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  2. Awesome News! Congrats
  3. Prediction Time

    Where ya coaching dees days ?
  4. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Welcome to div 1 wraslin - like allot of frosh gettin away from da bottom is da struggle. Being a stud in high school he probably didn't have a hard time gettin away. Welcome to da big show.

    I watched quite a few really good matches, definitely a lot of great wrestlers going at it, a few ranked guys & a few that I'm sure will be moving up into the rankings very soon. This tournament was ran very well in my opinion, so hats off to the coaching staff at Elwood, they did a fantastic job. Good luck to everyone this season .
  6. Yesterday
  7. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Well I’m not thinking he’s isn’t going to. Most freshman tend to progress from their first matches rather than regress. As he gets more matches in against top guys he’s bound to get a better feel for their style and his coaches are more than capable of helping him make needed adjustements for a rematch. One area he could definitely find improvement against Meridith is in neutral. He only took 1 shot this entire match and much of the time did more fiants/fakes than actual hand fighting. That gave Meridith an opportunity to get in on a few good shots by, as well as, it didn’t really make Meridith feel threatened on his feet for much of the match. The 1 shot Red had with less than 1min left was the one he scored on. Not saying that he will score every time but by being more offensive in the rematch it keeps Meridith off his own offense and it could leads to an earlier takedown that would build his confidence sooner. After seeing how the match played out I would think his coaches would push him to hand fighting and be in attack mode earlier. You can tell he was hesitant with his neutral opportunities for most of the match. I’d say that hesitation won’t be there as much as he get more big match time in. That takedown had to give him some confidence but with less than 1min left there wasn’t much time to use it. Clearly it threw Meridith off his game a little, since things escalated right after that. Not sure he’ll be able to do much more different on top or bottom next time, but while he lost some riding time he wasn’t really turned. So I can’t see him giving up additional points that would widen the gap more. I didn’t say he would win the match next time or be in the hunt for a national title this year, but I’d think there is more to indicate the possibility of a closer match next time than there is to show it wouldn’t be.
  8. Week of 11/20-11/27

    Harrison, Delphi (new), McCutcheon, LaPorte, SB Riley (back this year), SB St Joe , Daleville, Twin Lakes, Goshen, Lake Park (IL), Columbia City (new), Prairie Heights
  9. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Why do you have to think he will close the gap?

    I was at this event. Seen a lot of talented wrestlers. My son said south Dearborn was his toughest competition
  11. RT @NIUNorthernStar: “We will train hard next week and sharpen the little things to prepare for our next match,” Head Coach Ryan Ludwig sai…

  12. RT @rappersaid: Big Sean’s comment

  13. Student-Athlete: College Discussion

    University of Chicago is one of the most competitive (to get into) and respected institutions of higher learning in the U.S. Congrats Chandler. Just don't venture to far off campus in the wrong direction!
  14. RT @hunterginn: Baker Mayfield 2017 highlights: Planting the OU flag on Ohio State’s turf Told Baylor he was their daddy and was gonna sp…

  15. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Yes, 10-5 But, keep in mind Meredith is a Senior returning NCAA Runner-Up who lost a close 3-2 decision in the finals. Reds a Redshirt Freshman in his first college dual match. You have to think he can close that scoring gap some if they meet again later on. Here is the video, although its currently behind the Flo pay wall. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6046831-141lbs-bryce-meredith-wyoming-vs-chad-red-nebraska
  16. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    So, I take it Meredith won?
  17. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Yes they have a video on Flo. I don't have time to get to it at the moment, but I watched it yesterday. Red likely was growing increasingly frustrated at his inability to get offense going and Meredith scoring several time on him. Near the end of the match Red scored a out of bounds takedown off a great double leg. At some point during the finish of takedown and the stoppage something was either done or said which upset Red enough to at least bump into Meredith. Something was likely said by one of them which caused Meredith to confront Red. CJ didn't back down leading to Meredith grabbing Reds throat. As coaches were coming in to seperate them Red flailed his arm at Meredith in at least an attempt to get the hand off his throat, it may or may not have been a half-hearted punch attempt I couldn't tell from the video when I watched last night. 1 penalty point was awarded to each wrestlers for the others misconduct. I agree that it really didn't look like it needed to escalate to that level but when neither wanted to back down something was bound to occur.
  18. MatBoss pros and cons

    Adams Central uses Hudl and it works pretty good
  19. RT @GoBUHuskies: WREST: @BU_Wrestling Andy Schutz Named EWL, PSAC Wrestler of the Week - details here: https://t.co/A4IpEwDwa6 https://t.c…

  20. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Is the only video through Flo?
  21. Lafayette Jefferson vs Carroll (Flora)

  22. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    I thought for sure someone would have a thread on this by now. It appeared the escalation was probably not warranted to me. Maybe there were some heavy hands, but nothing you don't see in a normal college wrestling match. I thought I saw Red throw a punch after he appeared to start the whole thing. I wonder if he gets a seat to watch the next dual or maybe its no big deal. Hopefully it was a one time thing.
  23. Lafayette Jefferson vs Wabash

  24. Lafayette Jeff Vs Muncie Central

  25. New Palestine vs. Alexandria

  26. 11/18/2017
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