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Justin Ratliff

Heading North

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Some of you already know that my family is headed to Columbus, IN from Seymour.  We have wanted to move to Columbus for several years but now is the time.  Our children are enrolled in the Bartholomew County school system now and love it.  While we are still living in Seymour, we hope to move very soon.

One of the hardest things to leave behind is our Seymour wrestling family.  The past five years has been an absolute joy for our family.  Sharing and passing on the love for the sport of wrestling in Seymour has had an impact on myself and family that will last a lifetime.  I want to thank coach Todd Weaver for giving me the opportunity to help grow the program and be a part of something special.  Adam Wolka is the HS assistant coach/youth director now.  He will do a great job of continuing the success of the Seymour youth program.  I also wanted to thank all of the Seymour coaches/volunteers that have helped me the past 5 years: Joe Penegar, Greg Musser, Matt Martin, Darin Kriete, Bill Castetter, Matt Chandler, Chad Chambers, Tony Combs, Joey Shepherd, Ben Rorick, Nathan Canaday, Ron Zike, Chad Garner, Andy Wilson, and Matt Ruddick.

Our next adventure takes us to Columbus North where I will be helping develop the youth program with Justin Cooper, Anthony Meister, Joe Martinez, Andrew Douglas, Ethan Ott, Zach Metz, and Mike Anderson.  If you need to contact me about wrestling please email me at cndogswrestling@gmail.com.


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