Jimtown 85 Randy Kearby 34 17 50.00%   Columbia City 86 Jim Ledbetter 28 14 50.00%   Warren Central 87 T. Howard Jones Jr. 22 11 50.00% Jennings County Jennings County 88 Todd Sacksteder 20 10 50.00%   Beech Grove 89 Kevin King 18 9 50.00%   Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 90 Chris Campbell 14 7 50.00%   Greenwood 91 Bill Yozipovich 14 7 50.00%   Greenfield-Central 92 Mark Bruner 12 6 50.00%   Brown County 93 Mark Kirchgassner 10 5 50.00% East Central East Central 94 Lee Fry 10 5 50.00%   Prairie Heights 95 Chris Svarczkopf 10 5 50.00%   Fort Wayne North Side 96 Larry Hazuga 10 5 50.00%   Jeffersonville 97 Christopher Kern 10 5 50.00%   Zionsville 98 Bob Harmon 57 28 49.12% Castle Castle 99 Chris Joll 47 23 48.94% Chesterton Chesterton 100 Henry Wilk 43 21 48.84%   Penn 101 Dennis Lewis 27 13 48.15%   NorthWood 102 Jim Pickard 40 19 47.50% Goshen Goshen 103 Terry O'Neill 19 9 47.37%   Westfield 104 Scott Dehart 17 8 47.06%   Wawasee 105 Mike Runyon 15 7 46.67% Bloomington South Bloomington South 106 Ryan Wells 15 7 46.67%   Kokomo 107 Cale Hoover 26 12 46.15%   Center Grove 108 Louie Kuzdas 24 11 45.83% LaPorte LaPorte 109 Tony Boley 24 11 45.83%   Warsaw 110 Lou Silverman 35 16 45.71% North Central North Central 111 Bud Palmer 11 5 45.45%   Delta 112 Steve Wewe 11 5 45.45%   Franklin County 113 Bo Henry 11 5 45.45%   Bloomington North 114 Clint Gard 16 7 43.75% Rochester Rochester 115 Brad Harper 62 27 43.55% Penn Penn 116 Rick Stenftenagel 14 6 42.86%   Jasper 117 David Caple 14 6 42.86%   Floyd Central 118 Scott Schwarz 26 11 42.31%   East Central 119 Scott Ferguson 38 16 42.11% Evansville Reitz Evansville Reitz 120 Steve VanderAa 17 7 41.18%   Winamac 121 Steve Pugliese 22 9 40.91% Tri-West Danville 122 Dave Cloud 27 11 40.74% Pendleton Heights Pendleton Heights 123 Scott Raypole 15 6 40.00%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 124 Dean Branstetter 15 6 40.00% Attica Attica 125 Brandon Sisson 10 4 40.00% Floyd Central Floyd Central 126 James Binkley 10 4 40.00%   New Albany 127 Sam DiPrimio 10 4 40.00%   Fort Wayne Northrop 128 Gene Backes 10 4 40.00%   Evansville Reitz 129 Murray Miller 10 4 40.00%   South Bend Washington 130 James Phillips 10 4 40.00%   Indianapolis Emmerich Manual 131 Kevin Taylor 10 4 40.00%   Wawasee 132 Al Hartman 36 14 38.89%   South Bend Clay 133 Chad Shepherd 18 7 38.89% Western Western 134 Danny Struck 18 7 38.89% Jeffersonville Jeffersonville 135 Larry Mattingly 31 12 38.71% Evansville Memorial Evansville Memorial 136 Andy Hobbs 39 15 38.46% Peru Peru 137 Dan Mikesell 13 5 38.46% Mooresville Mooresville 138 Ed Fox 13 5 38.46%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 139 Greg Gastineau 13 5 38.46%   Hamilton Southeastern 140 Mark Line 21 8 38.10%   Kankakee Valley 141 Doug Smoker 19 7 36.84% Angola Angola 142 Gary Fox 11 4 36.36%   Franklin Central 143 Rod Williams 11 4 36.36% Leo Leo 144 Tony Grater 11 4 36.36%   McCutcheon 145 Tony Starks 11 4 36.36%   Ben Davis 146 Todd Fakes 11 4 36.36%   Monrovia 147 Derek Bocock 14 5 35.71%   Lebanon 148 Matt Koontz 14 5 35.71%   Whitko 149 Jim HIttler 17 6 35.29% Huntington North Huntington North 150 Mark Scott 20 7 35.00%   Muncie Central 151 David Errett 20 7 35.00%   Martinsville 152 Barry Humble 18 6 33.33%   South Adams 153 Josh Dommer 15 5 33.33%   Leo 154 Jamie Welliever 12 4 33.33% Southmont Southmont 155 Robert Freije 16 5 31.25%   Brownsburg 156 Randy Pursley 13 4 30.77%   Homestead 157 Andrew King 20 6 30.00% Oak Hill Oak Hill 158 Chuck Fleshman 10 3 30.00%   Central Noble 159 Tim Alcorn 10 3 30.00% Mount Vernon (Posey) Mount Vernon (Posey) 160 John Bennett 10 3 30.00%   Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 161 Paul Gunsett 14 4 28.57% Bellmont Bellmont 162 Nicholas Eckert 14 4 28.57%   North Posey 163 George Gardner 18 5 27.78%   South Dearborn 164 Jim Wadkins 22 6 27.27% Calumet Calumet 165 Blane Culp 11 3 27.27% Columbia City Columbia City 166 Ron Anderson 11 3 27.27%   Winchester 167 Eric Burres 12 3 25.00%   New Albany 168 Doug Deters 13 3 23.08%   Franklin County 169 Kevin Wilkinson 10 2 20.00%   Southmont 170 Ken Houston 16 3 18.75%   Twin Lakes 171 Denny Schwartz 16 3 18.75%   Adams Central 172 Nick Kraus 11 2 18.18% Garrett Garrett 173 Scott VanDerAa 15 2 13.33%   Harrison (WL) 174 Tom Miller 17 2 11.76% Lafayette Jefferson Lafayette Jefferson 175 Al Thomas 10 1 10.00%   Logansport 176 Tim Sloffer 12 1 8.33%   Carroll(Fort Wayne) 177 Doug Schultz 13 1 7.69%   Adams Central  

      12159 1

      2020 State Finals Information Center

      Friday, Feb. 21, 2020
      Session 1 | First Round | 6 pm ET (Gates open at 4:30 pm ET)
      Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020
      Session 2 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET (Gates open at 8 am ET)
      Session 3 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET (Gates open at 4 pm ET)
      State Finals Hashtag: #INWRState20
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      Who do you want in your corner on Friday night?
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      History of the State Tournament
      General Information
      Dates: Feb. 21-22, 2020.
      Site: Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis | Website
      Security: All people as well as their bags, purses, and coolers (athletes only) entering Bankers Life Fieldhouse will be subject to a security inspection. A full list of prohibited items can be found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide. Additionally, misconduct, mistreatment of Fieldhouse staff, or other prohibited behavior will be addressed promptly and violators are subject to ejection from the premises or arrest. The code of conduct is found in the Fieldhouse Fan Guide.
      Admission: $10 per session or $20 both days. Children 24 months old and younger admitted free of charge. Order All Session Tickets 
      Television: Saturday's state championship bouts in each weight class will air live on Fox Sports Indiana.
      Webstream: Friday's first round and Saturday's quarterfinals, semifinals and consolation matches may be viewed via live stream for a subscription fee at TrackWrestling.com. For Saturday night's championship round, viewers outside of the Fox Sports Indiana coverage area, a live stream will be available at IHSAAtv.org. For those within the FSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis following the conclusion of the telecast.
      State Finals Pairings Show
      The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT (1 hour). The show will be hosted by Greg Rakestraw and Mike Goebel.
      Approved Broadcasts 
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      Friday, Feb. 21, 2020
      Session 1 | First Round | 6 pm ET (Gates open at 4:30 pm ET) | Order Session 1 Tickets 
      Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020
      Session 2 | Quarterfinals with Semifinals to follow | 9:30 am ET (Gates open at 8 am ET) | Order Session 2 Tickets 
      Session 3 | Consolations at 5 pm ET with Championships to follow at 7:30 pm ET (Gates open at 4 pm ET) | Order Session 3 Tickets 

      2148 10 2

      TripleB's Famous Evansville Semi-State Preview

      Welcome to TripleB’s annual Evansville Semi-State Preview!
      House keeping items -
      From our inside man Markio - Ford Arena info:
      ●       Parking and general information about the arena can be found at www.thefordcenter.com
      ●       Wrestlers can enter the arena at 7:30am for weigh ins. Wrestlers and coaches will enter at the interior ticket office lobby (to the far right of the main lobby doors) to check in and head back. You will pick up your credentials here.
      ●       The only coolers allowed are for wrestlers and must enter at the check in table through the interior ticket lobby. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK for anyone else is allowed inside unfortunately. Not my rules, just standard building policy.
      ●       Public doors open at 8:00am CST. Enter on Main Street through the main lobby. We will look to create a separate door/entrance for those that already have tickets. $12 dollars for all session ticket, $10 for finals only.
      ●       There is NO onsite parking. Please do not have any team vehicles attempt to park in the loading dock or attached outer lot. These are reserved spots.
      ●       There is no public Wi-Fi.
      ●       Please do not jump over the dasher walls to access the floor. They try to control access to the floor, so you need to enter from the lower level hallway under section 103. You wouldn't jump the wall at Banker's Life would you? lol
      ●       The hospitality room for officials, etc. will be in the Corner Club. Enter from the main lobby and hang a right at lower level hallway.
      ●       If you are going to set up a camera please do not have the cord running across the aisle. You will be made to unplug any cords running across an aisle.
      ●       We will have full concessions available throughout the day. Coffee and hot chocolate are also available all day as well. (get the bbq pork nachos, huge and awesome)
      ●       There is no smoking on or in the Ford Center property, this includes e-cigarettes.
      ●       Brackets will be updated throughout the day and posted on several of the 170 or so TVs located all over the arena. The brackets end up kind of small, but hey, they are everywhere and pretty cool.
      ●       Lastly,if you are a wrestler that loses please don't kick,throw,or punch Ford Center property. We had a kid break off a door handle last year.Sent the bill to the school. 
      Friday will be a day of passion and love, but 224 grapplers hope their hearts aren’t broken like scorned lovers on Saturday as only 56 can get hit by Cupid’s arrow and sent to Indianapolis and Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
      How does this work - The exclusive Evansville Championship Selection Committee (ECSC) spent 2 days in hard deliberations over their Ford Fab 4 picks. Each member selected their ballot, points were accumulated, and from there the picks started falling.
      Article features:
      The Charles Barkley “Turrible”  Draws - ticket round matches that shouldn’t be happening in the ticket round!
      The Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Best first round matches!
      The Built Ford Tough Locks - The Pickers of the Round Table has been assembled. There were very few, but any weight class where the pick for champion was unanimous, makes it a Ford Tough Lock. Ford Tough Locks were hard to come by this year as only 4 were given out.
      Ford Fab 4 - After picks were gathered, points distributed, and the dust settled, we’ll have the Ford Fab 4.
      Also special guest committee member The Donnie Baker (not that Donnie Baker) has offered some of his highlights throughout.
      What if I didn’t agree with the ECSC or I thought they made a terrible error (I mean really how many times will Oklahoma get free frickin pass already)? Then have no fear - The TripleB Guarantee will help you sort out the madness.
      Without further ado...UNLEASH THE PREVIEW!!
      106: 106 brings us our first of five LOCKS. Logan Miller of Brownsburg has been knocking off ranked wrestlers all year. The ECSC was unanimous - this is Miller’s weight class to lose. With team race looking tight, this weight class can get the Bulldogs off and running orrrrr ticket round magic by the latest Egli, Reed can get the Wildcats of Mater Dei rolling.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - The Mater Dei classic in December gave us a preview of 106. Lou Knable and Reed Egli wrestled twice with Knable winning the first match 6-5 and Egli taking the second one 1-0. What happens in the third match?1?!? Don’t be late!!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws -  The #12 Coy Hammack vs #13 Blake Zirkelbach guarantees that a SS top 4 kid is going home, and they are also 1-1 with Hammack getting the latest win in their conference finals a few weeks back. Another rubber match in the 106 bracket!!
      Don’t sleep on…. Jasper Junior Jainier Milanes looks to maybe break up the Hammack/Zirkelbach trilogy by sliding through the quarter bracket and onto Indy!
      Ford Fab 4 - The ECSC was unanimous on 1-2, but a tie for 3/4th. Ties were handled by whoever had the total higher placement points (more 3rd place votes in this case).
      1st - Logan Miller Brownsburg, 2nd - Kyler West Evansville Memorial, 3rd - Coy Hammack Tell City, 4th - Ca$h Turner Edgewood
      113: All 10 semi-state ranked grapplers have navigated their way through sectionals and regionals and have set themselves for shots at BLF. Mater Dei’s Cole Ross is the early favorite, owning 2 razor thin wins over both Lane Gilbert and Cheaney Schoeff. But this weight class is star power heavy as Ross, Gilbert, and Schoeff lead a class that could all be podium placers in the next few years.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - SS #4 Braiden Hanes vs  SS #7 Ethan Roudebush are featured in a quarter bracket with no state ranked wrestlers and also features SS #6 Noah Lykins. Sophomore, Sophomore, Sophomore = Future Hammers, Hammers, Hammers but for one their time is now. Donnie Baker says you better watch this quarter bracket!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Maybe not a tuuuurbbbillee draw but certainly a blood round match to watch - Freshman #5 ranked Gilbert vs Senior #19 ranked Logan Sutton of Castle. Winners goes to Indy, loser heads home too early.
      Don’t sleep on…. The aforementioned quarterbracket of Super Sophomores and Noah Lykins. The Olympian is battle tested as East wrestles one of the toughest schedules in the state. Can he pull off wins over two legit competitors?
      Ford Fab 4 - The ECSC was split but Ross gets the nod.
      1st - Cole Ross Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Lane Gilbert, 3rd Cheaney Schoeff, 4th Braden Haines
      TRIPLEB GUARANTEE - Cheaney Schoeff of Avon will cause some noise, he makes the finals, he pushes Ross, he beats Ross.
      120: 120 features our second LOCK of the preview - Evansville Mater Dei Junior and returning state qualifier Alec Freeman. Heritage Hills’ Sam Scott has had a great year and is the only other clear cut state bound wrestler here as after that things get murky.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker: 2 opening round matches could bring early fireworks - Greencastle Frosh phenom Chase Carrington and Evansville Centrals super Soph Ayden Amento will both battle for a chance to advance. Both received votes, this first round match could determine who advances to Indy. The other is Chris Newman and Jacob Bechert, Newman is a returning state qualifier but he gets two points of recognition here as he’s also featured in….
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Chris Newman and Delaney Ruhlman maybe isn’t a Turrible do to both being underclassmen and not a lot of state level credentials. But both have had great years, 6 combined losses, and this could possibly be the first of many matches.
      Don’t sleep on…. Newman, Amento, and 2 homers I have - Charlestown junior Colin Knox is 35-1 but has gotten zero love from the ECSC, also Madison Sophmore Noah Burkhardt has only been wrestling for 2 years and won sectionals and was a regional runner up. Can either of these 2 TripleB Sleepers pull off the upsets?!?!?!
      Ford Fab 4: After Freeman and Scott the rest of the field appears to be up for grabs - Ruhlman, Newman, Carrington, and Amento all got some love but after the dust settled -
      1st - Alec Freeman Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Sam Scott Heritage Hills, 3rd - Delaney Ruhlman Bloomington South, 4th Chase Carrington Greencastle
      126: 5 top 10 state ranked wrestlers, 8 top 10 semi-state ranked wrestlers. Maybe the mostest biggest, yuuugest CB Turrible Draw ever….. Alstott/Dalton 3. This was a bronze medal match last year at state and now it’s a ticket round match. Somebody better call my momma….this is a injustice!!! Oh and our 3rd Ford Tough LOCK!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Let’s skip the formalities and pleasantries, all 8 SS guys fall into different first round matches. First round should be chalk. Let’s get to it
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - Are you kidding me?? Under absolutely no circumstances should this be a ticket round match. This should be a prime reason for wrestlebacks, but not so fast my friend!! This is the beauty of Indiana wrestling. We are getting a winner take all match in the blood round between two state medalists. This should be a fantastic, low scoring match up. Good luck to both guys!
      Don’t sleep on…. After the Alstott/Dalton match this weight we almost Chalk picks. Maybe I should plug Raymond Rioux here. All the talk has been about Alstott and Dalton and we have a Ford Tough LOCK here. Raymond has put together a stellar career for Avon, he’s a 3 time state medalists. He’s been a leader for the #WestSideWingmen for 4 years and should put a bow on his career with a Semi-state Championship this weekend and a state championship next weekend. He’s also the first of the Rioux Dozen, that name isn’t going away anytime soon in the Indiana Wrestling scene. #ParrishTrained
      Ford Fab 4: Gavin Alstott is 0-3 against Ben Dalton, the ECSC believes 4th time's the charm as The Highlander got the nod
      1st - Raymond Rioux Avon, 2nd Gavin Alstott Floyd Central, 3rd Kysen Montgomery Brownsburg, 4th Ashton Hayhurst Mater Dei.
      TripleBGuarantee - B-E-N-D-A-L-T-O-N, not only for ticket round but maybe as a LOCK buster!
      132: 5 state ranked and 8 semi-state ranked wrestlers lead this weight class. 2 words can describe this HOT MESS. 9 potential qualifiers all received votes, yes I said 9! That means this weight class should be a doozy Saturday!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers -  SS #4 Beau Heeke from Heritage Hills and SS #7 ranked Seth Rohrbach both got votes to advance, but only one can advance out of the first round. Also a potential 1 over 4 upset as Conner Alcala from Decatur Central looks to take out regional champ Chase Aldridge from Providence.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Sound the sirens, we have our first “Swear to God” pick by Donnie Baker - Gibson Southern Sophomore Christian Polen and Center Grove’s Hayden Watson. DB says to bet the boat on Polen! The other Turrible draw is a battle of two time state qualifiers and features a match that could definitely shift the team race. #4 state ranked Kane Egli takes on #8 ranked Tyler Conley from Avon. These two wrestled at state duals with Egli getting a 3-2 win. Can Conley switch that result and help his Hendricks Co rivals Brownsburg out here or even help put Avon in position to win?
      Don’t sleep on…. Ha, evidently we shouldn’t sleep on the whole bracket. But in no order - Seth Rohrbach, Beau Heeke, Christian Polen, Lane Deckard, and Tyler Conley all got votes but not enough to break into the -
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Hayden Watson Center Grove, 2nd - Kane Egli Evansville Mater Dei, 3rd - Connor Holt Plainfield, 4th - Conner Alcala Decatur Central
      138: A weight going chalk means the ECSC has 4 unanimous selections in the same order. It has rarely if ever happened. This weight class was as close as it came this year as only one vote kept the weight class from being chalk and having Blake Boarman as a LOCK (*cough Donnie Baker cough*). Oh did I mention Drake Campbell beat Blake Boarman this year already? Maybe good old DB isn’t off his rocker! 5 state ranked wrestlers and 9 semi state ranked wrestlers are featured at 138, Let’s Go!!!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - 2 matches stand out as curtain jerkers and I noticed some irregularities. First another Donnie Baker “Bet the Boat” upset alert - Terre Haute South junior Nathan Recknor over #13 Keandre Watson. The other match is SS #6 Colton Roberts and SS #9 Pat Mayes. Mayes is 40-2, Roberts has 13 losses. Does Avon’s strength of schedule carry Roberts over Mayes? Some voters say yes, some say no!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - None, there’s a reason this weight class was almost chalk. Semi finals and finals should be great though.
      Don’t sleep on…. Campbell beat Boarman in a close match, Boarman beat J Conway in a close match. J Conway has been a takedown machine all season……. can the Highlander steal the booty and walk away like a Pirate with some gold Saturday?
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Blake Boarman Brownsburg, 2nd J Conway Floyd Central, 3rd Drake Campbell Brownsburg, 4th Landon Boe Plainfield
      145: 5 state ranked wrestlers and 7 ranked semi-state wrestlers are featured at 145. Also 145 features our only 1st place tie, it’s officially up for grabs. It’s another weight where the committee doesn’t feel that there will be any party crashers as all 5 had the same 4 qualifiers albeit in different order. Justice Cash, Brody Baumann, and Jaden Renyolds all got first place votes and Cash/Reynolds finished in a tie. We will take it The Speaker of the Committee TripleB to break the tie.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Both unranked, both having great years Central freshman Luke Kemper and Floyd Central sophomore Codei Khawaja both come from bloodlines of wrestlers (Look them both up, I’m not geneology.com over here). This will be a great curtain jerker. Franklin Community senior Ethan Nash draws regional champ and state final hopeful #19 David Tucker. Here’s 2 things I know from my years of being around - Franklin never has a dull semi state, they keep matches close and Tonte brings the magic. While Tucker is the favorite, don’t be surprised to see Nash pull out a grinder match and sneak through
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - There’s nothing to see here, move along.
      Don’t sleep on…. Voters were chalk with the qualifiers
      Ford Fab 4 - Our first and only tie for first place, Justice Cash and Jaden Reynolds both racking up 16 out of a possible 20 votes. We went to the ballots and Cash received 3 first place votes while Reynolds received 1. Cash gets the nod.
      1st - Justice Cash Bloomington North (Donnie Baker Lock, Stock, and Pork pick), 2nd - Jaden Reynolds, 3rd - Brody Baumann, 4th - David Tucker Brown Co
      152: 5 top ten state ranked and all 10 semi-state wrestlers makes 152 no joke. There will be some Fitts thrown, some Hamms, will the Law be laid down, or can the Incredible Fulks smash the field? I could go all day with puns here but let’s put a BOE on it and move along. A top ten match up in the blood round gives us a Turrible draw and a Donnie Baker “Bet the Boat” guarantee are featured. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Moses Hamm and Jacob Cookerly are two SS ranked dudes looking to get after it, can the Hamm be COOKerlied? Oh man but seriously, the winner gets Fulks and this should be a great match!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw - #7 Fitts vs #2 Kervin. Both are returning State Qualifiers. Fitts is a fireball, if he can channel his emotions in the right way, will it be enough to knock off Kervin?
      Don’t sleep on…. Logan Boe, yes he’s predicted to finish in top 4 but this Warrior is a 3x state medalists and has always brought the heat when it counts. Kervin got the nod from the voters, but Don’t Sleep On Boe
      Ford Fab 4 -  Your top 4 seeds are a combined 142 and 2. Schwew-wee, this should be some fun semi-finals and finals. Boe and Kervin are the Donnie Baker “Shut Up Randy, I’m watching come rasslin” Highlight match.
      1st Jonathan Kervin Floyd Central, 2nd - Kade Law Columbus East, 3rd Logan Boe Danville, 4th - Jordan Fulks Boonville
      Donnie Baker Bet the Boat Guarantee - All 4 will be on the podium next week at BLF, STATE LAW!!!
      160:  5 State ranked and 8 semi-state ranked wrestlers lead the field at 160 including the next LOCK, Evansville Mater Dei’s returning 3rd placer Eli Dickens. Some ticket round matches are featured here, not necessarily Turrible draws but matches that should be worth the watch. 
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - The Donnie Baker “Too Close to call” first round curtain jerker goes to #11 Sam Morrill and Evansville Reitz’s Aiden Farmer. Can Farmer sneak the upset?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Whenever 2 top 10 ranked guys are going at it for the golden ticket it’s just turrible. #1 Eli Dickens and #9 Tyler Fuqua have both made the trip to Indy and both certainly are worthy medalists, but this year only one will get to take that opportunity. Turrible, turrible, turrible.
      Don’t sleep on….Wade Presson of Bloomington South has had some good wins this year and a win in the ticket round isn’t unthinkable. Keep an eye on Morrill/Farmer winner vs Presson.
      Ford Fab 4 - The 2nd Wildcat making the LOCK list, Eli Dickens leads this talented field
      1st - Eli Dickens Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Peyton Asbury Brownsburg, 3rd - John Purdy Castle, 4th Sam Morrill Columbus East
      170: 5 State ranked and 8 semi-state ranked wrestlers are on tap to duke it out at 170. The ECSC had a unanimous Fab 4, though some disagreed with placements. This because we have the dreaded my guy beat your guy but lost to your guy. The sectional seeding nightmare. 2x state qualifier Robert Deters leads this field. Let’s see who gets left out of the musical chairs.
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - Columbus North’s Nick Holt was a sectional champ that hit a roadblock last weekend by some freshman from Madison (btw how many freshman lead the varsity football team in tackles and win regionals?) Indian Creek’s Owen Sego’s season has been well documented, this is his 4th trip to Evansville, will he get through? This match should be special, don’t miss it!
      Don’t sleep on…. Sego and Carrington
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draw -  Two turrible draws, the aforementioned Sego has a decorated career, here’s to hoping he can continue his season with a W, but Deters is no small obstacle. #3 2 loss Ruhlman and #11 2 loss Carrinton will be going at it to determine who goes to BLF. Ruhlman appears to be the favorite, but another Turrible Draw
      Ford Fab 4 - Whenever you got #2,#3, and #6 in the same bracket, there will be no LOCK. The ECSC did really like Deters though to avenge his loss to Ruhlman and lock up a SS championship.
      1st - Robert Deters Castle, 2nd - Tristan Ruhlman Bloomington South, 3rd - Gabe Sollars Evansville Mater Dei, 4th - Jalen Ward Franklin
      182: 2 state qualifiers, one not favored to advance, a for LOCK that wasn’t. It’s 1-8-2! 6 state ranked (including #s 3,7, and 9) and 9 ranked SS wrestlers are on tabs at 182. Macartney Parkinson is a returning state medalist, who is undefeated in Indiana this year. This was a hands down LOCK….but then Donnie Baker crashed the party. Also Brenden Moore is a returning state qualifier who hasn’t had the easiest path to the Ford Center. How do Parkinson and Moores fate intertwine? Welll…..
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - Brendan McPike of Terre Haute South has had a fantastic season (trust me I got the emails and texts to prove it). Can this Outlaw survive returning State Qualifier Moore in the first round to lay way for rematch with Parkinson?
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Macartney Parkinson and Greg Glover will meet to determine a spot in Evansville. Another ticket round match that could affect the team race.
      Don’t sleep on…. Brenden Moore, Greg Glover, how about a sleeper pic of Drake Buchanan? Do you know his dad was a school teacher at Madison Junior High School when TripleB was only DoubleB and ran the hallways?!?! Never doubt a 3B connection!!
      Ford Fab 4 -
      1st - Macartney Parkinson Evansville Mater Dei, 2nd - Noah White Columbus East, 3rd - Drake Buchanan Center Grove, 4th - Brendan Mcpike Terre Haute South
      Donnie Baker Bet the Boat Guarantee - Brendan McPike will be on the revenge tour Saturday knocking of Parkinson and Noah White.
      195:  Only 4 state ranked and 8 SS ranked wrestlers leaves this bracket kind of feeling ehhh…. but no worries, the Donnie Baker “Fight of the Night” will deliver and according to DB break up another LOCK. McKinley Kemper was well on his way to locking up a LOCK, like the other Kempers before him. Donnie pulled a Corso and said “Not so fast my friend”
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - No first rd matches of SS ranked grapplers left me searching….just like I”ll be searching the concessions Saturday at about this time.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - Again natta, all 4 ranked guys are spread out in quarterbrackets, all seems well.
      Don’t sleep on…. Cody Matherly of Jeffersonville, he will have to win one on the STREETs to get to Bankers but the streets of Jeff are no joke.
      Donnie Baker’s FIGHT OF THE NIGHT - Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, Donnie Baker enterprises in accordance with STATE LAW proudly brings to you the Fight of the Night… it’s a semi final match up between a Junior, from Franklin Community, with a 35-2 record Harrrriiisss Eaassssooonnnn!!! And his opponent from Evansville Central, this senior comes to us with a record of 36 wins and only 1 defeat, ittttttttt’s McKinnnnnnnnnley Kemmmmmper!!!
      Ford Fab 4 - Kemper, Eason, Street and Rogers all advance. Kemper so close to a lock, but Eason got a vote.
      1st - McKinley Kemper Evansville Central, 2nd - Isaiah Street (I watched this kid almost bleed to death in Iowa as a 6th grader and still finished the match and the tournament helping Team Indiana finish 3rd in the nation, do not sleep on the STREET), 3rd - Harris Eason, 4th - Phoenix Rodgers Heritage Hills
      220:  7 state ranked (wow) and all 10 SS ranked wrestlers bring the BOOM to 220. 8 wrestlers all recieved votes. Amongst the chaos the ECSC picks a non state ranked hammer to get through, Yowie Wowie what a weight class!!
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerker - This quarter bracket features 4 SS ranked dudes - #9 Ethan Rogers, #8 Cordell Huering, #10 Reese Condon, and #7 Kenton Williams all will have to sort it out it to make it out and the votes were not unanimous on who makes it out.
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - When you have so many ranked guys does it negate Turrible draws? The Donnie Baker Barn Burner of the night and Turrible Draw - #13 Josh Howell of Terre Haute South vs #7 Will Stewart of South Spencer. Spencer is a returning state placer, Howell has one loss and Donnie says this match is going to extra periods - This should be a great match! Also #6 Nathan Willman vs #11 Leighton Jones both are top 4 in SS but one is going home! The last one is #8 (#1 in ss) Micah Dodson vs #15 (#6 in ss) Macray Robinson. 
      Don’t sleep on…. Stop what you are doing, look up the bracket (The Indianamat one with rankings), take a picture and seriously don’t sleep on any of them
      Ford Fab 4 - This was chaos, the ECSC was up until the wee hours debating 220. Here’s what we got:
      1st - Nathan Willman North Posey, 2nd - Micah Dodson Martinsville, 3rd - Joshua Howell Terre Haute South, 4th - Kenton Williams Sullivan
      TripleBGuarantee - If Ethan Rogers can get on his offense early, he’s going to state. Leighton Jones will go big boy and the frosh will knock out a senior in the ticket round, Will Stewart will go to state… Heck just write this down - 1. Micah Dodson, 2. Leighton Jones, 3. Will Stewart, 4. Ethan Rogers. Take that to the Bank!
      285: The last weight and the last LOCK. Last year Dorian Keys took the state by surprise on his run to a state title. There will be no surprises this year as Keys has been labeled a LOCK by the ECSC. 6 state ranked and 9 ss ranked wrestlers round out the semi-state qualifiers for 2020 (round, see what I did there, jeeze I’m losing my mind). 6 garnered votes and the most interesting matchup is a Turrrible draw
      Barry Horowitz Best Curtain Jerkers - I’ve been hearing about this one guy all year, “TripleB ya gotta give love to Ke’Tre Dickens, watch out for Dickens, Dickens, Dickens” Well here is his chance to shine and out of the gates he has undefeated Bloomington North wrestler Race Stewart. I’ve been told this could be shocker!
      Charles Barkley Turrible Draws - #14 Robbie Gentry vs. #15 Matthew Munoz, both are worthy of state and Munoz has a win over Gentry this year albeit on home turf. There will be no home turf this weekend.
      Don’t sleep on…. Hunter Wimpelberg is a senior for Coach Ferguson at Reitz, Regional champ, good program, great coach, do not sleep on Wimpelberg punching a ticket. Robbie Gentry could reverse his fortunes against Munoz and also punch his ticket
      Ford Fab 4 - Our last LOCK and Munoz doing what Munoz does best, escaping with a win
      1st - Dorian Keys Brownsburg, 2nd - Matthew Munoz Jeffersonville, 3rd - Race Stewart Bloomington North, 4th - Jacob Johnson Franklin
      Man we made it…….let’s end w my favorite - food recomendations
      Friday night I’m heading to Hilltop Inn for my first ever Brain sandwich. I'm pumped. Brains aren’t your thing? Turonis is a local pizza place that’s dynamite. Like German? Gerst Haus is phenomenal. Want to head out for some adult beverages? Go to Franklin Ave, Gerst Haus is there and a number of other watering holes and great restaurants. I’m never up early enough for Breakfast so I have no clue. I hear the nachos at the Ford are great and worth the $. And a tradition on the way home is Stoll’s Country Diner - lights out fried chicken and down home buffet.
      Have a great time Saturday, I thoroughly enjoy the Evansville Semi-State experience. I’ll be there slumming around, feel free to say hey, you can’t miss me! Good luck to all my coaching buddies and all 224 grapplers. Use this to pump you up and get mad bc you were slighted and parents have fun with this as we at Indianamat are just trying to bring attention to our favorite sport, wrestling!
      See everybody at the FORD and onto Bankers!

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