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  • NCAA Results for Indiana Wrestlers

    By Y2CJ41
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    Division I

    125lbs Camden Eppert- Purdue- Anderson Highland

    Loss by decision 11-9 Ryan Mango- Stanford

    Loss by decision 4-0 Adam Bartelli- Boise State


    149lbs Kurt Kinser- Indiana- Bloomington South

    Win by decision 4-2 Kyle Bradley- Missouri

    Loss by decision 3-2 Mario Mason- Rutgers

    Loss by decision 3-2 Donnie Corby- Central Michigan


    157lbs Paul Young- Indiana- Bloomington South

    Win by decision Donnie Tasser- Pittsburgh 5-2

    Win by decision Jesse Dong- Virginia Tech 9-4

    Loss by decision Bubba Jenkins- Arizona State 4-3

    Loss by decision Walter Peppleman- Harvard 6-4


    157lbs Sean McMurray- Michigan State- Portage

    Loss by decision James Flemming- Clarion 5-0

    Loss by decision Bryan Deutsch- Northern Illinois 5-0


    157lbs Bryan Deutsch- Northern Illinois- Columbia City

    Loss by pin Corey Mock- North Carolina 6:39

    Win by decision Sean McMurray- Michigan State 5-0

    Win by decision Chase Nelson- Oklahoma 9-5

    Loss by decision David Bonin- Northern Iowa 8-4


    165lbs Andrew Howe- Wisconsin- Hanover Central

    All American 3rd Place

    Win by decision Ryan DesRoches- Cal Polly 4-1

    Win by decision Brandon Hatchett- Lehigh 6-1

    Win by decision Shane Onufer- Wyoming 4-1

    Loss by decision Tyler Caldwell- Oklahoma 2-2 TB

    Win by decision Josh Asper- Maryland 3-1

    Win by decision Colt Sponseller- Ohio State 6-4


    197lbs Matt Powless- Indiana- Evansville Memorial

    All American 8th Place

    Win by major decision LJ Helbig- Wyoming

    Win by decision Sonny Yohn- Minnesota

    Loss by pin Cam Simaz- Cornell 2:20

    Win by decision Joseph Kennedy- Lehigh 3-2

    Loss by major decision Luke Lofthouse- Iowa 10-1

    Loss by decision Sonny Yohn- Minnesota 5-2


    Division II

    141lbs Matt Irwin- Indianapolis- Bellmont

    All American 6th Place

    Win by decision 9-6 Jimmy Savala- Chadron State

    Win by decision 3-2 Jack Bachman- Pitt Johnstown

    Loss by decision 5-3 Mario Morgan- Nebraska Omaha

    Loss by decision 4-2 Gabriel Suarez- St. Cloud State

    Loss by decision 6-0 Naveed Bagheri- San Fransico State


    149lbs Nick Walpole- Indianapolis- Perry Meridian

    National Champion

    Win by fall 1:53 Brendon Parker-Risk- North Carolina Pembroke

    Win by decision 5-3 Kenny Jordan- Adams State

    Win by fall 5:57 Mitchell Means- Fort Hayes State

    Win by decision 4-2 TJ Hepburn- Nebraska Kearney


    184lbs Casey Bradley- Limestone- Muncie South

    All American 8th Place

    Win by decision 2-1 Brady Anderson- Mary

    Loss by decision 5-0 Charlie Pipher- Western State

    Win by pin 1:17 Andrew Brentzel- Pitt Johnstown

    Loss by decision 8-3 Mitchell Schultz- Upper Iowa

    Loss by decision 6-5 Ryan Becerra- Grand Canyon


    Division III

    149lbs Cameryn Brady- Manchester College- Lowell High School

    Loss by decision 4-1 Isaiah Britton- Lycoming

    Win by decision 9-3 Martin Bell- Merchant Marine

    Loss by major decision 13-0 James Locke- Coe


    Others with Indiana ties

    Division I


    285lbs Ricky Alcala

    All American 6th Place

    Win by decision Spencer Myers- Maryland 9-7

    Loss by decision Jarod Trice- Central Michigan 3-2

    Win by decision JT Felix- Boise State 4-2

    Win by decision Dominick Russo- Rutgers 9-7

    Win by decision Cameron Wade- Penn State 4-2

    Win by decision Levi Cooper- Arizona State 4-3

    Loss by decision Jarod Trice- Central Michigan 3-2

    Win by decision Spencer Myers- Maryland 5-4



    157lbs Colton Salazar

    Win by major decision Aaron Sulzer- Eastern Michigan 13-4

    Loss by decision Adam Hall- Boise State 6-2

    Loss by decision Frank HIckman- Bloomsburg 6-4


    174lbs Luke Manuel

    Win by decision Ryan Patrovich- Hofstra 5-2

    Loss by major decision Jon Reader- Iowa State 13-0

    Win by decision Alex Caruso- Rutgers 3-1

    Win by decision Hunter Meys- Boston 4-0

    Loss by decision Ed Ruth- Penn State 7-6


    184lbs AJ Kissel

    Loss by pin Joe LeBlanc- Wyoming 6:41

    Loss by decision Austin Trotman- Appalacian State 7-4


    197lbs Logan Brown

    Win by major decision Shawn Fendone- Edinboro 13-4

    Loss by decision Zac Thomusseit- Pittsburg 3-2

    Loss by decision Brent Haynes- Missouri 9-6


    Division III


    157lbs Elias Larson

    All American 3rd Place

    Win by decision 5-3 Eduardo Delgado- Hunter College

    Loss by decision 6-1 Carrington Banks- Wartburg

    Win by pin 2:18 Derek Brenon- Ithaca

    Win by decision 5-1 Jesse Harringont- Delaware Valley

    Win by fall 2:03 Justin Berns- Concordia Morehead

    Win by decision 4-1 Carrington Banks- Wartburg


    197lbs Alex Fleet

    Loss by major decision 11-3 Byron Tate- Wartburg

    Loss by decision 2-0 Sam Johnson- Dubuque



    184lbs Greg Rhoads

    All American 8th Place

    Loss by decision 7-3 Ben Engelland- Wisconsin Stevens Point

    Win by fall 2:41 Mitch Artist- Wisconsin LaCrosse

    Win by decision 10-4 Dylan Azinger- Wartburg

    Loss by decision 6-2 Dustin Baxter- St Johns

    Loss by decision 9-5 Josef Rau- Elmhurst

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