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Carson Brewer
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Avon | Junior | 170lbs | State #3 | Semi-State #1

Year by Year Record

9th: 4-1
10th: 34-3
11th: 36-3
Career: 63-6


2017-2018 Results

Jan 18 Win by Tech Fall 18-1 over Sam Hauke (North Central)
Jan 13 Win by Tech Fall 20-5 over Theirry Jean-Baptiste (Brownsburg)
Jan 06 Win by Major Decision 10-1 over Trizton Carson (Danville)
Dec 23 Win by Decision 9-3 over Jeremy Torres (Portage)
Dec 23 Win by Tech Fall 18-1 over Myles Krintz (Harrison (WL))
Dec 23 Win by Tech Fall 24-9 over Lorenzo Salazar (Roncalli)
Dec 16 Win by Major Decision 19-7 over Theirry Jean-Baptiste (Brownsburg)
Dec 09 Win by Decision 9-2 over Trizton Carson (Danville)

Recruiting Information

College Weight: 174, 184
GPA: 3.7
SAT Score:
ACT Score:
Intended Major(s):
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Important Information

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