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Author Topic: Fort Wayne Semi-State Results  (Read 3587 times)

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Fort Wayne Semi-State Results
« on: February 14, 2009, 06:15:30 PM »
The entire results. For Fort Wayne

Champ- Bryant- Muncie Central
2nd- Batt- South Adams
3rd-Que- Elkhart Central
4th- Garretson- Peru
Champ- Gonzales- Delta
2nd- Ross- Concord
3rd- Jackson- Yorktown
4th- Armantrout- Muncie Southside
Champ- Kenny- Jay County
2nd- Bevans- Yorktown
3rd- Filer- Elkhart Central
4th- Williams- Fort Wayne Snider
Champ- Lovejoy- Fort Wayne Bishop Luers
2nd- Furar- Angola
3rd- Hiestand- Yorktown
4th- Rothgeb- Whitko
Champ- Norton-  Fort Wayne Carrol
2nd- Egolf- Columbia City
3rd- Ehr- South Adams
4th- Schwartz- Adam Central
Champ- March- East Noble
2nd- Gerber- Bluffton
3rd- Ferrah- Elkhart Central
4th- Michael- Columbia City
Champ- Stahl- Elkhart Memorial
2nd- Barret- Eastern
3rd- Beck- Fort Wayne Leo
4th- Martin- Randoulph Southern
Champ- Dulaney- Yorktown
2nd- Friend- Leo
3rd- Corpe- Elkhart Memorial
4th- Sparks- Peru
Champ- Mosier- Yorktown
2nd- Whitaker- Muncie Southside
3rd- Kurtz- Priarie Heights
4th- Davenport- Oak Hill
Champ- Powell- Northridge
2nd- Hamilton- Churubusco
3rd-Bratcher- Eastbrook
4th- Busse- Bellmont
Champ- Schultz- Adam Central
2nd- Lopez- Northwood
3rd- Morrissey- Bluffton
4th- Suel- Fort Wayne Harding
Champ- Graber- Northridge
2nd- Scott- Marion
3rd- Abbott- Huntington North
4th- Thatcher- Bellmont
Champ-Baker- Bellmont
2nd- Allen- Fort Wayne North
3rd- Green- Kokomo
4th- Fodrea- Winchester
Champ- Chalfant- Winchester
2nd- Janney- Yorktown
3rd- West- South Adams
4th- Meyer- Bellmont

Complete brackets with scores at http://fwsemistate.com/
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