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  • IHSWCA Update & Clarification of Open Room Policy


    May 7th, 2009


    IHSWCA Members:


    On April 29th the IHSWCA Executive Committee met with Commissioners Ress and Cox of the IHSAA.  Four items of concerns were discussed as well as other topics and issues surrounding wrestling and high school sports in Indiana.


    It appears as though two changes may be put in place for next season.  The first change would be made to the sectional scoring system.  Scoring would now begin at the quarterfinal round.  This concern was raised because 28 of our 32 sectionals have more than 8 teams.  It is now possible for points to be scored in the pigtail round because of getting fortunate draws.  In many cases teams are not only picking up these extra matches, but are receiving forfeits in them.  The hope is this change will make the sectional scoring system fairer to all teams.


    The second change would allow teams to weigh-in 28 wrestlers in the team portion of the tournament series.  We are currently allowed to weigh-in 24, and the IHSWCA believe this was a change that could easily be made and would help the programs who advance in the team tournament series.


    The open room policy was also discussed, and on Monday the IHSAA ruled on this policy.  We were told that the IHSAA would be looking into open rooms very closely because they are concerned about undue influence.  With Indiana’s decision to allow parents to choose the public school of their choice, the worry is recruiting will be an issue.  I want to remind all of members and schools that open rooms are for students of your school only and are voluntary.  You cannot invite kids from around the state to attend open rooms.  If you want to kids from other schools you must be a USA Wrestling (ISWA) or HYWAY club and every kid there must be a member as well.  If they are not you are in violation.  ISWA sponsored RTC’s are within the spirit of the rule as long as all participants are USA Wrestling card holders.


    We were given some advice on this matter by the commissioners.  Do not advertise on IHSWCA.com or Indianamat.com as having open rooms where others are invited.  You need to come up with another name for the workout and make sure all participants are a club member (USA Wrestling or HYWAY).  I ask you as the Junior Director for the ISWA that you do not call them RTC’s unless you are an ISWA recognized RTC.


    Cale A. Hoover

    Center Grove HS, Social Studies Teacher, Head Wrestling Coach

    IHSWCA President

    ISWA Junior Director


    317-881-0581 ext. 1287


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