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120 Rankings

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State Ranking, Name, Semi-State, Regional Finish

1 Hunter Watts - FW (1st)
2 Sam Fair - NC (1st)
3 Brendan Mattingly - NC (1st)
4 Tylor Triana - EC (1st)
5 Lukasz Walendzak - NC (1st)
6 Brock Peele - EC (2nd)
7 Drake Campbell - EV (1st)
8 Kane Egil - EV (1st)
9 Ray Rioux - EV (3rd)
10 Justice Cash - EV (1st)
11 Grant Stapleton - NC (1st)
12 Logan Boe - EV (2nd)
13 Zane Standridge - FW (1st)
14 Chase Wilkerson - NC (2nd)
15 Gavin Rose - NC (2nd)
16 Trey McCartney - EC (2nd)
17 Eli Hickman - EC (1st)
18 Chris Schuller - EC (2nd)
19 Ian Health - FW (2nd)
20 Victor Antunez - EV (1st)
New Castle 2, 3, 5, 11, 14, 15
Evansville 7, 8, 0, 10, 12, 20
East Chicago 4, 6, 16, 17, 18
Fort Wayne 1, 13, 19

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2 hours ago, Branden McKinney said:

Rose has beat Wilkerson and Walendzak and lost 4-2 to fair yesterday, not feeling the respect..

Respect ? 

Why should there be any respect ?  

All @Indysportsfan did was put a placement at Regionals beside IndianaMat official and last Rankings . LMAO ! 

Ohhh... and crossed out the Eliminated individuals that was ranked to give a brighter view of who’s in & out . 

Edited by TeamGarcia
Forgot that he crossed out the eliminated wrestlers . That might offend someone..... His Bad.... not My Bad !

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46 minutes ago, Branden McKinney said:

It’s disrespect from indianamat rankings. I thought these were his own personal ones as well, my bad.

We locked them the rankings in before the state finals. Wilkerson and Rose split before the state tournament. Best of luck to Gavin going forward he is really tough. This is such a deep weight class 

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Thanks Mr, Garcia for having my back. Yes people all I did was list the current rankings and then look at EVERY Regional/EVERY weight to locate the wrestlers placement.... no biggie because I had multiple hours to spare to educate the wrestling community.

As evidenced by the results so far another incredible job by all involved with the rankings.

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4 hours ago, TeamGarcia said:

@ontherise219... he’s TheCounty #statguru not Region . If you like to talk  negotiations you have to get in touch with TheCounty Lawyer. You know who he is . Lol 

I will be seeing the lawyer with tacos on the line this weekend. 

Well done @Indysportsfan

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1 hour ago, TeamGarcia said:

Hey.... I like tacos, Scholar put that in the Negotiation . 

I put Tacos into most my contracts.  I think thats # ontherise's sweet spot.  That will get him into # TheCounty   Thats what you pay me the big bucks for.    Any,way,  odds arent looking as good.  I might be using my big bucks to buy some tacos next weekend.

Edited by Wrestling Scholar

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