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Flo's first 2017-18 Rankings

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Fargo, big pre-season events, and weight shifting will change things a decent amount, but here is their initial rankings  


Pound for Pound #9 Parris

106. #20 Moran

145 #2 Brayton Lee (behind Sasso of PA)

145 #16 McIntosh

152 #1 Joe Lee

195 #13 Davison

220 #1 Parris ( initially he was slotted at #2 behind Schultz of CO but was moved up in the revision)

HWT #16 Pokorney


These rankings could set up a Who's #1 clash between B. Lee and Sasso.  It also could make meeting between Parris and Schultz unless Football gets in the way.  


Indiana is a little light on this list and with little Hoosier movement during the regular season (travel restrictions) hopefully we have some of our top guns participating in some of these spring and fall events.  

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