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  • Evansville Semi-State Preview


    By Justin Cooper


    This weekend 224 wrestlers from the southern half of Indiana will do battle at Robert's Stadium. A state high 58 ranked wrestlers are in this Semi-State, but only 56 will get to make the trip to the Big Show. Due to the stacked regionals there will be some great ticket round matches.



    Favorite: Brian Kuhn- Evansville Reitz (47-1)

    Look for Brian Kuhn to meet up Jacob Boomsma in the finals. While Dylan Hall and Dusty Kief battle it out for 3rd.


    Others heading to State

    Dylan Hall Evansville Harrison

    Jacob Boomsma Bloomington South

    Dusty Kief Franklin


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Jordan Judy (40-2) vs. Jacob Boomsma (33-2)



    Favorite: Francisco Colon- Columbus North (36-3)

    This is one of the most open weight classes where a lot of great wrestlers and a lot of great match ups. Colon looks to make another trip to state after getting injured last year at Semi State.


    Others heading to State

    Curtis Smith Jeffersonville

    Shawn Miracle Bloomington North

    Derek Fisher Martinsville


    Best Ticket round Match

    Derek Fisher (32-3) vs. Alex Griesemer (36-4)

    Blaine Hall (21-2) Vs. Francisco Colon (36-3)



    Favorite: Ethan Raley- Indian Creek (28-0)

    The potential finals match-up between Raley and Alex Johns of Reitz is one of the matches to watch, but Raley and Johns cannot overlook the other competitors in this weight.


    Others heading to State

    Alex Johns Evansville Reitz

    Jordan Jensen Terre Haute South

    Matt Milton Center Grove


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Jeff Stotridge Charlestown (37-1) vs Returning State place winner Matt Milton (25-7)



    Favorite: Matt Adams- Center Grove (30-4)

    This is a very deep weight class with a lot of talent. The championship will go to whomever brings their ‘A' game on Saturday.


    Others heading to State

    Blake Reuger Evansville Reitz

    Eddie Durran Charlestown

    Zach Henderson Mater Dei


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Zach Henerson Mater Dei (31-5) vs. Luke Pingelton Northview (31-5)

    Cole Vanhorn Franklin (33-7) vs. Eddie Durran Charlestown (36-1)



    Favorite: Brannigan Barlow- Bloomington South (38-4)

    Barlow is the man to beat, this year he has victories over some of the best the state has to offer. This is another very deep weight class with a lot of good first and second round matches. It will be interesting to see if senior Caleb Purtlebaugh can upset freshman Quincy Richey in the round to go.


    Others heading to State

    Andrew Seitz Castle

    Brett Walker Jeffersonville

    Quincy Richey Brown County


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Quincy Richey Brown County (30-1) vs. Caleb Purtlebaugh Martinsville (22-4)



    Favorite: Mitchell Richey- Brown Country (36-0)

    There are six ranked wrestlers in this weight class alone and we should see some great battles all day long.


    Others heading to state

    Doug Welch Castle

    Nick Smith Franklin

    Zach DeHaven Evansville Memorial


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Nick Smith Franklin (36-4) Vs. Aaron May Charelstown (35-7)



    Favorite: John Sims- Mater Dei (32-2)

    This is one of the most stacked weight classes at any Semi State. There will be some great wrestlers sent home because of their draws.


    Others heading to State

    Jerod Crump Center Grove

    Jacob Milenbaugh Columbus North

    Garret Smith Cascade


    Best Ticket Round Matches

    Garret Smith Cascade (40-1) vs. Chad Welch Castle (39-4)

    Zach Wojdyla Brown County (36-3) Vs. John Sims Mater Dei (32-2)

    James Walker Martinsville (20-3) vs. Jacob Milenbaugh (Great 1st round match-up)



    Favorite: Preston Richard- Castle (40-3)

    The Zenthoefer vs. Spicer match may be the match of the day, both are seniors with great records looking to extend their post season one more week. Look for Krulik and Richard to have a great finals match.


    Others heading to State

    Jordan Krulik Martinsville

    Steve Spicer Edgewood

    Ben Moberly Floyd Central


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Steve Spicer Edgewood (36-2) vs. Zeke Zenthoefer Mater Dei (34-4)



    Favorite: Drake Stein- Princeton (41-0)

    Well known Drake Stein will have a great battle with little known Ryan Kolb if both make it to the finals. The spoiler in this weight class is Trey Reese looking to knock off unbeaten Holden Fudurich in the ticket round.


    Others heading to State

    Ryan Kolb Tri West

    Jeff Weiss Heritage Hills

    Trey Reese Indian Creek


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Trey Reese Indian Creek (31-3) vs. Holden Fudurich Sullivan (33-0)

    Josh Sampson New Washington (44-2) vs. Jeff Weiss Heritage Hills (43-5)



    Favorite: Briar Runyan- Martinsville (35-0)

    This is Briar Runyan's weight class, he is an unbeaten senior and has pinned every opponent except for Dalton Jones of Avon. After a 3rd and a 2nd place finish at State Runyan will look to win that elusive State Championship.


    Others heading to State

    Dalton Jones Avon

    Josh Sparks Edgewood

    Zach Easterling Mater Dei


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Zach Easterling Mater Dei (27-6) vs. Terry Terrell Bloomington South (31-9)



    Favorite: #3 Tanner Wedding- Evansville Memorial (32-1)

    Tanner Wedding will be set to do battle with returning state qualifier #5 Shelby Mappes in the semi-finals and the winner will most likely go on to win the Semi-State Championship.


    Others heading to State

    Shelby Mappes Center Grove

    Gabe Watson Columbus North

    Caleb Browner Jeffersonville


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Caleb Browner Jeffersonville (38-5) vs. Ryan Mann Castle (36-7)



    Favorite: Aaron Stevenson- Indian Creek (38-0)

    Sophomore sensation Aaron Stevenson will look to add to his unbeaten season. With five ranked wrestlers this looks to be one of the more interesting weight classes of the day.


    Others heading to State

    Patrick Price North Posey

    Andrew Leach Avon

    Darren Eads Bloomington South


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Ethan Cook Providence (31-2) vs. Alex Rosebrock Castle (40-3) or Andrew Leach Avon (29-3)



    Favorite: Clay Robinson- Castle (43-0)

    Robinson will look to keep his unbeaten senior season alive going up against many good wrestlers. The draw of this weight class will send a few great wrestlers home early.


    Others heading to State

    Tyler Jenkins Jasper

    Dylan Froelich Tell City

    Jacob Vandeventer Bloomington North


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Adam Howland Brownsburg (29-4) vs. Dylan Froelich Tell City (39-4)



    Favorite: Alex White- Mt. Vernon (46-1)

    This is the best weight class of the meet, nearly everyone in this class has a great record, but records will mean nothing if you do not show up to wrestle. Look for Senior Alex White of Mt. Vernon to keep his State Championship hopes alive with some big wins at Semi State.


    Others heading to State

    Nate Richey Brownsburg

    Jowan Gill Columbus North

    John Clark Jeffersonville


    Best Ticket Round Match

    Joe Arthur Bloomington North (35-3) vs. John Clark Jeffersonville (28-1)

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