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Keegan Miller
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Eastside | Junior | 220lbs | State NR | Semi-State NR

Year by Year Record

10th: 28-15


2018-2019 Results

Nov 25 Loss vs. Draven Rasler Pin pin :49
Dec 16 Win vs. Gaven Hare Pin pin 5:16
Dec 16 Win vs. Troy Deetz Pin pin 1:57
Dec 16 Win vs. Reeve Muncie Pin pin 1:56
Jan 04 Loss vs. Beck Davis Pin pin 3:16
Jan 11 Loss vs. Levi Leffers Pin pin 2:54
Jan 20 Loss vs. Levi Leffers Pin pin 3:21
Jan 20 Win vs. Troy Deetz Decision 5-1

Recruiting Information

College Weight:
SAT Score:
ACT Score:
Intended Major(s):
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