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    Chuck Barnett
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  4. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Shout out to coach Cooper and the Columbus East Wrestling team on a great tournament.. My vote for wrestler of the day would have to Corban Pollitt on beating Foster of Floyd Central and wathen of Jennings County ...both ranked kids and Foster beat Corban at the beginning of December in the team dual.. 1 Columbus East 261.0 2 Floyd Central 194.0 3 Jeffersonville 179.5 4 Jennings County 149.0 5 New Albany 143.0 6 Seymour 141.0 7 Madison Consolidated 113.5 8 Bedford North Lawrence 62.0
  5. Hoosier Hills Conference

    Last match at 12:30. Good job Dustin Phil Cook
  6. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    The man! The myth! The legend!!!!
  7. EIAC

    My picks . 106 - SD Otto. 113 - FC Lee. 120 - LA Stapleton #7 SS. 126 - SD Hall. #4 SS . 132 - this should be a battle between EC Negangard & SD Boggs. Negangard has a win over Boggs . 138- Another great match up between EC Wolf & SD Walton, Wolf got the W in there first match up this season. 145- FC Humbert #6 SS vs SD Otto #7 SS . Humbert won the first match up by 1 . I'm taking Otto for the W in this rematch. 152 - rematch of LA Roberts and FC Browning. I see Browning winning it this time. 160 - EC Nobbe . 170- RU Vaughn. 182 - LA Rolfes. 195 - I'm picking SD Utterback #19 S over FC Bohman again. He got the fall in 1:26 in there 1st match up. 220 - LA Parris #1 S . 285 - EC Snipes.
  8. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

  9. @ByCSauertieg Let's be fair though...I've never even set foot in the state of Alabama, and I'd be a better candidate than Roy Moore.

  10. RT @mad_confidence: @ddeniisee_ she six months something but it sure as hell ain't pregnant

  11. IHSWCA Middle School State

    What Leighton will wrestle at MS State will depend on how well he can get to 176 for McDonogh duals Jan 27...
  12. SAC Conference Tournament

    Brackets are up on track wrestling
  13. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Da Rat for sure!
  14. RT @IndianaWR: 141 | Cole wins a nail biter, 2-1, over No. 20 Javier Gasca! IU 9, MSU 0 https://t.co/dbxu8FTcIM

  15. Freshman/Sophomore State

    This was bet well ran last year..tons of good wrestling and the gym was perfect..
  16. RT @Tailleurmade: these guys in my voice class really sang without you from spongebob as a performance grade https://t.co/CSz5xHfBGv

  17. RT @CMUWrestling: With the last second takedown Hildebrandt secures the 5-4 VICTORY over McGhee! #FireUpChips https://t.co/ekHGG2cGi6

  18. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    @ontherise219 @Fabio Jr. @regionrat1
  19. Purdue at Penn St Tonight!

    That’s brutal, but not surprising. Purdue has some good to very good wrestlers but penn State is just on another level
  20. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Just for this reason alone, Y2 gets a vote from me. Lol
  21. Purdue at Penn St Tonight!

    Streck falls to Nevills 4-2. Streck had chances, he just couldn't finish a couple of shots. Final PSU 43 - Purdue 6
  22. EIAC

    145 should be a good battle. Redd, Humbert, and Otto!! Redd is a SQ and is the #3seed. He will wrestle Otto #2 seed in the semifinals. Otto beat Redd 11-3 at the begining of the season. Humbert #1 seed has a win over Otto 4-3. Redd with a Fall over Humbert. Green could cause Humbert some trouble, depends what Green shows up to wrestle. 132 Negandgard Vs Boogs should be a fight 138 Wolf Vs Walton should be good also!
  23. Purdue at Penn St Tonight!

    He has looked great lately. Undersized, but he really moves and works that cradle like no other.
  24. Purdue at Penn St Tonight!

    Pretty much, yeah. He's technically very sound. Shakur Rasheed wins by Fall over Kobe Woods 1:42. Rasheed is PSU's 3rd wrestler at 197 this year and may end up being their best.
  25. Purdue at Penn St Tonight!

    Doesn't he always...
  26. @IndianaWR Everyone better watch out! Kleimola is gonna year it up at Big Tens!!

  27. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

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