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Chesterton vs Portage

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After watching last night, I have a couple questions...

1.) Any idea why these wrestlers weren't out there?

* Portage - #2 Rumph 

* Chesterton - #1 Lemely; #14 Girgenti

2.) Moran looked good, but he wrestled at 113.  Will that be his new home, or did all bump up due to Rumph being out.


With a full line-up Portage will be the team to beat IMO.

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Chesterton was nursing a few injuries, nothing to worry about.

Evan Bates stepped in just fine for Girgenti and Brock Ellis wrestled well against Mcintosh.  Portage looked pretty unstoppable. 


No Idea on Rumph.  Rumor had it, they bumped almost everyone in class.

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