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Whiteland Wrestling Club Coaching Help

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If you know anyone looking for a youth club to be active with, and they are in the Greenwood/Whiteland area or anywhere, we are looking for some more long term help. My resources and time are getting thin now that our little boy is here and parent help has been very few and far between. We have a coach that will be with us for a while but looking for another or 2 to help fill in as well. 

We are looking for help with any of our groups and hoping for someone to help come in and fill a solid roll in the program.  Hopefully not just a bystander coach, but someone that wants to take it to another level beyond what I've been able to do. I will continue to be with the program, but be there as over sight, guidance and continuing to run the overall program.

We've got a youth non-competition program, beginner and advanced group. We are also introducing a girls only program this year. So plenty of opportunities to get some coaching experience in.

If you know anyone that is on the south side of Indy that is interested please give them my email and I'd be glad to bring them in.


Shawn Slaymon



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