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Top Middle School Wrestlers 2018/2019

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Posted (edited)

I'll be using the post below to edit rankings.  Send me new results for wrestlers already ranked and other wrestlers not listed that you think are deserving.

Edited by MScholar

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Posted (edited)

Rank/ Name/ Grade/ Projected High School/ Current Weight/ Projected HS Weight

1. Josh Barr--8th grade--Crown Point--140--(145-182)
(USA National Freestyle Champ and Greco 3rd place, 4th at Tulsa 2018, 7-3 at VAC gold pool 2017, Super32 Runner-up, USAW triple crown winner, 5X USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, Grappler Fall Classic MS champ & HS 3rd place, 9-1 at VAC holiday duals 2016, 9-0 at AAU duals, 9-1 at Wildwood duals, 6-1 at GRR duals HS division)

2. Sergio Lemley--8th grade--Chesterton--96--(106)
(1st and 5th at Middle School State, 4th at FloNationals MS, SB duals 6-2(Greco) 6-3(FS), Runner Up at Joe Tholl, Elite, 5-0 at GRR MS duals, 4th at Preseason Nationals, ISWA triple crown winner, Winter Nationals Champ)

3. Logan Frazier--7th grade--Crown Point—109--(106)
(1st and 5th at Middle School State, 4-2 at IHPO, 3rd at Reno Worlds, 6th at USA Nationals, 3-2 at Tulsa, 6-1 at NUWAY Nat duals, Middle school nat Duals 4-3, Dixie National Champ, Dominate the Dells Champ, Runner Up at GFC, 6-2 at Heartland Duals, 3X ISWA state champ)

4. Sam Goin--8th grade--Crown Point—101--(106)
(1st, 3rd, and 5th at Middle School State, Ohio TOC Champ, 10-0 at VAC 2017, SB duals 8-1(FS), 7-1 at Heartland Duals, Midwest Classic Champ, 6-0 Jimtown Duals HS, 4-1 at GRR MS duals, 7-3 at VAC holiday duals 2016, 3rd, 3rd & 6th at USA Nationals, Indy Nationals Champ, multiple ISWA state champ)

5. Cheaney Schoeff--8th grade--Plainfield--88--(106)
(1st and 2nd at Middle School State, FloNationals MS champ, 5th at Ohio TOC, 8-0 at the NHSCA Duals, 8-0 at heartland Duals, 7-0 at NUWAY Nat Duals, 9-1 VAC 2017, 6-0 at Christmas Duals, 9-0 at VAC duals 2016, 7-2 at the NHSCA duals, NUWAY Nationals Champ, 4-2 at GRR MS duals, 6-1 at Middle School National duals in 2018 and 2017, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, 3rd and 5th at USA Nationals)

6. Cody Goodwin--8th grade--Crown Point--132--(132-152)
(1st and 6th at Middle School State, 5th at USA Nationals, 8-0 at Heartland Duals, 9-1 at VAC, Tulsa Champ, Reno Worlds Runner-Up, 6-2 at NHSCA Duals gold pool, 6-1 at Middle School Nat Duals, Winter Nationals Champ, Brute Nationals Champ, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, Preseason Nationals 2X Runner up and 3rd place, 2X Indy Nationals champ, 2X NUWAY National champ)

7. John Purdy--8th grade--Castle--112--(106-132)
(4th and 6th at Middle School State, 7-3 at VAC, USA National Champ, Greco Nationals Runner Up and 4th at Freestyle Nationals, Central Regional champ in both styles, SB duals 6-2(Greco) 8-1(FS), 6-1 at Heartland Duals, 8-1 at AAU elementary duals, Dixie National champ, Indy National Champ, ISWA triple crown winner, 3rd at Preseason Nationals)

8. Lane Gilbert--8th grade--Sullivan--110--(106-120)
(Middle School State Champ, 3-2 at Tulsa, SB duals 6-3(FS), 5-3 at hearland Duals, 6-1 at NUWAY Nat Duals, 4-1 NUWAY spring duals, 7-3 at VAC, ISWA triple crown winner, 8-0 Columbus Day Duals)

9. Aidan Torres--8th grade--Chesterton--102--(106-120)
(5th at Middle School State, 4th & 5th at USA Nationals, SB duals 6-3(FS), 7-1 at Heartland Duals, 6-0 Jimtown Duals HS, 7-0 NUWAY Nat Duals, 4-1 at Christmas Sparty Duals, Winter Nationals Champ, Indy Nat Champ, ISWA triple crown winner)

10. Orlando Cruz--8th grade--Crown Point--140--(145-152)
(Runner Up at Middle School State, 4th at USA Nationals, 6-2 at NHSCA duals gold bracket, 5-0 at NUWAY spring duals, 8-2 at VAC, 4th at Preseason Nationals, 1st and 2nd at NUWAY National, Indy Nationals 2nd and 4th)

11. Christian Carroll--8th grade--Crown Point--170--(160-220)
(6-0 at Lee Pamulak MS duals, 6-1 at NUWAY Nat Duals, 4-3 at Middle school Nat duals, 5-1 at Sparty Duals, 8-2 at VAC, Preseason Nationals Runner-up, 5-2 at AAU duals, 6-0 at Christmas Duals, ISWA triple Crown Winner)

12. Bryce Lowery--8th grade--Roncalli--85--(106)
(1st, 4th, and 5th at Middle School State, 5-3 at Heartland Duals, 5-2 at NUWAY Nat Duals, 4-1 at GRR MS duals, 12-2 between both styles at Schoolboy Duals,  All American at USA Nationals, ISWA Freestyle and Greco state champ)

13. Leighton Jones--8th grade--Brownsburg--175--(182-220)
(Runner Up at Middle School State, Runner up in FS and GR USA Nationals 2017, 3rd in GR 4th in FS USA Nationals, SB duals 6-2(Greco) 7-2(FS), GGR open 1st, 5-2 at GGR duals, 3rd at USA Nationals, Central Regional champ in FS & GR, multi time ISWA state champ)

14. Aaron Steenbeke--8th grade--Granger--149--(152-160)
(3rd at Middle School State, 3rd and 4th at USA Nationals, SB duals 6-2(Greco) 7-2(FS), 4-3 at Middle School Nat duals, 5-4 a VAC, 4th at Freakshow, 4th at USA freestyle Nat and 3rd at Greco Nationals, ISWA triple crown winner, 1st and freestyle and greco central regional)

15. Cole Solomey--8th grade--Kankakee Valley--102--(106)
(3rd and 3rd at Middle School State, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, 5-0 at NUWAY spring duals, 3rd at Midwest Classic, Indy Nationals Runner up)

16.Delaney Ruhlman--8th grade--Bloomington South--106--(106-120)
(5th at Middle School State, 8-3 at VAC Holiday Duals, 8-0 at Tyrant Duals, ISWA Greco State Champ)

17. Brac Hooper--8th grade--Carmel--102–(106)
(Runner up at Middle School State, 6-2 at Heartland Duals, Ohio TOC 4th place, HYWAY state champ, 2X Runner Up at Indy Nat, 6th at Tulsa Nationals and Kickoff, 5th at Preseason Nationals)

18. Brady Ison--7th grade--Brownsburg--84--(106)
(Middle School state champ, 6-1 at Heartland Duals HM, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, 5-2 at GRR duals, 2nd at Liberty Nationals, 2X Runner up at NUWAY Nat, 5th at Tulsa, 2X Runner up at Indy Nationals)

19. Coy Hammack--8th grade--Tell City--90--(106)
(2nd and 4th at Middle School State, USA Nationals Freestyle 6th place, 8-1 at AAU duals, SB duals 7-2(FS), 7-3 at VAC holiday duals, multi time ISWA state champ)

20. Drew Mills--7th grade--Center Grove--117--(145-160)
(7-0 at Heartland Duals EM, 3-2 at Tulsa 2018, Tulsa Runner Up 2016, Tulsa Kickoff Classic Runner Up 2016, Tulsa Champ 2014, multiple ISWA state Champ)

21. Hunter May--7th grade--Floyd Central--108--(106-120)
(3rd place at Middle School State, 7-0 at Heartland Duals EM, Runner up at NUWAY Nationals, 4-1 at NUWAY spring duals, 5-1 at Christmas Sparty Duals, Runner up and Champ at Indy Nationals, multi time ISWA state champ)

22. Seth Willems--8th grade--Crown Point--150--(145-160)
(3rd at Middle School State, SB duals 6-2(Greco) 5-1(FS), 5-2 at Heartland Duals, 10-3 at Schoolboy duals between both styles, 9-1 at VAC holiday duals, Runner Up at Winter Nationals, ISWA triple crown winner)

23. Kyrel Leavell--7th grade--Warren Central/Cathedral--87--(106-126)
(3rd at Middle School State, 6-2 at AAU duals, 3X ISWA Greco State Champ)

24. Evan Seng--8th grade--Mater Dei--81--(106)
(2nd and 3rd at Middle School State, Dixie Nationals Runner Up, Show Me Nationals 4th)

25. Hayden Demarco--7th grade--Chesterton--80--(106-120)
(4th at Middle School State, 4-1 at NUWAY duals, 3rd and 5th at Indy Nationals, 3rd at NUWAY Nationals\



HM. Toby Billerman--8th grade--Perry Meridian--75--(106)
(2nd at Middle School State, Schoolboy Duals 7-2(FS) 6-2(GR), ISWA triple Crown Winner, 4th at Preseason Nationals)

HM. Reece Courtney--7th grade--Center Grove--90--(106-113)
(3rd at Middle School State, 7-3 at VAC Holiday Duals, 5-2 at GRR duals, 6-0 at Border Wars XMAS duals, 7th at NUWAY Nationals, Greco State Champ)

HM. Seth Syra--7th grade--Plainfield--75--(106)
(6th at Middle School State, 2X Indy National Champ, 7-3 at VAC Holiday Duals, 4th at Tulsa Nationals, Runner Up at Tulsa Kickoff, Show Me Nationals Runner Up, Preseason Nationals Runner Up, Celtic Elite Champ, 3rd at Liberty Nationals, 3rd and 5th at NUWAY Nationals)

HM. Anthony Bahl--8th grade--Crown Point--85--(106-113)
(6th at Middle School State, multiple ISWA state placer)

Edited by MScholar
IHPO results

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Love seeing Billerman & Syra make the list. Here are a few other little guys for your watch list: Preston Haines, Dillion Graham, Charlie LaRocca, & Tony Wood.

Dickey is certainly deserving, but I 'believe' he is now a Freshman.


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