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  • Disney Duals Top Wrestlers


    Hoosier Elite

    Josh Martinez (?) Silver  12-1

    Derek Fisher (Martinsville) Copper 10-3

    Jeff Weiss (Heritage Hills) Copper 10-3

    Dillon Froehlich (Tell City) Bronze 11-2

    Joe Arthur (Bloomington North) Silver 12-1


    Falcon Blue

    Jared McKinley Gold 12‐0

    Jason Simmons Copper 9‐3

    Kirk Johnson Bronze 10‐2

    Jacob Tonte Gold 12‐0

    Derek Harz Copper 9‐3


    Columbus East Wrestling

    Luke Schroeder Silver 12‐1

    Billy Bryant Copper 10‐3

    Ashton Brierly Bronze 11‐2

    Aaron Stevenson Gold 13‐0

    Mark Collett Silver 11‐2


    Bloomington South

    Terry Terrell Copper 6‐3

    Darren Ends Silver 12‐1


    Westfield Vikings WC

    Parker Bankert Copper 8‐3

    Brady White Bronze 6‐2

    Sam Carnes Bronze 4‐2

    John Floor Copper 3‐3

    Logan Floor Copper

    Lucas Rooney Copper

    Drake Gunnia Copper

    Danny Wohschlaeger Copper


    Penn Extreme White

    Blake King Bronze 6‐2

    David Stevens Copper 5‐3


    Yorktown HS

    Brock Bevans Copper 6‐3

    Jake Anderson Gold 9‐0

    Devon Jackson Gold 9‐0

    Andrew Hiestand Silver 8‐1

    Cody Fellers Silver 8‐1

    Caleb Smith Copper 6‐3

    Jordan Dulaney Gold 9‐0

    Kyle Mosier Silver 8‐1

    Trent Castner Gold 9‐0

    Jimmie King Gold 9‐0

    Ross Janney Silver 8‐1



    Micheal Lovitt Silver 10‐1

    Jarrid Logan Silver 10‐1

    Zach Bowers Silver 10‐1

    Wyatt Toller Bronze 8‐2


    Hamilton Southeastern

    Dan Maves Bronze 6‐2

    Brent Roman Silver 11‐1

    Matt Irick Bronze 10‐2

    Pat Robinson Silver 11‐1


    Penn Extreme Gold

    Corey Hildebrandt Silver 8‐1

    Alex Gregory Silver 8‐1

    Grant Angdemeyer Bronze 7‐2

    Tanner Lynde Bronze 7‐2

    Austin Kunze Copper 6‐3

    Andy Wiseman Bronze 7‐2

    Braden Atwood Gold 9‐0


    Center Grove Trojans

    Nathan Carmichael Silver 5‐1

    Justin Meredith Bronze 4‐2

    Derek Harrold Bronze 4‐2

    Anthony Schoettle Silver 7‐1

    Clint plake Bronze 6‐2

    Jordan Legan Gold 8‐0

    Matt Milton Copper 5‐3

    Spencer Hayes Copper 5‐3

    Chris Kuehner Bronze 6‐2

    Carson Sappington Bronze 6‐2


    West Noble

    Will Nelson Copper 5‐3

    Kevin Marsh Bronze 6‐2

    Travis Barquillo Silver 7‐1

    Doug Rush Silver 7‐1

    Jimmy Larowe Bronze 6‐2

    Holden Tullas Silver 7‐1


    McCutcheon HS

    Bobby Floyd Bronze 7‐3

    Alex Griffin Bronze 7‐3

    Nathan McTegget Silver 9‐1

    Cheney Dale Silver 9‐1

    Tyler McCoy Bronze 7‐2

    Matt Sumner Bronze 8‐2

    Juan Cholula Gold 6‐0

    Blake Ford Bronze 7‐3


    Penn Extreme Black

    Tony Stevens Silver 8‐1

    Matt Rassbach Bronze 7‐2

    Brian McClure Copper 6‐3

    Cole Brandt Gold 9‐0

    Eric Forest Silver 8‐1


    Falcon Silver (JV)

    Tyler Coxey Bronze 4‐3

    CJ Martin Copper 3‐3

    J Masengale Gold 6‐0

    Logan Cooper Silver 5‐1

    Nick Pamell Copper 3‐3

    Jacob Armantrout Gold 6‐0


    Team Gold Greenwood

    Anthony Sparks Bronze 6‐2

    Preston Wilson Silver 7‐1

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