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    Fargo Junior Preview

    The Juniors will start on the mat Sunday at Fargo. This is a group that overall might be the deepest group in terms of state placers and champions that Indiana has taken in a long time. Eight wrestlers that have won a state title will be representing the Hoosier state along with over 40 wrestlers that have state level experience.


    Three wrestlers with Fargo experience that will have high expectations include Evan Bates, Zeke Seltzer, and Drake Buchanan. Both Selzer and Bates were runner-ups in 2019 at the 16U age level and looking to get the big stop sign this year. Bates will be wrestling at Northwestern this winter, while Seltzer recently committed to wrestle at Missouri after completing his senior year. Buchanan was 6th in 2019 and currently looking at finding a school to wrestle at after this year. By now we all know Christian Carroll's story, he'll be in the mix for his second major title during the season after winning the Super 32 last fall.


    Sergio Lemley has two state titles in two states during his career and is a threat for a spot in the finals. He struggled a little bit at UWW Cadets, but will be at a more natural weight for Fargo. Three Mater Dei state champs will all look to bring back hardware this year. Blake Boarman will be off to Chattanooga soon, but wants to grab some Fargo hardware before he leaves. Both Brody Baumann and Gabe Sollars will look to impress college coaches as they still have one more year left at Mater Dei.


    Floyd Central champ J Conway will be taking the mat at 160lbs. He will surprise some folks as he will come into Fargo without some national credentials. LaPorte little guy Ashton Jackson will take a break from leading local parades and join the fray at 113lbs at Fargo.


    Perry Meridian’s Matthew Koontz was 5-0 at the Junior duals and could headlock a few guys in the FargoDome.  Other wrestlers with experience under the lights include Evan Dickey, Cheaney Schoeff, Logan Frazier, and Jajuan Anderson. Sullivan’s Lane Gilbert represented the USA at the Pan Ams in the 15U age group and could surprise some folks in Fargo.



    Saturday, July 17

    Junior Freestyle Medical Check and Weigh-in

    7:30 PM


    Sunday, July 18

    Junior Men's Freestyle: Session I - Preliminaries and Consolations

    9:00 AM - 1:30 PM


    Junior Men's Freestyle: Session II - Preliminaries and Consolations

    4:30 PM - 9:00 PM


    Monday, July 19

    Junior Freestyle 2ND Medical Check and Weigh-in [+ 2 LBS]

    7:00 AM


    Junior Men's Freestyle: Session III – 1/8 Championships, Quarterfinals & Consolations

    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


    Junior Men's Freestyle: Session IV –- Semifinals, Consolations and Consolation Semifinals

    5:00 PM - 8:30 PM


    Tuesday, July 20

    Junior Freestyle: Session VI - Finals, Medal Matches & Awards

    1:00 PM - 3:30 PM


    Wednesday, July 21

    Junior Greco-Roman Medical Check and Weigh-in

    4:00 PM


    Thursday, July 22

    Junior Greco-Roman: Session I - Preliminaries and Consolations

    9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


    Junior Greco-Roman: Session II – 1/8 Championship and Consolations

    4:30 PM - 8:30 PM


    Friday, July 23

    Junior Greco-Roman: Session III – Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Consolations

    9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


    Junior Greco-Roman: Session IV Finals, Medal Matches & Awards

    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


    Entries from Indiana

    Weight Style Name School State FS Duals GR Duals
    106 FS/GR Jackson Heaston Indian Creek      
    106 Freestyle Nathan Smith Southport 2021 7th at 106lbs 6-2 7-0
    113 Freestyle Ashton Jackson LaPorte 2021 1st at 106lbs    
    113 Freestyle Evan Dickey Indianapolis Cathedral 2020 Qualifier at 106lbs
    2021 2nd at 106lbs
    113 FS/GR Toby Billerman Perry Meridian 2021 3rd at 106lbs 5-1 2-2
    120 Freestyle Lane Gilbert Sullivan 2020 4th at 113lbs
    2021 3rd at 120lbs
    126 Freestyle Anthony Hughes Lawrence North 2020 Qualifier at 120lbs
    2021 Qualifier at 132lbs
    126 FS/GR Cheaney Schoeff Avon 2020 2nd at 113lbs
    2021 2nd at 126lbs
    126 Freestyle Logan Frazier Crown Point 2020 3rd at 113lbs
    2021 2nd at 120lbs
    126 FS/GR Michael Tharpe Center Grove 2021 Qualifier at 126lbs    
    126 Freestyle Sergio Lemley Chesterton 2020 1st at 113lbs
    2021 1st at 120lbs
    132 Freestyle Anthony Bahl Crown Point 2021 5th at 113lbs    
    132 FS/GR Matteo Vargo Penn 2019 2nd at 120lbs
    2020 1st at 126lbs
    2021 5th at 126lbs
    132 FS/GR Zeke Seltzer Indianapolis Cathedral 2019 2nd at 113lbs
    2020 1st at 120lbs
    2021 1st at 126lbs
    138 FS/GR Blake Boarman Evansville Mater Dei 2018 3rd at 113lbs
    2019 2nd at 120lbs
    2020 1st at 138lbs
    2021 3rd at 138lbs
    138 FS/GR Brac Hooper Carmel 2020 Qualifier at 113lbs
    2021 Qualifier at 132lbs
    1-6 3-4
    138 Greco-Roman Brandon Kinnick Daleville      
    138 Freestyle Elijah Anthony Frankfort 2019 Qualifier at 106lbs
    2020 Qualifier at 113lbs
    2021 Qualifier at 126lbs
    138 Greco-Roman Julius Gerencser Daleville 2021 8th at 138lbs    
    138 FS/GR Reakus Shelton Fort Wayne Snider 2020 8th at 132lbs    
    138 FS/GR Zach Wilson Roncalli      
    145 Freestyle Brody Arthur Oak Hill 2020 Qualifier at 132lbs
    2021 5th at 138lbs
    145 Freestyle Dylan Stroud Manchester 2020 8th at 126lbs
    2021 Qualifier at 132lbs
    145 Greco-Roman Ethan Jeffery Franklin Community      
    145 Greco-Roman Ethan Thompson Beech Grove   0-2 1-3
    145 Freestyle Kody Glithero Roncalli   2-4 1-2
    145 Freestyle Sam Goin Crown Point 2020 5th at 106lbs
    2021 4th at 126lbs
    152 FS/GR Braedon Spears Plainfield   1-2 1-1
    152 Freestyle Jaden Reynolds Avon 2019 5th at 138lbs
    2020 3rd at 145lbs
    2021 3rd at 145lbs
    152 FS/GR Jajuan Anderson Warren Central 2020 2nd at 145lbs
    2021 4th at 152lbs
    152 Freestyle Matthew Koontz Perry Meridian 2020 2nd at 132lbs
    2021 3rd at 152lbs
    5-0 4-0
    152 Freestyle Riley Rust Center Grove 2020 4th at 145lbs    
    152 Freestyle Scott Fitts Evansville Mater Dei 2018 Qualifier at 145lbs    
    160 Freestyle Hayden Shepherd Western 2019 Qualifier at 126lbs
    2020 Qualifier at 138lbs
    2021 6th at 145lbs
    160 Freestyle J Conway Floyd Central 2019 Qualifier at 126lbs
    2020 6th at 138lbs
    2021 1st at 152lbs
    160 Freestyle Kade Law Columbus East 2019 Qualifier at 145lbs
    2021 3rd at 160lbs
    160 Freestyle Orlando Cruz Crown Point 2020 Qualifier at 145lbs
    2021 5th at 160lbs
    160 FS/GR Ryan Younger Bloomington South      
    160 Freestyle Toby Abbott Cowan 2021 8th at 145lbs 4-4 4-3
    170 FS/GR Aiden Reynolds Bloomington South      
    170 FS/GR Brody Baumann Evansville Mater Dei 2020 Qualifier at 145lbs
    2021 1st at 160lbs
    170 FS/GR Codei Khawaja Floyd Central 2021 Qualifier at 170lbs    
    170 FS/GR Tyler Fuqua Franklin Community 2018 Qualifier at 120lbs
    2021 Qualifier at 170lbs
    170 FS/GR Vincent McDonald Zionsville      
    182 FS/GR Brodie Porter Eastern (Greentown) 2020 Qualifier at 170lbs
    2021 Qualifier at 170lbs
    1-1 2-3
    182 FS/GR Drake Buchanan Center Grove 2020 6th at 182lbs
    2021 2nd at 182lbs
    2-2 3-1
    182 FS/GR Louis Mariacher Zionsville      
    182 FS/GR Noah Rowlett Lawrenceburg      
    182 FS/GR Pate Eastin Penn 2019 Qualifier at 145lbs
    2020 3rd at 160lbs
    2021 7th at 170lbs
    195 FS/GR Brandon Hammer Tippecanoe Valley      
    220 FS/GR Christian Carroll New Prairie      
    195 FS/GR Connor Barket West Lafayette 2020 Qualifier at 182lbs
    2021 7th at 195lbs
    195 Freestyle Evan Bates Chesterton 2019 3rd at 182lbs
    2020 1st at 220lbs
    2021 3rd at 220lbs
    195 Freestyle Gabe Sollars Evansville Mater Dei 2019 Qualifier at 160lbs
    2020 7th at 170lbs
    2021 1st at 182lbs
    195 Freestyle Keaton Grider Fort Wayne South Side      
    195 FS/GR Sam Hesser Center Grove      
    220 Freestyle Bryce Crump Center Grove      
    220 FS/GR Josh Howell Terre Haute South 2019 Qualifier at 220lbs
    2021 6th at 220lbs
    220 Freestyle Nicholas Casad Terre Haute South      
    285 FS/GR Jacob Johnson Franklin Community 2020 Qualifier at 285lbs
    2021 Qualifier at 285lbs
    285 FS/GR Ryan Lattimore Purdue Polytech      

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